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All Weather Windows

8241 30 St SE #1, Calgary, AB
32 reviews
Business claimed Last updated: Over a year ago
About All Weather Windows

Since 1978, All Weather Windows has been successfully serving our clients with top quality products and services. As a result of our hard work and customer satisfaction, we currently are the largest p Go to full description...

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All Weather Windows, Calgary Reviews (32)

32 reviews
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By Rikki Dickens on Sep 03, 2020
worst doors i ever bought they will not close properly and part of the center piece is split there is black sealant on the corners of the stain grade fir and the doors are bowed.
By Gmsamide on Dec 12, 2016
Our all weather windows garden doors freeze shut- we have had their techs out at our expense- so much for warranties- their advise- use a fan- it's not working- we can't access our back door or our upstairs patio door.
By myskohome on Oct 18, 2016
Do yourself a big favour and don't buy this window because if you care about quality you will not be happy. Poorly made with the lowest quality material. My issues are Jamb extensions need to be squared and in one case I have a bulge from a poorly aligned screw. Another issue is it doesn't matter if your opening is flush and level there still can be 3/8" difference between the top of the opening sash and the bottom. No way to fix this even though the company says they can adjust it. They tried and it lasted about a day. Another issue is that the opening sashes are sagging. YES sagging. DON'T BUY THIS WINDOW BECAUSE YOU WILL BE SORRY YOU DID.
By Cerise Ape on Sep 08, 2016
I ordered 5 windows and a door for my addition.
Virtually all 5 windows had issues, so they came on warranty to fix them.
Within 3 years the door was freezing shut, and had water damage.
I callled after paying top dollar when I bought them, and was told the warranty was only 2 years.

I"ll never buy from them again.
By Cerulean Crawdad on Jun 19, 2016
Like many others we would never use AWW again.
We had triple pane windows installed in two separate jobs.
How lovely it is to have new windows, except even after three separate window cleaning jobs they
are still covered in sticky glue and circle marks which the window cleaners have not been able to get
off. So we are always looking out of dirty windows.
Due to our age we also are not able to climb up ladders and do it ourselves.
During installation two of the windows were made opening the wrong way and that was a challenge
to get re-done.
Wish I had read the reviews before hiring them
No recommendations here.
By Allwrather on Jan 16, 2016
I am at a loss as to how to put into words our frustration with this window company! The number one complaint I have is their warranty does not exist. There are things that were so blatantly obvious that were warranty and they tried blaming it on humidity (which was very regulated) our windows are 1 year old and have ruined all my woodwork because they are so frozen up. Can't open the door. Frozen top to bottom. They told us we shouldn't have ordered a door designed like that. Are you kidding? If it's the design....why are you making them like that? Absolutely terrible service and quality. Would not recommend to my worst enemy.
By SlocanRiverMan on Dec 12, 2015
A few years ago we had a south facing new picture window installed. Triple pane. About every 2 years the seal would fail and it would begin to fog along the top foot of the window during colder weather. The last replacement was summer of 2015 and by fall time 2015 it was already fogging. Up until now the service has been good, even though the window never holds up long. But as of late, I have tried numerous times to contact the repair support department but no one returns my calls or emails. A bit frustrating as I paid them nearly $400 for labour to exchange it and it's not any better than the one they took out. The integrity of many of todays businesses is not like it used to be. A lot of them like to look good by supporting causes and organisations but basic customer service has gone by the wayside.
By petesanderson on Sep 19, 2015
Good Price
installed apx 15 windows 5 years ago
Some leaks with a driving rain.
I assume this is an installation, caulking issue.
Screen plastic clips tend to break
By Orange Sea-lion on May 22, 2015
We installed these windows in our home and this winter three of the seals in three windows let go. Now we have permanent marks between the panes and the windows have all become blurry. Absolutely dreadful product. Stay Clear.
By Northerngirl on Mar 14, 2015
This is the second spring with our windows and time to wash screens etc. I don't think I have a single screen left that doesn't have broken clips. Everything is made with cheap plastic, and furthermore the handle of the windows (to open them) slant in an upward direction making it difficult to get the screen in to start with. For the price of these very expensive windows I am very, very disappointed. Not going to bother getting new clips, they will just snap off anyway. Very poorly designed screens, not thought out at all for ease of use. Will be looking at other brands next time we build or replace windows.
By Geoff on Aug 24, 2014
This is for the Edmonton office. On July 25th I contacted All weather to let them know about our glass leaking at our back door. The water caused damage to our hardwood floor. The lady told me they would have a quote for me to fix it under warranty which required myself to pay 25% of the cost. I waited till Aug 6th and e-mailed backed asking why I have not heard back from them. Still no response. On Aug 18th I called to ask for the customer service manager and left Mr Fleming a voice message and forwarded both e-mails to him as well. He responded by saying he received both e-mails and said the lady I spoke too had been off this week and would talk to another member of their team and get back to me the next day. Well on Aug 20th I had to e-mail again because of no response back yet. Mr Fleming responded back to me and told me he ran out of hours in a day and would call me the next afternoon. He did apologize for the inconvenience. I realize it's a busy construction season and they are really busy and am not sure why it's hard to get a response. However we the ones that have to deal with the door window leaking and wreaking our floor.

