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Dell Canada

155 Gordon Baker Road, Suite 501, North York, ON
41 reviews
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Listed in: Computers
About Dell Canada

We make computing easy. Like it should be. Go to full description...

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Dell Canada, North York Reviews (41)

41 reviews
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By non-member140044 on May 21, 2018
Piece of garbage - DON'T BUY A DELL!!
After having computer repaired for the 2nd time (first under warranty but never worked properly after that) was told it was the cheapest made computer out there. The jack for the plug in has broken twice now and was told it is held in place by a cheap little piece of plastic and expect it to break again. Not even 2 years old and this thing is a piece of crap. Trying to find a complaint site to tell them what I think, but having no luck, and after reading all the complaints about poor service and no luck with getting anywhere, wondering if its even worth my time to keep looking. DON'T BUY A DELL! I will be spreading that word around for sure.
By Briart on Apr 06, 2018
Dell Customer Service SUCKS!!!!
Purchased new Dell Inspiron and Monitor.
Monitor set up diagram was pathetic.
Contacted Customer Service. Provided name and phone number for contact back if call lost. Agent was useless. Call lost, no call back even though agent wanted the contact info for such a situation. Eventually got working on own.
Next evening monitor stopped working. contacted customer service again. Wasted over 2 hours with no success. Monitor defective would be replaced. Wanted me to email copy of delivery slip and other information. Advised would be hard to do since I had no computer,
then was advised not needed as they had the information anyway and would not need to send. Was advised would be 10-12 business days before I would get a replacement. Told him that was unacceptable as monitor Dell supplied was Defective. After much back and forth asked to speak to supervisor. After 15 minute wait spoke to supervisor who advised that was policy and could do nothing. Apparently if you work in the Philippines you do not have access to computers to check stock and place order Supervisor could not or would not provide extension number to call her back. Unheard of in customer service where I worked for 15 years.
Wrapping all up, " Dell Customer Services Sucks" Only benefit was that I eventually got monitor working, no help from Dell.
If you purchase a Dell Product do not count on Customer Service for assistance
Star rating should be less in my opinion

