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Bochner Eye Institute

40 Prince Arthur Ave, Toronto, ON
41 reviews
Claim this business Last updated: Over a year ago
Listed in: Eye Surgery
About Bochner Eye Institute

Bochner Eye Institute specializes in PRK and LASIK vision correction. Bochner Eye Institute Reviews Go to full description...

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Bochner Eye Institute, Toronto Reviews (41)

41 reviews
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By tomtree9 on Aug 08, 2017
Recently I had refractive end replacement performed by Dr. Ray Stein. It was an amazing experience. His genuine manner and consideration of questions leading up to the surgery was very calming and ensuring. His all business attitude in the operating room was impressive. The staff at the Bochner Eye Institute were outstanding and the organization and efficiency of the service impressive. I would highly recommend Dr. Ray Stein and Bochner and only wish I had done this sooner. To hear him tell me my vision is now 20/20 was a life changer. This entire process was easier than getting a tooth filled. Thank you!
By richarddock1 on Aug 07, 2017
I can't say enough about Dr. Stein at Bochner Eye. He and everyone in his office were so kind, and professional. I just had LASIK surgery in early May, 2017. Though I was nervous, I knew I was in the right place. I have 20/20 vision, so much more than I expected. We were correcting my distance, though before, I couldn't read a thing, and even needed glasses to watch tv. Now I can read and see distance. I was so used to glasses, I had a teary moment when I could read without them! I was grabbing everything, like receipts, copy on pill bottles, just ecstatic with what I could do! Thank you so much, for treating me with care, and genuinely happy for me, at the follow up. Professional, and kind., and an expert in his field. What more could you ask for?
By smrontario on Aug 07, 2017
Huge thanks to Dr Stein and his fabulous staff at the Bochner Eye Institute! I had LASIK eye surgery on both eyes and am so amazed by the results. Dr Stein is the most calm and patient surgeon - I could not have felt more comfortable under his care. His staff were all so helpful and friendly as well from the initial consultation to my follow up appointments after surgery. There was no discomfort whatsoever and the entire process was so quick and easy. It is amazing what you all do! I can't wait to jump in the lake this summer and not worry about my contacts getting lost. Thanks again to Dr Stein and everyone at Bochner! You'll be seeing my husband soon.

By jptoronto on Aug 06, 2017

I recently had refractive lens exchange performed by Dr. Raymond Stein. The staff at the Bochner Institute were caring and very efficient. I have been enjoying life without glasses thanks to Dr. Stein and his staff. I can't thank Dr. Stein enough for making this possible. Bochner Institute was my first choice as all 3 of my children had LASIK surgery done by Dr. Stein with fabulous results. Dr. Stein is extremely skilled, amazing and the best. I highly recommend him and the Bochner Institute 100%. Sincerely your
By Chris Cricket on Aug 06, 2017
I recently had cataracts removed from both eyes & lenses inserted. I am very pleased with the overall experience at the Institute. Dr. Stein was very pleasant, thorough & professional & I am delighted with the end result. His support staff worked as a very efficient team. I would highly recommend Dr. Stein & the Bochner Eye Institute to anyone.
By NancyTucker on Aug 06, 2017
I spent almost one year visiting and researching various eye clinics in the Toronto area that specialize in the Refractive Lens Exchange procedure. I wanted to fully understand the procedure, the results that I could expect and any possible complications. This meant asking questions... lots of questions. Dr. Stein and his staff (Bonnie in particular) were very patient and professional in answering my many questions. I had the Refractive Lens Exchange procedure performed at Bochner Eye Institute by Dr. Raymond Stein in mid June and I could not be more pleased with the results! My distance vision is 20/20 in both eyes and I am able to clearly read even the tiniest of print. I very highly recommend Dr. Stein and the Bochner Eye Institute.

