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Beechwood Animal Hospital

266 Beechwood Ave, Vanier, ON
19 reviews
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Beechwood Animal Hospital, Vanier Reviews (19)

19 reviews
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By Prabs on Jul 08, 2017
... this place - no thanks!
No, I won't be bringing my furry companion back to the Beechwood Animal Hospital.

I'll make this brief and not waste more precious time:

* there is lack of communication between vet and vet tech's
* vet techs should not be undermining the vet decision without discussion
* it would be nice for some of the vet tech's to learn how to Not belittle dog owners knowingness of their own furry companion
* much too quick in prescribing meds without considering all consequences
* lack of communication with regards to side effects and symptoms of medications
* lack of awareness when treating side effects and symptoms of previous meds leads to further medication being given - which then of course results in worsening side effects and symptoms
* lack of awareness when it comes to options concerning peoples financial status
* unneccessarily expensive
Comment by gracefullikeagazelle on Mar 08, 2018
Your review holds no merit unless you back it up with facts not unsubstantiated accusations. Such slanderous comments could end you up facing slander charges.
BTW it's vet techs NOT vet tech's. I am a veterinary technologist and I can state from experience and confidence in my professional peers that no vet tech would undermine or criticize their vet's decisions. That would result in loss of employment and a poor reputation in the field. Vet techs are a dime a dozen and are easily replaced. We don't mess around with our employers or our patients for fear of reprisal. Plus, we respect veterinarians more than anyone, be they an employer or not. Obviously no one is perfect and we all have opinions but not to the degree which you write about. Calm down and think about what really happened.
By non-member105453 on Mar 01, 2016
Very Happy Client
I have a male rescue cat named Hudson and he needed to be neutered. I shopped around and everywhere else in Ottawa were charging $400.00 or more. I moved in just down the street from the Beechwood Animal clinic called and got Hudson an appointment within the week. The staff were amazing I was very nervous leaving my beloved pet, but the vet that was doing his surgery as well as the staff kept me informed all day. They also knew that I had recently left my job and could not afford expensive procedures so they only charged me $100.00 to neuter him. Hudson is a very healthy happy cat and I reccomend Beechwood Animal clinic to all of my friends and family. I will continue to be a client.
By non-member102923 on Jan 20, 2016
Don't go here!
My husband called to find out pricing to euthanize our dog. We chose this location because their website states they have a "quiet room" where they do the procedure. We (wrongly) assumed this would be a non-medical room where we could hold our pet during the procedure. It ended up being just a regular exam room. Since we weren't regular clients our dog also had to have a check up before they would euthanize her. My husband went alone for the check up and walked out paying a $520 bill (the check up was supposed to be $75). The vet said we had a really healthy older dog (she was 15) but that she needed a urine test, a wellness test and a cardiac test. The vet also said she had a heart murmer. My husband also commented on her behaviour, stating that she was distancing herself from the family. The vet suggested we give her medication to balance out her hormones (more $$). Once my husband came home with the bill, I called the vet right away and asked him to cancel all the tests. They had already preformed the Urine test but he cancelled the remaining tests. The Urine test came back as a UTI along with protein in the urine (most likely a kidney issue). The vet then explained that it would be 6 weeks of antibiotics along with more tests for her kidneys (but this was a "healthy dog"). I cancelled all the tests and booked the euthanization for a few days later and the vet tried to make me feel guilty that we didn't want to spend thousands of dollars on our 15 y/o pet. The day of the euthanization went according to plan and the female vet we saw that day was amazing and compassionate with the care of our pet. The money that my husband paid on the first visit was refunded minus the cost of the euthanization. I would not recommend this vet to anyone that didn't have money. They play on your emotions (telling my husband we had a healthy dog after putting tons of $$ into her so we wouldn't have to put her down). The point of the original appointment was to book the euthanization, which the vet knew, but most likely saw h ow much my husband loved our dog and took advantage of the situation.
By rubi0015 on Jul 14, 2015
Beechwood Animal Hospital is very Compassionate and Caring
Unfortunately on Saturday, July 11, 2015 we lost a family member, our beloved dog, Kobe. We took him into the Beachwood Animal Hospital that day and the staff were so caring and comforting when we had to put him to sleep. They really cared about our feelings towards him and made the last few seconds of his life as comfortable as possible for all of us. They let us take all the time in the world to say goodbye. I want to say thank to all the staff that day at the Beachwood Animal Hospital for being so terrific to us and would recommend you to go there when you need help. .
By non-member89796 on Jul 11, 2015
Not recommended
We had been a loyal client for many years. Our cat required urgent care and they turned us away because they were all booked for the day. They couldn't squeeze us in. They only take scheduled appointments. If you have a pet emergency don't expect them to take you-they'll just refer to go elsewhere. We changed vet clinic in Nepean and happy we did so!
By lostmyboy on Jun 09, 2014
they are one scam away from.. Obama.
They dont care about your pets only the $$$ they can suck you into paying. Would rather i give my best friend to the s.p.c.a to have him killed then just give him a refill of his anti biotics..I have to kill my dog becuase they want 85 $ FOR VET FEE..

