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Greencrest Pembina Clinic

2750-B Pembina Highway, Winnipeg, MB
36 reviews
Business claimed Last updated: Over a year ago
About Greencrest Pembina Clinic

Greencrest Pembina Clinic is a walk-in clinic located on Pembina Highway, providing medical care and services to the communities of Southern Winnipeg

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Greencrest Pembina Clinic, Winnipeg Reviews (36)

36 reviews
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By 12fingrz62 on Feb 08, 2017
Dr. Onotera,

My visit to you was the most unprofessional doctor’s appointment I have ever attended.
I am a very polite and well-mannered person. I left humiliated
And furious that I had let someone – A Dr. treat me so badly.
You - Dr. Onotera started our visit asking me why I was referred to you. Waving a piece
Of paper at my face that Dr. Perfect has not referred people to your previously.
Not my concern. I SHOW you my arm and you look – while you are looking at it I mention that I a starting to feel a tugging
Sensation or a pinching. You throw your arms up and say “you said that not me”
In such a way that I thought I was in a court of law – not speaking with a Dr.
after that visit I have no confidence in anything you might have diagnosed.
Very very poor manners indeed. Nasty and unprofessional at best sir.
Dr. PERFECT is one of the finest Dr.’s I have ever met. If he knew what an obnoxious and rude
Character you are he would never have sent me. Shame on you!
This appointment lasted 4 minutes –

By Maroon Octopus on Nov 28, 2016
Moving from Calgary to Winnipeg, I picked them as a family doctor for me and the family.

The front desk is horrible, one of the girls hung up on me wile talking!!

Some of the walk in doctors are unexperienced, check my son and said he is all fine and later at night I took him to the children hospital to find out he has 4 infections at the same time
What a bad experience
By Cerise Raccoon on Sep 14, 2016
I have been visiting this clinic for over 3 years. Generally, I am fine with the level of care received. Getting appointment can be challenging at times as a lot of walk-in patients are served. The Dr I see does not seem to spend more than 5 minutes and sometimes I feel he could talk a bit more about managing long term / chronic issues rather than just prescribing std drugs.

The receptionist is almost impossible to reach - need to call multiple times and this is what I dislike the most.
By Cinnabar Afghan-Hound on May 16, 2016
Went in with a cut on my head. I could not see how big it was and it was bleeding. Walked into the clinic and a female Dr. walked in . She was like 2 to 3 feet away from me. Asks me what I am in for and I tilted my head and she looked at my head from far away. Then said hang on and went out of the room. She came back with a male Dr. and told him I have a cut on my head. He looked at it from 2 feet away and said . Yes,Yes you will need stitches and I can not do it right away come back in a couple hrs. Really .....
First I thought they did not even come to look and just assumed ?
What a joke.
I walked out and went to the clinic near by. Got in and the Dr. There sat me down , put on gloves, checked my head ,cleaned the cut, said I will not need stitches and it will heal on its own. Then went home.
How can 2 Dr. from 2 feet away not check the cut and just look and make an call.
By Black Mussel on Mar 08, 2016
I have had only good experiences at this clinic. Dr. Wasef is very business-like, which may put people off, but I've found she always takes my health concerns seriously, including going on and off anti-depressants. I came from having a long time family doctor who retired, and I love that I can make an appointment so fast, rather than having to wait MONTHS at my previous physician.

The office is busy and non-nonsense, which maybe is why all the poor reviews? But I have been very impressed by both the doctors and the pharmacy, who gave me very good advice regarding prescriptions, made sure I understood the medication, etc. Was recommended this clinic by two friends who both go here and love it. Overall, I'm very happy I've switched to this clinic.
By Raspberry English-pointer on Jul 22, 2015
Dr. Wassef is my family doctor for few years. She is professional and friendly. She treats her patients like a friend. She is truly concern her patients and even make house calls if sickness causes concerns. She is professional about how she write a prescription for her patients. She won't write a prescription unless it is valid under her professional assessment. You never have to wait for a long time for your appointment in Greencrest, compare to most clinic waiting time is over an hours most the time.
By puppies on Mar 30, 2015
My first visit was a meet and greet with dr wasef, she asked my history ect, was fine but all she did was sit on her computer and not make eye contact at all. After this meeting every time I went to see her she would ask me the same question over and over "do you take any street drugs, have any problems with alcohol?" My last physical exam with her I tried telling her that I think that I might be having symptoms of depression, she ignored my plea for help and totally blew it off, no questions asked but the usual "are you on any street drugs?" I felt like crying after leaving because now I felt as if she thinks I am an addict looking for a prescription. Never again will I ever see this doctor.
By Cinnabar Lizard on Mar 24, 2015
Dr Smal is an exellent doctor, he has been our family doctor for a few years now, great clinic!!!
By Cinnamon Dingo on Feb 07, 2015
Every time I go there to see a female doctor she does more harm than help and can never help or tell me whats wrong. I dislocated my kneecap and she couldn't even figure it out I only go there to be referred away, the few doctors I have met up with there have thick accents and don't speak clearly enough so when I do go I have to get them to repeat what they're saying and even then I do not understand, lets just say I'm currently looking for another female doctor and never going back to greencrest.
By Sam Loon on Jan 28, 2015
I've been to the clinic several times. The staff are very friendly and the doctors are very good. I have seen several doctors at the clinic and they have all been excellent. They are all polite and explain things very well. I got very good care and had all my questions answered.

