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Laurel Place

9688 137A Street, Surrey, BC
18 reviews
Business claimed Last updated: Over a year ago
About Laurel Place

Laurel Place is a unique, revolutionary partnership between private owners and the Fraser Health Authority. We provide Complex Care, Convalescent Care, Specialized Dementia Care, Bariatric Care and Palliative Care. We also partner with Surrey Memorial Hospital who provide Hospice and Rehabilitation. Go to full description...

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Laurel Place, Surrey Reviews (18)

18 reviews
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By Mrs. Richard on Jul 31, 2020
I came to see a dear friend who is in hospice. it took me a long time to even get in the building as there were so many notices to read. Finally, after about 10 minutes someone came by and got the front desk. A young girl came out and let me in. She said she had been talking in the front intercom but we couldn't hear her. I'd paid for parking and wasted time just trying to figure out how to get in the building... Warning, there is a tax on your parking ticket there. I was not asked to sign in. I was told to stand on a mat of bleach to wipe my shoes off. I was then 'briskly' led to a gated area and given brief instructions on how to get up to the hospice. Once in my friend's room, I was appalled that there wasn't so much as a picture on the wall. It looked like a prison cell, not a place where people spend their last days of life. I'd brought my friend some ginger ale as her stomach was upset and she asked for ice. I went down the hall to see if I could find some. A rather 'rude' nurse told me to back to the room and they'd bring some. A care aide came in and informed me that once I was in the room I was not allowed out to get anything. I was wearing a mask, had more hand sani on me than I wanted, and found her attitude rather curt. A few days later I went up again with a friend. I was denied access as someone else had been there. You are only allowed 2 per day so if you have more than 2 in your family you are out of luck if you all want to visit to say goodbye to your loved one. I had brought 2 helium balloons with me. I was told by another rather rude person that I couldn't bring them up. I asked why and was told that balloons are not allowed. I told her I'd seen a balloon in another room when I was there last and she said, 'oh it must have been someone's birthday." What difference does that make? I was sent out and my friend went up only to find out that the person who had gone up ahead of us left after 2 minutes as he was unscheduled. We had scheduled our visit with a family
member and he'd just shown up. He left so we could go up but the rude lady in the lobby didn't count that. She insisted I leave. I sat in my car in the heat and waited. The way you are treated there is disgusting. I'm a care aide and that kind of attitude is not acceptable, especially in a hospice. I felt unwelcome and the environment was as cold and empty as the walls. Not a good place for anyone to spend their last days!! As the good book says, 'Do unto others as you'd have them do to you." One day it may be one of those nurses in that bed and I'm sure they wouldn't want their family to be treated like that.
By rsihota on Jun 22, 2016
This Facility, was awful, there were a few good nurses and OT's, but other than that this place is an absolutely useless. My father was there for rehab, fallowing a stroke, but he did not get any exercise for his speech, mobility, or anything else. My mother and I ended up watching after my father, and doing the nurses job day and night. My father fell down once , and one nurse just passed by him, he did not help him up, then one nurse said all the nurses refused to treat my father, because of my mother, and one time a nurse said he is not going to die if he does not get his food on time, and then finally a Langara collage nurse, said your wife will kill you at home . A month at this place, a facility that is suppose help people get better, we experienced this. There is no management in this place at all, and no order. Unfortunately the bad outweighed the good,the experience got so bad there we left 2 days before our discharge date. The manger there did not seem to care about our concerns at all, he just stood there smiling, and the PCC said she would give me the papers so my father can get rehab after this, but I have found out nothing has been done, this was just lip service. This place they want you to learn how to do everything yourself, so nurses do not have to be bothered. I would give this place a negative 100, but unfortunately the lowest I could give is 1
