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Lavar Spa H2O Cleansing

179 Davie Street , 220 , Vancouver, BC
31 reviews
Business claimed Last updated: Over a year ago
About Lavar Spa H2O Cleansing

Lavar Spa is the only spa specializing in Lavar H2O Cleansing - the most advanced colon hydrotherapy in the world. For details, check out and download free ebook. Go to full description...

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Lavar Spa H2O Cleansing, Vancouver Reviews (31)

31 reviews
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By Cordovan Asp on Feb 24, 2016
I finally decided to give colon cleansing a try after a couple friends had recommended to me, both female and male friends.
I chose Larva because the facility looked clean and nice, and it seemed to be open for quite a while.
My first time experience was OK. I was greeted warmly and explained to in detail. After a couple try, I bought the package. Things started to get bad from here.
The customer service was not as good as beginning. When I called and made change to my appointments, I could sense their impatience.
After I indicated that I had little intention to continue buying more sessions, I was treated pretty cold. I did not even want to finish the package I had bought.
If someone is thinking to give colon cleansing a try, I do not suggest this facility  Not for long term.
By GBH6Cooler on May 01, 2015
This is my first time to experience the colon cleansing. When I went in there a girl handed me a 3-pages
form to fill in your health history. After that she was trying to explain the procedure in her poor English.
Once inside the room you feel like you are left alone and don't know what to do next. After 30 minutes
the girl came back and ask whether you want to extend for an hour. I find this was a very bad experience
and the girl is very pushy in selling their package. I don't think I will go back.
By Blue Water-Buffalo on Mar 20, 2014

Has anyone experienced any credid card fraud after you used it at Lavar Spa? My credit card was frauded $2600 and the last place I used it was at Lavar Spa.

By Al on Jan 11, 2014
My wife and I had a VERY NEGATIVE experience with this merchant. We found them to be pushy and above all dishonest. We bought coupons for the services offered. When we arrived, we were given papers to fill out including a waiver absolving Laver of any and all responsibility and any claims whatsoever about the effectiveness of their services. Additionally, there was no guarantee of privacy with respect to the usage of personal details required in the forms. By the time this was completed and we were now deemed ALMOST ready to receive the services, another unfortunate event happened. This event came when they attempted to charge us an additional "Transaction Fee" for, assumably the privilege of having already buying their coupons on line...Never mentioned at the time of purchase...I find this business practice at best deceptive, at LEAST dishonest...I will never use this merchant again nor will I offer any recommendation other than STAY AWAY!!!
By Scarlet Tick on Dec 18, 2013
Never go there, if you pay for package, you will never get back the fund.
By Nancy on Mar 24, 2013
I like it. So does my mother.
By Rose Collie on Mar 24, 2013
I just had my colon cleansing done here, very good service and very good people. The staffs are very knowledgable!
By Azure Woodpecker on Mar 24, 2013
I just had my colon cleansing done here, very good service and very good people. The staffs are very knowledgable!
By maggiejo on Feb 14, 2013
Bad Energy - Please be warned - take your business elsewhere as this place rips customers off. The employees and owner are rude. I became very sick after both of my sessions and asked for a refund for the remaining three sessions I had purchased (They are very sales focused and pushed a package on me). The owner has avoided my calls and the girls hang up the phone on me....all because the sessions made me sick and I'd like money back for the sessions that I will NOT be redeeming. Horrible customer service.
By BrookeD on Apr 11, 2012
I have had colon hydrotherapy done in the past and I guess expected this to be as simple as my previous experiences... my bad.

I purchased 4 sessions and my husband did as well, we would never go back.

The long of the short is that the man, who I suppose runs the center, was the make-or-break of the experience. First off you are left to your own devices in a room where if this was your first time would have no idea what to expect.

When I asked if I was expected to complete everything on my own he snidley replied "what kind of person would want someone else in here".

Oh, but then he barges in the room mid-way through to tell me that I need to have many, many more consecutive sessions, and gives me a sales pitch while I am completely captive and feeling quite vulnerable. At one point he told that "Paris Hitlon does it, so I should want to too." Oh well, now I'm sold... ummmm not so much.

