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Dr. Benjamin Barankin, Dermatologist

4256 Bathurst Street, 400, Toronto, ON
24 reviews
Business claimed Last updated: Over a year ago
Listed in: Dermatologists
About Dr. Benjamin Barankin, Dermatologist

Dr. Benjamin Barankin is a medical, surgical, & cosmetic Dermatologist as well as an accomplished author and educator. Go to full description...

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Dr. Benjamin Barankin, Dermatologist, Toronto Reviews (24)

24 reviews
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By Lgol on Jan 06, 2018
Excellent cosmetic dermatologist
I have known dr. Barankin for a few years now and have received a variety of cosmetic treatments with nice natural results and no problems or side effects. I really like Dr. Barankin’s style and this clinic is easy and nice to deal with. I will definitely continue my cosmetic treatments here for years to come and will recommend this place and doctor to other folks.
By Simbar on Jul 22, 2017
Best dermatologist to remove moles
I am really happy with the moles I have removed with dr barankin. The healing and results were just as promised, & I'm thrilled with the outcome. I'll definitely get more moles removed with him in the coming months and will send my sister over too.
By Zaret on Jun 27, 2017
Excellent experiences with wonderful dermatologist
I have visited dr. Barankin for many years with a variety of skin problems and he has always been able to help me. I find him to be easy to talk with and I appreciate that he does a careful and thorough evaluation of my problems. I have now recommended his clinic toronto dermatology centre to over 10 friends and family and they have all been very grateful to me for setting them up with such a great person and respected dermatologist.
By non-member130306 on May 28, 2017
Best dermatologist in toronto
I have been going to Dr. Barankin for many years for everything from skin cancer checks to helping me with acne blemishes and the occasional rash. He is excellent at what he does and really easy to talk to. He's always of great help and his recommendations or prescriptions are always spot on. His Toronto Dermatology Centre has to be the nicest and best staffed medical clinic around, it really is something to see.
By Kasan88 on Jan 04, 2017
Excellent dermatologist for acne and scars
Dr. Barankin has helped me a lot with my acne problems and more recently has been improving my scars. I am very happy with the excellent care. Nice staff also.
By JJohncowper on Jun 23, 2016
Superb dermatologist
Dr. Benjamin Barankin is a superb dermatologist. He has many great qualities from being punctual to smart, funny, and caring. I love visiting his beautiful clinic (Toronto Dermatology Centre) where they treat you the way all medical clinics should, with dignity and respect. He has removed many moles, skin tags, and various age spots for me with perfect or near-perfect results. This guy has hands of gold.
By non-member106411 on Mar 16, 2016
Wonderful doctor
I agree with all the positive reviews I read here and then some. Dr. Barankin has treated my psoriasis for past few years and has truly turned my life around. I owe so much to him.
By CompSci2000 on Feb 06, 2016
Best dermatologist and clinic
I am really happy with my many visits to dr. Barankin. I write now because my last visit just reminded me how very special he is. I had a skin emergency, and dr. Barankin was kind enough to get me in right away. He quickly diagnosed the problem and explained everything clearly, and my skin is on its way back to normal. The clinic is very accommodating and I'm always amazed how nice and pleasant the front staff are considering my previous experiences where doctors office staff are miserable. I always recommend this clinic and especially Dr. Barankin whenever I can.
By Alev on Nov 12, 2015
Best doctor for mole and skin tag removal
I was born with lots of moles and in the past few years they seem to have gotten bigger. I'm also mor recently getting skin tags. Dr Barankin came highly recommended by my family doctor so I was excited to meet him. I was not disappointed. He was professional, explained exactly what he would do and how things would heal. I felt practically no pain, just a tiny pinch from the anesthetic. Also, he runs an efficient and huge gorgeous office. The moles took about 9 days to heal & skin tags 5 days, and the marks are hardly visible and continue to fade quite nicely. I would definitely return to him for some other moles I'm now thinking of removing.
By CH7 on Sep 19, 2015
Overall great doctor
I've been Dr barankins patient for many years now, and followed him over the years since I think he provides overall really good skin care and diagnosis. He is very kind and has a sharp eye and good head on his shoulders. He treats people really well including his staff. Many of my friends and family go to him from my recommendations, and I only hear really good things about him. His current clinic Toronto dermatology centre is really really pretty and managed well. Nice staff and helpful. His website also has lots of useful skin information.
By non-member88577 on Jun 15, 2015
Terrible Terrible Experience!
I had not one, but TWO, terrible experiences with the Toronto Dermatology Centre. My family doctor sent me to Dr. Barankin to check my moles as I had many and some were potentially concerning. The doctor looked at me for a total of 30 seconds and left the room. He did not explain anything to me and sent me to the waiting room. I waited for another, at least, 30 minutes. I went to check in with the front desk and they had forgotten about me. I waited some more and then finally a nurse (I think) came and took me into a room, where I discovered that she was going to remove 2 moles immediately. She did it within 30 seconds and that was that. I left the office and followed all her "care" instructions, but the moles are like bumps on my skin. I spent time at New Year with my friend who is a dermatologist in California and he told me they look like keloids and that the job was incredibly badly done. I am more than disappointed in their services and I am trying to find a new professional who will help me fix the terrible job that was done by the office that is extremely aesthetically unpleasing.

