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Willowdale Animal Hospital

256 Sheppard Avenue West, North York, ON
15 reviews
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Willowdale Animal Hospital, North York Reviews (15)

15 reviews
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By artcameron on Oct 14, 2016
Just had an amazing experience. I have had a pet dog most of my life and this is the very first pet experience with one of my pets CHLOE that she actually is exited and about going to the VET.
From the very friendly welcome by the receptionist to there actually being a small bowl of treats waiting for her in her examination room, you can sense with the calming music etc. that they really take it seriously that they want It to be a fear free experience.
Dr. Bloom is so kind to CHLOE and actually gets down to the floor to give her a welcome petting.
It is a very positive feeling as a pet owner to know CHLOE is in such a friendly and caring atmosphere.
I certainly appreciate their approach to having a fear free clinic.

By thyatt416 on Aug 13, 2016
One of my cats was going back and forth to the litterbox and only peeing a tiny bit. When I checked him, there was a little blood at the end of his pisher, so I recognized cystitis (which I have seen before) and knew he needed help immediately. As this was on a Friday night, I brought him to Willowdale Animal Clinic.

I advised the intake person of the situation when I got in. When I met the vet, he advised me that my cat needed a catheter, to stay overnight and get fluids, to the tune of about $2,000 (this is before they even did the exam!). I said I only wanted antibiotics since he was still able to pee. The vet spat out "well, if you take him home, he is going to die!" I got just as angry and told him to just give me antibiotics and I got out of there. The whole episode cost me $400!

When I took my cat to my regular vet on Saturday morning, he confirmed cystitis after taking a sample and checking it under a microscope, gave my cat an antibiotic shot and said the antibiotics I got from Willowdale were not strong enough for my cat's weight! The new ones were twice the strength and my cat was back to peeing normally by the next day. Cost: $175.00.

If you love your animal companion stay away from Willowdale Animal Clinic.
By Mibi on Jun 28, 2016
We have been taking our three cats, TEDDY, MR. MARBLES, & BRUCIE to the clinic for over 5 years. We are very pleased with the treatment of our pets from the vets and support staff. Everyone working there have been very kind and thoughtful. Dr. Bloom, our Vet has been wonderful with our cats--always taking time to explain the technical aspects of treatment with great patience. Also, the staff there are prompt with returning calls and navigating through the often cumbersome paper work involved with the pet insurance. I strongly recommend Willowdale to anyone who loves their pets!!
By boushy on May 14, 2016
By howienisenbaum on Apr 18, 2016
My 10 year old cat was losing weight over time and it just seemed like part of the aging process for a middle aged cat. At Willowdale, at my cats routine 6 month examination, they started with a systematic search that ended up quickly finding the cause of the weight loss--Lymphoma. Treatment was started immediately, my cat has regained its weight, is healthy and they are closely monitoring the effects of the chemotherapy to make sure that we can continue this therapy. Dr. Bloom is vigilant and insightful. My cat is alive as testament to this. I've taken all my pets to Willowdale since 1969.
By Cardinal Sea-lion on Dec 22, 2015
I had a good impression the first time we brought our kitten to the clinic. We were told that we would have to keep bringing him back every few weeks, which was costing us a ridiculous amount of money. We got a second opinion from another vet who said that many of these treatments were unnecessary. We are really disappointed because we put our trust in these doctors. Will not be returning.
By User14313 on Oct 27, 2015
My dog had a minor laceration running in the park at night. The cut wasn't very big but still needed stitches. I first took her to Willowdale Animal Hospital on Sheppard West and the veterinarian on call said he was not very good with surgeries so I decided to take my dog somewhere else. Before I took my dog in, I patched her wound and the blood was already clotted so there was no more bleeding. After I took her to the hospital, they re-opened her wound and didn't apply any pressure or use a tourniquet on the wound afterwards and just put a plastic bag over it. My dog was bleeding all over the car and lost so much blood that she almost died. I believe as soon as I mentioned I wanted to go somewhere else, they immediately stopped caring and purposely left my dog to bleed out. Either that or they were just completely incompetent.

