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Canine Cottage

1007 Fennell Ave E, Hamilton, ON
13 reviews
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Listed in: Pet Groomers

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Canine Cottage, Hamilton Reviews (13)

13 reviews
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By Boysenberry Monkey on Sep 18, 2016
Well....I took my 2 dogs to be groomed by this so called professional. She is a complete jerk. Professional my butt. She is an egotistical hateful ugly excuse for a human. I was told first come first served. After 4 hours I was near her shop and stopped in to see if they were done. How dare I. I was treated with rudeness and disrespect. She told me what am I doing here and I told her just driving by and thought I would save myself a trip and see if they were done. Then she started. She blasted me and said how dare I stop in. This woman and I use that term loosely is deranged. If this is how you treat your clients she is lucky to have any. After listening to her crap for a few minutes I said give me my dogs we are done. She told me don't ever come back, like I would ever, and I said paying customers should be treated better. She told me to get out. And maybe just a coincidence, that night both my dogs became sick for 5 days. I am surprised this woman is still in business.
By Azure Panthera-hybrid on Sep 12, 2016
All the groomers there are more than accommodating and the quality is the best around! I don't know where these bad reviews come from because Debbie is the best!!
By Bistre Crawdad on Jul 12, 2016
I have been going to the Canine Cottage for many years now. I have never, ever been disappointed with the grooming of my Collie. The team are friendly and work very hard to bathe (which may take a few to loosen ALL of the undercoat), and groom him, never using clippers. It's a painstaking process to scissor his hair so it is layered perfectly. I always receive numerous compliments! Kudos to this wonderful team, who never use a noose!!!
By Magenta Leopon on Jul 03, 2016
I've been using this groomer for years . Always great service from a very caring staff. Very good prices as well. My girls walk in and walk out in a happy mood. Extremely happy every time I take my girl
By artguevarra1 on Jun 30, 2016
No star rating from me...But its a must this place would be a zero star. She's the heart...desrespectfull...does not care about the dogs and customer's. Literally tell's you she's queen of all groomers with all her trophies and medals. Very fake in my eye's! The big store's don't know what they are doing. The place is a dive and reaks like crap.
The worker's are so terrified of her that the expressions on their faces tell you how she operate's her shop.
Gotta say it was our mistake to go there without reading most of the negative and similar complains, our fault.
So as an advise to all dog/cat owner's do not bring your best friend to this chop shop owned by the she devil herself!
Our dog was brought in to simply get a shave. Groomer nipped the dog when my daughter came into the shop. Ok...our dog probably got excited but the reply from Debbie was that it was our fault he was nipped by the shaver. Totally unexpected from her. She literally gave our dog back and told us to never come back.
Only reason why we popped in was to ask how much more time she needed to finish our dog. Its an excuse, our dog was cut probably before we arrived and blamed us.
By fnorman54 on May 28, 2016
I recently wrote a review about me stopping in to see if my dogs were done and was treated with rudeness from the groomer. Well I went and picked up my dogs to be told don't come back. Real professional. This groomers ego thinks that she can treat people with disrespect and rudeness because don't u know she's a professional. Well guess what, treat people the way you want to be treated. She is in a business where she has to deal with paying customers and paying customers expect at the very least to be treated with respect, honesty and civility. And if she is such a high and mighty professional why is she working in a strip mall on Hamilton mountain in in a 8 by 40 foot closet . I will give her credit for one thing tho......she ranks #1 in my books for how NOT to ensure customers will come back!!! Rude ignorant sad excuse for a professional.
By Ao Parrotfish on May 21, 2016
One day rule...still would not work in this case!!! Our previous visit to Canine Cottage was of absolute praise...but you only get one chance with my dog and today was the last!! We brought in our dog for the first appointment of the day...three other dogs came in at the same time. Two and half hours later a phone call was made that our dog could be picked up. When he got home, I obviously greeted him with hugs and kisses to find out..
1. toe nails NOT clipped
2. ears NOT cleaned
3. beard completely; unevenly cut (Schnauzer cut), chin uneven
4. bum and "privates" not cut cleanly
5. two cuts on his tummy area
6. blotch cutting on his body
SOME might is expected...they are dogs; they move...BUT I am telling you I am absolutely disgusted by not only the cut, the $70.00 I paid for the cut, but also the mannerisms in which the owner spoke with me.

When we brought our dog the last time to this groomer and had an excellent cut and customer service... we thought we had found a diamond in the rough-I had called to "thank" the individual that groomed our dog.
This time, I called to let them know that our dogs grooming was unacceptable. Time to take ownership for the rewards or lack of hanging in your salon. When you asked us to come in to see him and we brought him my expectation would have been for you to be apologetic and make it better...instead "When and where was the last time he was groomed?"- not sure how this had something to do with his grooming this time around...then preceded to say "good luck finding a better groomer"...gave me back my tip and told me, "You'll need it for a vet bill." She cursed several other businesses before I could not take it any longer and at which point took my money and my dog OUT!!!
Will not go back....and I would encourage others to do the same!
POOR Grooming and POOR customer service!!!