The next time I went there for a follow-up and the office gave me the wrong date for my appointment. I showed up on the date discussed on my work break and I was told I came at the wrong time. I said there seems to have been a misunderstanding and asked if they could accommodate me. They brought out the business manager who was extremely rude to me, such rudeness as I have never encountered in a doctor's office before. I left and never returned.

When I spoke to my boss about my experience, he said he had the same kind of experience there and that he also refused to return. When you have a bad service experience, it's easy enough to go elsewhere, though unpleasant; however, when somebody does a terrible job at removing moles in two places on your body so that it looks hideous and is very itchy off and on for months, that is a much more difficult problem to solve.

I forgot to add that I had to ask like 3 times before they sent any kind of report to my doctor's office.I read the other poor reviews and agree with all of them. Go to a better place for service. You can't afford any mistakes with your skin and might end up with permanently damaged skin like me.

I suggest finding an office with much less arrogant staff and people who actually care about their patients and have some bedside manners.
By Jjbiggs on Apr 05, 2015
Excellent experience - best dermatologist
This was my 3rd visit to Dr. Barankin's great dermatology clinic. My acne is 95% better after suffering for so many years, and in just 5 months. I never thought I would have clear skin, but Dr Barankin has given me hope. He's really smart, and helpful, and caring, so I always feel comfortable when I go see him. He's also usually more or less on time which is really appreciated since I have waited long periods to see other doctors who don't seem to respect your time. His staff are similarly wonderful and bend over backwards to help you. If you have any sort of skin issue, he is the guy for you.
By Funnygirl1970 on Mar 15, 2015
Excellent dermatologist & clinic in so many ways
I have visited this clinic a few times over the years and am always impressed by the kind and helpful staff, the calm and warm clinic, and the expertise of Dr. Barankin. I wouldn't go anywhere else for my skin.
By kingston188 on Jan 23, 2015
He is Definitely the Best Dermatologist! He has helped me so much in just seven short weeks!
I had never been so sick before, I was in a lot of physical pain and distress. My GP saw me one week prior to my first appointment with Dr Barankin, and she was horrified. Fortunately, I found Dr Barankin through internet research and asked my GP for a referral, because the medication prescribed by the dermatologist I had been seeing for six years was not helping me. Dr Barankin is clearly a brilliant diagnostician. In just that one first visit, he diagnosed the current condition that was causing me so much distress, and prescribed exactly the right medication to clear it up.

In just four appointments and over only seven weeks Dr Barankin was able to help me so much more than my previous dermatologist did over six years; and he showed me how a great dermatologist looks at rashes, listens, tests, investigates, analyzes and diagnoses. He ordered three biopsies and three blood tests and very quickly diagnosed my chronic, six year long condition, (it turns out that I have a very rare condition); after which he very conscientiously referred me to a hospital for further treatment.

My previous dermatologist had misdiagnosed my chronic condition for six long years, he had not done even one single biopsy; and only looked at my rashes very occasionally, always fleetingly, while staring at his computer, typing on his keyboard, and being very dismissive whenever I asked him questions.