Comment by gracefullikeagazelle on Mar 08, 2018
That is the most inaccurate and hurtful comment you could make about a veterinary clinic. Of course they care about their patients and their patients owners. And stating that you had to kill your best friend because you couldn't afford the $85 vet fee begs this question: Why do you own a pet if you can't afford to care for it? You are the type of pet owner who is responsible for tens of thousands of pet abandonments, surrenders and euthnasias in this country. SHAME ON YOU SIR.
By non-member68753 on Feb 13, 2014
My two chihuahuas have been coming here for 11 years
I will never go anywhere else, the prices are reasonable in comparison to everywhere else, as well they've always diagnose my dogs correctly and were always able to prescribe the right antibiotics recommended. I've honestly never had to wait even during a last minute urgency.

I think the ones who gave this place negative reviews are just negative people in general or just had that one bad experience. It happens!
By non-member65833 on Nov 15, 2013
Great Place/Caring People
I have been going to Beechwood Animal Hospital for many years. The vets there have looked after 2 of our dogs and 2 of our cats. I have found them to (generally) be very caring and kind and I would not think of going anywhere else. I have dealt with 3 of the women vets and have liked each of them very much. All have taken the time to look into my pets' health issues and often have gone above and beyond their basic duties. I would (and do) recommend Beechwood Animal Hospital!
By non-member63513 on Sep 25, 2013
Hard Sell Tactics, Crazy-High Prices
They book too many clients and you're always facing a long wait. And one vet in particular is a very "hard sell" in terms of getting you to agree to services and products that you didn't ask for and aren't necessarily needed. For us, it was a very expensive surgery and he was dead-set against us getting a second opinion on whether it was necessary -- if we had to, he said, he'd recommend a second opinion from the guy who would actually be doing/profiting from the surgery. Bizarre.

Have had animals and dealt with vets for 30 years and have never faced such a hard sell as I have faced here.
Comment by wlp on Jan 30, 2014
We apologize for the negative experience with one of our veterinarians. We encourage our clients to contact our office manager directly with such concerns so we can solve any communication errors, misunderstandings or true mistakes. We will definitely compensate you if there was any test done without your consent as it is our policy to give written estimates to clients before any work is done. Tests sometimes need to be repeated since their usefulness is time sensitive. We generally recommend second opinions with board certified specialists versus getting another opinion from a general practitioner. We understand pet care can be quite expensive as the quality and thoroughness of veterinary care has increased now that pets are considered more members of the family and people generally want the best for their pets. We offer what we consider the best care option and will modify that based on client economics and preferences, but our pricing policy we think is quite competitive: All our prices are no more than 85% of the Ontario Veterinary Medical Association fee guidelines in Ontario and many as low as 70% (official guidelines available to compare in our reception). Please contact us so we can remedy this situation. Thank you.
By bdkm on Oct 03, 2012
My dog Katie and I have been going to Beechwood for over 6 years now
I find the prices are fair if not very reasonable especially if I look at what things cost me when I needed to take my dog to an emergency hospital. Beechwood doesn’t seem to have much turnover cause I’ve been seeing the same girls for the past 6 years. The vets do a thorough exam of my pets, asking about changes and sensitive to my frequent mony concerns. They tell me honestly what is best and then break down my options on an estimate telling me what is most important. I’m reminded over again that they seem to really care about my pet. I never get the impression they are money hungry. For example I got quoted $650 once for a dentistry on my previous cat Samantha when I lived in Toronto. When I moved here and got a second opinion at Beechwood. The vet looked in her mouth and told me an anesthetic wasn’t really necessary yet. With some hand instruments their technician removed the mild tartar buildup on Samantha’s teeth in just a few minutes. I paid $55 instead!! The vet could have easi;y confirmed the Toronot price and say cut off $100 to make me feel good. Recently I cam in with Katie due to what I thought was a hip problem I’ve been self treating for a while with glucosamine. The vet found instead that she has a lower back problem, wrist and elbow problems. I’ve been treating it with the new laser therapy they have now and have seen an amazing response. My 12 year old dog is better than she has been in 2 years! She can now do some agility and go up and down stairs normally! Interestingly I noted on their window they ar offering stem cell therapy for arthritis now too, but that’s way about of my budget right now.
By non-member38609 on Jan 08, 2012
Bad prices and unable to find any problem. I had to self diagnose my 10 yr. old dog with arthritis and self prescribe glucosamine after the vet ran a bunch of expensive tests and came up with no diagnosis for his chronic pain. They also prescribed a $100 a bottle pain killer which turns out to be the equivalent of tylanol. Better look elsewhere.
By bassetluv on Apr 19, 2011
Not great for exotics
A few years ago I took a young rabbit who was suffering from diarrhea to Beechwood Animal Hospital. The rabbit was a pet-store purchase by a family member (note: do not buy animals from pet stores!); he was too young to be weaned, and he was sick. So I called Beechwood to take him in, as I couldn't find another place available at the time. On the phone I asked if they had experience with rabbits there and was assured that yes, the attending vet took care of 'hundreds' of rabbits.

