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Westhills Veterinary Clinic

276 Stewart Green SW, Calgary, AB
17 reviews
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Westhills Veterinary Clinic, Calgary Reviews (17)

17 reviews
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By Blue Tick on Feb 04, 2014
I travel a lot, my dog has seen 6 or 7 diff vets in several cities. My dog was prone to kidney disease and when he was 3 years old I was told by a vet in Vancouver that he would be lucky to live to the age of 5. Dr O'Connor has been largely responsible for the fact that he lived to 14 years. Dr O'Connor is no-nonsense, to the point and lays out the options succinctly.
I have spoken to other Vets in Calgary who tell me that Dr O'Connor is one of the finest vets in Canada and I believe it because I have seen the proof of it.
By Scott on Nov 13, 2013
I am AMAZED at the negative comments I've seen about this clinic. They cared for our dog for her entire life (11 years), and the service, level of knowledge, and compassion was beyond compare. Dr. O'Connor was our primary vet, and we can't speak highly enough of her. She is amazing! The rest of the staff are excellent as well. You can't go wrong with this clinic! We'll be getting another dog soon and I wouldn't even consider going elsewhere.
By Cherry Husky on Aug 15, 2012
I have been going to this clinic for 3 years after a move from Saskatchewan. I have never had a bad experience at this vet clinic and the doctors are all so knowledgeable. I cannot believe how much time they give for appointments. At my previous vet, the appointments were 5 minutes if you were lucky and at this clinic, the doctor spent well over 25 minutes with me and my pet. I have been thoroughly impressed!
By Amethyst Tahr on Jun 08, 2012
When my little boy got sick, the staff and doctors at Westhills went above and beyond the call of duty to take care of Matty. They even gave me breaks on the cost of his care. Matty loved the doctors and staff for what they did for him during his short illness. They made him very comfortable until the very end. Unfortunetly, Matty passed away on March 26th at 3:44pm. He is in doggy heaven looking down on everyone now. Since Matty's passing, I have a new dog named Tucker & I did not hesitated as to what Vet he will go to. I would recommend Westhills Veternary Clinic anyday. Every chance I get I tell people about Westhills Vet and the marvoulous care they gave Matty. They are the best. Gail
By Maroon Bison on Apr 13, 2012
I'd follow this vet anywhere -- she's compassionate, empathetic, non-judgemental and open to discussion. She follows up and makes the pet her #1 priority which I appreciate.
By Cerulean Mountain-goat on Apr 04, 2012
I have been taking my dog here for 12.5 years, they have all been so fabulous with him, and they even know him by his 1st name which he loves. They have always been very friendly and have called to follow up after a visit. My dog now has a heart murmur and requires lots of dental work which at this point can be a risk. Dr. Broughton spent an hour talking me through the process, the risks, and the costs but didn't charge me for a full hour visit. She was very empathetic and reassuring. This clinic has never pushed anything on me, they provide the information, it's up to me to decide what's best for my dog. I recommend this clinic.
By Brown Goose on Dec 18, 2011
I've always taken my dachshund to Dr. Dimigen at Westhills - I've never had a problem with her. I can't really comment on prices or anything - I haven't got any other clinic to compare them to. I will say though that I, too, was pushed on the Science Diet thing, when I had wanted to switch my kiddo to Orijin. The only reason for this was, according to Dr. Dimigen, that because she was a CHS adoption, and they feed the dogs there Science Diet, that I should just stick to it if she seemed to like it and do well on it. She mentioned that Orijin worked well for some dogs, others not so much - I could try incorporating it into her food gradually to see if she liked it (she's picky and she didn't - oh well). Other than that, though, I'm really surprised at the comments on here, and actually a worried about my vet clinic choice...
By Brown Owl on Jul 21, 2011
We took our dogs there on their recommendation and were quoted a price of $700.00 for both pets. Seriously we left today with a $2,200 bill and no explanation or authorization to do work on them for the difference in price.


I am going to seek legal counsel and report these crooked Doctors to the Veterinary Society to them these cash grabbers investigated.
By sadie93 on Apr 18, 2011
I have always gone to this vet for my dog, and they were for some reason okay with me feeding my dog terrible grain, by-product, and chemical colouring and preservative filled food for 5 years. My dog's coat was dull, teeth were bad, and eyes were dull as well. When I finally came to my senses and started reasearching food I began with homemade cooked food which the vet was hesistant about and didn't help me one bit coming up with a recipe or anything. Then I tried Orijen, then the vet started talking, going on about it being so bad and that I should switch to science diet. I then said I didnt want to give my dog food with un-natural, un-healthy, and chemical ingredients in it and she just said dogs have evolved and its the best food for them. I said a very firm no way in hell, and she just huffed and said well as long as you dont feed raw. Going to a natural dog food store right after that I talked to the girl their who revealed the big companies like Proctor and Gamble (Iams) and Hills (science diet)are the ones who sponser vet's education in animal nutrition which is why they are so set on that shit 'food'. I now feed my dog raw, it has been 6 months since I started and her fur is soft, eyes are bright, teeth are almost white again, and she has a ton of energy. I haven't gone back to the vet yet, and am now looking for a holistic vetrinarian who actually know what they are talking about.

