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Holiday Pet Care

8234 Yonge Street, Thornhill, ON
9 reviews
Business claimed Last updated: Over a year ago
About Holiday Pet Care

Serving York Region by offering Premium Pet Care since 1998. Dog Daycare, Cagefree Dog Boarding, Dog Walking, Pet Visits, Cat Sitting, Grooming. Have peace of mind, knowing that when you go away, your pets are getting the best in care and comfort. Go to full description...

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Holiday Pet Care, Thornhill Reviews (9)

9 reviews
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By debontherun on Oct 18, 2016
I went for a meet and greet with my dog with hopes to find a boarding facility close to home. The staff member was friendly, but that was the only optimism I felt. As soon as I walked through the front door the odour was really disgusting. This place is so dirty, and looks really run down. The costs to stay here are at the higher end of many dog daycare/boarding centres and I certainly didn't expect to see what I did. The outdoor area may be ok for small dogs, but certainly not acceptable for dogs that need to run.
If a health inspector entered this place I'm sure it would be shut down!!
Comment by blankanonymous513 on Oct 18, 2016
They should be reported... I have tried and been unsuccessful, but I'm sure if enough people did (I've heard this complaint from many), something will be done.
By blankanonymous513 on Jul 12, 2016
Don't bring your dogs here. The owner doesn't take care of her building- there are so many repairs that need to be done. A bunch of staff members have quit in the last year. There is not enough square footage to hold as many dogs as she takes in, and in the peak seasons (summer, christmas, other holidays), she even goes above her max capacity. the dogs should really be going out more than every 2 hours, and even when they go out, their yard isn't that big. There is so much more that can be said. The owner is also very condescending and treats you like you don't know anything (which is very off-putting for a dog owner)
By Umber Moth on May 10, 2016
Left our dog there for 4 nights.
He came home with scabs from cuts, kennel cough, and smelling like absolute trash. He slept for 2 days when he came home and took most of the week to get back to normal (still has the cough)

Asked when we picked him up how he was .. 'He was fine' - that's it....??
Filthy place, find somewhere else, you won't regret it.
By Cadet Flyingfish on Jan 12, 2016
I left my dog there while I was on vacation hoping that she should get the best care and make new fur friends. When I came to pick her up a week later she cam back to me with kennel cough and dog bite on her neck and ear. The minute I saw the bite when they brought her upstairs, I asked them what happened. To be honest I was really surprised that they didn't call me about it. They told me that a dog was "bullying" her for 3 days then decided to attack her on the 4th day. I replied "then why didn't you separate them?" and a staff member replied " The attack wasn't too serious so it was okay." When My dog clearly had a bad bite on her neck and ear. That's when I took my dog and went home, but on the second day of having her home I noticed that she was coughing a lot. So, I took her to vet and they diagnosed that she had kennel cough! on top of that her wounds from the attack started to bleed. All I am saying is I am happy that my dog isn't fearful of other dogs from the attack, and that she doesn't have kennel cough anymore because of treatment. My dog is my everything, so when I see her in pain , it breaks my heart. Don't take your dog there if you love them.
By Crimson Gecko on Sep 23, 2015
I took my dog there a couple of times and everytime I picked him up he smelled awful. I shouldn't have been surprised because as soon as you walk in an odor hits you like a smack in the face. My dog is very nervous and I know him more than anyone else, I knew her wouldn't play but at least someone would be watching him. When I came to pick him up they told me this whole story about how he played and played and listed off a couple of names of other dogs who were his "best friends". As I was waiting for them to go downstairs and get him another owner came. In to pick her dog up and I wasn't surprised at all that she got the same story I had. They even mentioned some of the same dogs that my dog supposedly played with.
When my dog came up those stairs he couldn't wait to get out of there. He drank a gallon of water as soon as we got home and ate his food as fast as he could. He slept for the next two days but I do not believe it was due to him exhausting himself playing, I'm sure it's because he was too terrified to actually rest. He also had a gash by his eye which they told me when I went to pick him up. When I asked them why they didn't call me their response was that because they took care of it and it wasn't an emergency. I asked the girl at the front desk if that should not have been my opinion of an emergency or not? First of all I could hardly understand what she was saying, but her reply was they asked the owner of the business, I'm not sure of her name, and she told them to ice it and clean it. By the time I took him to the vet's it was too late for stitches. My dog now has a noticeable scar above him eye due to what I can only call neglect.
I won't be returning even though I have credit there, I would never put my dog through that again. If you are looking for a place to leave your dog I suggest finding another facility.
Comment by blankanonymous513 on Jan 15, 2016
I completely agree with you. I understand the nature of cage free boarding and sometimes dogs can get scratched, etc. The owner doesn't seem to keep the place clean or do proper repairs. Not to mention the one times I spoke to her about training I was completely put off by how condescending she was.
By C Emu on Dec 18, 2014
I took my dog here for a meet and greet and I was very impressed. I was given a tour of the facility which seemed perfect and very convenient. Prices are reasonable. I particularly appreciate that there is a place for my husky to run around outside in a safe, fenced in back yard. They have extended their holiday hours to accommodate my pup staying there for the length of time I asked for. That is good customer service. Can't wait for my dog's first stay!
By Jakeretner35 on Nov 30, 2014
The owner of this dog service, Cheryl Orletsky, is never there to manage her workplace, as well as fix up the building, which is MUCH needed. There are floods taking place when it rains or in winter, with no working wet vacuum so it leaks through the ceiling to downstairs. The dogs in the day care often leave with very red, irritated eyes from how unsanitary the place is. They get eye infections and staff treats their eyes with eye drops, but the place is causing this in the first place. The dogs often get coughs or colds after being here, especially boarding (Sleeping there) for many nights. The manager takes no care of her building. The doors are broken. The toilet breaks every couple of days. She has let staff use buckets and little portopotties for days where you take your plastic bag of urine or feces out yourself. She does not care for her staff and will make you pay loads of unnecessary money to pay for her First Aid and Pet Care 101 classes, which actually have no value or purpose. The "certificate" they give you in DogGuru means nothing. Do not take your dogs here. She does NOT care for them or their health, as well as the health and sanitation of her building. Please know this. It is all true. It's been seen and said by many others before for a real reason.
Comment by hpc on Dec 01, 2014
It is important to understand that this review was based upon upset by a 'former' team member.

