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Veterinary Emergency Clinic

117-920 Yonge St, Toronto, ON
41 reviews
Business claimed Last updated: 2 months ago
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About Veterinary Emergency Clinic

Located in Toronto, Veterinary Emergency Clinic is a full-service, multiple-disciplinary emergency and critical care clinic. We provide imaging, diagnostics, neurological, dentistry, cardiology, surge Go to full description...

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Veterinary Emergency Clinic, Toronto Reviews (41)

41 reviews
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By Chamoisee Ant on Feb 04, 2016
As mentioned in previous reviews - lack of compassion is there, sadly. The Yonge location do have very competent doctors, indeed. But when my cat was diagnosed with cancer, after 3 months (three months of stress, grief and everything else!!) of different tests and treatments at this clinic, all I got from Dr. Mason was "Sorry, we must have missed this lump. This is cancer. You are to go to the cancer specialist, she is your doctor now".
The cancer specialist, Dr. Montawani, was cheerful, but did not even explain to me side effects of chemo. Now I have to live with the fact that I ignored my gut instinct not to do the last chemo session after which my baby passed away in just 4 days. I am not insisting there is a connection, but imagination of a grieving mind always finds ways to play on things like that. Pet owners deserve some better situational conversations at vet clinics, not just a repeated question "Do you have any questions?".
And really, really, would it have hurt either of them to just tell me one simple thing at the time - "go home, show your baby all your love while you can". As simple as that.
By User14313 on Oct 27, 2015
My dog had a minor laceration running in the park at night. The cut wasn't very big but still needed stitches. I first took her to Willowdale Animal Hospital on Sheppard West and the veterinarian on call said he was not very good with surgeries so I decided to take my dog somewhere else. Before I took my dog in, I patched her wound and the blood was already clotted so there was no more bleeding. After I took her to the hospital, they re-opened her wound and didn't apply any pressure or use a tourniquet on the wound afterwards and just put a plastic bag over it. My dog was bleeding all over the car and lost so much blood that she almost died. I believe as soon as I mentioned I wanted to go somewhere else, they immediately stopped caring and purposely left my dog to bleed out. Either that or they were just completely incompetent.

I then took my dog to Veterinary Emergency Clinic on Sheppard East. The veterinarian on call also wasn't very good but at least she didn't make it worse. She thought an artery was cut because of all the blood loss. If an artery was cut, it would be squirting out blood. She put a tourniquet on my dog and sent me to their downtown location on Yonge and Bloor because she might need a blood transfusion from the blood loss.

The VEC on Yonge and Bloor was very good and it's the only emergency hospital I can recommend. It's a large facility with lots of doctors and patients. After stabilizing my dog, the doctor on call gave me 3 different pricing options: I could take her to my regular vet and do the surgery the next day; she could do the surgery herself; or wait an experienced specialized surgeon the next day. She seemed very knowledgeable so I felt that she could do it. It turned out to be just a very small cut and she stitched it up without any issues.

If you were to take your pet to an emergency hospital, only go to VEC on Yonge and Bloor. Do not go to VEC on Sheppard East and ESPECIALLY DO NOT GO TO WILLOWDALE ANIMAL HOSPITAL.
By Gray Manta-Ray on Oct 22, 2015
We never got in to see a vet because, after waiting for over two hours with our sick cat sitting in a cage, she still had not been seen.
Our cat was triaged on arrival, the individual didn't check her temperature or heart rate. It was only after the receptionist told us the cat's heart rate was fine did we ask how she knew that when it wasn't checked in the first place. When we arrived, we were the only people there. We were told that a shift change was going on but were assured that it might be an hour. We are appalled that our cat who we brought in on an emergency basis was left to languish while the vets took at least 8 people before us. It defeats the purpose of calling it an emergency clinic when emergencies are not treated as such.
Very disappointing as our cat, who was having digestive issues, couldn't even reasonably go to the washroom. We won't bring in any of our animals in the future on an emergency basis as emergency treatment is not taken seriously there.
By Rose Booby on Aug 04, 2015
took our dog in with some sudden back issues, where he could not stand. referred to this location by my vet after my dog was examined and felt that a specialist was required. We got an apt the same day and we did not wait long once we arrived. The neurologist, Dr. James was very patient and knowledgeable. I understand people's comments regarding cost however i feel that i was given the option of what steps to take for my dog (and the associated costs). I feel that the money I spent was well worth the investment. I would recommend this hospital for its professionalism and capability.
By Cadet Turtle on Jun 14, 2015
Dr. Cochrane is providing the best veterinarian care we have ever received.