When I walked into the clinic, however, the receptionist squealed with delight at seeing my rabbit, stating, 'Oh, we never ever get rabbits here!' That was my first clue that something wasn't right. So when the vet was ready to see him, I took the bunny in. He took his temperature (it was low), checked his skin (somewhat dehydrated) and then checked the stool, which was soft and runny...definitely not good. But then the vet said, 'Oh, he's getting better already, see?' and pointed out one partially formed 'bunny ball' (fecal matter). Then he recommended I give him some yogurt drops (full of sugar, would make the condition worse) and told me he was fine. I asked him to culture the stool to test for bacteria, etc., and was told he didn't need it. The little bunny died the next morning.

This was the second bad incident I had with this clinic, and I'll never be back.
By rudeboy on Mar 19, 2011
I was a walk-in looking for (non-prescription) veterinary glucosamine tablets for my 12 yo dog because I was almost out and my regular vet was out as well. After asking if I was a prior client - (no) - I was told that they didn't carry it. I asked what difference it would have made if I was a prior client and was told they could look up if I had bought it from them before (even though, of course, they don't carry it).

It strikes me as odd that a full on vet hospital would not carry such a common product. What do they do for clients with creaky older dogs? Not sure what was going on but clearly they did not want my money and the unhelpful attitude of the girl at the desk ensured that I would never be a regular client.
By non-member28809 on Mar 19, 2011
not very nice
I showed up as a walk-in looking for non-prescription veterinary glucosamine tablets for my 12 yo dog because I was almost out and my regular vet was out of stock. Upon finding out that I was not a regular, the girl at the desk claimed they did not have glucosamine. When I asked why it mattered if I was a previouus patient, she said it was to see if they had sold me it before. Not sure if she was just dumb and did not know what I was talking about but strikes me as odd that vet hospital would not carry such a common product. Clearly, they did not want my money and the attitude it was all delivered with ensured that I will never be a regular.
By carlosmelos on Mar 05, 2011
Beware of high prices!
They will get the most of your money! They always put pressure on you by playing with your emotions and they tag everything with a nice big fat price. It's important to understand that any vet will do the same procedures but shop around...and we live 2 minutes away!

For example, declawing a cat will cost you 325$ but at another animal hospital it's the same price but they will spay or neuter the cat as well.

To have the cat spayed at beechwood- the estimate was 640$ ----seriously!!!!
By non-member28332 on Mar 05, 2011
Worst prices! Beware!!!!
They Will get the most of your money they can! They always put you pressure with emotion and they tag everything with a price that end up with a big total!
By deemac80 on Nov 02, 2010
This is got to be the most ridiculously priced vet yet!
I called to get my male cat fixed and she told me I was looking at $260 to start. Take your pet to the Spay & Neuter clinic, they are really nice and treat you like gold and your pet too!! DO NOT GO HERE! My dog has a cough and I live 2 minutes away and I would gladly travel to the moon rather then take my dog there.
By middle66 on Oct 12, 2010
Incompetent and Overpriced
I have taken my cat there for about 4 years and decided that I had enough. It seemed to me all that all they care about is making money and don't give a hoot about the health of my pet while playing with owner's emotions. My cat needed to have an operation, but a series of very expensive tests were required beforehand just to make sure he'd survive. Also, he was diagnosed with a heart murmur, but became skeptical after discovering that other patients of the same clinic had murmus too. What are the odd that 7 out of 7 people had pets with murmurs? So I took my cat to another clinic for his annual check-up and guess what? The vet with 30+ years of experience told me he didn't have one. Also, the costs were much lower. So I highly suggest to take your pets elsewhere.
By ottawazoe on Jun 02, 2009
Beechwood Animal Hospital - So-so
I've been to this vet several times, and have not been impressed. Waiting times are often long. The vets are nice and competent but I don't appreciate him staring at my chest! When our cat was very sick and ultimately died I felt that we were taken advantage of. Other vets have told me that jaundiced cats rarely recover and I would have had her put down at that time had I known, but we paid for many more inconclusive and resultless tests and medicines. I do not plan on returning.
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