As a conscientious business owner I am choosing to respond to this posting because I find it unfortunate that this individual chooses to vent in this manner, and with such exaggeration.

I know that it is human nature to lash out at others when we are not feeling good about our own lives. It is often much easier to strike out at others than to focus on creating something good with their own lives.

I wholeheartedly believe in the mantra that says, "How You Do Anything is How You Do Everything." and invite the readers to contemplate this review, in this manner. If this is how this reviewer is choosing to act, what other ways are they showing up?

If you read the review with this perspective, it will surely demonstrate to you that they are someone who is not a team player, and not someone looking to contribute to the betterment of an environment, and therefore not someone that would fit with our modus operandi.

No doubt we parted ways.

My name is Cheryl Orletsky. I am the Founder and Director of Holiday Pet Care, a Completely Cagefree™ Dog Boarding and Dog Daycare Center consistently serving York Region, with excellence, since 1998.

I am also the Founder and Director of DogGuru, offering dog-friendly and highly effective dog training and workshops to pet owners and pet professionals, locally and internationally, since 2007.

At Holiday Pet Care, the ‘face’ that clients will most often see at our Centre is the full time Supervisor, the acting, on-site manager. She is responsible for the day-to-day operations of the Centre, and she does an amazing job!

We have an Open Door Policy and what that means is that we are always welcoming of a tour of our Centre. We have nothing to hide.

Some of the features we are proud to highlight, and what supports the excellent care and service that we offer to Boarding and Daycare dogs include: our MedicAir filtration system, a medical grade air filtration system found in doctor's offices. Check out their products at It has a 4-stage filtration system, including UV sterilizer, which has allowed us to go virtually Kennel Cough free for over 10 years. We use a veterinary grade virucide cleaner, to clean the floors, walls, fixtures, dishes and toys. Bedding is changed at least twice per day. Water bowls are sanitized and refreshed every 2 hours. Dogs are always cagefree and fully attended to by staff, 24 hours per day and get to go outside to our fully fenced, and regularly sanitized yard, every 2 hours!

With regards to the claims made, I would like to put them into perspective this way:

The building we are located in is indeed an older building, and yes, understandably, this does come with issues.

Specifically, with regards to the leaking roof, it is pertinent to know that this actually occurred within a storage area of the Centre (not in any of the dog playrooms), and although it did take some time to get the landlord to respond, and take action, the roof has been fully replaced, well over a year ago.

With regards to the washroom, yes, there was a period of time where, intermittently, we had issues with the septic system. Again, this was resolved by the landlord, who, again, took some time to respond, and to eventually take action. The building is now hooked up to the city sewer lines. This incident, again, was about 2 years ago.

We do certainly require our staff to go through training in order to demonstrate proficiency of proper care and safety in dog handling. We are a professional business.

DogGuru is, indeed, one such place that offers training to those in the Pet Care Industry, and has provided excellence in training to hundreds of satisfied students who have gone on to start their own pet care businesses. Check out DogGuru's facebook page and see for yourself.

The proper care and health of the dogs in our charge is ALWAYS a priority, as is the well-being of our team. Quite honestly, I am unsure of how to even respond to claims that are blatantly intended to suggest otherwise.

We run a highly successful business BECAUSE of our commitment to quality. The steady stream of recommendation proves why we are still strongly in business for over 16 years, and particularly, in a climate where 80% of businesses fail every year!

Speak to our clients. Speak to our current staff. Check out our facebook page. Look at the other, numerous, online reviews we have on Google.

We are very proud to have a sustainable, supportive and loyal base of clients, many of whom have used us from the start of this business. Many of whom continue to recommend us to the people they care about most.

