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Cap Reit Inc

11 Knightsbridge Rd, Brampton, ON
8 reviews
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Cap Reit Inc, Brampton Reviews (8)

8 reviews
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By Bazaar Trapdoor-spider on Apr 09, 2016
Close to Bramalea City Center, Transit Terminal
Good for a new comer to Brampton

Poor Maintenance
Multitude of Roaches and Bed bugs inside house( less during winter and then its a plague
House does not stay warm during winter due to drafts
Dirty water in bathroom when it rains outside
Stove takes 20 mins to boil water
1 Fire accident every month
Break in's, fights etc inside apartment
By Chestnut Saber-toothed-cat on Apr 05, 2016
Please please please do not move into any of these apartments (Kingscross, Knightsbridge). I just moved out after living there for a year and three months. What a nightmare!!

To name a few, I was threatened to be raped, the shower bar slipped off the wall and damaged my face, my car was broken into and I had to take them to the Landlord and Tenant Board regarding a huge cockroach infestation that went untreated (yes, I won).

In spite of these issues, the management would not let me out of the lease and insisted I give a full 60 days notice following that. At the end, they "graciously" allowed me to stay until the 1st (vs the 31st). All the appliances were old and dirty - I never cooked in that apartment for fear of cockroaches.

My fridge was extremely old (falling apart) and I was told upon final inspection that I may have to pay to have the fridge "double cleaned". I WELCOME these people to contact me!!!

Unfortunately, during the course of my stay there, I had to throw out several items due to dirt and bug infestations. I would say that this ordeal cost me in excess of $5k.

Do not, do not, do not rent from these people. It will only cause problems for you personally (I basically lost a job over all of this). You do not need it........there are other (better managed) apartments in Brampton and Bramalea.

I am still considering my repercussions with the Landlord and Tenant Board. This is literally a crime that they are charging people exorbitant rent to live in a slum and unsafe building.
By Sumsitup on Jan 12, 2016
The title says it all. Slum landlords get a whole new meaning once you live here. Turn around and run for your life. That about sums it up
By Bole Crane on Sep 14, 2015
I lost my money to these people. Management is not professional and even top management are the same.Be careful before giving out any money. check everything first , visit 4 to 5 times to get sence of building and neighbourhood and then put any deposit. once you make deposit good luck getting it back.
and they will give you hard times for small small things.
By Cordovan Jellyfish on Jul 13, 2014
They laugh at their customers! Just pick the money!
Have my car damages for $2300.00 in the garage! No camera, no security, just $100.00 a month!
By loribug1967 on Jul 11, 2012
Can you say ghetto? ! Have been living @ 3 Knightsbridge since End February 2012 and we just submitted our N9 because our request to have unit assigned was turned down even after complaining to head office. management office etc. - all the things written here are true and then some. I actually witnessed gun shots being fired from someone across the street at 10 Knightsbridge aiming for 11 Knightsbridge. it got to point on July 3rd after witnessing the gunfire that I demanded immediate permission to have unit assigned. it's now July 10th and not one call/response received, Here's how my story begins. Below is a list of complaints i sent to management in April and all they wanted to do was have a meeting to talk about it??.. under landlord and tenant act, it is against the act for a landlord to refuse permission to assign a unit. FIRST EMAIL SENT April 9

Due to the condition that this building is kept, we are very unhappy living here and are requesting that as of Tuesday the 10th April our unit be placed on assignment for a new tenant. We will not advertise our unit through Craig's list or Kijiji because we are not comfortable promoting this building to someone else given the fact that we are unhappy ourselves living here. We are requesting that you (the rental office) take care of assigning it.
We have sought out legal advice by the Landlord and Tenancy Board prior to this request being sent. Your prompt attention to this matter is required.
A copy of this email has been sent through the website's "inquire now" email.


To: ""
Sent: Wednesday, April 11, 2012 7:19:24 AM
Subject: Re: 3 Knightsbridge Road, unit # 2707

To: ""
Sent: Friday, April 13, 2012 11:09:44 AM
Subject: Re: 3 Knightsbridge Road, unit # 2707

Good morning Sripal.

Shalini left a message for me at 3:06 pm yesterday requesting that I come down to the office to speak with you. I work full time Monday to Friday so 3pm is not convenient for me. I have left phone message for you at the beginning of this week requesting you call me back at work ph # xxx-xxx-xxxx and I haven't heard from you.

I returned Shalini's call today she said she would pass you on the message. Please call me today it is Friday 13th April. I'm here at work until 4pm (the office at 3 Knightsbridge) knows I work full time. (how else would I be able to pay rent?)
Good morning.

Shalini called me yesterday to request details as to why we have requested permission to have you assign our unit. They are listed below. I am sending them to you because I do not trust the office will give you all the reasons I've detailed with her.

1 - Elevator problems. Since the beginning of April, the elevator will not pick up on the 27th floor so we've had to walk down one floor in order to get it. we have mentioned to the office 3 times and all those times we've been told the technician was there to fix it. That was not the case because as of yesterday was still broken. Yesterday it was stuck in basement !

