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Stoneworx Silestone & Granite

16 Nixon Road, Bolton, ON
20 reviews
Claim this business Last updated: Over a year ago
About Stoneworx Silestone & Granite

Stoneworx is the dimensional stone fabricating division of the Maple Group located in our new facility in Bolton, Ontario Go to full description...

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Stoneworx Silestone & Granite, Bolton Reviews (20)

20 reviews
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By Jeff S on Feb 18, 2020
Brutal workmanship and customer service does not exist! I should have investigated further and checked out other reviews before considering Stoneworx!
By tpignatiello on Apr 24, 2019
Do not use Stoneworx through Home Depot for your counter install. If my experience is anything to go by then they will not show up on day of install (without calling) the show up 3 hours late on the second install date. Then do a poor job installing with a seam sticking out like a sore thumb, then send an installer out to check the job out and state that yes it doesn't look right but we cant do anything about it. Then wait 2 weeks for another scheduled technicians visit...and still we wait and look at a very poor job...yet they have our money which I guess is my own mistake for not holding it back prior to a finished job. Better options out there...stay away from big box store and their installers.
By Copper Tigon on Sep 15, 2017
Home Depot should not associate with them.
By Leasider on Jun 20, 2017
Our experience matches the many very negative reviews here. Our work was through Home Depot but between their lack of coordination and Stoneworx arrogance, it took forever to get a pretty simple job done. First it was that any sink we chose would not fit (never any suggestions as to what might fit), then a very long delay to install. They say they will not move appliances, but lo and behold they messed up our dishwasher mountings - NOTHING to do with plumbing as they claim, just carelessness or ignorance (or both) on their part. Woman on the phone at Stoneworx is rude and arrogant - customer service is not part of their ethic. They also chipped one of the cupboards during installation but they simply do not care. DON'T USE THEM!!
By Nicole Tahr on Jun 13, 2017
Very poor service
There is a crack by the sink they say it is a fissure . This is not acceptable. I can feel the crack. Home Depot should not take their business. Don't go with them. I am very dissatisfied with it. I will have to redo with someone else and pay another 5000$.
By Byzantine Setter on Apr 19, 2017
The stone itself is beautiful and they have an amazing selection. That's where it stops. It took 4 different days to get an okay job done. Big seam showing. Now the finish is wearing off after 6 months and it's apparently because I am wiping my granite counter with water instead of soap and water: the customer service person said water stains granite. Lol. Seriously, that's what they said. And they will not be out to see. But, it's not a stain. The finish is not adhering to the stone. I'd say if the job goes well, you'll be satisfied however if there are any issues, and I had 3(poor measurement, chipped seam and now the finish) you will not be satisfied and you won't hear back from them. Home Depot should choose another supplier .
By sheila52 on Feb 15, 2017

Today our quartz countertop was professionally installed to our complete satisfaction.
From the time of purchase via Home Depot to completion today, approximately one month, we received respectful attention, and we were not disappointed.
Kyle met with us to estimate and produce a template of our kitchen and the exceedingly important dimensions necessary to produce such a result.
Mike and Martin together installed our countertop with care, experience and professionalism....overall an exceptional experience for us. As a result, we would not hesitate to recommend Stoneworx highly.
By manga on Dec 02, 2016
I don't know how they expect people to be happy with their service and product when they are soooo sloooowww. It was a week for a templater to come on site. A week for the templater to send the drawings for approval. Another week for some other delay. Finally, two weeks to fabricate/cut the countertop. That's not including the backsplash. Who knows how long that will take?

Friends of ours doing their counters around the same time went with a company named after a roman emperor and they had their counters in under 10 days and backsplashes about 6 days later.

I'm the fool for sticking with these guys. Don't be a fool ... go somewhere else!
By geophphRicker on Oct 23, 2016
Stoneworx cut three separate granite counter tops before we where fed up and got our money back. They actually delivered the counter top +/- 10mm out of tolerance from their template drawing and no where near square. IT was over 60 days of arguing to get our money back. Their quality control will tell you "its a natural product, so it is wavy". The first counter top was actually delivered with a broken off corner (dropped) and the installers actually installed it! Over hangs were supposed to be 42mm, but they ranged from 38mm to 58mm. The gaps along the walls where any where from -5mm to 10mm. Home Depot was less than helpful dealing with Stoneworx - their solution was here is the Stoneworx # for you to call. Go to a reputable stone company and pay the extra.

