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The Morgentaler Clinic

727 Hillsdale Ave E, Toronto, ON
13 reviews
Business claimed Last updated: 6 days ago
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The Morgentaler Clinic, Toronto Reviews (13)

13 reviews
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By herahuq on Feb 23, 2018
I was 8 weeks pregnant when I went in for my procedure today. I knew It was the right decision for me at this time, however was very nervous and scared after reading the reviews online. I went in around 10am and was greeted by the security guard, a lovely, kind and caring man who gave me some forms to fill out while in the waiting room. These forms went over what to expect in the procedure and had a section to voice any concerns you may have. The counsellor then gets this form and reads it over with you, answering any questions you have. The counsellor takes her time when explaining everything and does not pressure, or rush you in any way. You then meet with a nurse who will do the ultrasound, they do not show you the ultrasound or tell you how far a long you are. They will ask if you want to know how far along you are but you can say no. You then meet with another nurse who takes you into the operating room. She gets you comfortable and will have conversation with you to calm your nerves. I told them I had a high tolerance to most drugs so she administered an extra dose of the fentanyl which kicked in right away. The doctor then comes in and will start the procedure. Being 18 I have never had a Pap smear or any physical exam done before, so was a little worried about the pressure, however I barely noticed that she had already started. It was done in less than 4 minutes, and the pain was extremely mild. Uncomfortable, yes but painful, no. It felt as though I was having my period and a few cramps. After it was done the nurse helped me put on a pad and underwear. They then bring you to a room where you lay down in a chair with a heating pad on your stomach. You can eat crackers and have gingerale. You sit here for about 20 minutes, the first 5 minutes felt as though I had period cramps, nothing to major. But after that they subsided and I barely felt any cramping. You then go to the bathroom to check the pad, mine had very little blood on it, which is good. If you're not bleeding heavily you're allowed to leave. They will send you home with a care package explaining what to expect after, with pills to take that day when you return home and eat, these will stop any infection. Its been about 8 hours since the procedure and I feel completely fine. It simply feels like another period. I was able to go home, eat, walk my dogs and do my work. The only thing that I don't like is the fact that you can't wear tampons (understandable) but being someone who only ever used tampons, using pads is weird for me, and I often feel as though Im bleeding more than I really am. Other than that I have no complaints about this clinic. Everything was clean, professional, fast and not painful at all. I usually don't write reviews but I noticed a lot of bad ones so I thought id share my experience for anyone who read these too and were scared. Im surprised but I left feeling happy and relieved my life can go back to normal now.
By xoxxvanessaxxox on Oct 15, 2017
let's begin with the staff we're very nice made me feel as comfortable as i could but other then that was when they were doing my abortion i felt way to much pressure they were rude with me while they were doing it telling me to stop moving my legs and stuff didn't even feel like i had pain medication while they were doing it after they were done I felt fine barely any cramps went home had a few first days that were ok normal bleeding then four days later I had severe pain in my lower stomach above my vagina felt like contractions they were coming ever two minutes to the point they were making me cry and it was hard to breathe I called tellehealth told them what's wrong they told me to get to a emergency room which I did that night..... the nurse gave me liquid moraphine for My pain cause it was that bad and booked me for a ultra sound that morning the morning I went for my ultra sound waited 5 hours for my results with my sick 2 year old crying and screaming the whole time they've told me I need a d&c right away as their was still left over baby and placenta in my uterus I started crying I was so mad that these idiots at this clinic couldn't do a simple job as to remove everything out of me now the hospital has too so I hadn't my d&c last night and I'm 100% feeling better thanks hospital screw this stupid clinic
By Bazaar Marsupial on Oct 05, 2017
I have mixed emotions regarding my experience at the Toronto clinic. Let me start by saying that I was extremely nervous about the procedure from the get go. I never thought I'd be "the one" to have an abortion, although I've always been Pro-Choice, I felt very guilty and irresponsible. To make a long story short, I'll put this in point form, and hopefully it falls into the hands of those who can & will change things to turn my negitive experiences into positive experiences for other women.
1. The clinic was not easy to find. I had an address, but the entrance was very univiting. I actually felt like I was doing something illegal.
