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PC Financial Insurance

2202 Eglinton Avenue East, Scarborough, ON
35 reviews
Claim this business Last updated: Over a year ago
Listed in: Car Insurance
About PC Financial Insurance

Stop paying high insurance rates! Go with PC Financial auto insurance and save. Go to full description...

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PC Financial Insurance, Scarborough Reviews (35)

35 reviews
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By Crimson Guppy on Dec 07, 2016
I purchased my policy from PC insurance about 3 months ago. My wide and I called around and they had the best coverage and price. They placed me with Chieftain and gave me 2 million liability and increased accident benefits. The home had better coverage than we had including flood and covered my wedding ring. We'really very happy we switched!
By Auburn Peregrine-Falcon on Dec 01, 2016
So, they quoted great rates, and both my home and auto have gone up twice in the 9 months I have been with them.

They also gave me quotes if i was to get a 2nd car. Very specific make model year and trim level. Only thing missing...VIN. Well, so 9 months later, nothing has changed except time. Best quote with same company is $1000 more than what they originally quoted. Total BS. Bait you in then you loose your loyalty discounts if switch too often.

thankfully, I am with a month to month so can cancel anytime. will be shopping around but getting the heck away from PC Insurance.

Oh, by the way. When I signed up, dealt with same advisor. Now that I am in, have to call the main get who you get. so you could call 3 different times and speak to 3 different advisors. No relationship whatsoever. Stay away!!!
By Carnelian Great-white-shark on Jun 30, 2016
My property rates continued to increase on my property policy. It was I called around and PC had by far the best package price for auto and home. They were the only company that offered a high amount on water damage. My rep was fantastic! I highly recommend you call them.
By Raspberry Roadrunner on May 05, 2016
Horrible company to deal with. Their quoted rates is always lower than what you end up paying.
An administrative nightmare trying to correct THEIR mistakes...very poor experience dealing with PC Insurance...they do not deserve to operate under the PC banner as they are a disgrace to the brand!
By Umber Rodent on Apr 28, 2016
I haven't even booked with them, I simply called to get an auto quote. I was waiting on the line and then they hung up on me. When I called back later they were closed. I checked the time stamp of my first phone call, it was 10 minutes before they closed. I guess they wanted to peace out of work early. Seems like excellent customer service, I'll definitely call back and beg them to take my money...
By Bole Mussel on Mar 28, 2016
Overall, STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY!! - THEY ARE SCAMMERS!! ******* If I could rate this company a 0/5 star, I would. - But unfortunately I had to give a 1 star. I have been with PC Insurance for 3 years now and recently got married. My husband and I thought it would be a good idea to join insurances to save costs. We called in a total of 5 separate occasions and spoke to 6 different associates; TASHA, ALEXANDER, JORDAN (female), JOANNE, LINDSAY, and lastly the MANAGER (who called us, my husband didn't get her name). - Each conversation lasted approximately 2 HOURS per employee! - WASTE OF TIME.

When I initially spoke to TASHA, she gave me a quote for the combination of my husband and I, which was $290/month. When I called a second time, ALEXANDER gave us a quote on home insurance, which was $270/month. Third call, JORDAN confirmed everything and told us what our quote entailed; auto insurance which included a $50/year 'Collision Protection' (protects against increased insurance for 1st at-fault accident) and a $30/year '1st ticket excused' (protects against increased insurance for 1st ticket) for each of us for $290 a month. I asked that BOTH those 'add-ons' (THAT THEY DON'T TELL YOU UNLESS YOU ASK FOR DETAILS) be removed as they weren't necessary, she said 'sure', put me on hold and then HUNG UP ON ME. I called back a fourth time; spoke with JOANNE and told her about my conversation with Jordan. - Joanne said that she could carry on where Jordan left off - NO APOLOGY NOTHING. So we carried on, but in the end when I asked Joanne my final monthly payment for my husband and I (expecting it to be significantly cheaper due to removing the 2 add-ons for both of us), - IT WAS THE SAME, if not a $1.36 MORE; $291.36. I was shocked and inquired further. Joanne said that both add-ons WERE removed but that's still the price. I told her that that wasn't fair and wanted the add-ons to be put back on then, and she replied that "my price would then go up". I told her that the "numbers weren't making sense" and she said that "it makes sense because I still owe money from my initial single policy and also there's an additional 3% add-on for paying monthly". I didn't understand but could tell she was eager to get off the phone with me as I was asking so many questions. Joanne eventually said, "it all makes sense, trust me. Get your husband to review everything and HE can call in if he's confused". So we ended the conversation there.