By Crimson Snail on Mar 28, 2015
Before I went to Canine Cottage I took my dog to a "big" pet store for grooming. I was watching through the window and the groomer turned her back on my dog. My dog slipped off the grooming table and was hanging by her neck on the "safety strap" they put on her. I ran into the grooming area to rescue my dog. My dog is a large bred and it was terrifying to witness that. The staff were screaming at me that I couldn't be "back there" and I told them what I saw. They were not helpful and accused me of lying. I spoke with the manager who reviewed the video of the incident and I was right. My dog suffered unnecessarily. NEVER would I take my dog to the BIG PET STORE for grooming ever again.
At Canine Cottage, this wonderful groomer who works there, took my dog and gently lifted her in and out of the dog bath, spoke kindly when drying her, sat on the floor with my dog to groom her ...because she has arthritis and is too big for the table. I ALWAYS STAY WITH MY DOG DURING GROOMING. When observing the care of other dogs while I was there, the staff and owner seemed very knowledgeable and caring.
I could not have thanked the staff enough. I have been back several times since and I always get excellent service and care for my dog.

By Copper Gopher on Mar 02, 2015
I took my dog in for her grooming appointment. I was told it was first come, first serve, so I dropped off my dog at 9:00, by 3:00 pm, I still had not heard anything so I called and was told that my dog had just received her bath but had not been groomed yet. I waited a little while longer and then just decided to go pick her up. I arrived at 5:00 pm and she was just finished with her groom, when I asked for an explanation, I was told that because my dog was well behaved and didn't whine and cry while in a cage, they did other dogs before her, so my poor dog spent most the her day alone in a cage waiting to be groomed. That happened a while ago and that was the last time I will ever take my dog there.
By dougoros on Nov 14, 2014
We took our Irish Setter there for a grooming today. We made sure she didn't have a single snag in her hair because they have a shave policy for dogs that are matted. Our dog is 9 years old and spent the first 8 1/2 years of her life in Seattle . For some reason they shaved her anyway. For her first winter our dog is bald. There is no explanation for this and I would never trust these idiots with my dog ever again.
By Cinnamon Haddock on May 17, 2014
Took my dog to this dog grooming centre and told me that my dog had hormonal mange, was due to go into heat, and that she was the only one in the area who did not torture dogs, spent a considerable time bashing local dog groomers, including the major one in the large retail store. She did a great job, was happy with the work, but wondered about her negative comments and especially about my dog that I just rescued.
Two months later, just the other day, took the dog in for another grooming, she questioned me about what I wanted, did not recognize the dog or me, and when I went to pick her up, was shocked that she had not had her nails clipped. That was the main reason for visit. Guess I did not tell her, what? she did it the last time, but oh now there is an additional charge, okay, nails clipped before I left, and when I questioned the pricing, she told me that I was not welcome to come back...left with my dog, and had to go back the next day because they had neglected to put her collar back on. They had called and said the dog was ready to be picked up, after three hours, sure think they need to be a bit more up front and organized with things. This woman is not very pleasant, and think that when she sees an older person, tries to get a few extra bucks. Would not recommend!
By Cadet Squid on Mar 20, 2013
The Canine Cottage seemed like a reasonable place to take my husbands dog guide to be bathed and groomed in inclimate weather. All that needed to be done was a simple bath and thorough grooming. We don't have anywhere in the house to brush him thoroughly in the winter and with the weather being so up and down, he was shedding much more than normal. Even though I comb him regularly, he needed to be bathed in order to get a handle on his undercoat. When we made the appointment we explained our situation, and were advised they had a 'shedding solution' they used in such cases. Whe we picked him up, we were advised not to attempt to comb or brush him for a couple of days. For the next 2 days he constantly drank water and appeared 'under-the-weather'. Every time I attempted to brush or comb him, he cringed and trembled!!! He always ejoyed a good grooming in the past. Being that he is 9 years old I chose to give him a break and not inflict anymore stress upon him. It had been 1 week since he was groomed and I was going to attempt to start brushing him again to keep up with his shedding. To my surprise, he was COVERED in scabs!!! It was after hours, so I waited to call the next day.
I left a message and when the woman called back, I began to explain my concerns and the woman literally BARKED at me!!! She did not take any responsibility for what had happened to our lab and expressed that his lethargy and unquenchable thirst ahd nothing to do with the grooming experience!! She stated that only 1 dog had ever reacted to the solution and if I knew what I was talking about, I would not have put any blame on the salon!!! Why would they not do a patch test on an animal if there may be a reaction to the product!! Obviuosly they have NO people skills and think they are beyond resposibility!! I would warn anyone against patronizing an establishment that is not approachable regarding their animals health and think their attitude was TOTALLY reprehensible!
By tsavo on Aug 16, 2008

I would like to say that I trust my dog being left at the salon and know that its in great care experience at this salon is like no others ...the owner has groomed and shown long coated breeds and has set the standard of what a clean well groomed dog should be ! The prices are fair and what people can afford!
In hamilton i recommend this salon for your dog !
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