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AMBI Advanced Metabolic & Bariatric Institute

Hospital San Javier Quebec 631- 510 Colonia Prados Providencia. Guadalajara, Jalisco. C.P. 44670 , Toronto, ON
7 reviews
Business claimed Last updated: Over a year ago
About AMBI Advanced Metabolic & Bariatric Institute

Welcome to ambi – Leaders in Bariatric Care

AMBI – Advanced Metabolic and Bariatric Institute specializes in the surgical treatment of obesity and metabolic disorders. Our head surgeon, Dr. Joff Go to full description...

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AMBI Advanced Metabolic & Bariatric Institute, Toronto Reviews (7)

7 reviews
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By Black English-Setter on Jun 09, 2011
It has been an amazing 6 months, 71lbs gone and I still can't believe it somedays!
By Red Chameleon on Oct 08, 2010
Before my surgery at AMBI I weighed 330lbs. Now, 5 months after my gastric sleeve surgery I have lost 80lbs! I have been overweight since I was 15 years old and have tried many diets only to have my weight yoyo. 4 years ago I decided weight loss surgery was my only option. I procrastinated for a long time until, while living in Guadalajara, I heard about Dr. Joffe. I found Dr. Joffe through word of mouth from several other trusted doctors and surgeons. After my personal interview with Dr. Joffe I decided to have gastric sleeve surgery. Previous to my surgery I had type 2 Diabetes and borderline high blood pressure. Today I have neither. Since having weight loss surgery I have enjoyed and experienced so many new and wonderful things. I have truly enjoyed other people’s reactions to my new appearance, shopping in any store I wish and going on roller coasters – the kind at amusement parks! To those researching weight loss surgery; know that it’s ok to get help, and that finding a world class bariatric surgeon like Dr. Joffe can make your experience remarkable and your dreams attainable.
By Auburn Bulldog on Oct 08, 2010
It got to the point in my life were I started not to ‘like’ me and friends will tell you that’s not the Jaki they knew.

Hi my name is Jaki, I’m 40 and living ‘MY’ life not ‘A’ life…

I was yet to turn 40, my blood sugars were borderline, I was suffering from high cholesterol, my arthritis was getting worse and my sleeping habits were dreadful. I wouldn’t go on public transport because I was ashamed of squeezing through the barriers or taking up a whole seat. I wouldn’t go to restaurants that I didn’t know in case they had booths or arms on the chairs. Who wants to sit in a chair for a few hours to get up and have welts and red deep indentations on your thighs.

I was never one to eat rubbish on a daily basis or drink the fizzy drinks or eat candies, honest I really didn’t, but I am a salty eater; I loved the crisps, nuts, potatoes and bread in many different ways and in large portions. I tried the jenny Craig’s and the weight watchers I even tried those dodgy pills off the internet! I lost some of the weight but no sooner did I loose it I would pile it back on with another 20lbs more, this went one and on for too long, enough is enough.

That’s when I made the decision to change my life, that’s when I met Dr Joffe and and his team. The day I met Dr Joffe, he gave me hope, an understanding of what my life could be and the support and encouragement to make it happen. I did my research thoroughly; I was not going to go into this blind. I had many, many questions that Dr Joffe was always ready to answer; I made sure I understood the procedure and I knew mentally that I was ready to do this.

On August 17th 2009, I treated myself to a 40th birthday pressie! I took myself off to Mexico and had my sleeve gastrectomy! It was and has been thee best decision I have ever made. The care, attention and professionalism from Dr Joffe and his team was unbelievable. The hospital and its staff were kind, thoughtful and attentive, and the aftercare has been extremely thorough. Since my surgery I have worked hard to continue what the good Dr Joffe has started. I work out at curves 3 times a week and go to aqua fit 2 times a week, its not a chore its something I enjoy doing, its also essential to do along with your surgery. Surgery is not a miracle cure, but it’s a damn good start to one though and with some hard work, mentally and physically you too can achieve what I have done.