By rosseau12345 on Aug 06, 2017
Honestly I was speechless most part. This was a gift from my girlfriend for my birthday and honestly best gift ever. She and I eventually got fed up with me waking up every morning looking for my glasses. Got bad habits falling asleep with glasses and contacts. Used to wake her up every morning asking for her help to find my glasses. My vision was horrible. Can't see anything past my hand infront of my face. Just all blur. Thought it can never be fixed until Dr. Raymond Stein did a tremendous job on both my eyes. Procedure was really comfortable even though my eyes are really sensitive to light and the most pain I felt was a tiny burn sensation in my eye which when I think about it was for maybe a second or 2 but honestly painless. Each eye was about 3-5 min for the Lazer eye surgery. Bochner eye institute staff were all kind. I was a little late and still didn't have to wait long so I was happy with the punctuality, staff's helpfulness and the staff and all the Dr explained the procedure well before I went into surgery that way I had full knowledge. After surgery I was able to see but eyes were watery and couldn't really open much so wore the sunglasses they provide until I got home and that evening I was feeling normal and ever since i have been getting even better. Sometime I forget that I don't wear contact lenses any more. Can't wait to dive into the water and enjoy rest of the summer. Follow up appoint the next day was fast and the Dr said I am doing amazing. After that I had another follow up in a week and Dr told me my eyes are excellent and had 20/20. Next appointment is in a month and can't wait to hear the status of both my eyes. I would recommend bocner and my eye surgeon Dr. Raymond Stein anytime. Thanks again. 10/10 best service I ever had, snack station was also delicious lol.
By Crimson Minnow on May 24, 2017
Got my eyes done at the highest price of all the companies, they botched the procedure and now have permanent damage to my eyes and tried to hide the fact until I had an eye appointment with a regular doctor who demanded they see me again. Afterwards, they were dismissive about the issue and found no solution. NEVER GO HERE.
By bonniejudd11 on Sep 28, 2016
I have been to the Bochner Institute three times now. Twice for cataract surgery and last Monday the 26th of September for a Keratectomy, minor procedure. Dr. Stein performed all three procedures in my eyes, and I have had great success with the cataracts and waiting for the latter to heal.

I would and do recommend the Bochner Eye Institute to anyone needing eye surgery.

Dr. Cheskas actually performed a Vitrectomy the hospital where now I have nearly perfect vision. Yes the Bochner rocks....

Barbara Judd....
By Avalon1001 on Dec 11, 2015
I had my Lasik done in 2003 by Dr. Raymond Stein. It was the best thing to ever happen to me. My prescription was -9.00 in both eyes, so I was nearly blind ! The staff took the time to explain everything that was going to happen on the day of surgery and what to expect afterwards. Dr. Stein is gentle and very calming. He's perfect if you're a big chicken like me. Afterwards my eyes were scratchy and squinty for about a day and a half, so I just napped at home and relaxed. Surgery on Thursday, and back to work on Monday. My eyes had been dry for most of my life, so I was told to expect a little extra dryness. No problem, I brought drops to work and they took care of it. About three or four months later I realized that they were back to normal. Now I only need drops once or twice a year during the winter when the air is really really dry. I was told that I might have a higher chance of needing a touchup because of my high prescription, but I'm still 20/20. I was also warned that when I hit the dreaded 40th birthday I would start to lose the reading vision, but that happens without the surgery too. All in all I'd recommend The Bochner to anyone who wants to change their life !
By Green Cod on Dec 11, 2015
I've had family and friends perform laser eye surgery at a few places. I settled on Bochner because of their professionalism and even more-so because it's where eye specialist go to get their surgeries done. Plus Bochner has been around in this space for ages and using the latest technologies and techniques. I am very happy with the results and have recommended Bochner to everyone who's wearing glasses/contacts. Dr Raymond Stein and his team were top notch. Extremely happy!
By aweckworth on Dec 09, 2015
Dr. Ray Stein performed my LASIK surgery a few summers ago. Prior to my surgery, my prescription was getting worse and worse and my eyes had pretty much rejected my contacts for the last time. Although I occasionally liked glasses as a fashion statement, they were a serious impediment to my life! I like to swim, sweat, snorkel, go outside on a sunny day without wearing ugly prescription glasses, and yes, see my alarm clock without squinting or fumbling for my glasses!
I am a self proclaimed medical wuss...white coat phobic to the max. Deciding to do this surgery was a major source of stress and anxiety for me. The staff and Dr. Stein really helped me pre, during, and post surgery. The procedure was well explained, and I felt cared for. The actual laser took only seconds to work its magic. Quick. I was shocked that I posed for a picture with my eyes open minutes after my surgery.
Being from out of town, my follow up care was done with my own optometrist. I've had 20/20 vision since then (although it did take a few months for the "haloing" around lights at night to disappear)...which I've been told was normal.
I have and most definitely do recommend lasik surgery at Bochner. I seriously regret not getting it done sooner. Now if only there was a treatment for reading glasses! What are you waiting for?
By johnphilips2020 on Dec 01, 2015
I was referred by my eye doctor to Dr Raymond Stein for LASIK. I was apprehensive but when I went for my consultation the staff made me feel comfortable and answered all my questions. The clinic is very busy with patients being referred from all over North America. When I went for my procedure I met a patient from Florida and another from Minnesota. They obviously have a good reputation! The surgery went very well and Dr Stein made me somewhat relaxed. Now a few months after my procedure, I can say it was one of the best decisions of my life. Freedom from glasses and contacts is awesome. A BIG THANKS to Dr Raymond Stein and the Bochner Eye Institute.
By sbates on Jun 17, 2015
I’ve been looking into getting LASIK surgery at the Bochner clinic in Toronto, however, the mixed reviews on this page are a little troubling. Initially I was referred to Bense Vision, which is a clinic closer to where I am located in St. John’s, but it is much smaller than Bochner. Can anyone comment on the pros and cons of using a smaller clinic vs. a larger clinic for the procedure? Thanks.
By Burgundy Oyster on Feb 09, 2015
I don't normally write reviews but this time it's different, this isn't a review of a movie or a Friday night show, this is a review of an elective surgery that changed my life.