2. The first person I spoke with upon entrance was a man. He was not friendly or inviting. My initial thought was "This is the point of no return". Again I felt like I was doing something very wrong.
3. The wait was long. Too long.
4. My support person was not allowed to sit in on the first interview. We were and still are a couple. We made this choice together. Maybe women can be asked this question on the intake papers.
5. Sitting alone in the pre-op room was brutal. Had I not already taken an Ativan, I'd have changed my mind and left at this point.
6. No anesthesia. Being awake for the procedure was a nightmare.
7. I was sent out of the procedure room alone, shaking, in alot of pain. Although the walk to recovery was only a few feet away, it felt like a mile.
8. No privacy in recovery. I was in recovery with 3 other women, and I was the only one shaking & crying, it was horrible.
9. When I was ready to go, I was sent to my locker to retrieve my things alone, and once I was dressed, I just had to assume I was to leave the same way I came in. Again, horrible.

1. Empathetic counselling staff. My counselor was amazing! She invited my partner to come in and answered all of our questions. She took as much time as I needed and I did not feel rushed. She thoroughly explained my choice of birth control and made sure my partner understood.
2. The ultrasound tech was very sweet and genuinely cared. Again answered all my questions.
3. The nurses with me during the procedure were very nice and held my hand.
4. The nurse in recovery checked on me several times and did not rush me out the door. She explained my after care package thoroughly. She seemed to genuinely care.

By Lavender Haddock on Jan 30, 2017
Honestly I couldn't be more thankful for this place, I went here with the worst of thoughts and ended up leaving happy, yes happy! I had such a great experience I felt more than comfortable, the staff made me feel safe and the security is very tight and look after their patients, besides that the other staff are very kind and didn't make me feel like I was a horrible person. Throughout the hole procedure which didn't take very long the doctor and two nurses talked to me like we were just having a normal conversation which made me feel comfortable and less scared and frightened. Some people get this place of horrible rating but it all depends. I truly had a great experience and I hope Heather people do to.
By DanitaBarry on Jan 28, 2017
Words can not describe how pissed off I am with this clinic. I went for an abortion and first of all, the building and how to get in is super sketchy. Secondly, your only allowed one supporter. And last, but DEFINATLY not least... YOU ARE AWAKE DURING THE WHOLE PROCEDURE. I repeat... You are awake during the whole procedure. They WILL tell you they are giving you anesthesia but they are lying. You will be awake. And they missed a lot! I had to get a second abortion done which you can understand would be horrifying after being awake and watching your baby be sucked out of you. Oh yes, did I not mention the screen is RIGHT BESIDE YOU as they do it?
By kaps on Apr 08, 2016
The worst experience ever. The dr. who did the abortion did not do the procedure properly and she left residue inside of me so my beta hcg(pregnancy hormone) kept going up day after day, because my body still thinks i'm pregnant with the residue inside of me. i have all the symptoms of pregnancy even after the abortion. The clinic called and asked me to rule out Ectopic pregnancy by going to the Emegency department in Hospital, the dr. at the Hospital said that the abortion wasn't done properly and my scan still shows residue inside of me and i do not have Ectopic pregnancy. The clinic followed up for 2 days after the abortion and no calls after that. such an irresponsible staff who didn't even bother to call and ask my situation. Be sure to ask questions about the procedure when you visit the clinic , dont just trust the dr's . This dr who did my abortion after the procedure she said that she didn't get what she expected out of me, but still she let me go with the doubt. What a horrible dr. and the Clinic expects us to donate to such dr's , who doesn't even care for the lives of patients who visits them.
