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Debra Dee Weddings

1231 Broad St., Regina, SK
15 reviews
Business claimed Last updated: Over a year ago
Listed in: Bridal Shops
About Debra Dee Weddings

Locally owned and operated in Regina since 1986, we're here to make your special day a little less overwhelming. We offer dresses, gowns, and a stunning selection of accessories. Go to full description...

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Debra Dee Weddings, Regina Reviews (15)

15 reviews
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By Umber Trapdoor-spider on Oct 31, 2016
My bridesmaids and myself went to Debra Dees in Regina , it was the worst experience , horrible lady behind the counter didn't smile once ,I had told them i wanted more bling in my dress and the lady behind the counter said to her co-worker not so quietly all my bridesmaids heard her say" you want bling go to Paris ".Out of 3 Bridal stores this was by far the worst ,I DO NOT recommend this shop to anyone ..I left there quite upset but moods changed when we went to a different bridal store in regina the staff were very friendly there.
By Umber Tasmanian-Devil on May 25, 2016
Today I went into Debra Dee's to try and find my prom dress (which is a week away as he just asked me to go last night) and first of all the door was broken and we had to wait until someone came to open the door. We went in, I told the sales associate my issue and she pointed at a rack and said I could only shop that rack. I blew it off, and tried on some dresses. I tried on a dress I had wanted for a while and the tag said only 25.00 (original 319.99) so I was over the moon about the fact I didn't have to spend too much. I didn't bring my wallet, so I asked the associate if she could hold it at the front as I would be back ASAP to pay and I also asked what the total would be. She told me she could hold the dress until the end of the day, but if someone wanted it she would have to let them buy it. (which isn't holding a dress but whatever.) She also told me the total would be somewhere in the two hundreds which was very confusing as it had a 150.00 sales tag and the a 25.00 one at the top. I pointed out the 25.00 tag but she ignored me and kept trying to find it in the computer. After 20 minutes she told me the total will be 27.50 with taxes. I said okay and I'll be back asap to purchase the dress. I came back an hour later, and SHE HAD PUT THE DRESS BACK ON THE SALES FLOOR AND HAD TO GO FIND IT. At this point I was extremely pissed as she had lied and said she would hold it, and she was acting super inconvenienced by my return. She went to go ring up the dress and then told me the computer is slow because it has a virus (which makes me worry for those who gave their credit card info) and then when she finally rung up my dress she gave me the incorrect amount of change. Just save yourself the hassle and go somewhere else.
By Red Salmon on Apr 19, 2015
Ordered our bridesmaid dresses in August of 2014 - in February of 2015 we found out that they still had not been ordered. I had been in the store a few weeks before we had found this out and I asked when the dresses would be in. The lady told me there was no way of them knowing where the dresses would be in transit.
I had heard of MANY horror stories about this shop, but decided to form my own opinion anyway -- my opinion is: Ladies, stay clear...
By Raspberry Flea on Sep 19, 2014
I went to look at dresses in March 2012 right after I was engaged. I found my perfect dress, at the time I was asked if i wanted the floor model or if i wanted to order it and wait-- at the time i did not have a date picked and i decided to order. After that we had decided we were going to get married pretty quickly in september of the same year. So before making the date final i knew i needed to talk to DD's to see if I'd even have a dress by then. At the time, they were super helpful and told me I could have the floor model and when the one I ordered came in it would be the new floor model, or, on the off chance that the new dress arrived by my wedding date I could have the new dress. It was so perfect, at some point in July I thought I'd call and see if there was any chance of me getting the new dress or if I'd need to be taking the floor model, I was told by the sales person that the dress would be in 'any day now'... AWESOME, everything seemed to be coming together, so a few weeks before my wedding I went in to the store. The new dress was not in, and the manager was very rude stating that 'none of my employees would have told you that because it takes at least 9 months'... straight out accused me of lieing... Then, she brings out the floor model (which had been placed in the back for me since I paid for it) I put it on, and notice a few snags and rips in the fabric so I am contemplating what to do about that as I had no noticed those before... Then the manager comes as I am standing there in my wedding dress and starts yelling at me about how I've inconvienced so many costumers who come in