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Trillium College

419 King St W #180, Oshawa, ON
40 reviews
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Trillium College, Oshawa Reviews (40)

40 reviews
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By kailyn brillinger on Jun 24, 2020
I graduated from the dental assistant program from trillium college 2019. I now am working as a level 2 dental assistant at a local orthodontic office.

I learned so much from the program It has pushed me to pursue dental hygiene next. The clinic staff are amazing Megan and Faye were the most amazing teachers I have ever come across in all of my post secondary education.

Their knowledge and education show they are passionate about teaching and helping students learn. They were dedicated to helping students succeed in the program by pushing you to your full potential and making you work hard. They taught me about clinic professionalism and what it will be like out in the workforce. They made me prepared for the workforce to produce the best work ethic possible.

I would recommend the program specifically being able to learn from them in your Level 2 Assisting portion of the program!!
By Markus01994 on Nov 25, 2016
Excellent staff and amazing instructors, very flexible with schedule and offer classes that are in a structured manner! Thoroughly enjoying my time here and would definitely recommend to anyone interested in the massage program!
By Bole Cat on Nov 25, 2016
Trillium College at the Oshawa campus has been the greatest experience! I am currently enrolled in the Dental Assisting Program and I absolutely love it. My teacher is amazing she is very smart, kind and helpful in every aspect of dental and more. Also all of the staff is kind, caring, and always puts a smile on my face! Thank you Trillium College for this great experience! :)
By Nickolas2 on Nov 25, 2016
I love Trillium College. I am currently enrolled in the Medical Office Assistant program. Trillium College offers a fast pace environment. This means I will graduate and obtain a career sooner! The teachers here are amazing and I cannot say enough good things about our MOA instructor. She is fantastic. She makes learning fun and makes me want to come to class each day. Our classroom size is small is there is lots of one-on-one learning. Trillium College makes it easy for me to succeed.
By Yellow Skink on Nov 23, 2016
Great location, staff are very friendly, professional and helpful. The PSW teacher is knowledgeable, and goes the extra mile to ensure you understand the course information. I believe the school truly cares that you succeed with your career and that your experience is enjoyable.

Whitby, Ontario
By Azure Egret on Nov 17, 2016
I have been attending trillium college since January 2016. I enjoy it a lot and the instructors are great! They are very informative and helpful! I am very excited to graduate and start my cAreer in the new year! The hours are awesome as well. I would definitely recommend this school to others.
By Heidigrayt on Nov 17, 2016
Trillium college is a great school that is willing to work with you, the teachers are very friendly and easy to talk to. If you are interested in joining give the college a call and talk to Kim Hinds the career advisor, she is great and will help you find the best diploma course that will suit your interests. She is a very caring person that is super easy to talk to and will support you through your journey at trillium college.
By Umber Warbler on Nov 16, 2016
I am currently taking the PSW course at trillium in Oshawa. My teacher is wonderful and is really helping me to understand the things I am having trouble with! Great school I would recommend it to anyone wanting to become a PSW.
By Cinnabar Human on Nov 16, 2016
Trillium College offers a great selection of courses to structure your one-of-a-kind future around.

With incredibly friendly and knowledgeable staff to guide you, there are no limits to what you can achieve.

The Video Game Development program is a blast!

If you are wondering where to start, just browse the website online or come in to get a one-on-one tour.

Trillium College is for everyone and anyone.

Remember, it's never too late to start fresh.