Its now August 2010 and so far I have lost over 140lbs, WAY TO GO ME! My out look on life has changed im more active, I sleep less but much better, I can go to those restaurants without worrying I walk taller and my confidence is through the roof! MY LIFE HAS JUST BEGUN, so can yours.
By gord123 on Aug 17, 2010
GORD T. – Toronto, Canada

I am very thankful to have this operation. I was 260 pounds and had tried many different ways to lose weight, including a Vertical Banded Gastroplasty in 1989. I regained the weight I lost from the VBG and more. I’ve always found it so difficult to lose even 1 pound but now, 4 months after my Sleeve Gastrectomy with Dr. Joffe in Guadalajara, I’ve lost 47 pounds.
I thank my family doctor for introducing this to me and putting me in touch with another patient who had it done a few months before I did. I spoke with her and it was her success and example which made me decide to contact Dr. Joffe. He is very patient and professional. He spoke with me and my wife and explained every step. One of the problems for me was that I had 2 open surgeries in my abdomen before. After speaking with him a few times, I decided to get the operation. Dr. Joffe’s team arranged all the details and 3 weeks later I got it done. He was able to do the operation laparoscopically. It was quick and very reasonable cost.
When I got to Guadalajara, Dr. Joffe’s whole team was ready for me. I was very surprised how efficient they are and how good everything was. The hospital is so clean and the nurses are so nice and caring. Most surprising to me was the 6 doctors in the operating room who assisted in my surgery and afterwards, they all came to my room to visit and look after me over the next few days that I was at the hospital.
This operation is very successful. I felt a little pain but was not uncomfortable. Today I continue to lose weight gradually. I feel so much better. My sugars are normal and I’m off some of my pills.
I’m so lucky that I met Dr. Joffe who solved my problem. Thank you.

18 March, 2010
By Cerulean Reindeer on Mar 12, 2010

I had tried many different diets before, but each time I lost weight I would gain it back plus additional pounds. My family Dr. referred me to Dr. Joffe. From the moment I spoke with him I was very impressed with the warmth and friendliness I received. He explained everything very thoroughly. I decided to go to Mexico to have the sleeve as I did not want to wait for 3 or 4 years to have it done in Ontario.

Nisrine, Patient Care Coordinator, made all the flight arrangements. I was met at the airport and taken to the hospital. Dr. Joffe, his team, and the other hospital staff were wonderful, the hospital super and the care I received the best.

My surgery was performed on July 14, 2009. To date I have lost 65 pounds and have dropped 3 sizes. I feel more energy, my health is improving and I have more confidence in myself.

I am so happy that I went to Mexico. I recommend Dr. Joffe very highly and have complete confidence in him.

P.S. My blood pressure is now normal and I no longer use my cane to help me walk.
By Pink Puffin on Mar 12, 2010
One day I looked in the mirror and could not recognize the image being reflected back to me, that day I decided I needed more help then I could give myself. I had reached 340 pounds; what had I done to myself??!! I decided to have the LAP-BAND placed in March 2001 and thought that this was it for me and I would be forever changed for the better, but my victory was short lived. First of all I had chosen the wrong doctor who did not support me when I needed it. It was difficult to get appointments with him, and trying to talk to him when necessary was near impossible. This was so discouraging at times, especially when I started gaining weight instead of losing it. I was requiring adjustments and was not getting them at the right times, I was having complications and other problems too. To make a long story short after 7 and 1/2 years with the band and many weight fluctuations later I was back up to 315 pounds. I must say that it was not the band that failed, it was a combination of my Doctor not being there for me and myself having other health related problems causing me not to be able to exercise as needed and always feeling hungry no matter how much I ate.

Then in October 2008 I went to the hospital as I was having a lot of pain, I was brought in for an x-ray and they realized I needed to have my band removed as it had slipped. When I found Dr. Joffe, he also did something no other doctor had ever done, he TALKED TO ME!! He was also able to read the pain I was having in my heart and soul from having gone through so much over the last 8 years and knew I needed desperate help before it was too late! We talked for over 45 minutes and examined my options and determined the gastric sleeve was my best option. And my God was he right! I had my surgery on December 1, 2008 and have not looked back since!!! I have had so much success since then it is hard to know where to begin!!