wanting to try on my dress and how she has to tell them no... Even though this was the solution she proposed to me when it all started...So i was pretty stunned standing there being yelled at in the middle of the store... my bridesmaids were there and basically told her to back the f**k off.... We ended up leaving and i still had no idea what even happened... I needed to have the dress altered anyways and the snags and little damage was fixed so the dress ended up being like new in the end. BUT, I also ordered a veil the same day i ordered my dress in March; my husband went in to DD's a week before the wedding to pick up my veil, which was covered with a garbage bag... I get it home and take it out (ITS SUPPOSED TO BE A BRAND NEW VEIL) and its covered in weird black staining and missing half the beading... I couldn't believe it.. The store policy is no refunds so i was told to come in and I could select another veil because they didn't have that exact one I ordered... Well by this point my husband lost it. He went down there with the veil and refused to leave the store until he got me a refund. by this time it was about 3 days before the wedding... Oddly enough I had a appointment with a new physiotherapist, when i explained my dilemma she graciously offered to lend me her veil, and it fit with the dress perfectly!! It was something so nice, that she did for a complete stranger but it made my day! Bottom line everything came together and worked out for me, NO THANKS TO DD's. Worst costumer service I've ever experienced anywhere. end of story.
By Green Salmon on Aug 14, 2014
I had gone into Debra Dee's for a bridesmaid dress for my sisters wedding. Style was already chosen and I just had to get fitted and order the dress. I had put a rush on it as I had left ordering a little late but was assured it would be in in one month leaving me a month and a half for alterations. We called a month later when it was supposed to be in and was told it had not even been ordered yet!! Apparently the shop changed owners and the original owner decided not to send anything in for the last month???? The dress finally came in today WAYYYY to big (like a size and a half to big, I can almost fit 2 of me in this thing) with only 2 weeks until the wedding. Needless to say I am not happy with the way they run their business and will make sure everyone I know never shops there for their dresses.
By Charcoal Mastiff on Apr 11, 2014
I am not sure what the last girl was talking about I felt all the sale dresses were in good shape - yes there was a few loose beads and that kind of thing - that's why this dresses are only sale - because they are not perfect! I had a budget and was very happy with the dress I ended up choosing - they had a huge amount of sale dresses to choose from. The saleperson did a nice job of not being too pushy but yet helped me find a style I liked. Overall very happy with the service and will be back for my bridesmaids dresses.
By Chestnut Tuna on Jan 20, 2014
I recently started looking for my wedding dress and organized by my bridesmaid Debra Dees was our first stop of the day, I live about 3 hours from Regina so once we pulled up to this hole in the wall dress shop everyone in the car had to use the washroom as we'd been locked up for 3 hours in a car... manager told us their washroom was not for the public and we had to walk across the street to value village to use the bathroom!!!! first a potential costumer should not be treated like this....... Any how we tried on some dresses and the girl had pulled one from their sale rack...... the dress had black and yellow pit stains and smelt like bo it was the most disgusting thing anyone has ever tried to make me put on and sadly all their dresses on the sale rack were just as smelly and as stained as this one!..... however despite the rude manager and shody excuse for a store I found the dress! and because the sample fit and they had a double order of it they sold me the dress right there in store and I was able to take it home ( I truely lucked out based on all the reviews for nightmare orders on here) So anyways the dress they sold me is brand new and they won't even give you the garment bag the dress comes in! They stuffed it into basically an oversized garbage bag!!!! they wouldn't even sell us the bag, we had to drive down town and buy one from NWL..... The only thing that made that day worth anything was I got my dress that day and the girl that helped me was very nice, However I would NOT recommend this store to anyone!
By Crimson Partridge on Nov 26, 2013
I went to debradee's on broad street when I walked in I noticed there store was jam packed with stock they have everything. If anything too much stuff. If it weren't for the kind sales lady I would have never been able to choose between so many dresses and find the perfect one. Thank you too debradee.
By Bistre Meadowlark on Aug 17, 2013
Debra Dee Weddings is headlining the fashion show on Sunday September 15th, 2013 at the Conexus Arts Center. Doors open at 6:00pm, fashion show at 7:15pm.