I then took my dog to Veterinary Emergency Clinic on Sheppard East. The veterinarian on call also wasn't very good but at least she didn't make it worse. She thought an artery was cut because of all the blood loss. If an artery was cut, it would be squirting out blood. She put a tourniquet on my dog and sent me to their downtown location on Yonge and Bloor because she might need a blood transfusion from the blood loss.

The VEC on Yonge and Bloor was very good and it's the only emergency hospital I can recommend. It's a large facility with lots of doctors and patients. After stabilizing my dog, the doctor on call gave me 3 different pricing options: I could take her to my regular vet and do the surgery the next day; she could do the surgery herself; or wait an experienced specialized surgeon the next day. She seemed very knowledgeable so I felt that she could do it. It turned out to be just a very small cut and she stitched it up without any issues.

If you were to take your pet to an emergency hospital, only go to VEC on Yonge and Bloor. Do not go to VEC on Sheppard East and ESPECIALLY DO NOT GO TO WILLOWDALE ANIMAL HOSPITAL.
By mritacca on Apr 10, 2015
Worst vet clinic that I have ever experienced. One of the vets did not properly advise me of my cats fractured tooth. She said it was 'fine' and that the pulp was not exposed. It was clearly exposed and my cat was in a lot of pain and suffering. My cat had to have two surgeries and after talking to several friends and the original vet who did the work on my cat - I decided to send my cat to a board certified dentist. I cancelled my appointment with Willowdale Animal Hospital and the next day I got a registered letter asking me not to come back again and that general or emergency service will not be provided since the 'trust' is broken between vet and patient. I made a complaint to management a couple of weeks prior about the vet and you can tell that they were very annoyed about it. It seems this vet clinic is ALL about money! Clearly, I am not the only one who thinks so either. My issues don't seem isolated. Customer service has gone done hill since new management took over. If you call this clinic you are almost always put on hold since they are short staffed on the front end. Total disorganization as well. Some staff are rude as well. The vets also rush you out the door and expect you to make quick decisions and shell out thousands on the spot. They also don't like you getting second opinions. I wonder why!

I am so glad I brought my cat to a board certified dentist. It was the best decision I have ever made! My cat is happy again and it wasn't all about the money like Willowdale Animal Hospital. It was all about my pet's health first. Money second. Willowdale is all about money first. Pet's health second.

Read this article about this vet clinic called WILLOWDALE... It's ALL about the MONEY!

I’d recommend using another CLINIC if you care about your pets and pocket book!

I have also had a very bad experience with Dr. Krebbs. It looks like she has a reputation building here.

*** UPDATE *** I have received a registered letter asking that I do not come back to the clinic for general or emergency service due to mistrust between client and vet. I think it's about the complaining I have done about the shady service I have received which coincides with the negative reviews on here as of lately. I am officially contacting the College of Veterinarians of Ontario to file a complaint. I suggest anyone not happy with WILLOWDALE ANIMAL HOSPITAL contact the College of Veterinarians of Ontario and launch a complaint. I am sure if enough people voice their concerns changes will happen at this clinic - for the better of the pets!

This clinic seems to be getting worse with age!
By starkazmartina on Feb 03, 2015
Pet medical care industry seem to be populated with some wealthy yet opportunistic and dishonest people on a mission to steal from you as much as they can, while they can. A good example is ** Willowdale Animal Hospital ** These people are bunch of thieves. They manipulate your mind and when your are most vulnerable, they try to reach into your pocket as deep as possible. Dr, Krebs is a master of this art, literally.

We brought in our coughing cat one night. Dr. Krebs checked her out, she said that there was probably a hairball inside. Prescribed laxatives (to coughing!!) and a medicine "to coat stomach lining". What suckers we were falling for this! 48 hours later we are back with our cat. Cat is heavily breathing and Dr. Krebs says that the cat is in a respiratory distress and "could die very soon if not helped".