First of all Christmas day 2008 was where I was given the best gift of my whole life, it was from Dr. Joffe; He gave me the gift to live life free of the chains of food and fat! I started working out in January and continued eating right each day following the regime given to me post op. I never feel hungry nor do I have cravings, I can actually live life for me and not for food! I now go cycling each day and try to do at least 30 kms a day 5 days a week, on weekends I take the time to rest and just enjoy my husband and our new life together. The smallest things are such big goals for me now! I can go to any restaurant and order a small meal and be so satisfied, no more need for desserts either. I go to the movies and enjoy the fact I won’t be eating the popcorn or snacks, I go to enjoy the show! I will grab fruit for a snack instead of sweets without hesitation. My intimate life with my husband has developed into something amazing, I feel so sexy and so pretty, inside and out. I can finally say I am happy and mean it for real! This year on my birthday was the first time in a long time where I was happy to have been born and want to sing happy birthday to me all day!! My self-esteem and self-wroth have gone up through the roof, I am so positive and full of life that at times I find myself to be annoying ha-ha!! I have gone from a size 24 to a size 15 and am not done losing yet. I have lost 85 pounds and gained a figure with lots of muscle and looking more and more toned as each day passes. It feels fantastic to wake up in the morning and have such a large wardrobe to select from cause I can now shop at many regular stores and not just the specialty large sized stores. That in itself makes the surgery totally worth it t!!

The gastric sleeve is the best surgery out there in my opinion. No real need for follow ups, no adjustments needed like the band. Should I have any problems I know I can see any doctor in the city where I live and get the help as this is a simple removal of most of the stomach, nothing too complicated for any bariatric or general surgeon to know how to treat. But having had Dr Joffe perform my surgery I know I will have no problems whatsoever. After my surgery I was up and about the hospital on my first day, walking around, slowly but comfortably, and within a few days back home and resting. I believe if you listen to your Doctor and his team of caring staff and follow the instructions given you should be able to have the same experience without incident. In conclusion, I want all to know that having chosen Dr.Joffe to be my surgeon of choice was the best decision ever!!!! The simple fact that he and his team see you as a person before seeing you a patient makes all the difference in the world. Being a large person I was used to being pushed aside and ignored by people and doctors as well, like I was some sort of second class citizen?!

Dr Joffe and his team saw through the fat that was suffocating the real me stuck inside and helped me reach inside and pull that beautiful woman out to see what was waiting for her on the outside. If I can leave anyone a few words of advice, they would be: “DO NOT LET ANYONE OR ANYTHING STAND IN THE WAY OF YOU LIVING THE LIFE THAT YOU DESERVE TO LIVE, BECAUSE NOTHING FEELS AS GOOD AS BEING FREE FROM THE BONDS OF FAT, FOOD AND FAILURE.”
By Blue Mosquito on Mar 12, 2010

Hi, my name is Julie and I am proud to say I am a different person today; thanks to Dr. Joffe and his team. I finally made up my mind that I wanted to do something permanent about my weight and got my family doctor to refer me to Dr. Joffe. My first appointment was November 14th, 2008 I was terrified. I found my mind wondering every step of the way.

Before my consultation I spoke with one of the most wonderful people I have ever met – Nisrine. From the very first time I spoke with her I knew she actually cared.

I also had the opportunity to have many positive conversations with other patients. I told Dr. Joffe exactly how I felt; that I just didn’t want to live like this any longer. I weighed in at 292 pounds on November 14th, 2008 and from that day forward I guess it was my mindset; I started to lose weight.

Dr. Joffe advised me that due to the fact I was not currently suffering from any life threatening side effects as a result of my being overweight; the waiting list to have surgery in Canada is about 5-6 years. And that without any imminently life threatening side effects – OHIP would be not cover my surgery in the USA. He advised me I could have one of the three procedures done in Mexico, in January 2009. As soon as he gave me the cost, I said no, there is no way I could afford it and we actually left it at that. Dr. Joffe gave me his email address told me to think about it and email him if I changed my mind.

