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1851 Merivale Rd, Nepean, ON
12 reviews
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PetSmart, Nepean Reviews (12)

12 reviews
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By Cyan Jackal on Apr 01, 2016
Guest Review
Bought a leopard gecko, set up etc.... Hundreds of dollars. Gecko was sick from day 1 and had a disease and had to be euthanized.
By Magenta Guppy on Jul 17, 2015
Guest Review
I take my beagle to doggy daycare every now and then and he always comes home happy and tired. I do it on days when I am too busy or lazy to take him for a run and it gives me a day or two of rest because he is so tired. My only complaint is that my dog has now started peeing in my basement - the floor is concrete covered with pads - similar to Petsmart. So that is frustrating. I wish they would have specific litter boxes or something for them to pee on but I realise that would be hard to manage in a room full of dogs.

I would never take him there for an overnight because I think it is sad that they don't get to play outside but the day camp is good to burn energy.
By Green Donkey on Aug 23, 2014
Guest Review
I take my dog to the Petsmart doggie day camp, and she is always so happy when she goes in and when she comes out. The staff are all amazing, happy and passionate. They are super strict with vaccinations which I love. It's a clean place and super secure. I wouldn't take my baby anywhere else.
By Brown Crawdad on May 11, 2014
Guest Review
I have used both hotel and grooming and my dog loved them both! I have used several groomers and each has done a spectacular job! My dog always leaves hotel tired but happy.
By Userr on May 05, 2014
Verified by Email
I have researched and looked into MANY boarding facilities and day cares for dogs in the Ottawa area and none even compare to the petsmart petshotel. They have the best rates, most flexible hours and have a very strict vaccination policy which any owner should be happy about because it lessens the chances of your dog catching anything there. Every single employee is genuinely passionate about animals and they always treat the pets staying with them like their own and remember all the dogs. I would not trust anybody else with my dog. If there is a problem, they are honest about it and will work with you to resolve it. I would never bring my dog anywhere else, they are by far the best!!!!
By Rose Great-Blue-Heron on Feb 24, 2014
Guest Review
My poor baby just got back from a week's stay at the petshotel. Upon arrival to pick her up, they told me that she had a wonderful time and that she made lots of friends and was a perfect costumer. I asked if she had eaten and slept properly because she has some mild separation anxiety and they enthusiastically ensured me that she ate with passion and slept like a baby. When they brought her out to me though, my heart melted. My 45 lb boxer had lost 5 lbs (in 7 days). She looked like a starving dog off the streets. She was infected with bordatella (kennel cough) even though she had been vaccinated against it. She had a very high fever, was wheezing, and seemed drained of any life in her. They handed me back her bed which was soaked in urine. Not just in one spot, but the entire bed was soaked. My poor pup had probably slept in urine every night and no one had though to change her bed. She was supposed to be in doggie day camp from 9-5 every day but when I came to pick her up at 4:40, she was in her cage and they told me it was because "they had a busy day". I wouldn't be surprised if she was never brought to the day camp. I left my pup with enough food to last her 10 days (just in case). When they returned her food bucket, it was almost empty. Seeing as my dog lost 5 lbs and clearly didn't eat much during her week stay, it means they either threw out most of her food to make it look like she ate more, or gave her food to the other dogs staying there.

I have never been so heartbroken. My sweet dog returned home skinny, shaking, with a dangerous fever, and smelling like urine -- even though I payed for an exit bath and groom -- since she spent the week in her urine-soaked bed.

What upsets me the most is that the girl at the front counter was overly enthusiastic about how great my dog did and about how happy her stay was. When I picked her up there were 3 employees for 75 dogs staying. On top of everything, her stay totalled a whopping $411.00.