2- Garbage everywhere - in garage, two days ago, in lobby, lady from Unit 2703 does not use the garbage chute. Instead she leaves it on the floor in the room piled so we have to step over it in order to put ours down the chute. I have mentioned it to the office via the inquire now link on website but it's still happening. so when I called the other day to mention it, I was told that I need to report it. Duh. already did that !.

3 - Garage - due to moisture in garage there's always white stuff falling off the ceiling onto the cars. my husband has an assigned spot, but won't park there because of it,

4 - people smoking in stairwells, leaving garbage, beer bottles, etc.

5 - Elevators cleaned once a day. they're ok in morning, but by the time afternoon rolls around. there is garbage in there too, spilled drinks on the floors in elevators. disgusting. I have NEVER heard a vaccuum in the hallways to clean the carpet since we've been here. Grafiti on some of the floors too.

6- When we first moved in here, my husband didn't have a parking spot yet. we were told to park in visitors. The machine there was broken for parking pass. we put about 8 dollars in there for ticket and nothing happened. I have mentioned it several times, requested my money back to Rabia who just shrugged her shaulders.- still waiting for my money !

7 - fires are set off in laundry room which is supposed to be locked

8 - I moved in here on Feb 24th. the main door to the building was not secure and anyone could walk in off the street. no key was required. I did not feel safe. I reported it to the office. What did they say?? "oh well there's kids who keep shoving things into the lock so it wouldn't close." meanwhile it did not get fixed. it took many complaints to office and to CAP CARES in order to get the front door fixed, my buzzer code assigned and to this day my name is still NOT on the front buzz code list.

9 - before moving in i put deposit down on the apartment, asked Rabia if ok to move in on 24th but pay last month's rent on March 1st because we were closing our house sale and were waiting for the funds. She said not a problem at all to pay 1st months on Mar 1st and said also ok to pay the prorate within the month of March. I was happy with that until the 23rd February when I came to get my key. They refused to give me my key until I paid the first months rent. Rabia denied saying it was ok for the first months rent to be paid on March 1st and said it was the prorate she was talking about. That was a lie. When I spoke with Gail she said it's not the first time Rabia verbally gave the ok then denied it. To top it off, the 2nd week of March I got an enforcement letter about the prorate ! not impressed. I refuse to deal with Rabia all together because she is condescending, talks down to people, and just plain rude in her attitude.

10 - The Swiss Chalet delivery guy refuses to come into our building for fear of his safety. he said that a few years ago there was a delivery guy who got robbed in here and said these buildings are dangerous (especially 3 Knightsbridge)

11 - Fire alarms were going off 2 - 3 times weekly in here.

12 - a couple of weeks ago there must have been about 15 cop cars dragging someone out of this building.

13 - lots of teens rough housing at times in the lobby - or just loitering outside and they let whoever they want in. sign says don't open door to strangers......

14 - When talking to Shalini about these issues, she said, this is a rental unit and they don't really have control over what happens here. I told her that I've lived in rentals before, none of which were as disgusting as this place. I then asked if she would ever live here. Shalini said no. so I said, then how can you expect others to enjoy living here in these conditions. she had no answer for that. We call this place the ghetto or projects of Brampton and it is way below the standards of living that we want for ourselves.

15 - when I moved in here, they did paint the unit, however the job was so sloppy !. there's holes in the ceiling that weren't repaired. tape stuck on the window edges from who knows how long ago. paint on our sliding closets, ceiling fixtures, heat doesn't work all that well so we had to get a floor heater.,

16 - I have spoken with others in the building in passing who have been complaining in general about this place. so I said I've contacted office and now you, one lady said good luck "it will do no good" "nothing gets done here and it's a waste of time. Nice eh??

17 - we went to the office a week or so ago and asked if we can have permission to sublet, Shalini said no and that they do not allow sublet. I said so we have to stay here a year?? she said yes. According to the Landlord and Tenant act, no one can be refused to sublet which is why I have in writing our request to have the unit assigned to someone else so we can get out of here.

soooo. we thought we'd give them a chance to remedy the situation. Sripal from wanted this meeting and I felt he was sincere. ya right !!!

To: ""
Sent: Monday, June 11, 2012 11:05:39 PM
Subject: Fw: 3 Knightsbridge Road, unit # 2707

Good evening Sripal

It is now June 11th and once again we are submitting a request for permission to have our apartment assigned. We are still very unhappy here. though some things may have been remedied it is still unsafe. For example tonight we saw some rowdy punks throwing a bicycle right off a balcony at 11 Knightsbridge. BIKE WAS TOSSED FROM 15TH FLOOR ! it could have landed on a car or even worse a person. Enough is enough. We want out !
As mentioned the last time we will not do the assigning ourselves. You need to find that person. We want out of here the sooner the better.
your response is required

they responded June 14th saying that they acknowledge our request to assign or as they put it end lease with short notice, they were unable to accomodate request and that basically we were bound to our lease agreement. but if we still wanted to move they would TRY to rent it to someone else - (duh, we've been telling them we want to move since April!)