I would highly recommend. It's also super handy having a pharmacy attached, because I can fill my prescription right away and get home quickly.
By Cadet Goldfinch on Sep 23, 2014
I went to see Dr. Smal at this Clinic and he was excellent.
I am alive today because of his diagnosis and urgency of me going to emergency. I dont think I would be here today if he wasnt so concerned. I was told to stay home and relax by another DR. but chose to get another opinion. Thank you Dr.Smal
By Black Damselfly on Jun 09, 2014
Hello. I have been seeing Dr Shahzad there for about 6 months and she is always very caring and thorough. She doesn't just keep renewing all the medications I was on previously, she looks for ways to help me reduce the number I am on, and she always takes my concerns seriously.

I am really glad she is my doctor
By Orange Wildebeest on May 06, 2014
My two daughters and I went for a meet and greet with Dr Shazad, the new female physician at the clinic. She seemed nice enough, however I though she was crazy when she asked my two teenage daughters, 16 and 18, if they were sexually active and taking drugs in front of me. Like they were gonna tell her the truth! I was surprised she didn't ask me about MY sex life while she was at it. Seriously, she had no business asking them that in front of me. How could they ever trust her to keep their health care issues private, and not share them with me. Also, we have found that she is quite eager to set up future appointments to advise test results. Whatever happened to no news is good news? More unnecessary appointments just means more money for her and less for our health care. Lastly, I found the receptionist extremely rude. I once left an appointment, just walked out the door and realized that I had forgotten to
ask the doctor for a generic prescription rather than the expensive brand. I immediately went back in and
explained my dilemma to the receptionist. She was rude, asking me why I did not ask the doctor when I was in the exam room. I told her that I forgot and she loudly and rudely responded, "Why did you forget ". Everyone in the waiting room could hear her. I was so embarrassed. I thought, "Why do you think I forgot?!!! Sometimes that happens, plus I'm 50 years old. I forget things! Geez, I couldn't believe how rude she was....she kind of caught me off guard. She got what I asked for, but I did not thank her, I was so ticked off. I would not recommend this place!!
By Red Puma on Jan 22, 2014
My husband was having chest pain a few weeks ago and went to the walk in and was impressed, the doctor seemed to care about his concerns. He was sent for additional testimony and he said the doctor was polite and informative.

Another health concern came up and his family doctor couldn't get him in for a couple months (!!!!) so we decided to go back to the walk in and saw the same doctor as last time. First, he was rude that's husband was back instead of just waiting for his family doctor. Then he totally dismissed my husbands concerns in a very rude way. My husband also brought up that he was currently having chest pains while there and the doctor left the room for a couple minutes and did nothing about it. Finally, after asking five times what was causin the issue he was having, the doctor said "it's probably an infection. You don't like my opinion? Go to he hospital then" and walked out!

He was so rude. You would think if someone was having chest pains he would not just walk away. This was ridiculous. We will be telling everyone we know to never go to this clinic.