By Cnem on Mar 26, 2016
I would promote that patience going to this clinic turn away before they even enter. The unhelpful clerk, Linda, at the front makes the ordeal with their ridiculous policies already a frustrating and nauseating experience. Their worry of their own liabilities creates a hostile and stressful stay and their lack of empathy is appalling. This place is not for someone looking for a healthy experience going through a difficult time. This place is extremely awful
By Charcoal Guanaco on Mar 05, 2016
I was confident from the time I found out I was pregnant - I was going to get an abortion. The timing was terrible, i have lots of student debt and am in no position to raise a child. I did some research into abortion clinics and the Morgentaler Clinic had the most informative website with very good reviews. Upon entrance - very secure building. I felt very safe inside. The staff were very friendly and welcoming and there was no judgment from anyone. I have generalized anxiety disorder and the staff were very willing to help accommodate my mental illness and make me as comfortable as possible - they gave me medication specifically for my disorder to help relax me and they went to extra lengths to get me stronger pain medication because of my low pain tolerance. The counselor was very thorough and gave me information on all of my choices in this pregnancy and she did not have a bias towards any path. The ultrasound tech was very kind to me. It turns out that I was not as far along as we had originally thought and I was only 4.5 weeks pregnant - she explained to me the risks with getting a surgical abortion on an early pregnancy and went through a bunch of forms with me, explaining all my options. In the end I chose to go through with the surgical abortion. The operating room was small and cold but the nurse and the doctor doing my procedure were very kind and understanding, explaining everything going to me as they went along. I received strong sedation through an IV and within a minute I was feeling very drowsy and relaxed. They talked to me during the procedure which helped me to focus on other topics rather than the pain from the local freezing injections (very quick pinches). The abortion itself went very quickly through I do have to admit I was in a bit of pain. I think the most painful part was the dilation of my cervix but after that was taken care of I didn't feel anything other than pressure. The nurse was God sent honestly - a wonderful lady that held my hand and did not complain about me squeezing the life out of it. When the procedure was done I was given a sanitary maxi pad and surgical underwear and she helped me over to the recovery room. The recovery room consists of rows of beds and I was given a heating pad and a heated blanket. They give you a choice of water or gingerale and they also give you saltines and cookies. I felt minor cramping and dizziness for twenty minutes but after that I was able to munch on the cookies while a nurse came over to me and explained how to use the antibiotics, birth control and referred me to a doctor for a post op appointment. I was able to change and return to my boyfriend in the waiting room after 15 mins. The anesthesia and pain medication wore off after about an hour and I felt completely normal. I had McDonald's right after we returned home lol. Overall my experience was very good and I do not regret choosing the Morgentaler Clinic.
By Lavender Orca on Mar 02, 2016
I went to this clinic last week and I thought it was very excellent. They are very nice about asking question and making you feel comfortable. Very nice staff and doctor. The take great care when in the recovery room after the procedure. 5 starts for sure
By Azure Pilot-whale on Nov 26, 2015
I never wanted to be one that got an abortion and it was a very hard decision for me. I'm 28 years old and honestly thought I couldn't get pregnant, I did. It just happened today and I'm still kind of shocked that I was. I was 6 weeks when I decided to terminate the pregnancy. I've wanted a child for so long but Given the circumstances I decided to go ahead with it.

I was referred to the Morgentaler Clinic by a doctor so I booked an appointment. A few reviews before this one is basically what went on so I won't go into detail other than the fact that today there was a student shadowing and the counsellor asked if I minded if she came along with me. Which I agreed to. (You don't have to). I figured something good had to have come out of this situation and what better than a medical students learning, she was super sweet and talked with me while I was waiting and was with me the whole time. It was actually quite comforting. Another thing was that (I think) the university of Toronto was doing a study on stem cell research and so on so I also let them keep the reminents for that as well. You can say that's horrible but again I would rather something come out of what happened then to just be completely disregarded and if it can help someone else then I'm for it.

The nurses and everyone that worked there were extremely nice and non judgemental. It was the most comfortable experience I've had given the circumstance.
By Cyan Clownfish on Nov 05, 2015
Excellent experience! No pain, very comfortable clinic and friendly staff.
By Cherry German-Shepherd on Oct 01, 2015
Today I had to make one of the most difficult, hardest and saddest decision to get abortion.
I am not a Canadian citizen or immigrants so it was very difficult for me to find a safe and mostly importantly a place where the cost of procedure is covered by UHIP (University Health Insurance Program).
I hope this review may help those people who are in my situation.
Before going to the clinic, I called upon and asked if abortion process was covered by UHIP or I had to pay them first and claim to the insurance company myself. Most of the women's clinics that I called, I had to pay them first and claim it to the Insurance company myself.