When you have hydrotherapy done there should be a skilled technician with you offering abdominal massage and feedback as to what is happening with your body. Not some random guy waltzing into your private room in tight white jeans and a fancy shirt, making a sales pitch while you can't get away.

I forfeited my pre-paid sessions and my money, just to never have to go back.
Comment by maggiejo on Feb 14, 2013
I was treated in a similar manner. And when I asked for the money back for the sessions I do not intend to redeem, he avoided me and he staff have been hanging up the phone on me. It's CRIMINAL behaviour.
By Scarlet Old-English-Sheepdog on Mar 13, 2012
very rude and pushy would not go back!!!
By Cinnamon Wombat on Mar 09, 2012
check with your doctor first.
No towels, no bathroom inside the facility. You get paper towels to wipe yourself
no probiotics afterwards, no bell to call for help...unequipped place-
By Cerise Chickadee on Feb 02, 2012
Run as fast as you can!!! This place is a joke!! Very bad first impression. Pushy, rude people that work there. I would NEVER recommend this place to anyone!!!
By Carnelian Bull-Terrier on Jan 24, 2012
I'm not sure why there are so many negative comments on here. The staff were incredibly friendly and patient and took their time to explain everything to me - it was my first time having hydrotherapy and I was nervous. The staff made me feel relaxed, comfortable and well prepared for my first cleanse. I will definitely be going back.
Comment by BrookeD on Apr 11, 2012
A proper facility offers things such as proper feedback, oils applies to the adominal with massage to facilitate the treatment, oils inserted after the treatment to assist matter being expelled and probiotics.

This is not a proper facility and from my experience, although the space is lovely and the front desk staff friendly, an Emergency C drink and a sales pitch were all I received for my money... from experience.
By Lindsay902 on Jan 03, 2012
After reading all of the reviews below, we decided to cancel our appointment. We purchased colon-cleansing sessions through GroupOn and they said that they understood our concerns and refunded us our money. I also mentioned to GroupOn that they may want to flag this business in case more concerns came in.

My mother has gone to colon cleansing sessions and said that a few days prior to her session, she was supposed to eat certain foods and use a castor oil pack over her lower abdomen to promote the breakdown of materials in her lower intestines. No such advice was given and after doing more online research, this "pre-op" is typical.

Their phone manners when booking the appoint were not great and they were difficult to understand. I will know for next time to do more research and would like to thank those who wrote reviews below for their heads up. We avoided, what sounds like, a very horrible situation.
By Maroon Spoonbill on Dec 29, 2011
I thought it would be a good idea to have a hydrotherapy session. I was welcome by Michael who was extremely pushing in wanting to sell that he did not take into consideration my thoughts or my needs. He wanted me there every single day. And while I kept on saying I am a single mom and working full time makes it difficult to come in he kept on insisting that I should come in the early hours or on a Saturday. I had purchased a package of 6 sessions, which I found to be expensive. I could not wait for my sessions to be up…as I felt very uncomfortable there. Nancy, the assistant kept on congratulating me. for what? I was not losing weight nor feeling good there. I definitely do not recommend this place. And yes, to who commented on them looking unhealthy…they looked so pale and brittle…about to break! Too much hydrotherapy for them…I would say definitely unhealthy. I also heard that too much hydrotherapy causes kidney whether that is true or not, I cannot confirm.
Comment by soullww on Jan 09, 2012
Do you know what kind/brand of machines they use? Wondering if the manufacturers are legit.
By tkm on Nov 25, 2011
I called in to make an appointment, and was met with rudeness and irritability when I had a couple questions. I was shocked when the representative hung up on me, without answering a question about how my email address was going to be used (i.e. not put on a mailing list). I have worked as a receptionist at a health and wellness center, and know that the first contact with a potential customer is crucial, and that you can easily drive them away from "cleansing" if you are pushy with them. Really bad experience overall.
Comment by jp42 on Dec 11, 2011
I found the receptionist hard to understand on the phone too. I had to phone back & reconfirm my appt because I never got the confirmation email they said I would get.

I reached the owner and he was very nosy and wanted to know where I lived and what I did for work - almost like he was assessing my income level?