Last tid-bit, they also just pumped her full of vaccines for the five years, giving her every single one, I now realize that was terrible for her as well and regret agreeing to it.
Comment by ahtblanch on Jun 19, 2013
You would really trust a clerk at a store selling food who may or may not have their high school education rather than your Veterinarian who went to school for 8+ years?!! The pet food store clerk will tell you anything to get a sale.
Comment by ScottyBoy on Nov 13, 2013
I was astounded at the depth and breadth of knowledge the staff showed whenever we took our dog in. Not once did I feel that anyone at the clinic was offering advice that wasn't in the best interest of our pet.
By carliw on Mar 01, 2011
I cannot even BELIEVE that there are any negative remarks about the Westhills vet clinic. I have been taking my 2 cats there for 11 years and no matter whether they are in for routine shots or emergency service, I have received the utmost in care and support. They always treat my animals like they are their own. I would reccomend this vet clinic to anyone.
By Lava Anteater on Feb 07, 2011
I rushed in to this clinic without an appointment and barged the line after my dog had just been run over by a 1/2 ton truck with a cement mixer in tow! The tread marks were still on his back to prove it! They took my dog from me right away, no questions asked and took care of him right away. The Vet in charge, kept him for observation just to make sure he wouldn't go in to shock. My dog's pulse and blood pressures were a little high after the incident. I was more than pleased to hear that he was going to be okay and sheer adrenaline must have saved him without a scratch. I was only charged for a routine service appointment. Everyone was extremely helpful and even asked if they could call someone to pick me up for a safe drive home. I don't go anyplace else. Thank you Dr. Sinclair-Smith.
By Rockcityy on Aug 20, 2010
I recently moved to calgary and am trying to find a vet, and this is one i will never go to again.

I read the reviews before i went but thought that since there was only one negitive review out of 5 it can't be that bad, that person must be over reacting..

Well It was, My dog was lethargic, and wouldn't move with help, so I made an appointment (they had an opening for 2 hours from then) and we went in. When they saw her the staff looked generally concerned. The vet gave her a look over and some how determined that after a handful of tests she has low calcium (in her blood?)

She asked what I fed (Wellness) and she told me how that was next to garbage food! then suggested science diet!!! I was offended by this but told them I would consider it..

She gave me some medicine, and after a while started nagging me about how I shouldn't feed anythign other than their advertised brands. When I told her about how i've researched kibbles and how I know i'm feeding my dog right. She told me I wasn't capable of know 'what's right' for my dog because i'm not yet a vet. (i'm in my second year.. ha)

After just agreeing and buying a small bag of SD so she would stop saying i'm neglecting my dogs needs, and with some over priced meds. I went find that my dog was allergic to the meds and got 5x sicker.. going to her she said it was my food once again..

I went to a different vet and found out that my dog had autoimmune diease (after one blood test).. thanks for wasting almost $500 of my money..on things that didn't need to be tested for..
By Cherry Vampire-bat on Aug 12, 2010
I'm a teenager and since birth I've witnessed this amazing vet provide excellent care for my pets. I have a keen interest in studying vet medicine, and I believe that Dr. O'Conner has sparked this interest by showing me what the perfect vet is really like. Don't believe all the negative reviews, as they are probably biased in some way or even completly made up.
By Carmine Booby on Mar 24, 2010
I too have dealt with with Doctor for all of my animals 2cats,2dogs. She is very compassionate and caring. She explained all of care available, the costs etc in other words she was very thorough. When I finally had to make the awful decision to have my dog put down she was so gentle and caring and gave me all the time I needed and I have referred numerous people to her clinic. As for the staff they too went far beyond what many other clinics don't do not! I guess you can't please everyone. Bea R.
By fembot on Mar 24, 2010
Dr. O'Connor has been treating my dogs for years. She takes time that she probably doesn't have to make sure you understand everything about what is going on with your pet. Her love of animals is genuine and one needs only to meet her to see this.
I was shocked to see someone say such awful things about Dr. O'Conner in one of these reviews, and realize that it must be someone who was fired from the clinic and is being spiteful as the accusations are ridiculous.
I do not know any of the other vets at the clinic, nor do I think the general staff are extraordinary, but what I do know is that you cannot go wrong with Dr. O'Connor.
(BTW this is not an emergency clinic)
By ka1ns11e on Jan 15, 2010
I came to this vet clinic over the summer when my dog got sick. They got me in between appointments only when I started to cry that I couldn't get my dog into a clinic and she was seriously sick.
The vet was extremely rude to me because I never brought my dog in as soon as she got the diarrhea, Though she only had it for one day before she became lethargic and weak.
I recently moved and requested my file - even though the vet was rude to my face - I could never imagine the words I'd find on that file. Words like "Homo?" or "dried stool around anus - neglectance", "Family too busy for dog - made teenage daughter bring it in", "daughter uncaring and ignorant" this continues for about 1/5th of the page.

I will never return to this vet even if my pet was dying! I've had one bad experience here before, and I am so ashamed that ever went back!

Please for you or your pet, don't come here! You will be treated rudely and over charged. I could ramble about everything on my file, or my experiences here. If you do come here, I hope you get better service that I recieved..
By lhollo on Oct 06, 2009
I highly recommend this cliic. I took my cocker spaniel there with a major skin condition that 3 other vets could not diagnose or help with. with the help of the Westhills staff we were able to clear it up and add years onto my dogs life.
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