[ Reference: Home Depot Order (122372417) -GRANITE G42627 ]
By Rainbows4sher on Oct 18, 2016
I believe every bad review because I got a measure today and the guy told me he could not guarantee me not having a big gap underneath my counter top part of my lazy Susan.I would have to get Home Depot to make me trim lol to hide the gap. I am not paying a lot of money for a piece of nightmare and not a piece of stone, pretty sly .I asked what he would do and he answered I can't tell or answer that question for u.They can go to hell then.I am sick to death of Home Depot services and the companies they use. Stay away I'm gonna search a better stone company!I just started to cry after he left , very upsetting to have a eye sore of a countertop with gap and can cause u to have a crooked door so beware please!!
By Bole Pheasant on May 06, 2016
Stoneworx was the vendor Home Depot supplied to us when we ordered our granite countertops. I do want to say the measurement team, and installer team were super friendly, but unfortunately the final product left something to be desired. Some better information might have helped us make different decisions during the process.
During the measurement stage I asked about how my laminate counters had a lip that covered 3/4" of the front of the cabinets, and wanted to make sure my new stone would do the same. He assured me that it wouldn't be an issue, however it was. Once the counter was installed there was a blatantly unfinished space 3/4" below the entire length of cabinets and the island. This unfinished space was bright white in some areas, showed the screws, and had gaps in other places. I've just finished paying my contractor another $350 to cut, paint, stain and install all the required trim to make the kitchen look elegant.
The other issue was the installation itself. As instructed, I had moved out my slide in stove so the counters could be installed. During installation the installer (again, super nice fella) informed me that the counters would be slightly uneven on either side of the stove cut out, for some reason this was never mentioned before, and they didn't seem to offer any solutions which wouldn't add another month to the project. I was concerned that this might make it difficult to slide the stove back, but he insisted that it would fit fine, but they could not assist in returning the stove at that time as certain glues etc. were still settling. 24hrs later me and my contractor could not get the stove back in due to this unlevelled issue. In fact I ended up paying him another $150 in labour and material as he needed to construct additional legs for the stove to raise it, and it still took both of us to slide it into place and adjust so that it sat decently on the countertop (there's still a tiny gap). This of course led to other minor things like needing to hide the gap under the stone now.
After paying close to $6000 for the high end counters, it would be nice if these things were pointed out to me earlier, so I didn't have to spend another $500 to make the counters work. When I hire countertop specialists and pay them top price, I feel they should take my current cabinets and appliances into consideration and let me know earlier on if anything is going to be an issue.
By Cinnabar Fish on Jan 12, 2016
Outstanding job on install and beautiful granite...great price and value!!! Sure there are some whiners (you can't please everyone...some people you will never satisfy!) ...I've seen a "few" negative comments...Im sure they have done thousands of don't be swayed by 7 or 8 unhappy people...I would highly recommend them. I cost me $4000 tax/install included, and that was for a long piece of granite, a short piece and an island! Just have to put up my back splash and its going to pop!
By bsomers on Dec 22, 2015
Excellent install - Mark, Stan and Chris were an excellent install team- very professional, courteous, clean and friendly. Loved Stans sense of humour, Marks attention to detail and Chris' work ethic - Mark was very helpful in explaining the care req'd especially within the first 24 hrs - the stone fit like a glove - kudos to Tom Jones with the measurements - I did reviews the day the product was to be installed and nearly shit my pants because of the one star rating - man! I am glad I went with Stoneworx - the stone is so beautiful - goes to show you can't trust all reviews so I have experienced sometimes when I travel -but this is an honest and legit review.