By Coquelicot Collie on May 15, 2016
Beware that Laurel Place Hospice is understaffed!! 4 nurses for 20 dying high needs vulnerable human beings is shocking! No care aids to assist. Wait times for nursing care is long for meds and personal care and ususlly a shortage of clean linen?
We promise our loved ones compassionate care in their last days on earth but this is not always the case here. Some nurses are kind and care (and it shows) while others should clearly not be working in a hospice setting. There should be appropriate training to care for the dying. Difficult a lot of the time to find a nurse. Like a ghost town . Also heartbreaking to listen to patients calling for help and or family members with worried expressions searching for a nurse . Fraser Health is cutting corners on appropriate compassionate care and it is disgraceful !!
By Orange Mite on Apr 26, 2016
I don't know how many times I have called, and the phone just rings. There always seems to be nurses by the phone when I am there, but they never seem to answer the phone when I'm gone. What is the point of having a phone if you don't answer calls?
By zan6050 on Apr 19, 2016
My sister is currently in Laural Place Rehab. The therapists are fantastic. However, it's clear that this government run facility is under funded. They call this place a high intensity rehab centre, however there is no treatment on the weekends. Physio is closed. That is 8 days per month where a patient does not get any therapy which is unacceptable. As most places there is always a few nurses that are grumpy. This place is no exception. Some of these individuals should not be working in rehab. My sister is treated like a child. Very disappointed overall.
By DistraughtFamily on Jan 30, 2016
Told us that because our mom "wanders" they cannot take care of her and she will probably fall. She has dementia and is at end of life (with cancer). They do not have the budget to provide her with 24 hour care. So we are kinda on our own. Very distressing experience - do not recommend this place at all!!
Comment by 11571157 on Feb 20, 2016
I agree on your feedback 100 per
Where are the family below you [Pathetic]
Gone through it and still going through it ...D
These people need to wake up.......
Comment by DistraughtFamily on Feb 21, 2016
Completely agree with 1157157 the staff are wonderful. Management needs a wake up call. Fraser Health are you listening?
By 11571157 on Sep 07, 2015
Comment by 11571157 on Feb 20, 2016
Gotta tell you the staff hear is outstanding .
The management lacks meaningful direction.
Why worry about assisted suicide, just send them here!!
Looks like N49 lost 75 percent of my feedback of this Care facility wow.
They will not return any of my emails.
We pulled my dying wife out of here at the end of March 2015, to be be cared at home by ourselves
By Red Tyrannosaurus on Aug 25, 2015
Laurel Place advertises as dementia care and complex care, but was unable to care for my Dad. Twice they sent him to emergency after one night. So where should he go? "A Special Care Unit," said the Nurse in Charge, "but not our Special Care Unit."
By EldestDaughter on May 03, 2015
My mother passed away in the Fraser Health hospice at Laurel Place in late February of this year . I can only hope that should I ever need a similar service, it can be found for me. The caring staff were kind and gentle and respected Mom's dignity. She was always included in her care decisions and no one talked over or about her in her presence. The room was pleasant but barren and clean. (which initially distressed me until I realized it was that way so we could personalize it-which we did!) As with any institution there were times when supplies ran low but there were always additional towels and fresh pillow cases available if not immediately from an alternate supply, then later in the same day. I don't recall that there was no toilet paper dispenser installed (as someone else mentioned previously) but given the use of "alternate" toileting devices I cannot say that having the paper fixed to the wall would be a good system ;o)