I talked to my husband that evening and even HE was confused, so he called in a FIFTH time and spoke to LINDSAY. Lindsay told us that JOANNE proceeded with the finalization and now we were signed up to pay $291.36/month combined and that included the REMOVAL of the $50/year 'Collision Protection' AND the $30/year '1st ticket excused' for BOTH of us. We tried to explain how we were misinformed when JOANNE finalized the new policy as we were told different things from different people and eventually she said that the MANAGER would contact us.

The MANAGER called my husband the next day and told him that "nothing could be done about the changed policy". - My husband explained how the numbers didn't add up and we were now paying $1.36 MORE than our initial quote ($290 to $291.36) for the removal of 2 add-ons per person, ALL DUE to the MISINFORMATION of her employees. The manager explained how "THE EMPLOYEES EACH MADE A MISTAKE AND GOT CONFUSED ON WHAT EACH PRICE INCLUDED, BUT ALL THAT COULD BE DONE WAS THAT THEY WERE GOING TO USE THE EXPERIENCE AND RECORDED CALLS FOR TRAINING PURPOSES". My husband asked about what JOANNE referred to (the "money owing from my previous policy"), and the manager said that "THAT WAS A MISTAKE TOO".


My husband and I got scammed into accepting a policy using INACCURATE information and instead of the MANAGER accepting responsibility for her employees' actions, just said "whoops!". My husband and I would have just been satisfied with keeping the same monthly price of $291.36 if those 2-additional add-ons were added back on, - as we INITIALLY thought that was INCLUDED. OR vice-versa, that the price would be cheaper due to the REMOVAL of those add-ons.

The manager ended the conversation by telling us that we have 30-days to end our policy if choose.

My husband and I are EXTREMELY disappointed with the lack of customer service this company offered and will surely be seeking another insurance company to work with.

By LorettaG on Mar 23, 2016
PC FINANCIAL along with PAFCO insurance provider's are straight up rip off artists, they ask for information, if not Provided by their timeline they cancelled my policy and added I failed to comply to my driver record making it next to impossible to attain insurance with company's affiliated with PAFCO. I DO NOT RECOMMEND Either one of these companies again they are PC FINANCIAL and PAFCO. They received the information they were looking for a few days late and still cancelled me, I've requested the fail to comply be removed from my record and they refused. These companies are money hungry and they don't care one bit about their clients. I'm happy to recommend INTACT insurance they are affiliated with Brokerlink and they are cheaper!!!
By Ao Yak on Feb 22, 2016
PC Mastercard will offer you low interest rates then jack up your rates to 29.99% interest without notifying you. They will lower your credit limit without notifying you. They will NOT take your side if you need to dispute transactions you DID NOT make. They will ALWAYS side with the merchant, ALWAYS. If you dispute a transaction, they will refund you immediately but then REBILL the full amount 3+ months later.

So if you're planning on using your remaining balance to pay for food, bills, rent etc. DO NOT rely on PC Mastercard because odds are your balance will randomly jump up by hundreds of dollars unexpectedly.

They have an option online to change/update your phone number, email and address, yet NONE of these options work ever. You'll get an error message: "Your request cannot be completed." I've been getting that same error for over a year.

They never call you, instead they send snail mail (to the wrong address most of the time, so have fun when random strangers suddenly know your name, CC number, address, billing history and even your expiry date) YES THEY PUT YOUR FULL CC # AND EXPIRY DATE ON YOUR BILL IN THE MAIL. So stupid.

Their employees are all outsourced and paid minimum wage so they don't give a fuck about helping customers. They follow red-tape protocol all the time. You can't get through to a manager, to a supervisor, to an ACTUAL PC EMPLOYEE. It's horrible. Their "customer service" line is fucking atrocious.