FREE admission!!
By Lava Mole on Jul 22, 2013
Went in to debradee on 11th ave in regina - we just decided that morning to go look for dresses since my mom was in from out of town - we walked in and asked if we did not have an appointment could we try on anyway - they fit us in right away! The salesperson who helped us was great! had some really nice suggestions for me since it was my first time trying on dresses and I wasn't sure what I wanted - I found the perfect lace dress - it is perfect
By Boysenberry Koala on May 18, 2013
I had taken my friends into this store to search for the best bridesmaid dress. I booked appointment 2 weeks prior and when we arrived they said we missed our appointment but could still see us. Thankfully we had found the dress and the girls started to get measured.

After the measuring had happened and the girls were TOLD their sizes we had questioned all of them. We asked the girl a few times if she was sure this is correct and she assured us that she is ordering the correct size for everyone. Remember we were TOLD the size and there were no options of anything else.

The dresses came in earlier than expected which was fabulous. My first bridesmaid went and called me to say the dress doesn’t fit at all. The dress was way too small. They suggested she take it to their seamstress who said he could not do anything. They Manager in the Regina store said she can order more fabric??? I called the Manager that same day and the Manager told me that my friend gained weight? She also indicated that most women intend on loosing weight? She was out of line and extremely rude. I told her they clearly ordered the wrong size. Her hips did not change which would mean if they ordered the dress to fit a women’s hips then this would not happen. Here's how they figured the size. Her chest and waist are a size 14 but her hips are a size 22? So they ordered a 14. Any person with a mind would know that the 14 would not fit. Women NEVER order a dress to fit the smallest part of the body. So I told the manager she needed to do something as the person who did the measuring did it wrong. I told her I want her to send the dress back and send a new one. She said and I quote “would you like me to order the size she wants to be or the size she actually is"? This manager should never deal with people and especially women ever.

The conversation with the manager did not end well. I was professional, I did not swear or yell and somehow she told me I am not longer welcome in the store or to call.

The second Bridesmaid dress was way too big like 4 sizes too big

The 3rd Bridesmaid dress fits

The 4th bridesmaid dress is also too small thankfully their should be enough fabric to let it out.

I called the owner in Saskatoon who also did not really care about what I was sayign and also suggest that women want to loose weigh. I cannot believe this is how they talk to their customer and suggest such things that were NEVER part of the conversation.

I will never ever shop here again and all my friend and family know this story
By Bistre Centipede on Apr 24, 2013
I went in last weekend with my mom and bridesmaids - had made an appt before - the sales person who helped us was great ! there was no pressure to buy and she had some great recommendations for dresses for me to try on. I
ended up falling in love with a dress and bought it off the rack for a great deal. Will be back to order the bridesmaids in a few weeks
By Crimson Swan on Feb 06, 2013
I popped into DD's with a friend while shopping for bridesmaid dresses; one of the employees noticed I was engaged asked when I planned to order a dress. At that point I still had over 1.5 years before the wedding and said I wasn't too worried about getting one yet. She said "It takes 9-12 months for most dresses to come in and then time for alterations as most brides want to lose weight". Needless to say I was speechless and offended by the comment. The girl was very rude.

Stupidly enough - when it was actually time to order a wedding dress I thought I would give DDs another try. Two weeks before the planned shopping day (which included having my bridesmaids and mom travel over 4 hours to be there) I called the shop and said I wanted to come in to shop for a wedding dress with my group and was wondering what time the store was open that particular day (it was a Saturday). The girl that answered stated the hours and hung up. On that Saturday, when I arrived with 4 girls in tow, we were told we needed an appointment and were refused entry in the store to even look around. The girl was incredibly rude and rolled her eyes when I said we were not told we needed an appointment when I called two weeks before to inquire. The customer service at that place is pathetic to say the least.