The best way I can respond to such obviously malicious and ridiculous claims, is: IF they were ACTUALLY true, there's no way we would be in business as long as we have, with the reputation that we have.

Again, I find it unfortunate that this individual has decided to do this. I understand that they were not happy, and it is saddening to think they have harboured so much anger that they would choose to fabricate such an elaborate attempt at defamation.

I am not in this business just to make money. If I was, I would likely be part of the statistic of 80% of failed businesses. I am in business because I KNOW that what Holiday Pet Care offers, is what is BEST for the dogs.

What REALLY hurts is knowing that someone could read this person’s review and choose to put their dog in a cage instead of choosing the social style boarding and daycare that we offer.

We are confident that what we offer is the best possible care for your dog. This reviewer is wanting to hurt the business owner, and a business. Who ends up suffering are the very dogs they claim to care about, plus they are robbing the owners of the peace of mind they deserve when they are away from their dogs.

To "JakeRetner35." (not reviewer's real name): I am sending you love, and sincerely hope that you will find a way to move on with ease and grace and choose to put good in the world.

To the readers, know this: Your head will always have lots of questions and want to be satisfied. Only your heart will have answers. Always choose with your heart.

All the best,
By Crimson Poodle on Jul 16, 2014
I found Holiday Pet Care online and was happy because it was cage free boarding. We first went for a meet and greet and they introduced our dog to other dogs in their facility one at a time. The next weekend we dropped her off and picked her up 2 days later. Our dog was so exhausted which can only mean she had a great time. I then received a report card via email on how our dog did during her stay
I would most definitely leave her there again.
By Erin Mandelman on Dec 03, 2007
Holiday Pet Care is a great place to leave your dog for a few hours while you are at work or even while you go on vacation. I leave my dog there when I have to go to school for long hours because I hate to leave her in a crate at home. When I bring her in, they already know her by name and I just drop her off and I know she is safe. They have special doors that can only be opened by the secretary, which really helps to ensure that no dogs can escape. The fences in the back are dug deep into the ground so that no dogs can burrow their way out. Each dog is pre-screened to make sure that they have a good temperament for this environment. They also have a special air filtration system to help prevent the spread of infections and fleas, although each dog who comes must have flea protection. I think they take the dogs outside about every 2 hours to prevent accidents inside. They have 2 rooms inside. The downstairs room for crazy and rambunctious dogs and the upstairs room for the calmer and older dogs, or dogs who are not allowed to exercise. When I come to pick up my dog she is always sitting by the secretary, which I hear means they like them best! :) Then when my dog gets home, she eats her dinner and then passes out til the next morning. A tired pooch is always a happy pooch. I always know my dog is getting enough exercise when she goes to doggie daycamp! Holiday Pet Care also does dog walking in the area as well as pet visits for cats and petsitting. Cageless boarding is available for any length of time but remember to book early for christmas and new years as they fill up fast! I'm going to leave my dog there while i go away for christmas and for new years and I know she will have a blast. She will even have some of her friends there!
Overall, Holiday Pet Care is an affordable way to ensure your dog will be happy and safe when you can't be with them!
Comment by Ruth on Dec 03, 2007
I also believe in doggy daycamp, as it teaches our dog to get along well with others. This place seems ideal. Thanks for the info.
Comment by dave87 on Dec 04, 2007
It breaks my heart to leave my dog at home! Finally a place where she can go and have fun! I'll check this place out! Thanks!
Comment by hilary on Dec 04, 2007
I have heard great things about Holiday Petcare from others as well. Sounds like they have a great reputation.
Comment by DanaM on Dec 07, 2007
I take my dog here and she loves it! It is such a great place for dogs to make friends and just have a fun time while you're at work!
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Our Daycare/Boarding facility offers two separate rooms - one for smaller and calmer dogs, and one for the more rambunctious ones. We have a fully fenced yard, beds, blankets and TV... basically, all the comforts of home. Dogs are with other dogs and people 24 hours/day. Overnight Attendants actually stay in the rooms to keep them company at night.

Call or e-mail today. Book your Meet and Greet and bring your dog to have a sniff around and meet some new friends!


Established in 1998

Founder and Director, Cheryl Orletsky, originally started this business in her home. Putting flyers up at local pet stores, Holiday Pet Care grew through word-of-mouth ...and it keeps growing!

In 2000, Cheryl opened her first location in Thornhill Square Shopping Centre. When the Mall was scheduled for demolition in 2001, Holiday Pet Care found it's current location at Yonge and Uplands (just South of 407). This allowed a much bigger space, and more room to play and grow.

Today, Holiday Pet Care cares for many pets every day, both inside and outside of the Centre. It still maintains the same love and attention to detail to each pet, as if they were their own.

Word-of-mouth is still our best recommendation. We are honoured to still be the choice for many who have been with us since Day 1. We still get excited every time someone new discovers us, and our cage-free alternative. We only give the best because that's what you and your pets deserve.

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