Please don't bring your pet here. This was the worst mistake I have ever made.
By Angel141 on Jan 03, 2013
Verified by Email
I used to work at this PETsMART. I completely agree that it is bad service and a horrible place you bring your dog. When I was reading someone else's review they said it may be cheaper but its not worth it. Actually, it really isn't that much cheaper. I work at a privately owned salon now and the prices are about the same because at PETsMART they tell you a base price but it always ends up being more expensive when you add services which you should have included anyways. They will use crappy shampoos that make dogs itch. Having to work in an environment like that certainly stresses you out and created unfinished, rushed work. Not to mention stressed out dogs and higher possibility of the dog being hurt. Nothing against the people that work there, but I really think people should spend their money at a privately owned salon with groomers like myself that take their time and give the dogs attention and make it a positive experience for them! Instead of giving all our money to American companies who don't do a good job anyways.
By TiffanyNL on Aug 11, 2012
Verified by Email
Not very happy. I called ahead to find out the price. Was told over the phone half day is 14$ plus taxes. So with that price I decided to take him for a few hours while I shopped in Ottawa. So I get there, and they could find my information, but apparently I wasn't booked in, even though I booked over the phone a few days before. Then when I picked him 4 hours later, only the receive a price of 16$ plus taxes. So instead of 15$ something I paid 18$ something. Only a couple bucks, but still. I brought him out side, and my poor guy peed for a good minute. He is trained not to pee inside, so he held the whole time. Also, even though he is vaccinated for Kennel Cough, he managed to pick it up there. This tells me the kennels are not cleaned well enough! Germs keep building up and building up, causing this to happen. A year later they are still giving dogs Kennel cough! Will never take my boy here again!
By Chocolate Crocodile on Jul 21, 2012
Guest Review
I had just purchased a 150 pack of puppy training pads for my 2 year old Chihuahua who uses them everyday. I was already pleased with purchasing them for only $29!!!

I walked back after already making my purchases and my cousin suggested getting softer treats... and a lady around the corner asked me if I had a new puppy at home. I explained to her about how my dog doesn't eat much of the dog food that I buy her from Wal Mart... She began by explaining what products might be in the food; and suggested that perhaps that was why she wasn't eating much. She knew a lot about the ingredients and overall health of my type of dog. I ended up buying the dog food and some other treats because of her; and signing up for the pet rewards card. Her name was Shirley and this was the petsmart on Merivale & Hunt Club near Costco.
I think what made this visit especially satisfying is because I didn't even ask for help or had any intention to make more purchases. She was completely available for assistance and was willing to help; which is rare to find.

Thank you Shirley!
Ps. My dog LOVES the food!
By Rose Scale-insect on Nov 26, 2011
Guest Review
If Petsmart was a stressful experience for me, I can only imagine how stressful it was for my dog!

The first problem with the groomers at Petsmart on Merivale/West Hunt Club is how little space there is inside the grooming area of the store. I pushed my way inside (it would be much easier if the door swung outwards instead of inwards) and had to wait in a teeny area in front of the service desk. Although there were 5 or 6 groomers behind the desk, nothing seemed to be moving along efficiently. I found myself wishing that someone would take leadership/control of the situation and get all the dogs sent to their respective areas with their groomers.

Instead, I stood there for 10 minutes with two other owners and their dogs - in very cramped quarters. One of the dog owners did not have control over her pet; it was jumping at the other two dogs continually, which contributed to the high anxiety level. My dog growled his disapproval and got pegged as a "problem dog", which was completely untrue and unfair.

I felt bad leaving him behind for 3 hours in such a disorganized, loud, chaotic place.

I am not happy with his haircut. Although he had been nicely shampooed (and still smells great) his 'feathers' (the beautiful long fur around his bottom) has been mowed down to nothing. He looks very much like an Akita and his bum looks - well - just silly.

Even more perturbing was what happened when I got home. I had paid $15 extra to have him "furminated", and although the fur was definitely loosened, it was not removed. I happened to be giving him a belly rub and my hand came away from his body with a fistful of fur. I began smoothing his belly with my hand and huge clumps of his fur came off. I had to work on him for about 15 minutes to remove an entire bag's worth of fur. For $75, I think this should have taken place in-store.
By Bazaar Donkey on Oct 06, 2011
Guest Review
I decided not to go there anymore. I always call on the appointment's day to confirm. Twice they could not find my name so I had to re-schedule even tough I have given date, hour and they always insist it could be other Pet Smart (there are 2 on Merivale) but I have only one phone number in my cell for PetSmart. The manager could do nothing about it and just told me "next time write down your appointment date and hour"..excuse me, I do all time and fix it in my fridge.
They need to train better its employees
By jey88 on Mar 23, 2011
Verified by Email
We got our Bernese groomed at the Merivale Petsmart last week and he came home infected with kennel cough although he has all his vaccinations up to date. Do not go here- besides the groomers being teen-aged and having no idea what they are doing. It may be cheaper but in the long run you will pay more for vet bills so go to a reputable groomer who actually knows and cares about what they are doing.
Comment by annieevans on Apr 17, 2012
Our doodle came home infected with Kennel Cough from this Merivale location twice now. The first time I didn't think it could be from there, but now our poor baby has this awful cough again and we just had him groomed again. It has to come from Petsmart. It's not cheaper there either...$83.00 for a groom where she just shaved him. What a huge disappointment.
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