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Staples Animal Hospital

377 Commissioners Rd W, London, ON
42 reviews
Business claimed Last updated: 7 months ago
About Staples Animal Hospital

Established in 1979, Staples Animal Hospital is a CVO accredited, Veterinary practice, located in London, Ontario. We offer medical, surgical and dental care. In addition to these services, our clinic Go to full description...

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Staples Animal Hospital, London Reviews (42)

42 reviews
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By DtMan on Mar 13, 2018
9 years I have been a regular customer. NINE. Take my dogs in for a scheduled checkup - they've never heard of me. ???? Lost my files. They'll let me know if they ever find them. Next. THANKS FOR WASTING MY TIME.
This used be such a good vet but is going downhill fast with the new ownership, who apparently aren't there day to day now. Hey new staff - say goodbye to the regular customer.
By Newhor2 on Oct 07, 2016
With warren Staples retirement this place has gone from aplace you were sure to get the best vetrenary care in probably the country.
It is now simple a money grabbing bisiness.
I have been a loyal patron of this facity for 40 years. Today when one of my dogs is in extreme pain and in need of a vets care, i am turned away.
40 years!!!!! And treated like dirt.
I woukd recomend nobody go near this place now. If they treat a client that has had 15 dogs pass through this clinic over the years, how are they going to treat new customers?????
By Cobalt Persian-Cat on Sep 25, 2016
I had my cat taken to Staples to be declawed and was anxiety filled with the whole idea. The Lady that examined my cat before the procedure was wonderful and reassuring. After the operation, I called in a few times to see how my cat was doing. Telephone staff seemed annoyed by my calls and even hung up on me after saying my cat was fine. I than went in to pick up my cat to take home and was greeted by this sergeant like Reception Personnel. She was very cold in informing me of the after care of my pet and asked me to wait in the lobby area while she brought my cat to me. ( I was hoping to go back with her to At revive my baby but due to feeling intimated I stay where I was.)
When the staff member brought out my cat I was so excited to see her, after not seeing her for 4 days,, I almost cried. The staff member than proceeded to try and put my kitty in my carrier with no success. Since I was holding the carrier in the air, I thought it would be better to but the carrier on the setting ledge for a more stable area while settling my cat in it's cage. The staff member sternly said "No, put it on the floor," meaning the cat carrier and proceeded to put my cat in the cage. I was so shocked and felt all eyes on me in the waiting room that I did as she said and thank them for their help and left
immediately.feeling somehow wronged.
This staff member should not be working in this type of environment as she lacks the customer care service skills required for the job. To get an idea who this staff member is - she is somewhat on the large side with brown hair just past the shoulders and her hair has a wave to it. The few time I was into the clinic she sat on the far side near the wall ( Not the other side that had a walk way to the back kennel.) and would looked down and not greet customers as they came in.
My hope is that this review is read and attention taken as needed.
By Chamoisee Earthworm on Sep 19, 2016
Took my Shepard in to get spayed. They had a complication with her surgery and did not call us. We had to find out when we got there. The lady told me she was going to leave the IV In her for emergency purposes/if there were anymore complications and to come get it removed the next day. We went the next day to get it removed and it wasn't even left in her.They are very unorganized and incompetent.
By Charcoal Mole on Jul 05, 2016
Not anymore.
By Ao Sperm-whale on Jan 30, 2016
By 0709 on Dec 14, 2015
I recently had to my beloved dog to sleep; they waited for my son to be able to attednd. The staff were very caring and patient. They let us both have time to say goodby to her.
By Brown Fly on Sep 02, 2015
I have used Staples Hospital for about 3 years, although i have been very satisfied with the car given my pet i have to speak out about the phone answering service. It is near impossible to get someone to answer the phone. Always a busy signal or no answer surely they can improve this service.
By Cobalt Orca on Aug 30, 2015
Always shows interest and concern. Reports back next morning on test and follows up on treatment (like diabeties). Pleasant staff and good technicians, Wouldn't go anywhere else and I been to many different ones in our travels. Reasonable prices not these yuppy puppy Ritzs, my daughter comes in from Milton for him. Highly recommend and I can watch and see operations or anything else. Malcolm Millar
By Cordovan Human on Sep 06, 2014
Dr staples is by far the very best vet in london.He often will give you home remedies that are safe and effevtive.I have 6 dogs and Dr Staples has treated all of they and I have recomended him to friends family and strangers. I LOVE dr staples and am so happy I found him
By Amaranth Tiger-shark on Jun 27, 2014
Dr. Staples provides excellent care for my pets and dousn't gouge his customers. He is the most affordable vet I have ever dealt with. He is also quite frank when it comes to those situations where the only practical remedy is putting your pet down rather than charging you huge sums of money on a hopeless case that just prolongs everyones suffering.