DO NOT ever get a PC Mastercard. It's a headache and I'd rather be broke.
By Rose Sea-slug on Feb 09, 2016
It is by far the worst costumer services I had to deal with. Their employees don't understand their own services and they lie to you time after time. One guy gives you an information and the next one will tell you the exact opposite. If you really want to deal with them, you better know your right as a customer because they tried to scam me.
By Burgundy Human on Jan 06, 2016
I recently purchased a car at the end of August in 2015, (this was my first vehicle) Afterwards i quickly called PC insurance, because before hand i had done some insurance shopping and found them to be affordable for someone like me who's never had insurance, and has a clean record. Anyway, i proceed to handle the business with them, i was given all the information i need, pink-slip bank information to process payment. I experienced a hiccup in my financial status, and wanted to make a payment, after the day i was to be debited from my account, since this happened i was charge for NSF and i was down on my luck, after speaking many times with the company, then threatened to canceled my policy. AFTER WEEKS AND WEEKS OF CONVERSATION They eventually told me that my policy would be reinstated, as well as taking the late payment note off of my account, then the following weeks, nothing would go though my account, i wouldn't/couldn't get a clear answer at all as to when to make the next payment. I asked them a few more calls what the matter was, STILL NO CLEAR ANSWER . Eventually a representative, emailed me a new (cheaper) quote with the dates that these would take effect, mind you know this is December and i have not gotten closer to goal. Eventually the day came, and still nothing went though my account. I called and called and called, once i got a hold of someone they told me that this new policy, that i had been sent was a mistake, and that i now owe $709 for the months that my policy was instated for, and this is all coming from people i had many conversations with, made many notes, and have paid for my service to be kept alive, and instead im being scammed. Please do not use these people's service you'll save yourself a headache, and $$ in the long run.
By Umber Kangaroo-mouse on Dec 17, 2015
I'm extremely disappointed with PC Pet Insurance. At the time of policy activation they added an exclusion for vomiting and didn't tell me about it. A year later I went to make a claim and it was declined due to a pre existing condition. Vomiting!

PC Pet your insurance is not willing to take the time to assess my needs, answer my questions, and explain my policy to me.

It’s the responsibility of the insurance provider, not only to explain these practices, but also to inform the consumer what is, and isn’t, covered in the policy.

Stay away!!!!
By Bole Roadrunner on Dec 08, 2015
Called PC insurance shopping my home and auto. Spoke with a young man who seemed very knowledgeable and provided me with all the information I needed. Wasn't too pushy simply left me with his information. I called back 1 day later, signed up and all the documents arrived in the mail with the prices I was quoted. Thanks PC and that gentleman PV was a delight to deal with.
By Azure Grouse on Dec 03, 2015
After 6+ years with PC Financial Insurance I just cancelled my insurance and moved somewhere else. All I wanted was to update my address. As I'm separated and now living with someone else, I was intimidated by the PC Insurance that I talked to (underwriter) to add my girlfriend to the policy. I was threatened and end up having a $500+ increase in my policy premium due to this. Today, I got a formal, even though unprofessional, letter formally demanding me to add the girlfriend to the policy. Again, intimidation tactics. I don't think I ever dealt with such unprofessional people.
Just CANCELLED my policy, not because of the insurer but because of the the Broker!
By 5678 on Nov 27, 2015
Worst customer service. Spoke to different agents that had different info in front of them. Some had no info at all thru the numerous calls I made about my policy.
Had vandalism on my car, tried to put a claim thru and their adjuster was totally disrespectful and badgering me like I was on the witness stand ....when i was the victim!
I found it a big hassle to deal with them and just fixed my car with my own funds. Canceled the policy and never regret it.
Worst insurance company.
By Amethyst Beetle on Nov 15, 2015
It's a shame that by looking at other reviews, people are negatively rating PC Insurance for their own obvious lack of insurance knowledge themselves. PC Insurance is a brokerage, not an insurance company. They are unable to negotiate your rates as with any insurance company. If you move your rates can change. If you have other drivers you need to disclose them. If you have a ticket its going to impact your rates regardless. Educate yourselves before you cast blame. My experiences have been wonderful. If you treat others with respect you will receive the same. Maybe that is the issue?
By Cerulean Bull-Terrier on Oct 09, 2015
My old insurance company raised my price for no reason so I called around and when I reached PC my broker was outstanding he went out of his way to shop around for me to get me the best price and coverage. PC offers coverage on home insurance that no other company provides to cover over land water. I have now referred my friends and family and everyone has been very impressed. Trust me call them today you won't be disappointed.
By Lava Baboon on Oct 03, 2015
I called around and PC offered the best price and had the best customer service by far. They offered benefits that no one else offered such as a disappearing deductible and overland water coverage. I would highly recommend PC Insurance!
By Orange Loon on Sep 23, 2015
Called for an auto quote as I currently have property insurance with these people. They are not an insurance company, only agents. They have no clue what they are selling, insist you buy coverage you don't need and generally do not inspire any confidence. I ended up going back to TD, and will be moving the property coverage back as well when it is up for renewal.
By Scarlet Monitor-lizard on Aug 03, 2015
Bought PCF home insurance policy in April, 2015. Their advertising and sales agent says they give double PC points (2%) back if I pay with my PC MasterCard. , which I did. However, I was only given regular PC Points and not double as they claimed. "No big deal" I thought to myself, I'll just call them and they will fix it in a jiffy.. How wrong I was..!!!