Afterwards, I started thinking that I can do anything else that I want – I always find a way to come up with funds, so I phoned my husband and told him I was going to have the Sleeve surgery in January. The next day I emailed Dr. Joffe and told him to go ahead and arrange for my surgery as soon as possible in Mexico.

I started telling some people what I had decided and most were very critical and thought I was crazy, so I decided not to tell anyone other than my family. All of the arrangements were made by Nisrine who did an absolutely wonderful job and took care of every last detail.

I had to go on a special diet 14 days prior to surgery so I started on Boxing day – chicken, yogurt and cottage cheese, I stuck to the diet extremely well only; twice did I have chicken and salad at a restaurant. When I got to Mexico Dr. Joffe commented on the excellent condition of my liver as a result of sticking to the diet.

When I arrived at the airport in Mexico I was met just outside of customs by public relations people from the hospital holding a sign, which said “Welcome Mrs. Julie C….” I was in instant tears and knew I had made the right decision. My husband travelled with me and even though he never said anything negative I knew he was unsure as to whether I had made the right decision. When he saw those people he too was in shock. We then travelled to the hospital in a vehicle with the same people and keep in mid I landed at 9:45pm. We then went directly to the hospital as my surgery was scheduled for 8:00am the next morning. When we arrived at the hospital I was welcomed by the reception desk and they immediately contacted Dr. Joffe who came within minutes and brought an intern who was from the USA, as well as a doctor who would be assisting with my surgery. I was very overwhelmed at how we were treated and found the hospital a fantastic place. Everyone went out of their way to make sure both my husband and I were totally cared for and always comfortable. The Intern even gave my husband 200 pesos for coffee and breakfast since we had not had a chance to exchange any money as it was so late when we arrived – that would never happen in Canada.

I had my surgery the next morning and was back in my room by about 3:00pm; very sore but able to get up to go to the bathroom by supper. The hospital staff were amazing, even the people that couldn’t speak English always went out of their way to make sure I had everything I needed and was comfortable. Although I wasn’t able to eat anything other than liquids I began to feel better each day and on the 3rd day we went to a beautiful resort, that Nisrine and Dr. Joffe had recommended and we stayed there for 8 days more. Dr. Joffe and Dr. Chabert who assisted came regularly to visit me at the resort and gave me their cell phone numbers to contact them should I have any complications or any concerns. The day before we left to come home both of them came again to visit me.

I returned home on the 11th day after my surgery and was back to work on the 14th day. Iwas still a little sore; each and every day improved and the weight began to fall off. I had set a goal to get under 200lbs by July 1st, I didn’t quite make it, but on July 18th, I weighed under 200lbs.

Today is September 30th, 2009 I am down a total of 101lbs and I feel absolutely wonderful - I am amazed at how much more energy I have and how many compliments I receive each and every day.

I will never regret the decision I made and can’t say enough about the people I met along the way especially Dr. Joffe and Nisrine. I wish the best of luck to anyone who makes the same decision.

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Welcome to ambi – Leaders in Bariatric Care

AMBI – Advanced Metabolic and Bariatric Institute specializes in the surgical treatment of obesity and metabolic disorders. Our head surgeon, Dr. Joffe, is a prominent expert in the field of bariatrics, specializing in laparoscopic weight loss surgery. With over 25 years of surgical experience, Dr. Joffe pioneered both the laparoscopic adjustable gastric band and laparoscopic sleeve gastrectomy procedure within Canada, initiating and revolutionizing the surgical weight loss industry in Canada.

AMBI was established to fully service overweight individuals with professional and compassionate staff. Created specifically to cater to individuals seeking safe, reliable and affordable treatments for obesity, AMBI offers 3 clinically proven surgical treatments to meet the individual needs of our patients, all performed laparoscopically; adjustable gastric banding, sleeve gastrectomy and gastric bypass. We provide our patients with tools and support to not only lose weight but also improve their health, increase their quality of life and enjoy their lives free from the burden posed by excess weight.

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