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Canadian Aesthetic Academy

4801 Steeles Ave W #3, Toronto, ON
23 reviews
Business claimed Last updated: Over a year ago
Listed in: Beauty Schools
About Canadian Aesthetic Academy

The Canadian Aesthetic Academy is a leader in the field of Spa Therapy and Medical Aesthetics. We have brought unity to Aesthetics by incorporating Massage Therapy, Aromatherapy, Figure Configuaration Go to full description...

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Canadian Aesthetic Academy, Toronto Reviews (23)

23 reviews
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By zmfaesthetics on Dec 31, 2015
Verified by Email
Hi, Im looking to start a career in medical aesthetics... Can anyone recommend what school to attend?
By ravindersing on Jan 04, 2012
Verified by Email
My experience along with many of my classmates has been absolutely horrible!!! The teachers kept on quitting, were unknowledgable and we had photocopied text books with spelling errors. Instructors were teaching out dated stuff. It was very difficult to get supplies we needed to work in practical. Clients complained every day. Staff was only nice to us when it was time to enroll, but were very difficult to get a hold of after. I wish I would have paid more money to go to a proper school and get trained right. We were forced to sign positive testimonials in order to receive our Diploma and certificates. I had told the owner that I wasn't happy with the school and I wanted my money back. Her response to me was to sue her. Everyone in my class were paying different amounts of money to attend the same program. When this was brought to the owner's attention, she had said to us not to talk about our individual "deals" or else she would sue us. The program was not structured and the hours were all over the place (promises, promises, promises - none fullfilled) This woman is a crook! If you care about your money and your education, do not go to this school. All the positive reviews are from the owner or one of her employees who she forced to do it to try and combat the negative factual reviews. She acts so sweet to your face when it's time for you to regiser, but then it is very difficult to get a hold of her when it's time for her promises to be fulfilled. Nobody is happy there.
Comment by rigann on Aug 29, 2012
This is just what i was abiut to writte! The classes here are bullshit i paud $2700 for a shitty skin care course where i have not finish because the teacher is sick and i have not learned anything!! Worse school ever!!

By amywalsh on Dec 03, 2011
Verified by Email
My experience at Canadian Aesthetics Academy (CAA) has been great!!!

I have graduated with honours after completing the co-operative education program in high school at Layla’s Aesthetics, who was a former student of CAA. She had opened her own business and has been very successful since. When she had told me about CAA I saw the success she had and I have always wanted to peruse in the aesthetics and medical aesthetics industry, so I enrolled in Canadian Aesthetics Academy.

I have graduated 3 years ago from Canadian Aesthetics Academy and received Diplomas in Advanced Aesthetics, Medical Aesthetics and a Certificate in Laser Technician.

The teachers are well educated and I believe I have achieved excellent education and hands on skills at CAA.

I got hired right away after graduation and worked at Richmond Hill Country Club. The education I have learned at CAA led me in the right path. Now I have been working at Sanctuary Day Spa and at the same time I have been receiving calls from Donato Salon and Spa for employment.

I believe I have learned the most relevant and current aspects of Aesthetics. I have excelled in Manicures, Pedicures, Hair removal, Body Treatments, Facial Treatments, and excellent training in Thalgo, Bioline, Swissline, and BotarinX products.

The knowledge that I have in these services are present and advanced, with these attributes I would like to instruct, train and educate students.

With the education I have from CAA it was never hard to find a job. I believe the right education leads you to the right success!!! I am proud to be a graduate of CAA.