We are a large and noisy family and no restriction was every placed on our visits. Mom loved to have people with her. It gave normalcy to her final days offering her comfort and reassurance. We appreciated being offered an extra table for the grandchild to "work" at and extra chairs. A refrigerator was found by the wonderful Crystall and hauled in for our use! We didn't avail ourselves very often to the many lounges and sitting areas but from time to time being able to "take a break" there was welcomed. A smoker, Mom made her way to the courtyard gazebo as often as her pain management allowed and I was grateful for this consideration of her life long bad-habit and thankful to not have to wrangle her off the floor,down the elevator, and out the door to the street for a smoke! We took several turns around the garden, looked at the first crocus together, marvelled at the early blooming mini daffodils in a big garden pot and launched a rubber duck in the reflecting pond and daily checked as it became becalmed and languished a few feet from it's launch point. We appreciated the security of the facility knowing that Mom and her things were safe from folks wandering in from other units or off the street.

My one area of complaint was with the food services folks. On her first day, they offered my mother a bib! Now I don't want to quibble but the "bib" was actually a navy blue hand towel. It could have just as easily been called a napkin as a bib, given it was neither. They repeatedly brought her meal in and left it out of reach, frequently hanging half way off her bed table. They never checked to ensure it was left facing her and were visibly annoyed by other supplies and belongings on the table top. They didn't make sure the cutlery was available and frequently slapped down the tray without a kind word or greeting. My request for butter for the potatoes was met with the announcement that the potatoes were "already buttered " which indeed they had been but the puddle of butter was still on the steam table out in the hallway and NOT on my mom's red skinned potatoes! I might have been more vocal in my dissatisfaction with the food service ( but not the food itself which appeared tasty and was creatively prepared and varied) but we were almost always with Mom to sort things out for her during the day and she seemed to manage her breakfast with the help of nurses and she soon rejected all the food made available to her, choosing to end her days on a diet of ice cream.
By Cerulean Caterpillar on Jan 11, 2015
We are currently in this hospice and find the facility lacking in some of the very basic things!! No toilet roll holders in any of the bathrooms! The bathing room has never been used since the opened in 2008 because water doesn't get hot enough!!! I know my father would love to soak in a warm bath it would be a nice feeling instead of being hosed down on a gurney!!! Carpets have seen better days and should be vacuumed more often. Low supply of linens. Most of the staff wonderful and accommodation however some need to listen more to the patient before they start pulling and proving and realize these people aren't gone yet and should still be respected as to what THEY want not what the staff thinks is good for them!!! Yes obviously each case is different but font assume just because you are the nurse that your always right. I ask and pray to the staff to stop for a minute before dealing with that patient to put themselves in that bed and ask themselves if I were dying would I appreciate bring heard!!! Cuz I AM NOT DEAD YET!!!! So please try and listen to the patient and family and don't assume you know what that person likes or doesn't. OK place but overall this facility needs updating and Equipment that works!!!!!!!
By Azure Booby on Mar 30, 2014
Unfortunately I had to witness the largest Hospice in Western Canada mistreat my beloved Mother who has passed. I worked very diligently to get her moved to another Hospice so she could die in peace. She did not FEEL SAFE at Laurel Place. We witnessed terrible workplace drama including the workers carrying others pagers while they holed up in the reception area room and visited with each other. Its a scary feeling when the medical workers who didn't seem qualified are telling you that most people in the HOSPICE "HAVE NO ONE"? and they would say to my Mother. _____, We are going to DO SOMETHING TO YOU. Rather than say ...Hi______we are going to put this needle in your arm or roll you over. She didn't feel safe at all and would stay awake despite alot of injections and pain medications to BEG me to stay the night so nothing happened to her. I witnessed individual treating her badly,complained to the Dr. who runs the Hospice and he agreed that it wasn't great there BUT that they were understaffed. WHEN I MOVED HER...I was cautioned that it "wouldn't be as nice as Laurel Place.." who care about pretty surroundings when you have a loved one wanting to depart their soul! I do hope this posting will HELP someone else...and spare them the anguish of what I had to ensure.
By Crimson Sperm-whale on Mar 06, 2014
Hello, my mother died dec 9 and after a few months of watching her. I came to know many people around, the nurses, cleaners, doctors and even the patients. No one wants to die but we all will and when our time comes I can only hope I am in as good a place as this. Not only did they take care of my mothers pain, also her mental state to calm her as much as possible. I was helped and offered books to help me understand what was going on and I was very involved with all the decisions. They were respectful of everything we asked and sensitive to it all. It was clean and the food was good and the nurses, you couldn't ask for any better ones. Crystall and many others I love you for the chat we had. It stays with me. Thank you everyone for all your hard work every day. You are all Angels making a hard road a bit easier for their end. Xo
By Amaranth Hummingbird on Nov 01, 2013
My mother recently passed away at the Laurel Place Hospice. Staff was very friendly and supportive. The facility was clean, welcoming and I felt better about her being there than in the palliative care at the hospital. There were toys for my kids (her grandchildren) to play with and they were allowed to move their favourite toys into the counselling room so they could play quietly while the family visited. It was crucial for our family to have these last moments with mom and Laurel Place made that happen. I would recommend this facility to anyone going through this sort of experience, as they truly made it as easy as it could possibly be, considering the circumstances.
By shawnaharris on Jan 21, 2013
My dad was a patient of the rehab section of laurel Place, The staff was amazing and made my dad feel right at home. they cared about him as an individual and not as just another patient, he really enjoyed the meals and liked sitting out with the other rehab patient and enjoying his meals or watching the hockey game.

i spoke with a coordinator a few times from the rehab section but unfortantely she was of no help and did not seem to care when i did have concerns about my dads well being.

Over all a very positive experince during a very difficult time in our families life.
By josiew98 on Jun 20, 2011
This place is run bu a coordinator that no nothing. She regularily called my uncle as she, her, etc. Despite his first name being a very male name. I had a family meeting where she answered the phone 3 times. The other staff are alright but I can not say enough about Pat. Very Poor; I would never allow family to go there again.
By parvej on May 01, 2011
Incompetent LPN's with the mentality of a Registered Nurses. No consideration towards patients who do not speak english, and reckless, unblelieveable mistakes including giving out the wrong medication to individuals, "forgetting" to check a patient's chart and care workers acting on their own assumptions, and not the judgement of a supervisor, Registered Nurse, or doctor.
By Bole Sawfish on Mar 31, 2011
Not a proper rehab facility, very little physio/therapy, no encouragement and terrible food and not enough to keep a bird alive. Not acceptable!!!
By Amethyst Flamingo on Jan 11, 2010
The care provided at Laurel Place is excellent. Staff really care about the people and each other. Food is tasty. There is an atmosphere of family about the place.
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Laurel Place is a unique, revolutionary partnership between private owners and the Fraser Health Authority. We provide Complex Care, Convalescent Care, Specialized Dementia Care, Bariatric Care and Palliative Care. We also partner with Surrey Memorial Hospital who provide Hospice and Rehabilitation.
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