I had laser eye surgery, I had it at bochner eye institute with dr Cheskas.
I was 29 when I had the surgery my diopter before surgery were 2.75 R and 3.00 L astigmatism included

With laser eye surgery there are risk and you should be made aware of them, the most common problem is under and over correction. Guess what, I have BOTH! Left eye 20/17 or 18 right eye 20/ 23. Not bad but 20/20 is what they go for if you get 20/18 in both eyes your laughing until 40 rolls around and you need the reading glasses a bit more. How is life with these slight imperfections, fine and I don't think most would complain, I do like to shoot and my right eye, which is my shooting eye, is not as good as it was with glasses. I still do well but this is my outcome and I have to live with it, I cannot justify undergoing the procedure again for a lousy 3 point increase in my right eye, too much risk with too little gain. The right eye overall is fine and performs quite well

Understand this is the most common risk of laser eye surgery

I had Dr Cheskas. Brilliant and great to work with, no complaints and his constant encouragement and calming words were helpful during what some would call a nerve racking procedure. He was great to deal with after too. Class act 5 stars, no complaints

I picked Bochner cause they take care of your eyes for life, there is no bullshit about covering your eyes for 3 years or pay more or again or purchase extended coverage, things like this sound ridiculous! How could someone even claim to be a med professional with policies like that my god! There is very little risk to these laser eye companies as they can only safely do the procedure so many times, It's not like some obsessive patient will have the surgery 10 times costing the surgeons thousands as it can only be safely done a few times anyway. For the few hundred more go with a company, ANY company who will back your eyes for life and please get it in writing. Did I check my eyes independent of Bochner 6 months to confirm what Bochner said was bet your ass i did! Bot got exactly similar measurements. Cover your ass always.

Would I do it again yes. Are things better without glasses yes. Do I shoot less because of the surgery unfortunately yes but it really isn't that bad and in my opinion worth the trade, if I was a pro shooter I may feel differently and really I still do quite well. Also when I lose I claim this as a handicap :) but it's all bull as my eye doesn't hold me back that much

Some inconvenience with drops, you have to take them often in the beginning, I got minor infection which cleared up with more drops provided by bochner. Mild dry eye occasionally taken care of with over the counter drops cant say I NEED them though. After the first day things became remarkably easier. Halos and minor distortions present for a couple months after surgery gradually get less, driving in fog/ rain difficult for the first few weeks, like coming out of a pool after swimming with eyes open under water for extended period. All gone now, vision sharpened to full extent when minor infection was discovered and found. Yes the infection was in right eye who knows if it contributed to slight decrease in vision, bochner says no. Final outcome combined vision better than 20 20 R 20/23 L 20/17 smiling and happy, no glasses.

I hope this review helps someone.
If you want to do it get your expectations in check, under and over correction most common problems
procedure is not so bad
recovery in my case not bad at all results vary

Good luck

By Katerina Swallow on Nov 19, 2014
If your surgery is a success and you basically don't need Boechner doctors after then you are good. But if you have any complications or questions, they will disregard you right after they got your money. My surgery was done by Dr Stein and one of my eyes was blurry. When I came to my third one month appointmen the lady couldn't answer a simple question and told me she is just reading the notes. I found this upsetting because if that's the case why is she even there if she has zero knowledge of my case. When I asked to see Dr Stein, he made me wait for an hour and then a nurse told me that he said if I wanna see him I should make an appointment in 3 months. And that's the answer to my concern that I cannot see with one of my eyes property, when it gets blurry I don't feel it is safe to drive. They send me out there, tell me it's fine to drive and come see them in 3 months.
By Crimson Bovid on Oct 24, 2014
Dr. Stein is in Toronto full-time, and is one of the reasons I chose this clinic. Other clinics will fly in Doctors from around the world, they perform a bunch of surgeries, and then fly back to their home. Therefore, it is difficult to follow-up with your specific surgeon if something goes wrong or needs addressed immediately. Dr. Stein is always available and sees you face-to-face if you have any issues. He is very knowledgeable and very kind. His demeanor is calming and very relaxed.

I had a few issues in the initial weeks after healing, and saw Dr. Stein for reassurance. He was a bit quick with me, but likely because he knew immediately that nothing was wrong, and I was on the normal healing path. I called Bochner to ask about my concerns, and they suggested that I come in that same day to see Dr. Stein. I appreciated that Bochner was able to accommodate me the same day that I called in to expressed my concerns.