By Black Pilot-whale on Jun 06, 2014
We have taken our pugs to Dr. Staples for years and have found him to be wonderful. He truly loves the dogs and takes very good care of them. I have nothing but praise for him.
By PAUL on Feb 01, 2014
Dr. Staples has been our vet through 6 cats and 3 dogs. Always caring and gentle - we love how he interacts with the animals - talking to them while he gives us information.
When my daughter's cat passed away 10 years ago, he was so good with her and gave her as much time as she needed. You could see the sense of loss in his eyes as he gave Buster peace.
This past week we had taken our Cockapoo Maggie to the emergency clinic in London, who directed us to OVC in Guelph. 6 days, blood transfusions, biopsies, and a six page bill for over $5,000 later we brought her home. Took her to Dr. Staples for blood work, and he advised that they never should have put her through this process. He advised us to bring her home, come back Monday - if her IMHA has not improved, if her red blood cells are not multiplying, we'll say goodbye to her and let her cross the Rainbow Bridge. And we will be content that Dr.Staples is coming with us. God Bless you sir.
By tujachevskii on Sep 05, 2013
Overbooked, crowded, messy, dirty, rude front-desk staff, INCOMPETENT vets work here, my dog got vaccinated twice BY MISTAKE!!!!
By Carnelian Sole on Jul 04, 2013
Dr. Staples has taken care of all of our pugs over the years and he is wonderful. He is kind and considerate and really loves our pets. I have nothing but praise for him.
By Coral Saber-toothed-cat on Jul 03, 2013
I have been taking my dogs to this clinic for 9 years and have never had a problem until now. Dr Staples has another vet working with him who seems to be pretty incompetent. He did not read the records on one of my dogs - or ask any questions about her vaccinations - and gave her a second dose of distemper/parvo/etc that she already had 3 months ago. My poor dog had a reaction to being overdosed and has been vomiting everywhere and is now lethargic which is very unusual for her (she's part Aussie Shepherd). I had to take her back to get another steroid injection to counteract the first one. All I took them in there for was bordetella as they are due. During this episode I found out that Staples has had his licence revoked twice in 2 years and has had disciplinary hearings 7 times in 2 years for poor record keeping and poor surgical practise. I will not be returning to Staples.
By Cinnamon Pilot-whale on Jun 20, 2013
Very good staff and fair pricing
By Byzantine Elephant on May 15, 2013
I need a great dr. to relocate my cat`s leg back into the socket, as he fell off my balcony and dislocated it, and other vets are saying way too much or put him down????PLEASE WE REALLY NEED YOUR HELP...DO YOU GUYS HAVE A PAYMENT PLAN??
Comment by evblake on Jun 03, 2013
Awwe! Did you find a vet?
By Umber Minnow on Jan 24, 2013
Hi. i have been taking my dog to staples since he was a pup...recently he had a problem with his bum he was dragging his bum on the floor...when i took him to staples for this problem he quicklley look at my dogs bum told me he has a rash....put some diaper cream on it.. and it should clear up......but it didn't two days later i try to contact staples so he could look at it again i was put on hold waiting for 10min on the phone didn,t get through..... so i contacted another vet they took my dog right was his anal glans they were infected...that vet had to sedate my dog clear the glands and the infection.... my dog will not be going back to staples again....yes he is a cheap vet..... Just remember you only get what you pay is way over book...he dosn,t take the time to examing your pet at all..!!,
By AliKat on Dec 31, 2012
I have had the honor of meeting dr. Staples about 20 years ago. He is an amazing vet. His calm and serene mannerism always seems to make me feel calm in many different situations. I have owned a few dogs since then and he has always trea"ted my animals so kindly and he will offer you alternatives to medical situations such as putting my Westie on a special liver diet and milk thistle. My pup was only 12 weeks old and I was given different options . Because it was the Xmas holidays I had planned to put him down as he was so ill but gave him time over the xmas holidays to see how the food and vitamins worked... Well today he is 7 years old , weighs over 20 lbs and he is just like/ a pup still.
I once took him to another vet as it was an emergency on a Saturday and he ended up with flees and a very expensive bill. That clinic was filthy but Staples is so clean it gleams ... And with all those wonderful people who line up to see this amazing man. Thank you dr. Staples for so many reasons but mainly for giving me back my Duncan .
By Copper Ladybug on Oct 29, 2012
i have been bringing my pets to staples now for over 35yrs this is the best and least expensive place i have ever brought my pets to as for those of you who say this man is rough and cheap well i got news for you guys he is the best in the business and resonably priced because he believes your pet comes first..first class place yes with line-ups because why would he be so busy if he wasn't good not just cheap..he brings a friendly smile and a gentle touch to every animal i have brought to him year after year..i have never had a problem of a complaint come from anyone who actually goes assured your pet will get the best of care for the rest of there lives as long as doctor staples is in business..
