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Bowhill Animal Clinic

2820 Victoria Park Ave, North York, ON
12 reviews
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Bowhill Animal Clinic, North York Reviews (12)

12 reviews
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By Afzal Qureshi on Sep 09, 2020
I found the staff at Bowhill Clinic to be exceptionally friendly, caring, and professional. Dr Farid took special interest in the welfare of my now-deceased cat, Captain. My Captain had been diagnosed with lymphoma and a tumour. A few days after the diagnosis, but before her chemo therapy could begin, I wanted to see a vet urgently because Captain had become very weak and had stopped eating. Dr Farid examined Captain on a short notice and even force-fed her on my behalf. He did not charge me for this emergency visit despite my insistence. A few days later, I again took her to the Bowhill Clinic for an emergency visit before taking her to the Animal Emergency Hospital, which was much farther away. Dr Farid quickly examined her and told me that she was dying and should either be euthanized right then or taken to a hospital immediately. I was not ready to say goodbye to my Captain yet, so I opted for the latter. Again, he did not bill me for this visit and instead told me to hurry to the Animal Emergency Hospital. My Captain was pronounced dead on her arrival at the hospital, but I will never forget the kindness and empathy shown by the staff at Bowhill Clinic. I highly recommend this clinic and Dr Farid to any pet owner who is searching for a caring vet.
By Blue Shark on Oct 15, 2016
Worst vet clinic in the city. I am a long term customer who travels 45 minutes just to go there. I drove down to get a refill on the prescription THEY had prescribed to me the last time I was there for my cats. Because they did not keep adequate records of medication THEY prescribed and the weekend vet was in instead of my regular vet, they REFUSED to refill the medication. We wasted 45 min getting there...30mins arguing with them and an hour driving home in traffic. Ridiculous... taking my business elsewhere.
By Cardinal Cockroach on May 13, 2016
I have taken 2 dogs to this clinic and very happy with the clinic for 15 years.
By caronridge on Feb 23, 2016
I have seen both vets Dr. Hertel and Dr Rappaport, they are the most caring vest I have seen in a long time. I had a dog who passed away 2 years ago, he was 17 years old. We were at another clinic in Markham. We now have 2 morkie puppies, one of them got sick and they have been nothing but amazing with my family and with my puppies. They care and follow up with in hours of getting home with a sick puppy, they even called the next day to see how it was going. As for the fees, they are very comparable and actually gave me great advise over the phone, other clinics would just say you need to come in and we would be charged a consultation fee. I would recommend this clinic. As for some comments on the cleanliness of the office reception, what animal clinic does not have pet hair everywhere.
By Cerulean Sheep on Feb 16, 2016
We've been customers of this clinic for about 7 years now. We've dealt exclusively with Dr.Rappaport, and she has been nothing but amazing in dealing with our issues. We have an 8 year old cat who has had various issues over the years, one specifically dealing with her kidney. Our cat is not the easiest to deal with. She is very aggressive at the clinic, barely lets us handle her, and I know if I was the one trying to evaluate her it would be a struggle. Dr.R and her team never complain, they take her in each time and review her, and spend time talking to us to set our minds at ease. There has also been times because of her kidney issue we call day of to set up and appointment and ask to come in. They always make time to see us, and if there is nothing immediately wrong with our cat and we're simply overreacting (or they cannot even get close to evaluate her) they send us on our way without charge. Dr.R doesn't just jump at the chance to rack up charges, she goes step by step in her evaluation and makes she to rule our the minor concerns first before moving to the more invasive and more expensive procedures. She discovered our cat's kidney disorder by simple blood tests and monitoring at the clinic. I understand everyone's experience is different but rest assured if you bring your pet here you will receive a caring, experienced, and financially conscious opinion.
By Sveta on Apr 01, 2014
I have switched clinics too and it was the best desicion I have made with respect to my pet. Dr. Ann Rappaport was Not concerned about my dog, she is a two faced lying bitch, she overcharge for services, you can't trust her if you are a new client because she will say anything to get you for her overpriced services!!!
They don't Care, have No Compassion or love for our pets!!!
The desk receptionist are rude too.
By Rose Raccoon on Dec 21, 2012
We took our dog and cat for a check up at Bowhill for the first time. The receptionist was nice and friendly,the vet was very professional and quick with her job. she didnt try to get us pay for extra service or products. she listened to what we had to say and was very helpful with giving us tips to prevent further problems. The place is not dirty at all. We found it small and cozy!
By Fuchsia Haddock on Aug 27, 2012
I've been a client of Bowhill for over 10 years. I can't believe Rappaport was rude unless she was spoken to that way by the individual who complained. I've had a disagreement with her and she listened even though she didn't completely agree. Some people get back what they give.