As an experienced specialist in Neurology, she is extremely knowledgeable and patient enough to share this knowledge fully with her clients.

She takes the time to endlessly answer questions, consider various options and recommend the most suitable and incremental treatment instead of conducting unnecessary and expensive tests. She is uncommonly kind and caring.

When our standard poodle began experiencing epileptic seizures we expected it to break the bank having to see a specialist at an emergency clinic but Dr. Cochrane has never steered us wrong.

We're not done yet solving the long term treatment but thank goodness we have Dr. Cochrane providing care to our dog.
By Lavender Lion on May 10, 2014
I had a nightmare situation at this clinic and for the sake of your pet and yourself, recommend that you find another clinic to take your pet to in the case of an emergency. Check out Eileen Mabee on line, who unfortunately was not able to fulfill what she intended, but given what happened to my pet, I would have stood behind her 100% and had been checking to see what happened with her case. Unfortunately she passed away in a freak accident and did not get to complete what she intended. As well read other vet review sites for ratings on this clinic to get some idea of what has happened with other people's pets who were taken there for emergency care. But given what happened to my pet, which I strongly doubt would have occurred had my pet been someplace else, then taking one's pet to this clinic for emergency care is not recommended in spite of it being someplace that is used by other vets in the GTA to refer people to. Do you know the reason for that? Well, maybe ask your vet and find out why other places are not recommended and this one is and what makes it different or okay to recommend clients to, as opposed to others that are "privately" owned. As well perhaps check into the laws on recommending places and what might happen if something happens and someone has made a recommendation and think about why anyone would take the risk of making a recommendation if it means that if something happens, then it might put them at risk of being sued too. So why do it unless there is a reason not to be afraid. Just some questions to ask and find out...I am not sure of the answers although I have some ideas and am working on finding out if my ideas or what I think is true. But for the sake of your pet, do some research on other places and other veterinarians at emergency clinics so that you know of another one that has a good reputation and record to take your pet too. Thank you.
I would not have given it any part of a star, except that it is a required element for submitting a review.
By Cordovan Sugar-Glider on May 08, 2014
There is so much that I could say after my nightmarish experience at this clinic and the subsequent things that I have learned about it and the connections that exist within the veterinary profession and all sorts of other things. Suffice it to say that I do not recommend this clinic due to what happened to my pet at this clinic. As well, although Eileen Mabee was not able to proceed with her intentions - I do suggest that you check out what happened to her pet - and with the combined information of her story and what I am saying...that you do some research on other places to take your pet in case of any emergency so that you are prepared and can take your pet someplace that is better than the VEC. Also ask your vet why it is that they refer people to the VEC in the event of any emergency? And find out why they do not recommend other 24/7 places? Does it have to do with other places being "privately owned" and in the event of something happening the referring place being "liable"? And if so, then does that mean that the ownership of the VEC is somehow different or not the same as that of the VEC? Or what exactly does it mean? And why is it that vets in the GTA refer to this clinic for emergencies when there are other 24/7 places, some of them closer to your home, to which they do not refer. As well check out the stories on vetratingz to see some of what people have to say and then make your own conclusions and opinion regarding this place. For myself, I do have other pets and do not ever intend on bringing any of them to this clinic at any time, and would take them someplace else rather than here.
By Rick on Apr 21, 2014
We had our dog vaccinated with VEC Vet. Great service and quality information. We have found a new home for our dog!
By Mary on Jan 10, 2014
I'm sure that money needs to be part of the conversation and that more often than not it is a disappointing or at least uncomfortable aspect that the staff need to deal with on a daily basis. Money is not a huge issue and certainly not something to be quibbled about where my dogs are concerned. I never doubted that I was dealing with experts, but I also never felt as though I was getting any compassion or bed side manner.The feedback and treatment options were focused around money. Once money was taken out of the discussion I felt that was seen as a license to print it.
By Cadet Roundworm on Dec 17, 2013
From my own experience and what I know and have read this clinic is not the safest place for your pets. There are several reasons for this. Refer to some of the vetratingz comments to find out more about people's experiences with the emergency part of this clinic. While you could put in a complaint, they may not be found at fault, for some reason or other, but you would get a copy of your animal's treatment which you should scrutinize since the more you look the more you will find that may be a problem. As for myself, I am appalled at this clinic and their denial of what happened with my pet and their own involvement in it. There are other 24/7 places and it just takes a bit of research to find them, so it would probably be in your best interest and that of your pet's to know where they are, and what the good ones are, in case you ever need them. I suspect that there is a reason why vets in GTA use this place to refer to, but given what has happened to pets at this place, it is questionable if it is due to them providing the best care. Maybe the referral clinic and the specialists provide good care, but for an emergency, it might be wise to choose another clinic. If you must go to this clinic, use the above ground parking as opposed to underground, and try to minimize the amount of time your pet has to stay there. That is what my suggestion is, if you must use this clinic and have no other option.
By pavani on Aug 21, 2013
The charges for the dog clinic are touching the sky these days.The charge may be on the vaccination whatever it is.One should choose the best clinic where the dogs are taken more care and also the fee can be bearable.