Thanks so much Nella!
By HONEST1 on Nov 03, 2011
Verified by Email
This is the worst school ever, teachers dont know anything. Staff is very rude and unprofessional. They wont release students certificates unless they write a testimonial stating how great their school is and how much they learned. The teachers are not even up to par and health and safety regulations. I had sat in a waxing class a man was getting his back waxed and the students were using the same spatula on him dipping into the waxing pot. The wax does not get discarded afterwards it is reused. Tell me thats not nasty?! How can an instructor teaching these students about the industry not know the health and safety regulations? The owner is mean and has absolutely no morals. She is just money hungry and doesnt care about the quality of education she is providing. I have nothing good to say about this school. They are scam artists. The equipment is old and outdated. I suggest no body wastes their money for education purpses or any spa services. HORRIBLE!!!!!!
Comment by amywalsh on Dec 03, 2011
Hi Honest1, I recently attended the aesthetics program and I found the instructors to be very knowledgeable and tentative to students needs. They were accommodating and extremely friendly. The administrative staff is full of energy and always ensuring that we are well taken care of. I know that they have policy that if you were unsatisfied you have the ability to redo your courses. If your learning needs were not fulfilled I personally think you should perhaps give the course a try again. Take your program with Gloria…she’s an amazing instructor! Hope this helps.
Comment by Carmine on Apr 11, 2012
This member has deleted their account.
By pandapanda on Oct 18, 2011
Verified by Email
I've been reading a few of the comments... Mainly the ones with a more negative ending note. I have a much different side to tell. Canadian Aesthetics Academy was the perfect place for me to learn about beauty. The calming atmosphere, friendly staff, and the great students enrolled in either my program, or other programs. I was enrolled in the Make-Up Artistry course. There, I was taught the history of make-up, the basics, and beyond. My teacher being quite the professional, still managed to keep a balance between friend and instructor, which was great. Not only that, but Canadian Aesthetics Academy truly recognizes your talents and will allow you to grow in any direction. This course has helped me build a portfolio in both photography, and make-up artistry. On top of that, I still receive phone calls with possible event opportunities. These phone calls are never in the slightest bit "harassing" as others may have put it. I'm not part of the staff. Nor was I put up to this in any way. I'm just an 18-year-old girl who is starting out in the industry, and this school really opened my eyes in many positive ways.
By Crimson Halibut on Oct 14, 2011
Guest Review
I have being in many spas around the world,the place as school is old is like falling apart ,but the quality off service is fantastic,mostly done by students and a supper happy worker there in the spa that in my worst day make me forget all my stress and the students are fantastic, and their training must be great when they can do such an amazing work.I don't know the owner but I really enjoy my time there.
All this negative comments it only affect the a great school ,very affordable .
By pina on Sep 24, 2011
Verified by Email
I bought a deal from a website and went in for a service. The people there were kind. I read some reviews first to see how this school/spa was and saw some good/bad reviews, but the deal was too good to pass. I'm glad i bought the deal. Some bad reviews on this place are a little too much on the overboard. To be honest i had a good service and would go back again! Thx
By Gretch on Sep 22, 2011
Verified by Email
My experience at CAA was truly amazing. Every single person I met at this school was wonderful. The school is very accommodating and reaches out to meeting all your needs. The instructors are very knowledgeable and experienced. I am very happy that I chose to attend this school for many reasons. The first reason being all the instructors were very helpful and knowledgeable, the second reason being that I received a lot of hands on training, the third reason being that I got the proper support and theoretical training that is above industry expectations, thus giving me the opportunity to go out in the work field with a competitive advantage.
Comment by amywalsh on Dec 03, 2011
I had landed an amazing job thanks to the excellent learning opportunities from the reputable and elite skills of Beverly at the Canadian Aesthetics Academy. She is amazing instructor and having CAA on my resume did not negatively impact my job opportunities with employers. Most employers were happy to see that I attended an institution that has been in the beauty education industry for over 30 years. Thank you to the Canadian Aesthetic Academy for your encouragement, inspiration, opportunity, quality education, and personal touch. I am grateful to you for providing me with the tools needed to getting an amazing future.
By Umber Bandicoot on Mar 01, 2011
Guest Review
I agree with Sunny12345! The teachers were amazing and the school director Nella was very nice and always put her students first! It was a great experience and as I move on in my career in medical aesthetics I will never forget the knowledge I attained and how much it has helped me shape my future.
By Sunny12345 on Feb 28, 2011
Verified by Email
I always had a desire for a second career, but the time and training required to achieve my dream was not manageable. Once I attended Canadian Aesthetics I was pleasantly surprised, I realized my potential!The staff and teachers were extremely helpful, students like myself were put first. I learned a great deal throughout the program and feel a sense of accomplishment. The negative comments below seem to have been written by students who probably expected results without putting in the effort. If you work hard enough, and have a passion for medical aesthetics then you will feel the way I feel today, ready to take on the world. Once I completed the course I applied to positions for work, I received one within a week! I highly recommend you attend Canadian Aesthetics Academy, you won't regret it or be disappointed. The director of the school is extremely friendly, and very approachable she treats the entire academy like family.
By Amethyst Vole on Feb 18, 2011
Guest Review
I got on here to thank my insturctors and most of all the Directors who made my success possible and BELIEVED IN ME!!! then I saw the negative comments and and write this through tear clouded eyes....It is so obvious that the negative reviews come from ex-students who filed to met the standards of the school or are failures themselves and need to pin it on someone. Going to Canadian Aeshtetic Academy has changed my life! I was an abused mother of 6 chieldren when CAA accepted me into their school. No other school accepted me because I could not 'afford the course'. When my husband suddenly passed away (sudden heart attack) I was money and no education to flal back on. CAA gave me a Scholorship, that's right a full free Aeshtetics and Hairstyling Course free of charge! I didn't even have to pay for the kit or registration fee. Yeah sometimes situations may not be handled as we wish, however the turn out is up to us. CAA could not be a successful business if it operated the way some people in these reviews portray the School.

Sadly, the negative comment from ten years ago is possibly from a competitor as who in their 'right mind' after TEN YEARS' would fabricate such a thing! only a competiotr who then tells you to go to 'Donatos'...intelligent readers can make their own determination of fact vs fabrication.

