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Active Management Ltd

59 Donald St #206, Winnipeg, MB
10 reviews
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Active Management Ltd, Winnipeg Reviews (10)

10 reviews
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By Hinder on May 13, 2016
Active management is one of the rudest and unprofessional people I have ever delt with they do not work with you they work againest you. I discurage anyone from doing business with such an assine and miss managed company such as these bewilered fools. They do not follow though with anything but collections they care nothing for their clientele how they remain in operation bewilders me. Renewing leases just to kick you out for remodels causing migraines and poor customer service vile attudes and missleading management skills. Do NOT rent with ACTIVE MANAGEMENT if at all possible
they deserve no ones business.
By Red Chameleon on Jul 18, 2014
An ironically named company "Active Management" - Kinda like calling a tall guy, "shorty" or a fat person "skinny".

Crudely "renovated" apartments that put a veneer over the dirt, grease, mildew, dust and mould. Wear a mask.

Caretakers with good intentions but lack any support to do their job. From the top down, disorganisation, mismanagement and basic laziness.

Bring a pet, start a band, let the kids pee on the carpet... Perfect place to trash! Hell, the owners don't seem to care - Besides, its a great way to get out of your lease.

By Carnelian Shark on Aug 05, 2013
they are bad, they always have been. For 4 years my apartment was fine with the exception of water from people doing their dishes above me coming up into my sink and spilling right over, flooding my entire kitchen, and there was no way to stop it. It was filthy water with black gunk from the pipes. They had roto router clean it a couple times for me, and it worked temporarily. The problem is the pipes are the wrong size for an apartment this size (clearly a contractor cut corners in the construction). But they renovated and installed dish washers and now I haven't had flooding since. I'm crossing my fingers. But now this really is gross: this summer (2013) they put in a new lawn finally, after the last supt runied it. and a sidewalk made up of pretty rust colored stones, which isn't finished yet and it's really stupid. the snow clearers in the winter will for sure mess that up! They always come through and pushed everything right over. That won't last I guarentee. But anyway, for a month my bedroom stunk and I was ill all the time. I had a rash, migraine headaches for 5 days at a time! It was the worst that ever happened! I was achy and sore, always nauseated, and sneezing, and my room stink really bad! I finally realized, when emptying the garbage in the corner of my bedroom, that the carpet was soaked and then I glanced at the baseboards and there was black mildew! My supt was watering teh lawn and she watered my balcony really well, it was soaked, and the side of the wall, and the corner all where my bedroom is, and the water leaked in from outside!! so right now as I speak, I am trying to kill the mold, I have an air purifyer, 2 fans going and I put borax down. Of course everyone knows that bleach is not the best option as it's also toxic. but I tried that too, and the mold grew back. the mildew smell is HORRIBLE, and I feel sick all the time, it's awful. I called them they sent a carpenter to look at it (?? and not a mold specialist??), and he said it has to be approved to fix it (??!!!!), but as you know, it's against the law to make people live in an unfit place. I am sleeping in the livingroom now, my antique furniture smells because the water got in it, but too heavy for me to move, my back went out from sleeping on the couch. the mildew is not just in the corner but all along the wall. I don't even want to go in there at all. I wear a N95 mask with goggles when I go in there, just to get clothes. In the meantime, I called them, and they are ignoring me. I called residential tenancies, and they haven't returned my call. I have a photo of it, and it's awful, and obviously black mildew. I was expecting them to fix it ASAP because it's an emergency, but instead now it's been three weeks since I first mentionned it. Of coarse, since I'm a newly graduated student, I plan to get a job first, and as soon as I do that, I'll be threatening them with court orders and stuff. I'll put them through the trouble, I don't mind causing them a problem, I would like this fixed even if I leave because it's inhumane for them to be ignoring me, and also against the law. I'm going to fax them a photo and tell them their guy looked at it and ask about a date they will be here. That will be proof on paper, timestamped that I called them. but I plan to make sure that no matter what happens, they do something. Basically, if they try to kick me out, I will then call up the health department in the government. As well I am going to fill in a formal complaint. So, yeah I will get them to fix this one way or another. but just letting you know, it's true they don't care, I knew this about them before, I only moved in because the supt was the sweetest person and got things done. But she's been gone for a while now, so there is no point anymore.
By Amethyst Guinea-pig on Dec 06, 2012
I rented from Active about 12 years ago and they were horrible.
Went back to them in 2011, and I was impressed. They have been really friendly any time I have called, and really accommodating.
I think my apartment is beautiful, the only complaint is the paint that they use. It's really cheap so hard to clean it.
Otherwise, not too bad.
By hopefulview on Aug 23, 2011
Certain properties tend to be going through major facelift through most of the 2011 year. While changes are quite attractive on one side, they are poorly done. Cheap materials, overly poor renovation standards (eg. painting over smooth surfaces w/o sanding), and cleverly-disguised "active builders" contracting company seems to employ some of the most hygiene-deprived and poorly educated employees that I have ever seen. Because of partnership with sister company, renovation costs have been exaggerated immensely. Therefore, Active Management has applied for a 39% rent increase on all properties inside Taylor-addressed buildings. Manitoban legislation allows Active to stray from normal rent increase guidelines for a number of years, meaning that price may continue to rise quite sharply.

As a management group, they seem to be unorganized and shift blame when possible. When my rent contract came up and new prices came into effect, pre-authorized payments required changing. Instead of giving a notice or warning, Active began to silently issue penalties on both my rent amount and record. After learning about it approximately 15 days into the month, I made a personal visit to the office to correct the difference. Apparently, I was charged the wrong amount (I was not charged for the incurred late penalties). After leaving the office, I received a call from my apartment manager with an accusation that I had intentionally allowed them to charge myself the wrong amount. Not only am I forced to go out of my way to return and pay the difference, but I have not received any sort of apology for the err on the part on Active itself.

Sometimes it is inevitable to deal with companies such as these, however, if at all possible, I would encourage others to entrust their home with a company that deserves this privilege.
By missjenh on Jul 05, 2011
I've never met staff ruder and less competent than the staff at Active Management. They're short with tenants, and often openly rude. They do not return phone calls. They are also very disorganized and lost my phone number, which was on my lease paperwork.

Additionally, rent has increased exponentially in my building, and the renovations were poorly done. The elevators in my building are death traps, and the staircases look disgusting.

If I can help it, I will never rent from Active Management after my lease expires next year.
By Cerise Worm on May 16, 2011
They are very poor landlords and are very rude to the tenants. Office staff screams and yells at the tenants and have very poor customer service skills . My apartment was recently redone and the work is terrible. uneven tiles front and back doors are not even keyed the same and they applied for a 39% rent increase. I would not recommend anyone rent from them
By Cherry Rat on Feb 18, 2011
they do not care about their tenants. They are rude and have poor customer service. Their renovations were very poorly done and the rent increases are atrocious.
By Bistre Eel on Feb 16, 2011
"Active" Management is completely unorganized. The ownership doesn't care at all about the tenants that live in their buildings. You cannot reach anyone from the business, and when you do get ahold of anyone, they never call you back. The only way to get them to move on any repairs of improvements is to go directly to the tenancy branch.
By Amethyst Bobolink on Feb 27, 2010
This company cares about there tenants and and take pride in there buildings. Recently renovated suites that are well taking care of.
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