House calling vets are better these days as the dogs population is also increasing.Some very young energetic pets can be hard to travel with or can be a challenge to control in the hospital waiting rooms.So,there is a good house call vet in Toronto which helps your pets to get better.

You can visit for further details.
By willt47 on Oct 09, 2012
Charged for a neck brace which was not received. this was due to my mistake of leaving my credit card with a dishonest receptionist.

My son took my dog this time . I got there before the clinic could do their useless test routine to run up the bill to cover overhead.

Fortunately there are vet open on Sunday and the clinic on Sheppard is more forthright.
By Maroon Tapir on Jul 12, 2012
This place truly is for emergergencies only. The staff are all very competent and they are "the only game in town" after regular vet hours. My one complaint is the outrageous prices they charge for care and that they won't even look at your pet unless you can come up with a $600+ deposit. However, they have been a life saver both times that I've had to use their service.
By Cinnabar Vulture on Jun 26, 2012
Notice any complaint is always about the money. Good medicine costs a lot - that is just the way it is.
By mittens on May 06, 2012
Lots of concerns about this clinic. (Remember there are two sides to this clinic: the referral clinic and the emergency clinic.) I had a very tragic and nighmarish experience in January with the emergency part of the clinic, from which I have still not recovered. I am sure there are good people there who know their stuff but there is perhaps some inconsistency which needs to be improved. I have provided them with some suggestions for improvement so that what happened with my cat does not happen with anyone else's pet. If I can make a difference for the better in the life of someone else's pet then it will at least provide some meaning to what happened to my cat.
Also if anyone has had any terrible or tragic events then you might want to file a complaint of the College of Veterinarians of Ontario. If there are many complaints about the same place then it might result in making a difference for the better in the care and treatment of our pets. Not sure that it will, but hopefully it will. All we can do is try, and hope that we are heard.
I could say much more, but this is all for now.
By luchkma on Apr 18, 2012
Boy I am looking to get my dog test for alergies and there is not very good comments about this place. I think I better look elsewhere
By Ao Tiger on Jan 24, 2012
I took my dog there to have surgery to remove his very large Lipoma. We saw Dr. Ringwood for a consult on a Thursday morning, they gave us a quote and said he could do the surgery the next day. The surgery went really well and they removed his Lipoma which weighed 8.8lbs! Everything was looked good and then on the Saturday night they called and said his blood cell count was dangerously low and they had to do a blood transfusion. I told them my concerns about my budget considering I had already broken the bank for his surgery and they told me they would work with me to make it affordable. The vet techs, drs and receptionists were so wonderful to me and my pup I couldn't have asked for better care. They let me go visit my pup while he was in care and stay for as long as I wished. My poor guy had to spend 4 days in the intensive care unit. Yes, I will admit this place is expensive however I think we all need to think about how much our healthcare would cost it if wasn't covered by OHIP. I think we need to cut vets a break and really think about what it would cost if this was a person needing the care. Thank you VEC for being so amazing to me and my pup.
By Nnnnn on Jan 07, 2012
Compassionless receptionist. My dog was in a palliative state from advanced kidney failure, and sadly, we found her in the middle of the night experiencing a terrible seizure. We rushed her to the clinic as she needed to be made comfortable and euthanized, but they refused to sedate her or begin the procedure until we got our bank-card out to pay for it. My fingers shook on the pin pad as she continued to seize and flop on a table as we waited for the transaction clear. Disgusting.
By Toranoki on Dec 27, 2011
The VEC exists to handle emergencies and provide services unavailable at the regular clinics. One comes to VEC because there is a serious problem. We came from another city because our town did not have access to the equipment we needed to diagnose our rescue cat, and it was clear he was in trouble.

