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1725 Kenaston Blvd., Winnipeg, MB
26 reviews
Business claimed Last updated: Over a year ago
About McDonald's

From the Big Mac to the Quarter Pounder, we have been serving smiles and memories, coast-to-coast, since 1967. Go to full description...

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McDonald's, Winnipeg Reviews (26)

26 reviews
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By Wxsxbi on Oct 25, 2015
Third time waiting over 30 minutes in the drive thru, all at less busy times. Staff is on and off, usually decently friendly. Always get Death glares when I ask for more ketchup.
By Cinnamon Marten on May 17, 2015
I go to this particular place every once in a while for my toddler to spend a bit of play time there. I can only say that in particular some of the weekend cashiers have the iq of a pigeon! if you ask for anything other than frys, the supervisor has to get involved. I will refrain for now from naming any, but this one cashier thinks she is doing us all comoners a favour by being there. Arrogance does not do her justice!
Please! you need to hire people that realize this is a family place with a bunch of hyper active kids. deal with it or get a job fitting, your highness!
By Green Mussel on Feb 01, 2015
Drive through is 30 mins and still waiting!!! Hire more workers, I could have ordered at the keg and been served already!
By Cyan Elk on Dec 08, 2014
No one in line and still took 7 minutes .... oh and the drink machine was warm .... every time I come it's slow ....
By Coquelicot Saber-toothed-cat on Aug 12, 2014
Never go to this location for Chicken Caesar Salad after 8 pm.. Always OUT OF ORDER
By Thet on Jul 27, 2014
Ordered a breakfast burrito meal with hot chocolate on last Sunday, July 20 and hot chocolate taste like runny water. Yesterday I went to a drive thru at 10:57 am according to my cell phone, for breakfast and it took me three time before I got someone to greet me. Then when I order my breakfast meal she replied that they just changed over the lunch menu just a moment ago. If she would have taken my order as soon as I was at the drive thru, I still would have been within the clock. It seemed to me like she did not take my order right away so I can be past the clock. Just a moment ago my husband went order was sausage and egg mac muffin meal with an extra sausage mac muffin sandwich and breakfast burrito and he found out he is missing an extra sandwich. Had enough with this location in one week.
By britt on May 07, 2014
Drive thru was faster than usual
By Brown Nightingale on May 07, 2014
After a stressful day came over to get some Big Macs and this lady was so patient, kind and really nice even though I was a little bit harsh. Not sure if peace is her name but that was on her name tag but Good service
By Boysenberry Crane on Nov 30, 2013
My daughter and I attended this McDonald`s today at about 2:30 in the afternoon deciding to go inside to eat instead of using the drive thru and I was taken a back by how dirty it was. None of the tables were cleared, none were washed, the floor was not swept with fries and food on the floor. The trash was overflowing at all three garbage's and at the self serve drink bar there were empty straw wrappers, lids, and spilt pop and dirty napkins strewn about. I ensured that I mentioned it to the counter staff upon ordering and she discounted it saying they were too busy behind the counter to be able to attend to cleaning. I thought they would have sent someone out right away to clean up the mess but much to my dismay, my daughter and I were exposed to the disaster the whole time we ate (by the way we watch them prepare our food which appeared to have been prepared ok....)Then just when we were about to leave two staff started to attend to the garbage. I made quite a point of saying "GOOD PLAN!!! THIS PLACE IS A MESS." I have to say that this McDonald's should have the health authorities attend and the management should be fired. See my photos of the mess!!
By rollie on Mar 01, 2013
Worst ran Mcdicks I have ever been to. I chalked up the 1st few times of poor service as 1 offs, but now its about 10 off, so it is not a fluke that the service sucks. Order 3 Mc Doubles and 2 large fries with a small coffee. Asked "Would you like ketchup with your order?" Yes 3 or 4 please. Got parked for 10 minutes for a basic order at 4pm in the afternoon. 5 cars went through the drive thru while I waited. Came back with my food without the coffee. She had to go back for the coffee which took another couple of minutes. Got home and no Ketchup. Plus the play structure inside looks like it has never been cleaned. Its disgusting. Corperate needs to review this franchise and penalize the owner if poor service continues.
By Cobalt Setter on Oct 31, 2012
Was wanting to have my childs birthday party at this mcdonalds. Decided to try and call to make reservations,as its hard to go in person after work and after picking the kids up from daycare. After a week of trying to call, i finally got to speak to a"manager" advised him of what i wantd, and when the party. This "manager" stated he just recently became manager,and will call me back with the details. Well,my child wont be having a party there. too bad,Mcdonalds missed out on some money
By Cinnabar Panther on May 11, 2012
This McDonalds is awesome
By Chocolate Grasshopper on May 11, 2012
This McDonalds is awesome
By Burgundy Water-Buffalo on Feb 10, 2012
Just went through the drive thru. Service was slow. Ordered kids nuggets for a girl, got for a boy, no sauce. Ordered 2 Lg fry 1 med fry and 2 sandwiches, paid for it.. got 1 Lg fry, and 2 med fry. No one is answering their phone.

By Chocolate Peafowl on Jan 10, 2012


By Captain83 on Jan 09, 2012
I've been to this McDonald's location quite often and i must say they are working really well as a team and my burger was neatly made, hot and fresh, my soda tasted very good, nothing less than great!