Basil and Sharon Somers
By Lori123 on Dec 12, 2015
I wish I had read this before and I totally blame Home Depot for using them despite the terrible reviews! There is 0 customer service...they only work 9-4pm Monday to Friday - no Saturday measuring or installing (who in the service business gets away with this)??! and YOU must take a day off work. From the measurement to the installation they were rude and talked down to me. I told them that I could not take time off work (just started a new job) and I had to beg them to do the measurement in the evening...which they did it but only after I got Home Depot involved. I took the day off for the installation but hey did not include my back splash...I didn't realize they had to come back again because I had already paid $100 extra for the milling and I thought it was a done deal. When they told me that they had to come back again I nearly flipped. They said their installers only work till 4 pm. (Heck I want that job) I asked them how much time it would take and they said 45min...but I had to be at home during MY work hours. I told them for 45 mins I could not take another day off and they called Home Depot to reschedule with me...passive aggressive at best. Do not use them!!
By Violet Crane-Fly on Jul 29, 2015
Pieces did not fit the frame. Gap in the corner, we paid the extra to have the counter extended but not only it wasn't the right size but also shorter then before our old counter . They refused to replace citing that it was based on our layout (tom Jones was the guy that came to measure - doesn't owned to his mistake) completely ignored the purchase order. Worse customer service in the planet - no phone calls like the other reviewed. Wished I had read these reviews before purchased. Huge disappointment!!!! No integrity. They asked you to signed off assuming and re-assure that we are getting what we asked only to find out that any mis-measurements they will not not be liable because you signed the paperwork, which they didn't even give you a copy. They are professional scammers who really know how to get away with responsibility when things go wrong. Quite a shame to make money this way.
By Fuchsia Mammal on Jun 09, 2015
I read these reviews after I paid home depot 140.00 measure fee to Home depot and also I talked to the front desk lady. Rude Rude Rude.... So this guy (T) came over to measure from Stoneworx and he did not want to listen to me as to what I had wanted for size but started to tell me what he figured I should have. He was in such a big hurry to get in and out. I felt so rushed that the template was wrong so I called him soon after he left to call me back before he left town. He did not and called later that night only to say that it will cost another 140.00 because it was my fault that it was not measured right. Or I could give him the measurements and if it didn't fit that was on me. So I did not go with them being that I was treated with little regard right from the get go. I switched to RIO STONE in Toronto. They were a 1000.00 cheaper and just over 2 weeks from measure to install and did an AMAZING job ...ask for Uri you won't be disappointed. Oh yah I cant give them a zero ...they don't deserve a 1
By Rose Goldfinch on May 07, 2015
WOW - I wish I had read these reviews before I let this company install my counters.

All the negative comments are true, and worse. My beautiful quartz counters were installed with a very shiny adhesive which shows sparkling lines that hit you in the eyes when you walk in the kitchen. The customer service person is good for nothing except arguing and defensiveness, insisting "this is what we use....." This was after three unreturned phone calls; finally Home Depot had them call me back.

In addition, they charged me an extra $95 "condo fee" to carry the counter (one 7 ft. piece and one 3 ft. piece) in from my condo parking lot - a distance of 63 steps. I measured it off myself, and I'm 5 ft. 2 in. so take very short steps. That's a cost of $1.50 per step, pretty good travel allowance, I'd say.

STAY AWAY FROM STONEWORX! I am on my way to Home Depot to suggest they dump this company.
By Cardinal Horse on Aug 13, 2014
From booking the initial template appointment to the actual installation....nothing but headaches. The customer service reps that book appointments do not answer their phones, do not return calls, do not care about the customer. This has been nothing but a run around and headache. I only went with Stoneworx because Home Depot doesn't deal with anyone else. I would never use Stoneworx again.
By Coquelicot Sturgeon on Jul 11, 2014
Ordered new counter tops, sinks didn't fit. Installers were professional but their customer care department doesn't know the meaning of customer care. Got the run around big time. Their mistake in the cutting process, is my problem? Passed the buck,Terrible attitude. Home Depot consultants very good but they need to find a different supplier. Stoneworx sucks!!
By Cinnabar Sockeye-salmon on Jan 23, 2014
I have never dealt with a more unprofessional company in my life! Their work, their product, and their customer service are the worst .... Their communication - non-existent!!!

The countertop they installed had such obvious and major flaws I simply couldn't live with it. Don't know what was worse - the company releasing the product to be installed in the first place, or the installer putting it in anyway knowing it was poorly patched up, not cut out properly and not fitting correctly. Rather than take it back, they cut out the drywall to push the piece underneath it to force it to fit! Then they left a gap on the other side between the walls and the pieces large enough the tiles we bought for our backsplash slips right in between!!

It's taken them almost 2 months to return to remove the pieces to fix, and when they did, the installers hit the edge of my glass tabletop and said NOTHING!!! They simply cleaned up the glass and rushed out, I guess hoping I wouldn't notice!!! We'll I just noticed and I am livid! My kitchen has been a disaster zone since November and I've had enough!!!' Do NOT deal with this company! FYI I bought this from Home Depot thinking I'd avoid this type of thing ... Boy was I wrong there! Home Depot's subcontracting criteria clearly could use a re-vamp.
By valtri on Jun 13, 2013
Granite installed by builder was presented as high end with premium upgrade price. Shortly after occupancy the granite started to flake around the edges. Stoneworx rep came in and ran his fingers along the edges. The flakes came off by just toughing the edges. Stoneworx indicated that chipping after installation is not a warranty issue.
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Stoneworx is the dimensional stone fabricating division of the Maple Group located in our new facility in Bolton, Ontario
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