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Jim's Towing

753 Farewell Street, Oshawa, ON
7 reviews
Business claimed Last updated: 30 days ago
Listed in: Towing
About Jim's Towing

Jim’s Towing is an experienced towing company based out of Oshawa, Ontario. We can offer simple roadside assistance such as unlocking or jump-starting your car, or we can tow your car safely if it isn Go to full description...

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Jim's Towing, Oshawa Reviews (7)

7 reviews
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By Preston Brewer on Mar 23, 2022
Verified by Facebook
A very fast and reliable service the driver was very careful with the vehicle as not to cause any damage to the car he was pulling out of the ditch tim b is a #1tow truck operator I would recommend him anytime you need him in Durham area
By Bluesman on Jul 20, 2012
Verified by Email
I had an accident in June 2012 i was told that it was picked up by Jims Towing (should be called Jimmied Towing because of there Jimmied pricing) I was in the hospital for 5 days with 5 screws and a 6 inch long plate with a bone graph and an other 2 inch screw on the other side of my shattered ankle i called as soon as i got out of the hospital and was told the initial pickup was about 140.00 BUT that they charge an additional charge of 30.00 a day(WTF) i am on a very small pension and to make things worse it is a dissability pension i didnt ask for this accident and i wanted to try to get a better offer and to pay my bill. I was told to call the manager and only he could help me WELL that was the first call. I called 10 more times all the while being told you have to speak to the manager and still yet again and again to talk to the manager (There stall tactics to gain more money) i called 10.12 to 14 times all the while STILL being told the manager was not there and i also left my number 5 or 6 times all the while STILL being told the manager was NOT there. What kind of a F*?&ING manager is NEVER there to manage there RIPOFF business and does not call you back. After the 11th 12th call and numerous left messages STILL no call back. So i called them and tried to explain my situation and was told (DONT TELL ME YOUR SOB STORY I HAVE HEARD THEM ALL BEFORE) Then Click she hung UP on me thats when after all the stall tactics to gain more money i dont have i LOST IT after being treated Ignorantly and with total uncaring and very very unproffesionaly thats when i was totaly LIVID all the messages and them saying only the manager can help you making it sound as though he would be able to reduce the price BUT I NEVER EVER got so upset as trying to deal with these BANDITS and ignorant money grabbing SOB. I am single and have no transportation as she said (you never even tried to come down and get you vehicle) Hey STUPID you dont want to hear my side i told you I DONT HAVE A VEHICLE THE MONEY AND A WAY THERE dip shits. But hey they didnt want to hear my story now did you ASS*&?%HOLES. Stall tactics day after day after day EVIL EVIL EVIL..... I had to call my 71 year old mother who was just out of the hospital and lives in Campbellford sick with a friggin heart problem diabetes and COPD. Well you know there fat friggin winch you should have been swallowed so up yers wench!!! Its just like a Cop who shows his badge while doing some stupid stunt and getting away from getting what they should get just like Joe Q Public Does. Well i guess Jims (JIMMIE YOU UP TOWING) your Licenced by the Cops so you figure you can get away with this totally un-proffesional un-caring i can get away with anything im licenced so screw you attituded. How So called people (and i use this term very loosley) apparently caring company (what a laugh)Take advantage of someone elses missfortune and capitilize lucritivley all for the outrageouse prices stall tactics how do you sleep at night. I bet they have the best pick of the vehicles to be able to take because some people cant pay there bill with them and loose there dignity as well as getting insult after an injury i got vulger (yes I Did and thats not me) thats the only thing i apologize for but hell who wouldnt after all i have been through with this Bandits Company who would after 10,12,14 calls 5to6 messages left and stall stall stall and to be told dont tell me your sob story well you know what Jimmie You Up Towing its a FRIGGIN TRUE Story which is more than i can say for you so called whatevers at yer company of lies and deflection crap learn some kind of compassion but hell thats NEVER going to happen because with you its the all mighty Friggin Dollar your after isnt it. PISSED ON AND PISSED OFF!!!! so disapointing in this day and age there are idiots like this STILL in business but there LICENCED EH i will get away with it like Im a cop heres my badge flash flash ok your set with the flash of yer licence to get away with highway robbery your clear to go SCREW ANYONE YOU WANT NOW JIMMIE YOU UP TOWING carry on i hope your pleased with your assholeistic behaviour and yer pockets are still getting fatter.
By Antiquarian on Jun 13, 2011
Verified by Email
Just called Jim's Towing for a battery boost and they arrived within 15 minutes. Very affordable too at only $40. The truck driver was curtious, polite and willing to help with answering my questions.

Thanks for the great service guys!

Dave Knight
Oshawa, ON
By milc66 on Apr 30, 2010
Verified by Email
My daugther was involved in a car accident last week.She is 21 years old and has never been involved in an accident before. She was very emotional due to the result of the accident. At the scene of the accident, Jim's towing, magically appeared on the scene. They informed her that she HAD to use them and the rates were $150 to the collison centre, $90 an hour while waiting at the collison centre for processing and $150 to tow the car to either the shop or home afterwards. But he was willing to give her a DEAL and for CASH only charged her $150. The funny thing is that she was able to put it on her Visa and then he charged her tax. I have been in contact with Durham Regional Police and the going rate for a tow in this type of situation is approximatley $140 total. Jim's towing is called a Bandit towing company as they ill, advise vulnerable people with wrong information. We need to contact all our local mayor's, MP's and media to have a by-law passed by council that a tow company is not able to take advantage of people in these situations. Then each town, city etc you live in would have a designated towing company that the police would use when on scene of an accident that would be honest and would have a standard fee that they would charge.
By ktam on Feb 23, 2009
Verified by Email
My dad's vehichle was towed there after he was killed in an accident. I went there to pick up his personal effects from his car and they said they were "closed" but could let me in for $35!!!! Bunch of f*ckin' assh*les.
By hockeyguy on Dec 19, 2008
Verified by Email
I had a accident back in October, It was in Oshawa at Ritson Rd. & King St., I requested my own tow truck company, and before I knew it Jim's Towing was already hooking my car up, the driver did not even ask me, I went over to the Police Officer, and he didn't really care. I then went over to the driver, and he was very rude, and cold towards me, I guess because I wanted my own tow truck to come. They towed my car to the Towing Yard, then I asked if they could drive me home as it was on there way to the towing yard, and the driver said it's not his job. To make a long story short, My car was hooked without my permission, and it is my right to have my own tow truck, they never helped me get home, and my towing bill was over $400.00 it was just all upsetting. I do not recommend Jim's Towing to anyone, unless you like Rude, un-caring, and expensive company's
By legionman on Nov 14, 2008
Verified by Email
very happy with my service, I had a problem with my car last week, not sure why but I called around to a few companies for help and all they wanted was my MONEY, I called JIM'S TOWING and they were more then willing to help me out with my car. not only did they send a truck but they were very very fast and did the job well, I tell all my friends to call them if they run into trouble.
Comment by Busted on Dec 16, 2013
Have some integrity, instead of coming on here and making up a story about how great your company is, maybe you should improve your business practices and garner some positive reviews that way. Shenanigans
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Jim’s Towing is an experienced towing company based out of Oshawa, Ontario. We can offer simple roadside assistance such as unlocking or jump-starting your car, or we can tow your car safely if it isn’t driveable. We also offer medium and heavy duty towing services! All of our drivers at Jim’s Towing are experts, trained to provide quick and courteous service – even in the middle of the night. Call today!
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