I found the staff excellent with clients and animals: not just us, but all the clients that went through while we were there, which was most of one day. The front desk staff did talk extensively about possible costs. This was not moneygrubbing, this was making it clear to the client exactly what was going to be involved in the procedure and how much it would put them out of pocket. Given the emotional state many of us were in, they really needed to be very clear, because not everyone was taking things in.

Our little guy got the very best service, and everything was explained every step of the way. Yes, it cost a lot. No, it didn't work. But that was not the fault of the vets: they did everything possible to deal with the multiple problems created by early toxin exposure. When it became clear that he was doomed to increasing pain and a long drawn out death, the vets were gentle with us, and him.

Would I go there again? In a flash! But I really hope I never have to. That said, I will remember the staff with the greatest respect and gratitude. Their professionalism and compassion did not lessen the pain of losing the battle for that one life, but it assured me that we had done everything that could be done, and that this was the best outcome for the cat.
By rockster on Dec 26, 2011
This clinic was very good at encouraging care, apparently in order to boost their revenues. Our dog swallowed a clear plastic object. Our own vet indicated that there would be no blood tests required before we went there. Vet inisted on blood tests despite our objections and xray before starting scope procedure. No explanation as to why. Scope found nothing. Then we started the guilt trip to start the $2,500.00 surgery and leave our dog there overnight. Discharge was half an hour after promissed with no explanation. We were not advised that bill was an estimate which was prepaid and we were advised that there was a credit remaining only after inquiry. Slick money grabbing operation in my view.
By Cadet Rattlesnake on Dec 15, 2011
I think this facility does what it professes - treats emergency situations - however the staff at the front desk lack compassion and sense. The minute I walked into this place with my sick animal I immediately wanted to leave - I had a form thrown at me that I was supposed to sign my dog was taken away from me with no explanation - and from then on it was all about money. I know my dog was sick and needed help, but we had just come from a vet's office where my dog had been under care all day, I wasnt given a chance to explain or to talk to anyone before a rude ignorant triage person came and literally walked off with the dog saying he needed immediate attention - I told her I wanted to speak with a doctor first - as he had been receiving attention all day and he was not critical !!!! The doctors were fine but the rest of the staff leave much to be desired
By josephinemcc on Nov 07, 2011
So far I'mvery pleased with all of the help form Vec Vet. My little hyperthyroid was taken in timely fashion and the vet took over an hour to talk to us about what she would be going through and she was examined carefully. They phone me every day to tell me how my pet is and seem very knid and understanding. We will be pickig her up this week and looking forward to getting her home. Thank you to Vec Vet. We talked to a number of people before taking her here and everyone I spoke to had only good things to say.
By terrier3 on Sep 26, 2011
We have had numerous opportunities to work closely with VEC on Yonge St. The staff have saved our little Westie girl on numerous occasions! A huge thank you to Dr. Mason who is absolutely amazing. His expertise, compassion, knowledge and interpersonal skills are what keeps bringing us back to the VEC time and again with our high needs little girl. I cannot believe how quickly Dr. Mason returns my calls whenever I have a question or when he responds to give me an update as to her care. We returned to the VEC last week with our little girl again and had the pleasure of meeting Dr. Williams and staff. They are fantastic! Although the news we received was not encouraging, we felt safe and confident knowing that whatever could be done for our little Westie, would be done by all the compassionate staff at the VEC.

All I can say is we consider ourselves very fortunate to have had the opportunity to meet and work with such wonderful people who TRULY care about your "fur child"! Wiccan thanks you on behalf of Mom and Dad.

Thank you, VEC! We brag about you to all of our family and friends!
By Cerise Bull-Terrier on Jul 02, 2011
thanks for having a place like the VEC. I just wish that thier was a place like that here in Alberta... Just love the show..
By petowner on May 17, 2011
My dog fell gravely ill. Rushed her to VEC and she immediately received the best care possible. Well worth the two hour drive. If you are not happy with this place, you just don't like the bill. Mine was over $5,000 and I would pay double in a heartbeat if again the need arose.
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Located in Toronto, Veterinary Emergency Clinic is a full-service, multiple-disciplinary emergency and critical care clinic. We provide imaging, diagnostics, neurological, dentistry, cardiology, surgery and other services to keep your pet healthy. Call Veterinary Emergency Clinic today to schedule an appointment for your furry friend.
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