Dr Barankin told me jokingly that he would fix me up for Christmas, but I feel that Dr Barankin has saved my life. He has given me many more years to enjoy with my family; I cannot thank him enough, he has given me another chance at life! He is not only a fantastic doctor, he is attentive, kind, caring, a humanitarian, warm, friendly, and oh – so funny, while at the same time always being extremely professional. He got me to laugh just a few seconds after the very first time he saw me, even though I felt and looked like I was dying. I also laughed a lot on my fourth visit, seven weeks later, when he handed me a piece of paper with the correct diagnosis of my chronic condition written on it and said “for your internet reading.” As he said to me that day “a positive outlook is very important for healing.”

Next to my GP of 30 years, Dr Barankin is the best physician I have been treated by in my life (I am 53). Follow your instincts, if you have any doubts at all about your current treatment, or your current dermatologist, you owe it to yourself to see Dr Barankin, he is definitely the best!
By Ramses on Dec 28, 2014
Best dermatologist in Toronto
I've had a variety of skin problems most of my life and went to Dr. Barankin to finally sort them out. I had visited countless GPs and walk in clinics, and a few dermatologists over the years. Dr. Barankin was different. He really listened to me, and didn't just write the same old prescriptions. I had some blood tests and 2 skin biopsies, and after a few months and 2 different creams and one pill, my skin is almost entirely healed. This guys listens, he cares, and he clearly knows his stuff. When I told my GP that Dr. Barankin was so good, he told me that he's heard this repeatedly from his patients and that's why his clinic and all the GPs there send patients exclusively to him. Both his gorgeous clinic and him are amongst the best that medicine has to offer,
By Rberg on Sep 11, 2014
Best dermatologist and clinic
Dr. Barankin has been helping me with various skin issues over the years and I am so fortunate to have him as my skin doctor. He is very professional and really tries to help. He has saved my skin many times now. The clinic is also a real pleasure to visit; beautiful large space, clean and helpful people working there who seem to enjoy their work.
By Steenber on Aug 16, 2014
Best dermatologist in Toronto

I was referred by my GP for several nagging skin issues to this beautiful clinic. The staff were all super nice and the clinic stunning. I only waited a few minutes to see the famous Dr. Barankin (I've seen him on TV a few times), and he did not disappoint. He asked me lots of questions and looked at my skin really carefully with his eyes and some special instrument. My skin is way better now, and he picked up an early skin cancer incidentally which I'm really appreciative. Highly recommend this guy and this clinic if you have any skin problems.
By Tonya13579 on Aug 16, 2014
Outstanding dermatologist
Dr. Barankin is a wonderful doctor/dermatologist and has helped me and my family with our many skin problems for years. He has a well run clinic and great staff too.
By non-member73750 on Jul 08, 2014
Terrible dermatology, patients beware
This is not a doctor, this is a business-man. he wants your money and does not provide good medical care, does not treat you with respect or diginity, regards by other dermatologists as one of the worst in the city. Please go elsewhere patients, there are many dermatologists in Toronto
By Crue on May 18, 2014
Great dermatologist!
I have been very pleased with the care Dr. Barankin has provided me over the years. He is generally punctual, really nice and friendly, and incredibly bright. His new office is simply fantastic, as are all his staff. Definitely one of the best doctors out there.
By non-member67223 on Jan 02, 2014
Super skin doctor
Dr. Barankin has been my skin guru for almost 8 years now and I am very fortunate to have him overseeing my skin. He has picked up and treated 2 skin cancers and removed several high risk moles for me with hardly a mark left on my skin, the guy is like a magician. He is really gentle and pleasant and bright, and my GP goes to him as we'll and says he's the best dermatologist around.
By fkrasnow on Sep 19, 2013
Best Dermatologist
Dr. Barankin has been my skin doctor for 6 years now and I'm really lucky that my GP referred me to him back then. He has always taken expert care of my skin, and in a kind and caring way. He always checks me for skin cancers, and picked one up really early so that the scar is imperceivable. He has helped me with various minor and occasionally major skin issues, always with special care and attention, and so I never had to suffer longer than I needed to. He is a great person as well as a wonderful doctor. FK
By susanr on Jan 23, 2012
Great doctor
I have seen Dr. Barankin for the past couple of years for my acne. My skin is now completely clear, and I regularly get compliments. He even removed some of the scars I had from my acne. I'm very thankful to him.
By JoeSun on Jun 14, 2010
great derm
I was very happy with my visits with Dr. Barankin. He cares and seems to really know his stuff, and my skin is looking better than ever.

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Dr. Benjamin Barankin is a medical, surgical, & cosmetic Dermatologist as well as an accomplished author and educator.
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