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Glebe Pet Hospital

595 Bank St, Ottawa, ON
26 reviews
Business claimed Last updated: 7 months ago
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M-F 8am-7pm, Sa 9am-2:30pm, Su Closed
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Glebe Pet Hospital, Ottawa Reviews (26)

26 reviews
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By Brendacrockatt on Apr 11, 2016
March 2016
I would like to thank all of the staff and Dr Hady(short form),for saving the life of my dog buddy.Buddy is a five year old applehead chuwuawa whom means the world to us.He got sick which we thought he had picked up a virus.Well,it turned out that his thyroid stopped working and then he went into liver failure. Five days intensive care, hooked up to IV fluids, numerous amounts of medication to save him.Dr. Hady is the most compassionate and down to earth person or vet that I have ever known. With genuine care and concern to get to the bottom of the issue that caused this health issue to begin with. The staff there at the glebe animal hospital are out of this world, thier full of knowledge ,compassion, care ,love for life and pass this on through thier care for the animals they care for.I fully trust them and thier decisions. Buddy thanks you ,and I thank you from the bottom of my heart for saving buddy and for his on going care.And also for the care of my other animals too,Daphne, Reily and Bella.They love you.Huggs and licks
By non-member112063 on Apr 07, 2016
Excellent vets, caring staff
I have been taking dogs to The Glebe Pet Hospital for 6 years, and have had nothing but the best and most caring service there. The vets know their stuff, and more, they know about special needs animals and how to gentle them and make them feel at ease. Dr. Fattah, the boss vet, is clear and straightforward, and his staff are always ready to do that little extra to make things work. It's small up front, but clean and spacious in the examining rooms, and no one rushes you through just for money. They take the time your animal needs to have.

Can't recommend them highly enough.
By tooley10 on Dec 31, 2015
Compassionate, decent and afforadable
Dr Fattah is the best vet that I have ever brought ALL of my rescues to.
He is a very kind and decent human being who actually cares about animals
He does not over charge like most vets do. All of the staff at the hospital are great and have always been courteous and pleasant.
By non-member90959 on Aug 27, 2015
Awesome service
Dr. Fattah treated recently our 2 cats as they had tape worms and one had dhiarrea as well. He was really kind in the way he dealt with the cats, treated them, gave us additional meds to take home and all of that at a very reasonable price. We couldn't be happier. We're in the process of taking in a stray cat and will surely take her Dr. Fattah.
By non-member89988 on Jul 17, 2015
great experience
I've been taking my dog Charlie to this vet for 5 years now as well as my other pets that I've had. Today Charlie had some dental work and they were very kind and loving with him. I've been to other vets and this is the only one he feels comfortable in. Usually the price for dental is crazy expensive in ottawa but when the bill was ready I was shocked how little it actually was. I recommend this vet
By non-member89793 on Jul 11, 2015
Dr. Fattah is an exceptional vet
I highly recommend the Glebe Pet Hospital for Dr. Fattah. My pets have been seeing him for 12 years now. His rates are very reasonable, and he is extremely kind to my pets and myself. When we had our cat put down at home, he came at the end of our workday. He was extremely patient and let us take our time putting her down as we said goodbye. I highly recommend him.
By non-member84720 on Apr 08, 2015
Unprofessional Support Staff
I would not recommend the Glebe Pet Hospital because of the support staff and the physical set up of the clinic.
I was waiting to hear if a medication had come in for my cat. I am fortunate I have call display, as I would not have known otherwise if The Glebe Pet Hospital had called. The support staff told me I did not have an answering machine, so she thought she would hang up and let me figure out that she had called. I do have an answering machine, it activates itself after 6 rings. I complained to the vet at my next appointment. I do not know if my complaint was addressed.

I have 2 cats. One of them was ill, and was coughing which I clearly told the support staff. When the vet saw him, she asked how his constipation was. I was appalled at this mix up.

The set up of the reception area is not conducive to privacy. When I have picked up medication or had to pay for my cats appointment, there is often another customer standing next to me who can hear what is being said.

Overall I like Dr. Fattah, however, he frequently has interns or volunteers join him on appointments. He has never introduced them to me, or asked me if it was okay for them to be part of my cats appointments. He was not always clear on what was wrong with my cat, and what treatment was required. I would have to be assertive and ask the support staff to get him to re explain to me.

Dr. Levesque is much better at explanations. However, I do not think the support staff listen to her, as I overheard Dr. Levesque telling one of the support staff something, and, in my opinion the support staff was lippy with her. Told her why she had done it the way Dr. Levesque asked her not to. Incidentally this is the support staff who did not leave me a voicemail that my cats med was in, and said she thought I would figure out, any way that she had called.

Finally the clinic comes across as being unsterile.