There is no option for ZERO stars and it wouldn't let me click 0.5. Trust me, I would click -100 if I could. Not impressed.
By YoungnSickly on Apr 25, 2013
I've been to the Greencrest Walk-in Clinic a few times, but only because it's open on Saturdays and the Pembina Walk-In, unfortunately, is not. Funny thing is, I live much closer to the Greencrest Clinic, but I will bus to the other one whenever I can.
The first time I went was out of concern about some white patches on my skin. The doctor did not tell me that it was a skin condition called, vitiligo and that it's more common than one would think. He did tell meit could be the result of an underlying disease like diabetes or a thyroid disease that would cause me to gain a huge amount of weight (I have always been thin), lose my hair and grow puffy, lumpy eyelids. I had been tested for diabetes already and this thyroid condition sounded terrible! I asked what I should do and he kinda shrugged and told me to keep an eye on it. He then got all huffy and resentful when I asked him to refer me to a specialist! The specialist later told me I had nothing to worry about and explained everything to me in a clear and informative manner.
Another time I went because I had some sort of uncontrollable scalp itch and no signs of dandruff. I was worried because I worked with young children and I was thinking it may have been ringworm or some other type of fungus. The doctor actually shrugged and shook his head. He looked at my scalp for literally a half a second didn't even move any hair around before he told me he didn't see anything. He gave me some medicated dandruff shampoo which caused me to get dandruff. I later cured it myself with tea tree oil and apple cider vinegar shampoo.
Later I went in with a bladder infection and the doctor had me pee in a cup. Then he told me there was no lab, so he put a strip of paper in my pee and it changed colour. He compared the psper to some colours on the bottle the papers came in and told me I either had diabetes or was pregnant... this was AFTER I'd told him I am on the pill. He shrugged and smiled when I looked upset and asked if I did not want to be pregnant. He kept trying to hand me tissues and told me it was okay if I wanted to cry. I dud not want to cry, but I did want to slap him in the face and leave. I felt like he wanted me to cry!
I went to the doctor at the Pembina Walk-In Clinic on Monday and the doctor there tried not to laugh when I told him the Greencrest doctor thought I was pregnant.
By Lava Opossum on Apr 12, 2013
I was experiencing severe stomach pain and have had on going upper abdominal pain for the past 10 years. I went in with my husband to just ask the doctor if he could write up a pre-requisite for blood work to check for my amalyze and lipase readings. He looked at the computer and asked me why I would not consider anti-depressants. Why do doctors think that because females are over 40 and have many children that we are depressed and that anti-depressants are the be all and end all. My gastrointestinal sergeon also was pushing me to take anti-depressants. I am not depressed. Instead I cried because he was not sympathetic of my pain that I was experiencing. Well it turns out that doctors should really listen a lot harder here in Manitoba with respect to patients symptoms. In December I went for a gastroscopy and it was diagnosed that I have a 4 cm. sliding hiatus hernia. After 10 years. Wow! I wish I could go to the Mayo is all I can say. I think that a lot of our doctors would like to take the easy way out and give us drugs.
By Cerulean Chinchilla on Dec 05, 2012
Went in with a sore elbow, that was red and hot and only getting more sore daily...Dr was sure instantly that it was an infection...prescribed anitbiotics and it was done. Best of all the wait was not long at all. I would go there again for sure.
By Auburn Fish on Oct 11, 2012
Dr Wasaf was the only one that actually atended me from a very dangerous spider bite (BROWN RECLUSIVE SPIDER) if she had not drain the bite I would probably have been in the hospital for a long time (if I survived). I went to emergencies before going to Dr Wasaf and they did not do anything. She is a good doctor who knows what she is doing.
Comment by YoungnSickly on Apr 25, 2013
There are no Brown Recluse Spiders in Canada. Where did you get the bite?
By Burgundy Giraffe on Sep 24, 2012
agree with the previous comment about Dr.Wasaf. She is rude even with my 18 month old. Normally doctors ask us to sit on the bed and keep the baby on our lap and examine. She asked me lie down on the bed and my son got scared and screamed and she got mad and continuously puhed to me put him on the bed. Finally I asked whether I can hold him and she got really really mad at me and commaned me to put him on the bed and she hold him tightly without even thinking that he was a baby. I have been going to this clinic since it's opened never got an experience like this before. I miss doctors who used to be there. The clinic should replace her for sure or let here know these things.
By Dugan on Jul 18, 2012
I don't know all the doctors at this clinic but from my experience I will not be coming back. I'm not sure who the people are leaving good reviews but I'm guessing you either work there or you've never had Dr. Wasef. She was Rude and obviously not a people person. I left feeling she didn't care about my problem. Which is sad because a lot of people coming in to the clinic are sick (obviously) and shame on her for not being more polite, professional and sympathetic to her patients needs.
By Red Shark on Jul 10, 2012
I have attended this Clinic for two years. I was lucky enough to have Dr. Smal for my family Doctor. He is the most kind and considerate Doctor, always follows through on any issues. I initially found the receptionist very rude and not very personable, however she has since been replaced with a very nice receptionst. I feel very fortunate to have found such an awesome Doctor and clinic
By Ao Cockroach on Apr 07, 2012
The office is clean, receptionist is nice, however the doctor is very rude, absolutely no manners an lack of experience, and obviously in the wrong profession. I have been there a few times and will never be back.
By Orange Lemming on Mar 12, 2012
The office looks likes it could use some maintenance but is new enough to be acceptable. I have visited the clinic on a few occasions. Some of the doctors are more thorough and patient-oriented than others. I have had good experiences, however, there are a couple of doctors who lack communication skills and one who did not seem engaged with me as a patient, which was awkward and concerning.
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