Geoff A
By Lavender Rat on Jun 05, 2014
All Weather installed 5 windows in our house and within 6 months one had cracked all the way across on the inside and within the year another had as well. When we contacted them about it they said it was due to the age of our house and shifting; yet the windows that were in there for the past 30 years never had a problem. We ended up contacting several other window places for quotes on replacement (as All Weather refused) and they all inspected the windows and said it was just a poor cut job on the glass and thus the crack. All Weather's customer service around this was terrible, and the only way they would agree to replace the panes is if we gave them the contract for our upstairs windows that we were planning on replacing. I will never work with them again, and sure regret doing so in the first place.
By Burgundy Chihuahua on Apr 08, 2014
It took us a year and a half just to get some simple springs for our slider windows, and even at that we had to go through a half dozen people and 50 phone calls and emails. We paid a good price for all the windows in our new home, it'll be a different manufacturer next time we build.....
By Brian on Feb 15, 2014
Working in the renovations in Calgary and past home building AWW have given me excellent service over those years. Any home renovations my company does in the future I will use their product. They have a great person in the renovations department JW who can supply you with the required window of your choose.
Thank you,
Brian S.
By Jim on Jan 22, 2014
In 2000 I ordered a 6' high X 8' Wide Picture Window With a 4' x 8' dead lite and canopy windows above, through a building supply company here in Nova Scotia. When the window arrived it had small damage to some of the trim strips but this was not the fault of All Weather but the company I had ordered through. They strapped the window to their flat bed truck for delivery and cranked the straps too tight. I notified them of the damage and took pictures before having the window installed by a local carpenter and his 2 man crew. They did an excellent job and I was delighted, not only with the construction of the window but by their attention to detail and the look of the finished product. All Weather was notified and given the measurements of the damaged strips and they sent a representative a distance of 3 - 3 1/2 hrs of travel to replace the damaged strips. I was very impressed by their response. That window remains today and appears to be brand new and is trouble free. I couldn't ask for a better looking or a more satisfying unit.

When I read the sour grapes reviews I immediately recognise the problem as being shoddy workmanship on the part of the installer in most cases.

I have since moved to another location in Nova Scotia and as soon as I purchased this older home I contacted the building supply company that ordered the previously mentioned picture window and had them order 6 units for this home. This time I had 2 of my sons help me with the installation and these windows are the most wonderful investment I have made to date.
I am enjoying fuel savings in this harsh Nova Scotia winter along with the quiet they provide from passing traffic. I also have received many compliments on the appearance of my windows and I expect many years of worry free living.

Should any of you whiners like to inspect my windows I would love to have you do so.