then I emailed on July 3rd after gunfire
Sent: Tuesday, July 3, 2012 9:48:13 PM
Subject: Re: 3 Knightsbridge Road, unit # 2707

Dear Carmen Oltean.

we received your letter on June 14th and acknowledge that the lease isn't up until February. but it's february 24th NOT the 28th. it is Tuesday the 3rd July 9:41 pm and I just witnessed someone across the street with a GUN shooting towards 11 Knightsbridge. The place is surrounded by police. A bullet actually went into unit # 304 @ 4 Knightsbridge (we're listening to police scanner). this is beyond scary and as mentioned many times IT IS NOT SAFE HERE !! the police are actually scoping the park between our building and 11 Knighsbridge looking for bullets.

We are now demanding that you put our unit as available for assignment and find someone to move in her asap. We have stressed a few times now that we don't feel safe here and want out. We understand that we cannot move until it's assigned. But you must put this unit available and we need to see that people are actually coming in to see the unit. Holding us back from wanting out is against the laws of the landlord and tenant act ESPECIALLY when we fear our safety.

it is now 9:45 and Knightsbridge Road is now blocked by police, no one in or out.

your prompt attention to this matter is expected.


Whoever wants to rent there. DON'T.

By jwcy2 on Mar 05, 2012
I must agree that what was previously posted to be 100% accurate. This is one of the worst buildings I have ever lived in, and til this day when I pass by it, I shudder in horror that I could have lived there for so long. 3 years of ignored repair requests, pigeons from hell, nasty tenants leaving garbage everywhere,unfriendly office staff even with the high turnover rate, constant fire alarms, building 11 actually has 19 floors and only 2 elevators, of which you'll be lucky if 1 is working, constant pipe leakage in apartments and flooding of hallways. I do say if you love bugs, this place is for you. ROACH INFESTATION like no other, oh, and they only treat your apartment by request you have to make every 2 weeks or month. The entire building was treated 1 time in the three years I lived there, and the hall carpets were also only cleaned 1 time while there, and windows have never been cleaned. Put all this together with missing ceiling tiles, holes in walls, mould and water damage, and an over priced laundry mat. By the way, the weed smell the previuos poster mentioned is no joke. I got high from smelling smoke in my apartment, and still think there are some grow ops in that building. Thinking about the times SWAT arrived with a team of vans, trucks, and fully suited with body shields leads me to believe alot of delinquent activity happens here. All this can be yours if the price is right...I was paying $965 FOR A 1 BEDROOM when I left. Absolutely outrageous. Please if you love peace and quiet, and value your money..DO NOT LIVE HERE!

RATING (-10)/10
By Crimson Red-Panda on Feb 25, 2012
This place is disgusting.
The management is more than rude, and completely incompetent.
While viewing the apartment they will show you what it could look like, but they will not show you your actual apartment until all the papers are signed. They will promise up and down that all repairs and cleaning will be up to your standards before you move in and on moving day you will get more than one nasty surprise. There will be left over hair and dirt from the last tenants in every corner of the apartment, live cockroaches, bed bugs and half the work that was promised to be done before moving in will not be finished.
After YOU deal with the bugs and the clean up job, you can put in a request for repairs and it will take weeks for it to happen and whatever needs replacing will be done with less broken parts. Unless you do the repairs yourself, nothing will get done properly.
Visitors parking is limited and your guests are expected to pay for parking if they can even find a space.
The underground parking is not safe and people who do not pay for parking will park in your space if given the chance. There are also rusty leaky pipes that are leaking onto cars and there is no sign of this being repaired in the future.
Even if you don't smoke marijuana your apartment will always smell like you do because people off the street will use the stairwells as a hang out much for security.
If you like to sleep, leave that at the door because false fire alarms are a constant problem and the walls are paper thin so you will hear everything your neighbors are doing at all times, which means they know what your doing at all times, so privacy...not so much.
There are 4 elevators in this building. At any given time there are at least 2 broken at all times, and you will be waiting for 15-30 minutes for one to reach your floor, only to be full of people. With 27 floors in this building, this is a huge inconvenience. It doesn't matter to anyone else in the building if your carrying 50lbs of groceries, they will shove you out of the way to get on the elevator because they've probably been waiting just as long.
The laundry room is absolutely disgusting, and half the washers and dryers do not work, but you will not be refunded if you start the machine to find out you just paid for it to spin your clothes with no water for half an hour. Not to mention to do one load washing and drying, it will cost you between $5-$7.00.
In the winter they put up notices saying they will not be shovelling or salting any of the pathways so you can either walk through the snow (and a mine field of dog poop) or walk around the entire building complex.
Your window sills will be covered in black mold and falling apart, and there are horrible drafts so its always cold in the apartments unless you have a space heater. They also make you pay an extra $125 to install your own air conditioner in the summer and if you don't you will regret it.
I'm sad to say this is the short list of reasons you should not live here. If you are looking for apartments, avoid this company like the plague. You will regret it if you don't.
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