One complaint: Dr. Stein’s staff is lacking the professionalism that he has. I walked up to the reception desk and said that I had called in earlier and wanted to see Dr. Stein about a few of my concerns during healing. The receptionist said in front of a full waiting room of people: “Oh… you’re one of THOSE…” and made me feel quite embarrassed. I was hesitant to come back after that. And put a bad taste in my mouth after such a great experience.
By Lava Lynx on Aug 02, 2014
Had Laser in 2009,cost $5000.00.Right eye was perfect,left eye was not good.Had enhancement,developed cells in the left eye after enhancement and vision was never good.Doctor Cheskes eventually done nothing to remove cells in left eye.The answer was always come back in 6 months.This has gone on for years and finaly gave up on Bocner.Was always told my vision after testing was good.In 2014 needed reading glasses and the test was done by another vision centre and it was confirmed that my vision was awful in the left eye.Was lied to by Bocner for years.
By Frank on Apr 10, 2014
Our family has been delighted with the care and expertise of the surgical staff at the Bochner Eye Institute. I am the 13th member of our family that has undergone LASIK. Everyone is doing well! We initially chose the Bochner because of the surgical experience of Dr Raymond Stein and the advanced technology that they offer. We recently took a family photo of all our family members that underwent LASIK. We are all delighted with this life changing procedure and thank the staff at Bochner for their kindness and surgical expertise.
By Tim on Apr 06, 2014
I brought my 10 year-old son to the Bochner Eye Institute for a scratched cornea secondary to our dog. Although I thought they did primarily laser surgery, the doctor and staff provided excellent care. My son recovered without any loss of vision.
By wayne on Apr 05, 2014
I had a severe cataract in both eyes that created blindness. My optometrist referred me to the Bochner Institute. I was informed of all the surgical options and decided to have laser cataract surgery with Dr Raymond Stein. The surgery was easy and the recovery was very quick. I can now drive a car and see my grandchildren clearly. It was all an amazing experience! I highly recommend the Bochner Institute!
By Jake on Apr 02, 2014
I had laser eye surgery here and expected better care from a clinic that charges much more than others. The pre-operative consultants were very kind, thoughtful and accommodating before I had surgery, but the post operative care, if you are not one of the "success" stories is lacking. This clinic does not offer the superior service that they advertise. Even with top notch lasers, the risks of not getting the results you want makes any elective surgery a not so smart choices. Don't let any of these Doctors here at Bochner convince you they are better.
By Magenta Egret on Apr 23, 2013
I had my PRK procedure done 1.5 months ago at Bochner downtown. My consultation was done in Scarborough with Lynn and I must say she is a very responsible and reliable consultant!! She reassured me with a lot of information and clearly stated the entire process from pre-op to post-op.

The staff downtown was fabulous when i went in for my procedure. They were all very attentive to me from when I entered to when I left. (I even got chocolates!!)

My vision prior to surgery was:
Right (OD): -6.25 with -1.75 astigmatism
Left (OS): -6.00 with -2.75 astigmatism

Now, its 20/25. This was the result of my vision check after 1 month.

I have created a blog detailing my journey from the consultation to the recovery stages. Check it out and hopefully I can help some of you in your research.

All in all, it was the best decision of my life!!
By ibah60 on Sep 01, 2012
Been going to the Bochner Eye Clinic for over 30 years, had laser surgery 10 years ago, my eyes have never been the same since, vision is still not correct, after numerous treatments and going back for check ups, nothing. Had cataract surgery last year, which was gauranteed by the clinic WRONG AGAIN, my eyes had to be lasered after cataract surgery, never heard of before. Even after thirty years, no one even looks up from the desk anymore, just health card please, more personal service would be nice, considering we spent so much money and put our trust in them. Already had one eye done at the Herzog clinic and a major difference, with the vision, nice facilities, young doctors, some should retire at the Bochner, and overall better care. VERY DISAPPOINTED WITH THIS CLINIC
By fredvoss on Feb 05, 2012
I was seen on an emergency patient by Dr Raymond Stein at the request of my optometrist. Although I had to wait 30 minutes in the office because my doctor called that morning, I found the care to be excellent. Dr Stein diagnosed me with a corneal ulcer secondary to my contact lenses. He prescribed an antibiotic drop that gradually cleared the ulcer and improved my vision. I am very grateful for the excellent care. I am now considering having laser surgery at the Bochner. My optometrist already had LASIK by Dr Stein.
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The laser centre houses the latest technological advances in laser vision correction including the Allegretto Wave and VISX Star S4, as well as viewing facilities for educational purposes, which also enable relatives and prospective patients to watch live procedures. Sophisticated tests are also part of the Bochner tradition.
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