Long story short - we went down to Jessica's Bridal (without an appointment) and the woman working that day was kind, helpful and made so many excellent suggestions. Despite the rough start to our day - she made us laugh and had dresses that fit beautifully! I found the perfect dress and left the store with it that day(including scheduled alteration dates and accessories!). She made the experience stress-free and fun; and her expertise really ensured that I was shown what was best for my body, personal style and the theme of our wedding day. Also the prices are WAY cheaper for the same dresses!

My suggestion would be to skip DDs - they are toting themselves as some high-end ritzy establishment when truthfully they are a poorly managed, over-priced and staffed with rude people.
By Briana on Sep 29, 2012
My mom and I went wedding dress shopping January 2012. I had found and purchased my dress at Debra Dees Regina. At that time they asked me when my wedding date was, which is Oct.4 2012. The lady told me it would take 6 months for my dress to come in which was fine as it would still give me time to add a shoulder piece onto the dress. I told them that I wanted to add stuff to the dress so I would need it back in time to do so for the wedding and they assured me it would be in on time. Well we've been so busy planning and getting other things ready for my wedding that is in Tennessee, that all of a sudden it's end of August and still no word on whether my dress was in. I called Debra Dees and the staff told me "Oh! I was just looking at your order and it should be in by this week." The week goes by and no phone call. So I call back the following week and tell them what the lady had told me the week before and I want to know where my dress is. So whoever took the call said that she'd call the company and talk to the manager and would "personally get back to me the following day at Noon with an answer as that's when she got into work." So I wait all day the next day and of course no phone call. I call the next day and talk to somebody else who again tells me that it's on its way and she'll talk to the manager and give me a call back. No phone call. So ONCE AGAIN I call these people back and am now quite pissed off. First of all, I don't know how you run a business when your treatment of customers is poor and can't keep your "promises" and make a simple phone call. I don't know how many times I have told them my wedding is October 4 and I have NO dress. When I called them yet again to find out where my dress is, I was told it would be on a courier bus and would either arrive that evening or in the AM. I asked if it would for sure be in at one of those times because if they couldn't guarantee that it would be I wanted my money back and I would try to scramble and find a dress that might fit ( and this is all happening less than a week before my wedding!) the woman GUARANTEED if it wasn't in by that afternoon it would FOR SURE be in by the AM. So of course no phone call that afternoon from them and no phone call the next morning either( no big surprise) At around 1 I called them back and demanded to know where my dress is. I was so aggravated by all the BS by this point. The lady goes on to tell me that the courier had brought the dress that AM at 9 but they don't open until 10 so they never received it, so that "was the courier's fault." The woman told me she would talk to the manager and then proceeded to ask me for my PHONE NUMBER! I said,"Do you seriously not have my phone number?! Is that why no one has ever returned my calls??!" she said that she hadn't taken any of my other calls so she didn't have it...whatever...I demanded to talk to the manager. I told the manager I was extremely pissed off and that my wedding is less than a week away. She said the courier would be back by 4 that afternoon and would have my dress. I asked if it would for sure be in by 4 as my mom would have to come and pick it up (and she lives an hour away from Regina) and I don't want her driving there for no reason. Once again I am told it would be in by 4 and they would call me when it came so I could get my mom to go get it. Once again, no phone call. So FINALLY today at around noon they called to say my dress is in. Thank goodness as I never want to deal with them again. This has been the most frustrating experience and the staff at Debra Dees outright lied to me several times telling me "they'd call me back" or that "the dress is on its way." I highly discourage ANYONE to go there as the customer service is very poor and they're quick to blame everyone else but themselves. This is supposed to be a customer based business, but they're more concerned with not having to deal with the problem and just ignoring it. NOT impressed!
By bharmis on Apr 27, 2011
My experience with Debra Dee Weddings in Regina was very relaxing, the staff was very friendly and helpful. They gave me time and space to talk with my mother about purchasing my wedding gown. I didn't feel any pressure to buy. it was a very happy time for me.
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Locally owned and operated in Regina since 1986, we're here to make your special day a little less overwhelming. We offer dresses, gowns, and a stunning selection of accessories.
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