By kdsipko on Feb 09, 2018
Dell false advertising
tried to order a desktop they advertised online and was told it no longer was available but online it said it was. Apparently their website person forgot to take down the ad. It was on their site for a good month while I argued everyday about false advertising to them. Finally ordered the desktop (at the higher price) then they put the wrong name on the bill. was told I would have to cancel the order send the computer back and reorder with the proper name. All the while talking to someone who does not speak English very well and apparently does not understand English. When I asked for the number of a manager or Sr leader in North America they did not even know where North America was. WORST CUSTOMER SERVICE IN THE WORLD. DON'T BUY DELL - EVER!!!
By cedsong on Nov 12, 2017
Never Again
If there was a minus rating Dell would get it.
I spent 2 hours on the phone trying to order ink cartridges for my Dell Printer.
First I tried to order on-line, but was unable to use my Visa Card because it was not "verified by Visa" . I have used this card for on-line purchases all over the world with this card and had no problems.
I phoned the number given (N.B the order desk is in India.) When I told the order person what I wanted, he had to send me an email detailing what I ordered. Then I was to mail him a reply saying "I accept".--I'm serious! I wanted a less expensive cartridge than the one he was sending me so I couldn't accept. Then he phoned me about it and asked that I look up the website again and give him the info--This is the ORDER DESK!. It turned out that they were sending 2 black cartridges instead of a black and a color that I asked for. The black are also coming in different orders. No wonder they are so expensive. The order saga continued into the second day. Never again.
By mycoachhouse on Jun 08, 2017
Dell just delivered a lemon
We just received delivery of our not so NEW Dell computer which will not turn on! An obvious lemon...what possible quality control has Dell employed...? and know the run around... NEVER AGAIN - Dell has no respect for its customers time channeling us endlessly from one department to another. If there was a minus rating Dell has earned that. Unfortunately Dell doesn't see the opportunity in how they handle the situation.
By annet on Jan 27, 2017
Defective Screen, and Terrible Customer Service
My daughter has a dell inspiron touchscreen convertible laptop. It was purchased March 2016. Approx. 9 months later the screen has cracks running through it and the touch screen no longer functions. My daughter called Dell once and I called Dell twice and spent several hours on the phone with different departments, to be told that this was our issue and it is impossible for a screen to crack without dropping or blunt force etc. I reassured them that nothing has happened to it, but still they insisted they would not cover it, and would charge $409.00 to have it repaired. The warranty for this laptop is covered until May 2017.
I guess they don't read the own forums and reviews, because we are not alone. There have been several other people with the exact same issue with the screen cracking for no obvious reason.
We have several dell products and after this latest experience with their customer service team especially the supervisors who really didn't care about resolving the issue and were extremely non customer friendly, I can say that this was the last dell product that my family will ever purchase!
By irondivot on Jan 16, 2017
Atrocious customer service
I've had my Dell laptop just over a month. I've had problems with it connecting to my wireless internet. I called Dell and with a customer service rep we seemed to solve the problem. A week later it happened again. I sat on the phone with 3 different Dell customer service reps for 6 HOURS !!! one of whom did a remote access to my laptop. They downloaded drivers and eventually did a hard reboot. Now my laptop will not finish the installation and I can't use it. The customer support rep told me that my software was corrupt. My wife, who is a systems technician told me that they don't know what they are doing. A customer support rep was supposed to call me back and let me know what they would do next to solve the problem. And of course, nobody has called me back. So i'm sitting here, with a month old laptop that is virtually useless, and Dell is hiding and keeps giving me the runaround.
By cbsy2205r on Jan 09, 2017
Absymal service
After waiting for over 1 month for service of a brand new computer that has not worked AT ALL since taking it out of the box I am totoally frustrated. This is standard computer, 000s sold and after waiting 4 weeks to find "the part" we get a visit from a technician but it is the wrong part! Technical support in India is a nightmare and there is no way of escaling an issue to someone who can actually make things happen. My next step is to go to the media and see if publicity will encourage Dell to provide real customer service. DIsgusted!
By non-member123857 on Dec 16, 2016
Night mare !!
3 hours on the phone , 13 yes 13 agents being g transferred around, no one could help. Because I didtn have a product number. Originally they had called me and when I returned the call they had no record of my phone number. A fraudulent purchase was made to Dell for a laptop for $4500. I am trying to get the purchase reversed. No luck. I will try again tomorrow when my cell phone cools off.
By non-member123705 on Dec 04, 2016
A surprise ending
My computer stopped working at 53% on a restore and I was baffled as the computer was less than two months old. I contacted what I had thought was Dell Support and the guys that answered tried to sell me a $299 package to fix it as my warranty was only good for parts, not software. I was bounced around and despite the fact that I was not on the internet, these guys said they were able to access my computer and told me I messed up the system. That made no sense and so a little more questioning I realized it was a scam but I am sure many have fallen for it. I then contacted Dell Support Canada and talked to a great lady from the Phillipines. She not only provided me with a new operating system, she stayed on the line to walk me through it and help make my thumb drive bootable. I could not have asked for better service. Moral of the story is make sure who it is you are contacting for support.
By mlawley1 on Nov 30, 2016
Dell - Bad Tech Support Customer Service
Dell customer service for a simple technical support question is terrible.

Expect long waits, confusion at their end, lots of transfers from one agent to another and repeating your story often. Yesterday I was bounced from tech support in India to different tech support agents in the Philippines 5 times. The Dell online chat service showed a 404 error. In complete frustration, I finally gave up.

Dell has chosen to outsource tech support to 3rd party telemarketing companies without giving these agents proper training while deploying unnecessarily convoluted response systems with no regard for customers.

I'm not buying Dell anymore. The worst part is I can't even contact a Dell representative to complain about their poor customer service.

I'm supporting my local computer business owners where I will receive face to face, knowledgeable advice.