Highly recommend following your dreams.
By Coral Wildcat on Apr 02, 2016
Iam currently a student at trillium . So far the teacher has been great . Things seem to be organized and going smoothly. I will definitely keep an update on how thi gs are and at the end when I graduate.
By trilliumcollegesucks on Aug 01, 2015
This is the most horrible "education" experience I have ever had. Since day one, it has been shady. Do not be fooled by their "niceness" it's all FAKE. The staff here are - of course - very nice when you first come in, they want your money and OSAP's money. DO NOT BE FOOLED. This school is the most disorganized and rude group of individuals I have ever had the misfortune of coming into contact with. To start off, I complained about the fact that the classroom has no air conditioning. It was 30 degrees in there every single day and they assured me they would fix it and it has never happened (in two months, nothing is done). Next, the instructor, Dina, can't even speak proper English and lacks common sense with grammar and mathematical skills and gives incorrect or out of date facts. The way she pronounces words is often corrected by students, and she can't even say some common English language words, she admitted to me that she gave the class general marks on more than one assignment and offered to bump up my mark by 5% when I was unhappy with it - which I objected to and said I want the mark I deserved for the work I did, she said Dalton McGuinty was the premier of Toronto, and the Essential Skills and all other following courses are COMPLETELY irrelevant to Dental Assisting. I approached Olga, the program director, and Dina both about our books being five years out of date and stating incorrect Canadian laws that were updated in February of this year, and they both acknowledged it and told me the write the out of date, incorrect laws in a test as per the book instead of the actual new Canadian standard law. Dina has inverted numbers or miscalculated more time than I can count in Technical Math. She never replies to emails, or waits days and days to give a half response. Not only this, but since my complaints on these school matters, Olga has done everything in her power to bully me and try to get me to withdraw from the program. She has insulted my intelligence, denied my learning disability, denied me any extra help or extra explanation on things if I have asked her or Dina, they refuse to accept my transcripts from high school as sufficient proof of a learning disability, despite my enrolment in special education courses and despite Olga stating that was enough proof and then going back on her word once I actually showed her evidence of it, they have now told me I cannot come to school until I have documentation of my disability, and claim that Karla (the person who enrolled me) and Ryan (the financial administrator) both told me I needed to bring in this document; which Ryan denies saying and Karla has since been fired for misconduct. Furthermore, I brought in everything that was on the list of requirements when I registered including police check, immunization records, vaccination progress and TB test progress, high school transcripts, tax returns, and a void cheque, so why would I not bring in a piece of documentation if I was told to and if it would have further benefited my educational experience? Because they told me my transcripts were sufficient, that's why. Now I can't even come to the school because they will yell in my face in front of the entire school and threaten to call the police. I haven't even done anything wrong, and yes, I did yell at Olga in a meeting, but that is because she was speaking with Sherida (another woman who enrols students) about my "lack of intelligence" right in front of me, as though I was not in the room, they said they can't get through to me, etc., etc. I was in class on my calculator and Dina yelled at me saying it was a cell phone until I showed her otherwise and the school said she is allowed to yell at me, single me out in the class and verbally abuse me in front of everyone because she is an "authority figure". NO! This is NOT the way you run a school. I have two diplomas from previous post-secondary educational training in which I graduated with honours. I still communicate with my teachers from my previous college and I have used them as references for jobs. I'd love it if I could be in my original field, but there are no jobs so I thought this would be a better option. Clearly not. Do NOT go to this school unless you want a horrible nightmare and to be treated like an income source, money grab. This school is a scam! They make me sick! I am processing a complaint with the school and the Ministry of Education if they do not reimburse my tuition to me. I'm so angry and stressed, my stomach is in knots every day! I've invested thousands of dollars into something I wish I could take back. I regret ever registering at this horrible, nightmare of a school!
Comment by trilliumcollegesucks on Sep 10, 2015
Whoever this is, you know absolutely nothing about me or the things I endured from this school or why I was yelling about the things they did to me. I currently have the MPP office on my side and I received an entire full refund from the school for their behaviour, despite my two months to going to classes. I was not failing, actually, but thank you. And I do have two diplomas from Georgian College in Barrie. I am in the school because there were no jobs in the field that I had gained my previous education in. So thank you. Kindly fuck off until you get your facts straight. I am anything but a spoiled brat and I support myself completely and have for years. Again, kindly fuck right off. Thanks.
Comment by nikkisahara21 on Sep 10, 2015
I know exactly who this is...I have a friend still in that class, you were rude and disrespected everybody in the class. You laughed out loud at other student's with accents and were a bully.

I agree about Olga but I had Dina last year for Essential Skills, ok her English is not perfect but she's the nicest, sweetest most patient lady, no way she yelled at you.

You never studied and was failing and when they put you on notice You stood outside the school on the sidewalk swearing and yelling at everyone for like an hour.

You have 2 diplomas so why were you at Trillium hmmm? I agree with the other comments about the administration being horrible and yes it is a disorganized mess but it's not kindergarten, stop acting like a spoiled brat.
Comment by trilliumcollegesucks on Sep 12, 2015
Lol you know nothing. NO ONE kicked me out. The MPP office demanded I receive a full refund after they infringed on my human rights. Again, kindly fuck off you uneducated moron :)
Comment by nikkisahara21 on Sep 12, 2015
All I can say is, if a school that WANTS YOUR MONEY kicks you out and gives you your money
By Scarlet Takin on Jun 24, 2015
Total rip off, no job sitting with diploma doesn't even recognized. Never go to this college. They are not organized couldn't find me placement after 2 months later Didn't even got placement related to my course. They said take it or leave it.
By Crimson Tick on Feb 17, 2015
Paramedic program is amazing.
By Bazaar Bobcat on Oct 09, 2014
I took the CSW program based on a recommendation from a friend. I wasn't sure about Trillium, but talked to one of the teachers. He was great. His positive attitude and knowledge of the field I was signing up for sold me on Trillium. But when classes started they stuck me with another guy, Mike. He was nice, but really doesn't know how to teach. My friend had the other teacher, Mr. Wayne and she loved it. I wanted to switch classes but was told I couldnt.

OSAP is a nightmare. I highly recommend that you check the math carefully. I found many errors, two of which they refuse to correct. Because of this I will be paying thousands more than I should have to. They are ripping you off and liningbtheir pockets.

I tried to make an appointment with Naomi who is the campus principal. She missed our appointment three times. When i complained about this she told me that sometimes in the business world appointments get cancelled. I think if a business puts off its customers pretty soon they don't have a business. Naomi is rude and condenscending and basically tells you to F. Off with a smile on her face.

Maureen, the front desk staff is very nice but her coworker frannie is rude. She makes sure you don't get to see the boss.