But Morgentaler Clinic did accept UHIP and claim will be processed through clinic, not me.
My appointment was at 1PM and I arrived exactly at 1pm. Before I got there, I was little ashamed of what if the building says clearly "the morgentaler Clinic-abortion ,etc ". But, nothing like what I imagined.
The building itself was very securitized and I was pretty sure people from outside had no idea about what the clinic was about.
Upon entering the clinic, security only opens the entrance door after he recognizes the patient's name and appointment.
I filled in the forms and waited for 50 minutes:( The waiting time was little too long even if I made an appointment.
There were many people on that day (about 8 people). Some people came alone, some came with their boyfriend and one with her mother.
First, I was called by a lady to sign several forms including UHIP claim form, and privacy consent,etc.
After, I was called by a counselor and we discussed the procedure as well as she answered my questions. There, I took 2 pills (1 was to relieve my anxiety and 1 was for cramping pain after the procedure).
After, I was given a individual locker to put personal belongings in. I brought a long one-piece that covered up to my knees. If you don't bring your own clothes, they give you paper gown which looked pretty uncomfortable. After I got changed, I was waiting for the procedure at a waiting area.
All the girls changed into their personal clothes and were waiting there too.
Before the procedure, a nurse called me into do ultrasound and blood test.
She did the ultrasound and said the baby was 6 weeks. I asked her if I could see the photo and she showed me. Right after that, I was waiting again at the waiting room.
about 20 minutes of waiting, I was finally called into the surgery room.
The nurse there was extremely nice and made me feel very comfortable in a scary atmosphere.
She injected 2 medication into my vain (1 was to make me feel little dizzy 1 was for pain killer)
She continued to calm me down and really tried to make me feel relaxed.
The procedure itself didn't take 5 minutes. After the doctor came in, everything began so fast.
He first did local anesthesia where the needle was injected into my cervix to freeze the cervix.
To be honest, after that, I don't know what the hell the doctor did. The nurse and reviews from other websites said just little cramp like feeling....BUT NO. It hurt like hell.
First, it started with the mild cramping and then it got very strong. But it's different from cramp because it actually feels like something is poking or scraping off the cervix for few minutes along with extreme cramping. I don't know how to explain it, but for me, it was more than just bad cramp like the nurse and other people reviewed. It was really bad that I was sweating so much within that 3? minutes.
Termination finished really quickly. Right after, I felt like I was about to vomit. The nurse took me to recovery area where there was sit-up bad with water and biscuits for patients to have after the surgery.
But I wasn't in a condition to drink or eat anything after the procedure because I was so dizzy and continuously felt like I was about to vomit. When I lie down on the bad, the girl on the other side of me gave me a gentle smile that looked like "yes! you made it!". But to be honest, I thought she was out of her mind B/C she looked so calm and fine. She got the surgery right before me and she looked perfectly normal enjoying her drinks and biscuits. I just closed my eyes lol
And the another girl was brought to the recovery room. But really, she seemed so fine like the other girl.
I didn't know why it was just me who looked terrible and went through so much shit.
It took a while, more than 15 minutes for me to calm down and be in a condition to drink some water.
The nurse came and checked my blood pressure. She said my blood pressure was way too low than the normal pressure and she advised me to drink continuously and eat biscuits. Whenever I didn't drink or eat, she came and said that I had to drink and eat B/C the pressure was too low.
So, I began to eat like a pig and drank like a fish:( She checked my pressure again, and was still low.
It was only after 4th time she checked, it was better. And at the same time, my pains were quickly relieving. I think in 30 minutes I recovered. When I first sat on the bad with extreme pain, I asked the nurse if it's really possible to recover in 30 minutes cuz it feels like it would need a day to recover.
But strangely, after 30 minutes, I didn't have any cramps. Just little chill.
When I was ready to go, the nurse gave me a package which contained 2 pills to take after dinner and information.

I would highly recommend this place to people because the clinic is pretty neat, looks safe (nothing like those illegal ghettoish places) and nurses are extremely nice to make you feel welcome and better.

