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Richmond Hill Veterinary Clnc

11 Centre St W, Richmond Hill, ON
5 reviews
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Richmond Hill Veterinary Clnc, Richmond Hill Reviews (5)

5 reviews
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By Seething1 on Jul 24, 2009
We very recently had our two cats in for a routine physical exam, and were told (by Dr. Mollard) that one of them needed a molar extracted. We set up the appointment and brought him in, after getting a second opinion from another clinic.

We received a phone call the afternoon of the procedure and were told to pick the cat up in an hour, which we did. The receptionist told us that he would be behaving oddly, head bobbing, etc, because of the anaesthetic.
This was all correct; he looked groggy and his head bobbed around. What struck us as a little odd on the way home was that he was wheezing and breathing with difficulty. We didn't make much of it, unfortunately, because we'd been warned about his odd physical behaviour.
My husband yelled for me a few minutes after we returned home. He'd taken the cat out of his carrier, and the poor cat almost immediately started heaving and convulsing, after which he managed to cough up a huge piece of gauze, which was apparently stuck in his throat. All the way home he'd been slowly choking on it, and we had no idea. It was very fortunate that a) we picked him up when we did and b) he managed to cough it up, because on no level did we suspect that there was something crammed down the throat of our cat, who hadn't eaten in 24 hours.
Someone had failed to remove the gauze from his mouth before he came round and we very nearly ended up with a dead cat. Needless to say, we will not be returning to the clinic.
By Burgundy Bear on Jun 29, 2009
We had our two dogs in the care of this clinic and spent over $9,000 in one year alone on vet bills and medications. The vets here do have a great "bedside manner" with the owners. However, the clinic failed to notice that our rescued hound was bleeding internally from a poorly done spaying (performed in the US) until they had to perform emergency surgery on her (although I had brought her in several times - once telling them that she was bleeding from her stitches). Both dogs were always on medication at this vet and I had to have them both in at least once or twice a month for various compliants that I was told need more antibotics to clear up. My basset hound puppy was in their care for a stomach complaint they couldn't diagnose (non-stop vomitting), they called me to release him home saying he appeared alright, nothing was farther from the truth - he even vomitted as I was picking him up and when I asked about it was told he was just excited that I was there. Poor puppy continued to vomit all night long (neither of us got any sleep) and I had to rush him down to the VEC in downtown Toronto the next morning on the vet's instructions where they got the problem under control finally and most likely saved his life. Then our rescued blood hound was diagnosed with a leaky bladder and the vets put her on a steroid medication that caused her great distress to the point of yelping in the middle of the night, not being able to settle down to sleep, and becoming very aggressive with people and other dogs when they got too close to her (our new vet said this med wasn't the best for her to be put on in the first place but that it didn't matter as she didn't even have the condition she was being medicated for, it was just a bad bladder infection that was not being treated by the steriods and he cleared it up in a few days with the proper antibotic). The last straw was when they deliberately went against my instructions by giving my basset hound a whole battery of vacines at once instead of just the rabies shot I had brought him in for, when I questioned the vet she totally dismissed my concerns and said it was standard proceedure (later research confirmed that a lot of vets actually space the shots out over a few weeks to avoid reactions between the vaccines). The basset hound (1 1/2 years old) got extremely ill over the next few days and I had to take him back in (I was charged for every visit) to have tests run. I was told that all the shots they had given him had caused his immune system to start attacking his healthy organs (they admitted they gave him an autoimmune disease by giving him all of those shots to my husband over the phone later that day) that I need to get him in to the clinic that day as soon as possible, and that he would have to be put on immune system supressing drugs (like those they given human cancer and lupus patients) and an antibotic for the next several months and we would just have to wait and see if he got better! He almost died - he would just lie around the house shaking uncontrollably, and quite obviously in serious distress - the same puppy who was so full of energy just a few weeks before now had trouble walking across the floor to greet me at the door. My poor little guy still hasn't recovered completely although it has been 6 months(our new vet says he never might get any better). That was the last time we visited this clinic and when we asked that our files be transferred we were told that we would have to pay $50 per file for the transfer! Since moving to the new vet we have been in extactly four times - once for the initial consutation, the second time for a rabies shot for our rescued hound and twice for certificates of health for travel to the US. I would not recommend this vet clinic to anyone, too many things went wrong and I never felt that either vet really listened to me even though they seemed very caring everytime we went in. There were just too many visits, too many meds, too many mistakes for me to ever trust them again.
By thefin on May 01, 2009
i have been using Dr. Mollard for 35 years and he loves animals with a passion. i would recommend him and Dr Passica as they are both great.
By kisl on Apr 10, 2009
Dr. Mollard was completely professional, an excellent vet, and an obvious animal lover. This other review is ridiculous.

I brought my cat there to be spayed and she recovered very well. They treated her with the utmost care. I was recommended to him by a good friend, cat lover, and Humane Society volunteer who has 2 cats, including a special needs cat who is blind. She has seen him for years, as he is a fantastic vet.

Don't listen to that other crazy negative review! Your pets are in good care with Dr. Mollard.
By FaceKitty on Dec 19, 2008
Do not take your cat to a veterinarian named Dr. John Mollard at the Richmond Hill Veterinary Clinic in Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada. In short, he inserted a catheter up my cat's urethra and extracted urine from his bladder without anesthetic. And to make it worse, he took my cat to another room and wouldn't allow me to see what he was doing to my cat. All I could hear was my cat screaming. When my cat was returned to me, he couldn't walk and his breathing was raspy. Two signs that he had been roughly handled, I would even say, that kind of rough handling is torture . Just imagine what it would have been like if you were held down by people 10x your size and a catheter was shoved up your urethra with no pain killers by an old vet with shaky hands. Read the whole story at
I only gave this vet 1/2 a star, because I had to to submit my review, but I don't believe he deserves it. Don't take your pet to Richmond Hill Veterinary Clinic in Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada, Dr. Mollard's practices are out of date, crude and inhumane.
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