If you are looking for excellent teaching, people who will listen and a school that is more interested in you than your money, go somewhere else. You have been warned.
makes sure you can't
get to Naomi.
By Yellow Robin on Aug 10, 2014
Please stay away from this school! I am in police foundations and love my teacher but that is it the school is a joke the manager is not fit to run this school i am going to write a complaint to the ministry and any person in charge of trillium.I do not recommend this school and will make it my mission in life to tell everyone not to go to this school.
By Byzantine Otter on Jul 17, 2014
I had a small issue with the school. I emailed the COO on his special student email and it was resolved right away. You know it's a good place when the COO talks directly with the students because he wants to know that they are happy and doing good. Wish all the staff were the same. A few need a lesson from him.

St. Catherines campus needs better wifi. But I'm happy with my decision to go here.
By Green Cockroach on May 16, 2014
I don;t know about their rep, but they call more than telemarketers, I put in for info, and they call me more than 12 times a day. I wouldn;t consider them for a prog based on what a pain in the ass they are, seem waaay too desperate for a college
By Amaranth Crocodile on Jan 23, 2014
I am currently taking CSW at trillium to eventually take Mental health and addictions. Just found out from another student that the credits are non transferable. What that means is if I want to go to Durham my diploma dosnt count because Trillium is a private college. I asked many questions when I signed up. I even mentioned that I wanted to go to Durham afterwards and no staff or teacher corrected me not did they warn me.

That being said... I will have to drop out and get charged for every day that I've been there plus a 500$ fee... Works out to be 2,000! I have not missed a single day and my grades are great. They should make that clear when registering.

Also I called around for placement and nobody will take me because I'm at trillium!

I don't think it's fair that I may have to pay 2,000 when I was mislead. I've also been told the administration gets 200$ everytime they hook a student. So it's all about selling a product. My teacher actually told me to run. -.- I'm very dissipointed that they are taking advantage of people that just want to greater their lives.
By Maroon Fowl on Jan 11, 2014
A lot of the comments on here must be from people that are failing school and just want to blame someone else for their failure. My instructors are amazing and the school staff really is helping. They call me if I miss school and want to make sure I'm ok. I'm halfway finished my program and already have a new job lined up when I graduate. Trillium made it happen for me. My instructor hooked me up with an interview and helped me get in. I love the new campus that they built.
By Charcoal Tuna on Oct 06, 2013
I am taking Massage Therapy in St.Catherines. Good school, good instructors, very proferssional. New director is awesome and has really made things even better.
By Cardinal Terrier on Aug 19, 2013
I do recommend this school . I'm in a triilum college program and find it a good program I find it easier the. High school even the work. The computers aren't that great and many of the students aren't welcoming and make u feel like ur not good enough for anything. I had girls tell me I wasn't dressed professional just because I wasn't wearing high heels like them. The teachers are good and nice and care about ur education it's use the environment needs changed the school causes high aniexty and stress and depression not from the courses, not from the teachers, just from the other students attending. I have got my life on track and just learned to face the rudeness of some students, I have made friends I still feel unwanted by others but in the end ill be the one with a job helping people and doi what I love, thanks to trillium
By kcmejia on Jul 19, 2013
St. catharines campus is very unorganized, graduated with honors 2 years ago and still no grad pictures! had to wait 7 months for graduation. Front desk is never on task! many students that go there give a bad reputation to the school therefor nobody wants to hire a Trillium college student, very expensive too! I do not recommend this college to anybody, if you are thinking of attending college, Niagara college is the best choice!
By 19751975md on Jun 01, 2013
just awesome. great instructors, great program. it is fast pace and a little hard to keep up but if you are committed and know what you want, you will finish with great knowledge. school is being renovated to new spot, wish I was there in new space. old classrooms are tired. other than old classrooms, I loved it. students get iPads with books on them now too. new trillium management have also really improved things. old blogs are old and don't represent the new trillium. even COO and CEO visit the school every week to make sure everyone in doing good job
By Bole Whitefish on Apr 17, 2013
Trillium has many ups and downs. I'm currently enrolled in the St. Catherine's campus for massage therapy. I can say that I've learned a lot in my time spent at Trillium. ALL of the instructors in my course are amazing and all have inspiring experience that they bring to the table everyday! However, my problem is with how the rest of the school is run. The front desk is sometimes friendly, sometimes not. The campus manager is annoying and basically came into the school and tried to make a ton of dumb new rules. (No Tim Hortons cups on the campus). Another thing I don't like about Trillium is having to pay an absurd amount of money for parking, or park a good mile away from the school and walk, with my books, everyday. Another thing I don't like about Trillium is that they offered me a 100$ check for referring a friend to their school. I did, she has already long completed a PSW program, I'm still waiting on my money. The last thing I have to complain about Trillium is that they took away our summer break, so we now go through class monday - friday all year, minus two weeks at Christmas. It's very exhausting, especially considering the work load that massage therapy requires. I chose to go to Trillium solely based on the fact that it was remotely close to my home. Also because of the class hours. They're convenient to maintain a job, or if you have children. I'm paying just over 20,000 to attend Trillium for 88 weeks. If you're deciding to go to Trillium, be prepared to deal with disorganization from the front desk. :)
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