I would recommend anyone to try the fast, friendly, and excellent service.

Keep it up!


By Raspberry Cougar on Nov 28, 2011
Just returned from McDonolds on Keneston Blvd. My meal was simple. Kids meal with Chicken fingers.

I would give rating lower if I could.

The girl (cashier) took the order, told me total of $5.25, when I went to window, the revised total was $5.59. Not only that, she didn't care to ask what type of sauce I wanted or wheater if I wanted ketchup with that. Okay, so far I was okay with all of that. I told her what type of sauce I wanted and paid the amount.

Now moved on to 2nd window to pick up my order. The girl at the next window opened the window quickly handed me the order and shut it quickly as she could. Left me thinking that something may me screwed up. I took off the drive thru, handed the bag to my daughter.

She finds a surprise, NO chicken fingers, but she was sirprised with McChicken (snack wrap), she was fine with it as she was quite hungry, now wanted to sip the drink, but no straw was found in the bag.

I couldn't trun around, so I decied to call, but No receipt in the bag. So came home and immediatly tried to call, but no one answered the phone. I wonder how the mgmt is going to handle the case when I finally get hold of them.

By JillChongva on Jul 27, 2011
There is no rating less than half. There should be since this one deserves a -5. Then again, it's McDonald's - I don't expect much.

1 - I ordered one meal and as I was about to order the second, the gentleman on the speaker gave me a total for the one meal. I told the drive thru person that I wasn't finished and was told to just drive ahead and give my order at the window.

2 - Get to the window and was given the total again, for the one order. I told the girl (quick change!) that no, our order was cut off. She literally stared at me blankly.

3 - I placed our orders - 2 cheeseburger 1/4 lb meals with a Fruitopia & a Diet Coke and one cinnamon melt. When we get to the pick up window, the gentleman (shift manager in a striped shirt and tie?) confirmed our order as one 1/4 lb meal and two cinnamon melts. When I corrected him I told him that this was the single worst messed up meal ever. So he hands me the bag, and as I start to look thru the bag says "Oh yea, look thru it - go ahead" as if I'm preventing him from doing something more fun than waiting on a customer. Everything seems to be in order, he hands us our drinks and I tell him again that this was a terrible example of customer service. He then yells after me "OK - Have a nice day!"

4 - We get home, make sure the burgers have only ketchup and everything is great! Until I try my Diet Coke and it's root beer.

I didn't think they could possibly get worse but they did. This location gets about 60% of our orders wrong - won't be going back again!

*NOTE - final kicker? They didn't give me a receipt so I can't complain on their survey system and they aren't answering their phone! *lol Amazing!
By Azure Panda on Jul 16, 2011
Ordered two chicken wraps... opened them up while at home and they were missing chicken...
By Amethyst Hermit-crab on May 21, 2011
Onions in my kids pancakes. Mouldy english muffin. No sugar in coffee. Got a credit after going back, but 3 bad mistakes on 1 small order? Really?
By Bazaar Booby on Mar 15, 2011
cant really speak about the day time staff, but the night staff! one of the best employees ive ever met who works at this location. Hes is extremely nice, is polite, and friendly, and works drive through, and the til...
By bagels1 on Dec 31, 2010
I was in today and didnt recive any food because of the poor service. I first went to the driver though thinking it would be faster because its call fast food but it was not fast food. In my lane we didnt get service untill 5 cars in the other lane did. I then went inside because i was fed up with waiting outside. I waited for another 10 min and didn't get my food. There were 3 people infront of me and they still didn't recive there food for 10 min. This location needs to work on customer service. When ever i go to this location i always have bad service either i don't get food or my fires are half full or i have the wrong order. I would like to take this up with someone in higher managment because the lady that is the manager there doesnt care about her customers. you can email me at
By Crimson Crocodile on Nov 26, 2010
Great customer service!
By texas123 on Nov 22, 2010
Yet again this morning we've received an order other than what was asked. This is NOT the first time. Maybe it's a management issue. Are good people that hard to find or are they hiring whomever is available? I can't believe that it's only the one employee. What would the chances be that we get the same employee at the counter everytime we come through. The McD south on Pembina has them beat hands down. If you have a choice, pls don't waste your time and money at the McD on Kenaston, go to the one on Pembina south.
By bigtim on Aug 07, 2008
I'm sorry to say but 60% of the time I visit this location my order is not correct.Maybe it is because I'm there right at lunch time but it seems that I always get to pay the correct price of what I order but never get what I wanted.Come to think of it...I've never in my life recieved MORE than what I ordered, always less, but I always pay the same.....
No reciepts on the bag with a phone number to call and complain.So how is a person expected to be compensated short of driving back to complain.With the price of gas it is not worth it if you only recieved a single 1/4 pounder when you ordered a double !
Comment by lutz on Aug 08, 2008
i think its time you stop eating McDees altogether! :-)
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Since the first McDonald's restaurant opened in Canada in 1967, McDonald's has offered Canadians quality ingredients in each of its menu items. McDonald's starts with quality brands, a variety of fresh vegetables and quality beef, chicken, fish, potatoes, eggs, bakery goods and condiments to prepare our menu items. Essentially, we shop where our customers shop - only our shopping basket is just a bit bigger! We purchase and serve the same quality ingredients and products our customers use at home, supplied by brand name companies Canadians know and trust.
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