J. Bell, Homeowner/retiree.
By Coquelicot Narwhal on Jun 30, 2013
The service and quality was wonderful all of the workers were helpful and the attention to detail was flawless we got all of our windows replaced and would absolutely recomend the company to friends
By Amaranth Cockroach on May 25, 2013
High end home in Gleneagles Cochrane. After 8 years absolutely every seal on every window in the house has failed utterluy. Triying to get Gienow to actually fix the problem (for regular service fees) has been an exercise in utter futility.. Massive water damage everywhere, replaced stucco siding to the tune of thousands, lots of ceiling and drywall to be replaced yet.. Am seriously considering suing Gienow. Stay away, far away unless you enjoy water damage and frustration.
Comment by shalakaus on Jul 24, 2013
We have a home in Tuscany with the same problem .I was told if the windows had been maintained properly they would be fine. I then asked how often this maintenance needed to be done and was told every year. So we are supposed to pay a window contractor to remove the casings and reseal our windows every year. INSANE
By sampson1 on Dec 23, 2012
I had what I thought was supposed to be high efficient triple pane, low e, argon filled windows installed in my new construction home. These things are anything but efficient. Three of my casement windows have sagged and leave a visible gap on the top corner to let the cold air in. I've had technicians in at least a dozen times to do this or that but the problem recurs shortly thereafter. I've had rain enter my house from the outside on 2 of my fixed windows(it runs down the outside of the window, in through the glass and aluminum clad space, under the window, and then into the house). I've had to caulk the outside of the windows myself to prevent this from happening further. Dust blows in around the windows due to a poor seal. I am thoroughly disappointed in this product. I would never recommend them nor would I ever put them in any house I build in the future. I just wish I had read forums like this before I purchased them in the first place.
Comment by AWW on Feb 22, 2013
Thank you for taking the time to post this review, we at All Weather Windows take this type of feedback very seriously as customer satisfaction is our #1 goal. We are not perfect but we strive to correct any and all issues relating to our products. This project sounds like a new home build and as you are aware, window manufacturers do not install windows and doors for new construction homes. I just wanted to clarify as your review implied we installed your windows. I am sorry for the concerns you have and what you have described are not indicative of any product issues we have heard from other builders. I invite you to contact me personally at 403 720 0022 as I would like to assist in any way we can to correct any warranty or defect issues in our products.
Calgary Branch Manager.
By Jojerode on Mar 02, 2012
Our experience with our sales rep was superb; very professional, friendly, helpful and personable.

Their customer service was very accomodating; everything was scheduled to our needs; everything went through like clockwork.

Our experience with All-Weather Windows was most rewarding; the windows look great and we we look forward to mores install in the near future
By Gray Bull-Terrier on Jan 19, 2012
Well in the past 10 years I have renovated 2 trailers & built 2 homes. The trailers & one of the new homes I used gienow windows. AWESOME product! Built another home a year ago & was told by my local building centre that All Weather Windows was the same quality as Gienow, energy efficient & cheaper than Gienow. What an idiot I was. This is my first winter in my new home & the bottoms of all my vinyl sliders have about 3 cm of ice ON THE INSIDE & can feel a cold draft all the time. Technician from all weather windows came out & said it was due to high humidty. Hmmmm interesting seeing as how I have a wood/electric furnace & even by his own testing Im sitting at 14% when at these outside temperatures of -39 15% & below is acceptible. Never had this problem when I used Gienow......AND All Weather keeps talking about humidity in the home & condensation. Well for crying out loud....condensation is not ICE!!! All the windows have ice in the same location no matter what floor they are on. And.....hmmmm......cant tell me why there is cold air blowing through the bottom of the window except to say its caused by convection & that is normal. EXCUSE ME......if thats normal then why in the last 10 years when I used Gienow windows that never happened???????? Unbelievable. STAY AWAY FROM ALL WEATHER WINDOWS! Pretty bad when my home is not even a year old & Im spending money this summer to replace them with Gienow windows so I know next winter I wont have ice issues & I will be kept toatsy warm!
Comment by lazrus11 on Mar 02, 2012
As a prior customer with AWW, I read this and get the clear sense this review was written by a Gienow representative. This is in no way reflective of the experience I had with All Weather Windows. Shame on you Gienow.
Comment by sampson1 on Dec 23, 2012
I completely agree with the original comment. I had all weather windows installed in my new construction home and would never get them again. I spent alot of money on triple pane, low e, argon filled windows. There has been drafts around the windows and the 3 casement windows sag and leave a gap in the top corner. I've had technicians out around a dozen times(I'm losing count now) and they shim this or that and the same problem recurs shortly thereafter. The seal on these windows is awful. Dirt actually blows in around the windows. I've had water leak into the house through 2 of the fixed windows(runs down between the glass and the aluminum clad on the outside of the house, runs under the glass and then runs into the house. I have had to caulk the outside of the windows myself to fix this problem. There is no quality control with all weather windows, they are garbage. And no, I am not a rep from another window company as per the other comment. I am a legitimate extremely frustrated customer that will never put this garbage in another house I build. If you're looking for windows, thoroughly do your research and read these forums. I wish I had before picking all weather windows.
Comment by JimInNovie on Jan 21, 2014
Sounds more like poor installation than a problem with the unit itself. Did you hire the neighbourhood kids to install the windows?
By Chestnut Steelhead-trout on Jan 14, 2012
We had a front entry door with two matching side window panels installed yesterday. If I had it to do over, I would choose a different company and my reasons are as follows:

1. The door had damage caused by strapping being pulled too tight, and I have no idea how that will be fixed so it won't show once we paint it the final color.

2. The one side panel has the decorative molding installed crooked (from the factory).

3. The gap in the door and the frame is allowing wind to come through.

4. Various dings, chips and dents are present here and there on the door and panels and will require filling and sanding.

5. The privacy rating of the three glass panels were rated a 8 out of nine, with nine being the most private. Now, this was the biggest shock for us when the door and side panels went up because in our opinion it should be rated a four and not an eight.

We are NOT pleased with all weather windows.
Comment by JimInNovie on Jan 21, 2014
WHY in H^*L would anyone install a damaged unit and then complain. Use your head man.
By joey265 on Dec 19, 2011
A Tech came out to our house for another issue (window replacement - wrong tinting - came out 4 times to replace it then finally got it right) and confirmed for us that our Single Hung (Vertical Unit) was leaking from within the window unit and that it was a warranty issue. After sending pictures and advising them of what the Tech told us, they wanted to charge us $184 to look at the window again. The clerk setting up the appointment said that they would replace the glass if it was leaking. I advised that it was not coming from the glass, that it was coming from the interior, plastic, pvc structure. She was not willing to provide further information on how they would fix that or the cost, that the Tech would let us know. Sorry, but we are not interested in forking out money if you do not have any idea how much it will cost. We do not have any confidence in the after service of All Weather Windows.
By apollo14 on Oct 25, 2011
I too am an unhappy customer of All Weather Windows and Doors. We had to have 6 windows replaced on the back of our house due to hail damage. They came out and measured, then again and then a third time. We reviewed the estimate, signed it and when they came to install the windows in July they installed 4 of the 6 (ground was wet for the uppermost windows and they were concerned about safety - fair enough). During installation my husband pointed out to the installer that the two windows in the bathroom were the incorrect style. The installer agreed but they went in anyways!
Three months later we are still trying to get the correct windows put into the bathroom and the other two windows installed (the ground has been dry for long periods throughout the summer!). I had to remove all the blinds myself and will have to install them on the new windows. The installer removed the moulding around the windows and when it was replaced on the windows it was damaged. We are still sitting without window coverings. We are not getting any response from All Weather Windows staff to resolve the issues other than that contract is closed (how can it be closed when they haven't finished the work????). I would highly recommend going elsewhere to get your windows and doors!
By unresponsive on Sep 30, 2011
I am very unhappy customer of All Weather Windows and Doors. The service people who come out to install their products are very nice but only do what All Weather Windows and Doors say to do. 15 years ago this company was exceptional in it's product and service but in 2011 I find this company to be substandard. I recently had my doors replaced by them. They had to remove the screen doors to put their product on...then when asked to put the screen doors back on they said they can't touch them because of warranty. This makes absolutely no sense (they touch them to take them off impacting warranty but won't put them back on). As well, their service has to be done in two steps - meaning two appointment times where you are waiting for the door to be put on. Be sure to get everything in writing from the company before you choose them as your supplier of choice.
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Since 1978, All Weather Windows has been successfully serving our clients with top quality products and services. As a result of our hard work and customer satisfaction, we currently are the largest privately owned window & door manufacturing company in Canada. The reason for our success is simple
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