By TheChoice2014 on Jan 08, 2015
Making the decision to terminate a pregnancy is one of the hardest choices a woman will ever have to make, many people frown upon abortions and make nasty comments, you should really think before saying anything, I myself was one of those people..... I was 100% against abortions and thought there was nothing worse in life then having an abortion, until I found out I was pregnant. I had all these crazy thoughts and different emotions running through me, I was happy, scared, upset..... I had no idea what to think, I didn't believe it. As much as I wanted nothing more then to have this baby deep down I knew I couldn't. I could not provide the child with everything he/she needed. I wasn't about to go on welfare and collect hard working peoples tax money..... I didn't have a job at the time and I was still living at home, a baby just wasn't an option at that point in my life. I made the decision to have an abortion at the Morgentaler clinic in Toronto in August of 2014. As soon as I got there I was asked for my health card and how I got there, After that they let us in (my boyfriend and I). They gave me some paperwork to fill out, the place was filled, tons of girls/women. After I was finished filling out the paperwork I was called in by a counsellor, she asked me a few questions then I was sent back to the waiting room (The counsellor was very polite and wasn't judgmental towards me at all, she made me feel welcomed and didn't make me feel uneasy at all). After a few more minutes of waiting I was called in by another counsellor, she asked if I was nervous and I said yes, because I was terrified, I also hate needles more than anything, I pass out when given them usually. She gave me a pill to take and it calmed me down, I wasn't as on edge. After that she took me into a room (Where only women who were having an abortion were allowed) I was given a key for a locker to put my things in, I was asked to take a seat in the waiting room, (Separate waiting room, where only other women getting abortions were), After a few minutes I was called into a room where a lady did an ultrasound on me, and pricked my finger (which didn't hurt at all, trust me I hate needles and it didn't even phase me). I was told I was 15 weeks, which is really far along, yes I know what you thinking.... how and why would anyone wait that long, as I said this decision is one of the hardest decisions a woman will EVER have to make. Because of how far along I was, I was given another couple of pills, which helped soften my cervix.... I was allowed to go back out to the waiting room where my boyfriend was, which was nice and comforting. After about 30 minutes I was called back to the room where only other women getting an abortion were allowed, I was asked to put on a nightgown and take a seat in the waiting room, (Separate waiting room, where only other women getting abortions were), All of us talked, we all understood each other and knew exactly what each other were going through, it was nice to be near other women who didn't judge me, they understood me. After about 5 minutes I was called to another room that was in the same room if that makes sense... I was asked to sit in a chair that laid back abit, I was given an IV which nearly made me pass out, but I didn't, it hurt for a second, but wasn't bad at all on a pain scale of 1-10, it was a 1. After a few more minutes I was called into the procedure room, it was time, I was so nervous. I got in there and the lady was very nice, she asked me to lay down and relax, she then put some drugs into my IV and I was out of it, The doctor then came into the room and was very friendly as well, he said this will be quick and painless, I was given laughing gas (a mask which I was breathing into) the lady was doing an ultrasound on me while the doctor was doing the procedure, it didn't hurt at all, it was very fast, about 5 minutes. I then was told the procedure was complete and I was given a pad to put on, I asked if I could see the baby, ( I looked up abortion pictures online before my procedure and was horrified with what I seen) I was advised not too, but they allowed me to take a quick look, the baby was in a dish, in one piece, bloody but all in one piece which I was very calming for me, (after seeing all the horrifying pictures online of babies being in multiple pieces) its nothing like that. I was then walked out to the laid back chair, given a heating pad and a blanket, after about 2 minutes I was given some crackers and gingerale (which was nice because you cant eat for 12 hrs before your procedure) the IV was taken out of me and I was asked to check my pad to see how much I was bleeding, which was a tiny bit.... I then got changed out of the nightgown and was given a care package which includes papers, condoms and a pad, also 2 pills to take with your next meal. I then was walked out to my boyfriend and we left. I ended up sleeping on the car ride home. When I got home I had a shower, read the papers in the care package and cried. Then I ate and took the pills and went to bed, the next morning there was no pain at all, I was still bleeding but it was normal, just like a regular period. I decided to write this review because I couldn't find any reviews online before my abortion which really bothered me. I hope this review is able to help anyone having to make this decision, it is hard but you will get through it. If anyone needs information or advice feel free to email me at
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