A former Dell Customer

By non-member123136 on Nov 05, 2016
Sales Department made 2 Errors and I am upset
I would give less than 1 star if I could. I have been a Dell notebook purchaser for over 15 years and I am pissed off at the order department and sales help. I ordered a new notebook and a docking station last year and was sent a monitor stand not a docking station. By the time I realized the error, Dell would not do anything for me. So that the monitor stand would not be a total loss or a boat anchor I talked to the sales department and order a monitor that would work with the stand. The monitor arrived this week and guess what!!! The monitor does not fit after I insisted that the monitor must fit the stand. I was very upset talked to customer service and after I received poor service demanded to speak to a supervisor and explained the situation all over again I was to get a call back in 2 days from the supervisor and that did not happen I called and left 3 messages and finally did speak to the supervisor who said he was about to call me. This was a pile of BS!. Now I have to wait until Monday to get my situation resolved. If I ran my business in this fashion I would be out of business. Also, I wanted a Canadian phone number for Dell and they could not provide it.!! WHAT A WAY TO RUN YOUR BUSINESS!!
By helumo on Nov 01, 2016
Dell forget the Service
I bought a Dell Inspiron 13-588 in July 2016, at the reception, problems with the language that was in spanish, temporarely corrected but in september, the PC freeze and spend many hours making an auto-correction of the Hard Drive in spanish, I spend many hours contacting Dell and their solution is to send a new Hard Drive that I will have to change myself or send a second hand PC that has been repaired. In october I have send back the PC to the company and received a phone call from Dell (Romania) asking if they should repaired the PC and return it. I told them that I don't trust this company anymore and I want my money back. So many hours lost with that PC and so many hours lost talking to the worst service in the industry.
By jadah582 on Sep 27, 2016
Hilariously poor service
I wish (sigh) that I'd read these reviews before ordering my Dell desktop fifteen days ago, but their nice television ads had me believing.
Firstly, their estimated delivery date of September 22 seemed a mite slow-pokey, and then that was quickly modified to yesterday (September 26).
I was mighty surprised when my Tracking efforts showed my computer as having been delivered, because I was pretty certain I didn't have it. I telephoned Purolator, where I was curtly informed that yes, indeed, the delivery had been signed for by Alan in Mississauga and Purolator's work was done. Nobody seemed concerned that I live near Montreal and do not know anybody in Mississauga and - anyway - would Alan be paying my credit card bill?
So I called Dell, where it was confirmed that Alan had my computer and it would soon be further on its way.
"When?" I dared ask.
"We just don't know that yet," replied Mr. Khan.
"But it's already been over two weeks," I bleated. "I've had equestrian tack from South America and a trampoline from Texas delivered faster. And Amazon's seemingly at my door before I close their order window."
"We can't deliver quickly like that...," explained Mr. Khan, adding the oddest rationale I've heard in eons: "...because we're a computer company."
In fairness, though, they did send me an e-mail promising to investigate my case and inform me once information became available. However, they noted, I "may not hear from (them) for a few days."
Because - I suppose - they're merely a computer company: but one that delivers by covered wagon and communicates with smoke signals.
I shudder to think how their customer service will be once - and if - I ever do see my Dell computer.

By non-member120396 on Sep 08, 2016
Very poor service and, bad accounting.
Just bought a laptop from them for almost $9,000 through their finance, Paid them over $3,600.00 down with over $2,000.00 in Wire Transfer that their inside sales rep requested. Guess what? None of those payments were posted to my account with them. Now they are having their collections calling me for more money when, they couldn't find mine. I'm getting ready to send them their computer back and, good riddance.
By kmarkham on Aug 24, 2016
Stay away from Dell!
Do NOT purchase a Dell! My laptop is two weeks past warranty and it is $500.00 to fix it - spoke with both technical and customer service (supposedly a manager) regarding this issue and they were extremely scripted in there response! As a previous loyal Dell customer, my advise, spend the $500.00 at the start and purchase an Apple!
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Dell is the world's leading computer systems company. We design, build and customize products and services to satisfy a range of customer requirements. From the server, storage and professional services needs of the largest global corporations, to those of consumers at home. We do business directly with customers, one at a time, and believe we do it better than anyone on the planet.
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