By TC147 on Oct 26, 2012
I took my cat (14 yr old, domestic) to Staples because he had all the symptoms of hyperthyroidism - weight loss, excessive eating, etc. I'd been there before and found the service adequate but hadn't been back for many years.
They don't have sufficient parking, overbook the number of visits and don't appear to operate electronically aside from billing. The waiting room was standing room only (some customers waited outside).
The vet didn't exhibit any care or compassion for my pet, particularly given it's age. When he did acknowledge my pet he treated him roughly.
I waited, along with all the other customers & pets, seventy-five minutes only to be rushed through the examination.
In short, my pet died ten days after the visit to Staples. During the examination no mention was made of pain management or potential euthanasia. My pet suffered unnecessarily when he might have had something for pain and/or been euthanized. I was led to believe that his condition would improve with a special diet.
I think my pet's condition was poorly diagnosed even though I had (reluctantly) agreed to approximately $200 worth of tests that I couldn't afford. Their charge for an examination is less than others and I appreciate that but when I called back, within days, to say that he was worse, I was informed I would have to pay a 'revisit' fee. It is what it appears to be - opportunistic and soulless.
These tests illustrated that my pet likely had liver and pancreas issues that required immediate attention; the hyperthyroid issue was nothing compared to these obviously more serious issues. When I asked for a copy of the test I was treated condescendingly and though they acquiesced, I had to ride out to pick it (and the receipt I hadn't received the day of the visit) up. It's the 21st century - no email?
Businesses that don't ask for customer feedback don't really care what you think; they obviously have no intention of 'serving' their customers.
By Chamoisee Herring on Mar 12, 2012
What is wrong with some people? Why would the CVO and other people be trying to discredit Dr. Staples. He's the only vet that i can say, and i am speaking from experience, know that whenever a person brings their pet in and whatever situation or ailment that their pet has will have a very accurate answer and cure for their pet when they leave. Also knowing that their cost will be a fraction of what it would cost anywhere else. Other veterinarians are crying because they wish they could do as much business in one month as Dr. Staples does in one day. Does this sound like an incompentant doctor, obviously not. Dr. Staples has people coming from different cities and states to see him where me and other people wouldn't go to a clinic down the street instead of him. Whatever ailment your pet would have Dr. Staples has probably seen it a thousand times, where most other vets would not have a clue. So they run you through the mill, some intentional and some unintentional. Most are forced to do the hit and miss technique, where maybe it's this and let's try that until they stumble across the real reason for the problem. There's alot to say for experience.
My experience before hearing about Dr. Staples led me to a well known vet down my street, where one day while playing with my dog which was about 7 years old, collapsed while playing while we were playing fetch. I picked up my dog, assuming he was dead and while fighting back the tears I put him in the car and took him to the vet. My dog came to in the car and out of so much joy and fear I knew he needed immediate attention. So I took him to the closest vet clinic and on a limited buget of $75.00 I asked if he could look at my dog and save his life. After his exam I asked what it could possibly be. The typical money hungry vet said it could be many things. I asked if we could start with the most likely possibilities. I asked the vet what that would be. He didn't seem to know. So me in almost panic mode started to come up with my own suggestions since this vet didn't seem to have any. I asked if it could be heartworm and then his heartlessness kicked in and he said it could be. And I asked would it be worth doing a heartworm test and with dollar signs in his eyes he said sure it could be. So he said he would have the results the next day. This vet called me the next day making sure that he made me feel stupid by saying we did the heartworm test as YOU requested but I knew it wouldn't be heartworm because your dog didn't have the symptoms and it was the wrong season for heartworms.
So here I am with my dog dying and this vet pulls off one of those schemes. I asked somebody if they knew a good vet that would not give me the run around and was very knowledgeable. The person suggested Dr. Staples. So I go to Dr. Staples, he looks at my dog and says I believe I know what this is. He says if you want we could do some x-rays to verify what i believe it is. So I agreed. Dr. Staples came back with the results and said yes it was what I thought it was( congestive heart failure). I can set you up with the medications today Dr. Staples told me. My dog was able to live 4 more years with his condition where the other vet would not have been able to give him 4 more minutes. I've never been able to thank Dr. Staples enough. It will be a very dark day for thousands of pet owners when he finally retires.
By Purple Iguana on Feb 19, 2012
That's all I have to say as that's all you'll get. Anyone who cares for their animals will go elsewhere.
By Cardinal Labrador-Retriever on Jan 31, 2012
Very helpful and polite staff, kind and professional Vet, and reasonable prices.
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Established in 1979, Staples Animal Hospital is a CVO accredited, Veterinary practice, located in London, Ontario. We offer medical, surgical and dental care. In addition to these services, our clinic provides retail pet food and pharmaceuticals. The staff at Staples Animal Hospital are committed to educating clients in pet care and providing a welcoming environment of professionalism, compassion and respect.
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