He sent me an e-book to read and it was very ESL and badly written. I think he wants the ebook to answer questions ahead of time but it's written Like a sales pitch for daily cleansings.
By Cordovan Centipede on Aug 30, 2011
I have spent quite a bit of money with this company. ($2000.00)At first the experience was pretty good as I do believe in the cleansing and I did benefit from it. Then as I was getting to an end of spending money, then it went down hill. Then I got some groupons for 3 more treatments and yesterday I went to use my last one and was told at the end that I had used them all and had to pay for this one!!! I am a very honest person and was so hurt that he ended up charging me $139 for the session that they owed me!!! I should not have paid him and I hope that Karma takes care of them. I will agree that this business is unprofessional as well. I was told a few times as well that I wsa good to come for my appointment and ended up waiting for over an hour. Another time I just left feeling totally frustrated for the lack of consideration. Sorry to see that you have lost me and my business and the whole bunch of people that I would have referred. I do not recommend this place to anyone.
By bcvan on Aug 04, 2011
I bought the above voucher to try it out. I waited for an hour for my first visit. I felt all nervous being my first colonic cleansing, and stressed out from the noise there. The spa was overbooked with customers coming in and out. When it was my turn, the colonic therapist did not explain the procedure and told me to insert the tube in my rectum. I was nervous and trying hard to insert that tube, and he didn't tell me to use the lubricant. He came back , turned on the water that led to my colon and told me to shut it off and on if I felt too much pain. I was in much pain, and even threw up. He came back after 20 minutes or so, and told me to sit up and let everything out and left the room. It was a nightmare as I did not expect the whole procedure to be so painful and I threw up several times. It was so different from what I watched on you tube. When I came out of the room, he told me to come back the next day for another session....hell no. I would definitely NOT recommend this spa to anyone.

By gn327 on Jun 22, 2011
I was very nervous when I went in but it's a lot easier and more comfortable than I expected. Helped me a lot!
By charles67 on Jun 20, 2011
completely painless, felt great afterwards and i'll be back
Comment by bcvan on Aug 04, 2011
You must be kidding.....completely painless? Even the therapist told me that there would be pain
By ajy on Jun 18, 2011
lost a few lbs so far after only a couple sessions. weird feeling at first but once you get used to it you will like it and feel cleaner after each time
By xvan84 on Jun 17, 2011
wasn't sure what to expect but my first cleansing at lavar spa was really pleasant and has me feeling better than i have in a long time.
By Cinnamon Tasmanian-Devil on May 21, 2011
They guy Michael did seem odd to me when I went for a cleansing. I've had a colon cleanse before but it was my first time at Lavar Spa and the first time to have a male "therapist" attend to me. I was not comfortable about that but I travelled all the way there so I bit the bullet. And don't you think he and his assistant at the reception counter looked unhealthy? I was thinking it might be too much cleansing! In Hong Kong where I used to have hydrotherapy, I was given probiotic capsules right after the cleanse so replenish the good bacteria that got away, but here no probiotics nor advice to take some were given. When I finished and went to the reception there was a woman who was asking for a refund. I hear her say: I'm not leaving until I get my money back. Michael was on the phone with someone and put his hand up to shut her up. He did not do the sales talk with me because he was busy dealing with the other customer. I would have gone back for the process itself but I agree, his manners are a turn off.
Comment by canvancouver on Jun 22, 2011
I bought a package and an I would love get my money back. I wondering if you know if that lady get her money back.I don't want to see that man "Michael" again he was rude with and push me to buy that package.
By afvan211 on May 13, 2011
I just had my first colon cleansing at Lavar Spa, and it was great. I was a little nervous at the beginning because I didn't know what to expect, but they made me feel very comfortable here. it was a very easy procedure and it was actually quite.. liberating. it's something we don't often talk about or are embarrassed about (irregularity, lack of bowel movement) but it's something that so many of us suffer from. it was quite an easy procedure really, i felt great, i've had my first treatment and i'm looking forward to my next one. I recommend everyone to come try it out.
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Lavar Spa is the only spa specializing in Lavar H2O Cleansing - the most advanced colon hydrotherapy in the world. For details, check out and download free ebook.
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