I would not recommend this clinic to others.
By non-member84211 on Mar 18, 2015
Cat died from routine procedure
My mom and I brought our healthy cat there for a check up and shots. She was deemed healthy and ready to get spayed. She had the surgery and ended up forming blood clots in her uterus and to be opened up again, she died shortly after that. They refunded us some money, but never took responsibility. Plus the actual vet never looked at my cat when I brought her in after she was bleeding. Very upset.
Comment by Ellanueve on Oct 03, 2015
Which doctor performed the surgery?
By non-member82163 on Feb 14, 2015
Dr. Fattah is an exception vet - and human being
Dr. Fattah has provided great service to our 2 dogs. But above and beyond this, we have been present when other pet owners, who could not afford vet bills for their beloved pets, tried to pay him for emergency treatments with money they could ill afford. Those people ended up NOT PAYING ANYTHING if they clearly couldn't afford it. That is a vet who truly loves animals. I just hope people don't take advantage of his generosity when they read this post.
By non-member62786 on Sep 03, 2013
Dr. Fattah is the best animal doctor in the world!
I have been to many vets in my life, and Dr. Fattah can diagnose an animal the fastest! He is kind and generous and his expertise is evident the way he touches and examines the animal. He is the only vet I trust to work with my animals. He once stayed on past 6pm and waiting while I arrived at 6:30pm with my almost dying cat (bad pyrometra) he calmed me and my precious cat down, and immediately dealt with the situation. He prompty and kindly dealt with my emergency without charging me a insane emergency fee. He is and amazing vet, and an amazing man. I would and have recommended him to many!
By non-member59021 on May 25, 2013
Amazing Service
Dr. Fattah and his staff were very nice and tried their absolute best to help me understand exactly what they planned to do with my cat. My cat was very comfortable around him while he checked her out. He gave her the rabies shot with ease and she didn't show any signs of pain. He even taught me that cats get acne.
I plan on bringing my second cat to him to get all of her procedures done.
Great Vet, Friendly staff, friendly environment, great prices.
Advice: Go in with as much knowledge of your pet and possible problems as your brain can hold. Ask questions until you are comfortable and remain friendly. If you don't go in like an idiot, they won't treat you like an idiot.
By non-member57145 on Apr 04, 2013
I like Glebe Pet Hospital
I have been going there for many years and know Dr. Fattah as a kind, generous, honest man and an exceedingly competent vet. I never hesitate to refer the clinic.
By non-member53994 on Jan 14, 2013
Really Appreciate Dr Fattah
After dealing with several clinics over the past 30 or more years, I can say Dr. Fattah is the only vet I have met that I didn't feel was a digging for gold. Also I have found him to be extremely competent, fair and generous.
I'm sorry if others have not had the same great experiences I have but I highly recommend him and his staff.
By non-member53995 on Jan 14, 2013
Really Appreciate Dr Fattah
After dealing with several clinics over the past 30 or more years, I can say Dr. Fattah is the only vet I have met that I didn't feel was a digging for gold. Also I have found him to be extremely competent, fair and generous.
I'm sorry if others have not had the same great experiences I have but I highly recommend him and his staff.
By bonesnme on Dec 21, 2012
Stay away!
Dr. Fattah treated me so badly today, I was in tears! A month ago, I went in for my cat's first set of shots. At the end of the appointment, we discussed having him neutered and getting his booster. I was going to make two separate visits for these two procedures. He explained to me that I should combine them in one visit to save money. So I asked "Do I still need to pay for a physical for the Booster, seeing as how he will be getting neutered at the same time?" And he said no. Today, when I called to confirm everything, it turns out I would have to pay for a physical. I explained to him that this is not what we discussed, and that I only budgeted for the cost without a physical. He then proceeded to accuse me of lying, and said I should have just told him I have "financial issues" instead of making up a story to get a lower price. He then said he doesn't want to do business with me and cancelled my appointment for tomorrow. He said to go find another vet because he will not help me and called me a thief.

I couldn't believe it. I wasn't trying to get out of paying for a service, I would trying to clarify how we got to such a misunderstanding and trying to find it if I could make an arrangement to pay the amount I didn't budget for at a latter date. He kept telling me I'm making things up. I got off the phone crying, feeling like garbage.

I called back and spoke to his secretary, who'd overheard the entire conversation. She felt really bad for me and kept apologizing but saying that she doesn't own the clinic so there's nothing she can do. She said their guard is high up because many people call and try to scam them into not paying wheat they should. It's too bad he decided to profile me as a "thief"... cause I really was not lying. She offered to speak to Dr. Fattah and see if he would change his mind... but after being called a liar, I don't know how I could ever show my face their again.

By far, the worst customer service experience I have ever had my entire life.
By non-member45292 on Jun 04, 2012
Low Standards
In general this "hospital" in a dingy, dirty litter smelling clinic with unexperienced staff. I read other reviews online after my bad experience and was surprised to see that the Vet is a man. This would mean that there were no vets present during my visit. hence..lack of experience.

The attendant helping my pet seemed nervous and unsure. She tried 3 different times and left bloodied gauze on the floor instead of placing it in the trash bin. She also opened a siringe, placed in on the floor and later used it on my pet. I'm not an expert but i'm pretty sure this kind of stuff would get a human hospital shut down in a second.