I have called them several times since then and each time I hear some non-sense back (wait 4 to 6 weeks... someone will call you back... we already submitted the supervisor will contact you before the weekend...blah, blah, blah...yada, yada, yada...)

After over 3 months, nothing happened and they just gave me the run-around. Their lack of customer service is ASTONISHING. If this is what I get to straighten out something simple like that, I can only imagine what their service will be if I actually have a claim.

If that were to happen the other way around, they would have probably been calling me daily and charging me all sorts of penalties and interest for money owed. Well, the game is not over yet. Comes my next renewal and I am taking my business elsewhere. I still have the final word..

One suggestion to the webmaster, please start your rating from ZERO stars, instead of 1. This should be reserved for this type of businesses..
By Rose Tigon on May 22, 2015
First problem: I've been with PC for just over 4 years. When my auto insurance is coming up for renewal and PC financial raised up. I did not have any claim and have same coverage as last year. They never told me Why my car insurance are raised up.

Second problem: My husband car and home insurance is TD insurance. PC want my husband his Driver's License. WTF? His car insurance with TD not PC. 4 years ago PC never ask me. Now they want my husband Driver' License? Final I called PC telling my husband his Driver's License and told PC don't call me again. What wrong PC insurance? I am sure I will change my insurance somewhere else. And PC auto insurance they have terrible communication skills. Do not go with PC auto Insurance. Need to shop.
By Auburn Termite on Apr 21, 2015
Shopped around, good quote, but when it came time to adding vehicle to my policy it was almost a week of back and forth phone calls, and hassles. Spoke to 3 different people who all had different information in front of them. Worst customer service.
By fcs432 on Jun 26, 2014
Been easily and successfully insured continuously, all over the world in my 42 year military career except applying with PC insurance who recently, continually changed the requirements from 5 yrs, to 10 yrs then wanted a copy of my spouse's and my first driver's licence numbers going back 40+ years (which I had). Called once a week for three weeks for an update, kept receiving the standard one liner, that its at the underwriter for review. Last step as we are drawing close to renewal deadline, after asking, again, I get a two liner, thanks for the interest in PC insurance but do not have a carrier that would accept the no fault reference letters (all on company letter head). Well TD and AXA/Intact thought they were just fine! Lazy PC Insurance, shame on you and just as well I did not get a policy with them, imagine making a claim!? Beware all.
By Cyan Alpaca on May 27, 2014
I was shopping around for rates and although they seemed to have pretty good home insurance rates, getting them to call me back to sign up for it is nonexistent! I have left 3 messages with one person and 1 message each for two other persons. They have never returned any of my messages. If this is the type of service they provide if you are a client, talk about terrible service. Now after reading these reviews, it looks like I am NOT missing out on anything great because their rating is terrible. I guess I won't be waiting any longer for a return phone call because they sound like another rip-off company from some of the reviews on here.
By Amethyst Piranha on May 17, 2014
For three years they charged me additional 10% because I had received a ticket from a cop who wouldn't accept my insurance slip within 24 hours after not providing when I was arbitrarily pulled over...basically a ticket that has nothing to do with my ability to drive a accidents and no speeding ticket-perfect clean driving record. I shopped around and NO other provider would hold this nonsense type of ticket against me...basically PC were the only ones taking advantage of me whom I had been giving my business to for 10 years.
By caramello on Aug 29, 2013
I've been with PC for just over 2 years...when I got a new car my insurance went up, that's to be expected, BUT when I moved to different city they said "oh insuring in that city is expensive" and when they ran the address they had me paying $215 more then what I was originally paying. So, I called around and get a rate for $200 LESS than what I'm paying now. So why, PC, can this other insurance company insure the same driver, same car, same city for so much cheaper????

Never again.
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