Dr. Krebs presents a $1,700 "first night" ICU hospitalization estimate that includes oxygen, IV, $250 x-ray etc etc. We're no longer suckers so we stand up and decide to leave. Next day we go to one of the best rated vets in town. Diagnosis: Mild allergic reaction likely due to the new carpet. We pay $80 for exam and pills that cat is finished with in 5 days and never coughs again. Don't be a sucker, run with the first sense of uneasiness at Willowdale Animal Hospital, or anywhere else.
Comment by mritacca on Apr 09, 2015
I couldn't agree more! This vet clinic and vet seems to be building a pattern here!
By BELLACOUTURE on Jun 05, 2013
We had taken our beloved dog to this hospital since she was a puppy. Unfortunately, they let us down in the worst way. They didn't give us any advice on preventative care and we lost our dog to soon from kidney failure. Our dog had Cushing's disease and the vet never told us the importance of doing annual complete full profile blood test, the importance of a strict diet, or to look for natural holistic remedies that can detoxify the dog's major organs that failed very fast and in a tragic and paiful way for both our dog and us. Our dog could have lived a few more years if the vet had properly explained all of the above. We are deeply saddened and dissapointed considering also the large sum of money we spent over the years. Moreover, the hospital does not even have the proper facility for the staff to take the dog out for pee and poo, and she was constipated every time we left her there!!!
By Cobalt Monitor-lizard on Jan 31, 2013
I bring my cat here regularly for vaccinations etc. always have a great expereince.
By Byzantine Sea-urchin on Dec 30, 2012
Kudos to Dr. Bloom and all of the professionals who work at Willowdale Animal Hospital. You are a wonderful, caring group of people who have a genuine passion for what you do.
We know that Dr. Bloom bought us several extra years with both of our senior boys and we can not thank him enough. We just wish they both could have lived forever. Dr. Bloom went above and beyond the call of duty with fitting in unscheduled visits, phone calls late at night, between surgeries and on his days off. (I sometimes wish my family doctor was this diligent!)
Everyone at Willowdale treated us like we were a part of their families and we will never forget their kindness and compassion. We think of Jake and Casey everyday and we miss them. We also think of everyone at Willowdale Animal Hospital and we miss them too.
If you are looking for a veterinary hospital that treats the causes and not just the symptoms and treats you and your animal companion with respect and compassion - look no further.
By Lavender Turtle on Dec 26, 2012
“Kindness is the language which the deaf can hear and the blind can see." Mark Twain

Dr. Bloom and Willowdale Animal Hospital,

You have seen my ‘Baby Girl’ grow up. Lady Churchill’s first visit seems like yesterday, although it was 11+ years ago.
You examined her and proactively provided me with puppy advice; insurance, shots, bathing and training techniques. Within a very short period of time, we recognized your knowledge and genuine care for our future.

Churchill genuinely loved you; as soon as we turned into the Willowdale parking lot she would put her head down and with all her might try to push the car door open to see you. Bulldogs! She would also never leave the hospital unless you walked her to the car. (Not certain what that says about me?)

Remaining late on a recent Friday night, to put her to sleep was as equally difficult for you as for I. Thank you for your sympathy card and donation to the University of Guelph on behalf of Churchill.

We always knew Churchill was special, but after reviewing your bio on your website (for the first time) and learning more about you and how you came to do what you do, it is you who is exceptionally special.

Again, my sincerest thanks to you and your Willowdale Family.
By Umber Krill on Apr 25, 2012
I would highly recommend this place to anyone who loves their animals as much as i loved mine. I brought my dog in and the doctors and other staff were so honest and helpful. I wish i had brought my dog to them much sooner because i know my dog would've had a fighting chance with them. I would like to thank them for allowing me to say my final goodbyes with my dog and did not put a time limit on me. They had him placed in a room with the lighting just right. I know that my dog is watching over me and that he is no longer suffering. If and when i ever get another dog, i will be sure to return the business to them. Im forever thank full that they're so compassionate!
By Bunn on Jul 11, 2011
Excellent service and staff members. We were taken in by appointment so we did not have to wait long hours to get in. The Doctor had a high degree of knowledge in treating our rabbit. We reveived the best possible treatment we could have given him. I was very happy with the service we recieved.
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