I've found Rappaport to be a competent and caring Vet who often does more than she charges for. That's a nice and reasonably rare extra.
By Amaranth Sugar-Glider on Jan 24, 2012
Completely agree with former comment, this clinic is very, very DIRTY and Rapaport is rude, so is one of her PART-TIME receptionists who really thinks she is a vet herself and knows just about everything there is to know about animal issues and concerns, SO why on earth is she she working as a receptionist? Would never use them again. Veterinary clinics need to be regulated and inspected!!
Comment by Svetlan161 on Apr 01, 2014
I agree with all you said. I have switched clinics too and it was the best desicion I have made with respect to my pet. Dr. Ann Rappaport was Not concerned about my dog, she is a two faced lying bitch, she overcharge for services, you can't trust her if you are a new client because she will say anything to get you for her overpriced services!!!
They don't Care, have No Compassion or love for our pets!!!
The desk receptionist are rude too.
By zzz86 on Jan 14, 2012
she is just overall a better, more helpful vet. she will explain things better than the other vet/s working there.
By Upset123 on Apr 05, 2010
I had been taking my dog to Bowhill for a couple of years and had dealt with Dr. Rappaport for most issues. She once told me that my dog had an enlarged heart and after forking over $1,000 at a specialty ultrasound clinic for dogs, I was told that an enlarged heart was 100% normal for the breed of dog I owned.

I found that she never took the time to listen, would always interrupt anything I would say and was extremely rude in her responses to me. I have heard many other people complain about same type of poor attitude from her. Also, I understand that it's a pet clinic but there was never a clean seat in the waiting room, everything was covered in hair and I would stand and wait each time I went there. They are still using a paper billing system, nothing is electronic (they don't even have interac). I have also heard from other veterinarians that the anesthesia that they use on the pets there is an older formulation that only few clinics in Toronto still use and there are many more risks associated with it than the newer type formulation. I pulled my dog from that clinic and have found a much better place for her.
Comment by UncleDass on Aug 18, 2010
I seriously don't know where you get your anesthetic information from !!
Did you ASK them what sort of anesthetic they use ?
I have & they said they use Isoflurane, isn't that what EVERY clinic uses ?
I've always found Dr. Rapoport to be very helpful to me & my dogs & cats, I've NEVER felt her to be rude as you claim.
Did you ever think that maybe she was concerned about your pet ? And wanted to let you know you have an option to go looked into ?
As for the hair on the chairs in the waiting room,COME ONNNN ....It's a Veterinary Clinic, you know's & cat's = H A I R !!!
I don't know about you but I've been paying with debit/visa since they got it a few years ago, probably since 2004 !!

Get your FACTS straight before you decide to "bash" someone !!!!
Comment by Upset123 on Aug 19, 2010
I don't care what you know or frankly what you think about my experience. Now that I have switched clinics, I have realized it was and still is the best desicion I have made with respect to my pet. I have been able to compare service levels between the two and frankly there is no comparison. Dr. Rappaport was concerned about my pet having a enlarged heart? That's fine if they are not supposed to have one, but she clearly did not know what was going on. When I took my pet downtown to the ultrasound clinic, the doctor said that whoever recommended this clearly has no clue, not to mention it costs $1,000. As far as hair on the seats are concerned, yes it is a vet clinic, but it's not a zoo. I don't need to go the dry cleaners everytime I visit a vet.
Now if you don't mind spending your money for no particular reason, and having hair all over your clothes, with terrible customer service then by all means Dr. Rappaport is definitely the vet for you.

In addition, it was a nightmare switching clinics, as they would not return phone calls when asked to transfer my pets medical history. I am not alone with my experiences as I have friends with similar stories and they have also switched since and are all happy with their new clinics.

Just an awful experience, its my opinion and i am fully entitled to it, as you are to yours.
By Amanda on Mar 12, 2009
We love this clinic! The staff here are amazing! Very friendly! And super quick when it comes to stuff like clipping nails (our puppy hates that part). We will be long time clients at Bowhill!
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