Anyway, thank you to all to teachers for the patience, and most of all thank you Nella, Scott, Priscilla for the Scholorship as I could never have been able to go to school if it was not for your generous gift. And to all of you out there, if you don't already know it CAA is a Humanitarian and if you are sturggling THEY WILL HELP YOU!!! thanks again to everyone at CAA, and thank you for an AMAZING gRADUATION (GO SEE IT ON UTUBE) NO SCHOOL GIVES PUTS OUT A PARTY LIKE THIS FOR THEIR GRADUATES....thank you
By Crimson Angelfish on Oct 23, 2010
Guest Review
I don't know where to begin...go on u-tube and see our recent graduation. No other school puts out like this for the success appreciation of their students. I had the opportunity to publicly thank my teachers and celebrate my success with my family and toast to the beginning of a 'new life'.
If you do not like 'rules' this is not the school for you! Strict training, best teachers, and most accomodating staff I have ever met.

Nory Thompson
By Rose Emu on Oct 09, 2010
Guest Review
Excelent as today I own my own business
Thank you to the school
By Sammie on Oct 20, 2009
Verified by Email
graduated in June of 2009, and found a great job by July.
Attended the graduation recently, What a great feeling, Thank you ........
By Orange Salmon on Oct 06, 2009
Guest Review
I left my family to come to CAA and at first I must say this was with mixed emotions. As I now have graduated and settled into my career I now understand why the instructors where so hard on us...the standards of this Academy are high and you better be ready to roll up your sleves. The European training is second to none...thank you Ms. Tyrell, and Scott and all those at the Danforth Campus.
By terrydanielZ on Oct 06, 2009
Verified by Email
I want to thank everyone at the Canadian Aesthetic Academy for an outstanding graduation party. I will miss everyone. Thank you Dr. Tim for all that you have taught me. Thank you Adrian for believing in me. Thank you Sari as I could not have doen it without you. I have just landed my dream job and this is because of the famous name and reputation the Academy holds. I was also impressed to see that our website already has posted the graduation pictures. This must have been put together by no other than Sanjiv!!! Good Job! We all look great!!!

Terry Daniels
By Bazaar Tiger-shark on Oct 06, 2009
Guest Review
I want to thank everone at the Canadian Aesthetic Academy for a wonderful graduation party. I will miss everyone. Thank you Dr. Tim for all that you have taught me, thank you Adrian for believing in me, and thank you to Beverly Tyrell I could not have done it without you. I have just landed my dream job and this is because of the famous name and reputation of the Academy...I was also impressed to see the website has our graduation pictures (this must have been put togehter by Snajiv) good job! We all look great!
By Green Tortoise on Oct 04, 2009
Guest Review
When making a decision on what school to go to it was a difficult choice as there are so many schools out there, so I decided to go with my intuition. I am so greatful that I attended the Canadian Aestheic Academy as I had to travel great distance and leave my family for 6 months to come to this school. I entrusted the 28 years of experience the Academy holds and the fact that their instructors have been there for almost 15 years (in the case of Bevery Tyrell and Dr. Tim). I just completed my Aesthetic Diploma Course and attended my graduation and WOW WHAT A PARTY the Academy put out for us. My husband was even said this graduation puts our wedding to shame. Anyway, I am most greatful to Scott my Acadmey Director, Beverley my Medical Aesthetic Instructor and Nella for believing in me when I thought this course was too intense for me and wanted to give up. Thank you everyone for a great experience and a great emmory of the graduating class 2009 party. By the way I saw myself on the website under the graduation 2009. Thank you for an unbelievable experience! I will never forget you all. XOXOXOXO TO ALL THE STAFF SEE YOU SOON!!! Terry Daniels
By Scarlet Kingfisher on Aug 06, 2009
Guest Review
As a customer, a horrible place. Very unorganized, especially the Steeles location. Would never recommend this place. Its worth paying more money to get it done at a more reputable school. And the 'medical' instructors, the ones Nella says are Dr's , are NOT doctors. Don't be fooled. This place should be shut down.
By Fuchsia Peafowl on Dec 30, 2008
Guest Review
I want to thank all my instructors and Dr. Tim for excellent training. I just recently got hired at Bellair Laser Clinic and am earning $60,000 / yr. I could not have done it without the credentials and reputation of our esteemed Academy.


Cindy Lopez
By Raspberry Daddy-longlegs on Dec 30, 2008
Guest Review
I really loved my experience with the Canadian Aesthetic Academy. Teachers were very helpful and friendly. Very approachable. I highly recommend this school to anyone.
By Maroon Stork on Dec 30, 2008
Guest Review
Excellent School. Great teachers who go beyond to help out students. I had a really good time there. I recommend this school to anyone.
By Crimson Reindeer on Dec 03, 2008
Guest Review
First of all I would like to say that I started with the Canadian Aesthetic Academy in 2006. I graduated for Aesthetics, Laser Technician and Medical Aesthetics in the summer of 2007. Upon graduation, I have received a job working as a medical aesthetician making $28/hr. The training at the Academy was very thorough and I would not have done well without them. Anytime I needed extra help, one on one tutoring was available. The school overdelivered what I thought I was going to get. I would highly recommend this school to anyone interested in getting into the Aesthetics field.
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The Canadian Aesthetic Academy is a leader in the field of Spa Therapy and Medical Aesthetics. We have brought unity to Aesthetics by incorporating Massage Therapy, Aromatherapy, Figure Configuaration, Electolysis and therefore calling it Advanced Aesthetics.
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