I hope that people who read these know that they have a choice in where they take their animals. Don't feel you "have" to go here. I came from a different city and truly was shocked at the low standards and surprised this place is able to stay in business.
By non-member41218 on Mar 11, 2012
Dr. Fattah and his staff are THE BEST!!!
I think its a shame that some people think its ok to post slander about places that they've had bad expereinces. I know that Dr. Fattah and his clinic's staff have always treated me and my pets with respect and courtesy. I appreciate his no-nonsense manner and honesty. I have seen some of his clients take advantage of him and his time, and I really regret that. He is a kind and generous vet and people who think otherwise need to go elsewhere and stop wasting his time and resources. Please leave him to help the people and their pets who deserve it!
By non-member37622 on Dec 09, 2011
Dr Fattah is great
Dr Fattah was fantastic with my sisters animals (dog and cat) so after my cat (and I) were traumatized at Beechwood Veterinarian we switched to the Glebe.

Dr Fattah's sure touch and calm demeanor has worked wonders with my cat.
By injustice49 on Jul 31, 2011
Dr. H.Fattah Killed Our Pet
We recently moved to Ottawa. Brought our guinea pig there for a routine textbook filing which our old vet used to do successfully every time. Without this filing our pet can eat and survive another year. Within 4 days our pet was dead. The vet claimed pre-existing condition without any supporting documentation and he would refund nothing. These guys are incompentent, rip-off quacks: they can't perform a basic life saving procedure, they will do "something" anyway knowing your pet will die, and keep the money. If you love your pet, do not take it to this clinic.
By applebottom on Aug 29, 2010
Consistently poor service
I've seen two vets at this hospital, Dr. Knight and Dr. Fattah, and both were a let down. Dr. Knight was confrontational, presumptuous, and loath to listening. Dr. Fattah makes decisions and conducts procedures without fully explaining what they will do, why they are necessary, or how much they will cost. Furthermore, when I tried to provided a possible explanation for symptoms presented by my cat, I was told to call an external service because he didn't have time to follow up every issue. Great, thanks.

In addition to the frigid service from the vets, at every visit (5 in total) the front desk staff sat and talked about their personal lives and other clients, including those who they had a difficult time with, etc.

Disappointment is an understatement. I gave them a second chance because I thought I got them on a bad day, and I went back because it was an emergency. The bottom line is this: if you're looking for a warm environment where the staff with work with you, this isn't the place.
By non-member18972 on May 25, 2010
highly reccommended
I think this vet is fantastic, he isn't expensive at all compared to other ones. He gives students and 10% discount and offers very good prices compared to our previous vet. Also once we had an unexpected ear infection, we hadn't budgeted for it and he was nice enough to give us a 25% discount instead. I highly suggest him. Very friendly staff.
By non-member16767 on Feb 24, 2010
Wonderful Staff & Happy Cat
I transferred my cat from the Ottawa Veterinary Hospital to the Glebe Pet Hospital as the first was very expensive (although good). Glebe Pet Hospital was a lot less expensive and they took great care of my cat. My vet was professional and direct and the staff were friendly. I'll definitely take my cat back.
By Xanderharris on Jan 25, 2010
Great people great price
Not sure about those last two reviews I had brought my cat in when he was near death when we found him in a abandoned barn we brought him to this place and they set us up with meds and later on in the year we got him his shots and got him fixed there. Great staff and great price
By gbukacheski2 on Jan 22, 2010
Save Yourself Heartache!
I'm writing this to save someone else the heartbreaking experience I had. My cat was sick and I brought him here and unfortunately it led to having to put him down. First off, the vet was very insensitive to this difficult decision, then he BOTCHED THE PROCEDURE. Did you read that properly? He had to send the assistant out of the room to fetch another syringe while my poor cat was obviously in pain from the first one. This happened years ago and it still haunts me just as strongly.
I'm writing this now because last night I had to drive a friend to my current vet, because she was also a Glebe client and had brought her elderly cat there with one problem, and the next night (last night) had to bring him and have him put down because of another problem. Coincidence? Regardless, nothing may happen to you, but on the off chance it does, why not choose different vet? You don't want to be haunted as I am.
I'd put '0' stars if i could.
By neverthisaga on Sep 09, 2009
Awful Experience!
Went there once, and found it's awful! The worst experience ever, spent a lot money for not necessary exams. Vet always want you to buy new pet food there. First time ever felt an animal hospital like petsmart. Also, it's hard to understand what the vet were talking about, I even need to come back home to figure out my pet's problems. Waste my time and money there. If you would like to find a new/good vet, try somewhere else. This is not the place I would like to go back again even if I were living next door to vet. I rather to go somewhere else.
Either the beechwood animal hospital is not a good place. No need to call them! (I wish I could just leave half star here, too bad, I could leave one star, i don't think they deserve even just ONE star)
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