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Pet Culture

492 Edinburgh Rd S, Guelph, ON
15 reviews
Business claimed Last updated: 11 days ago
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Listed in: Pet Stores
About Pet Culture

Welcome to PetCulture Guelph, where we speak pet! Your pets needs always come first at PetCulture, and we strive to give you top customer service, knowledgeable staff and the best shopping experience Go to full description...

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Pet Culture, Guelph Reviews (15)

15 reviews
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By Copper Ape on Oct 10, 2011
I have bought lots of fish and have had none die even after transporting back to the Mount Forest area. Staff have always been helpful and pleasant taking the time to explain return/exchange policies on products we were purchasing. As far as prices go, I have seen a lot higher for less quality.
By Amaranth Bird on Jun 05, 2011
Bought my rabbit from there. The workers really know what they are talking about! They were really informative and told me everything that I would need for my bunny and did not always recommend me to the most expensive products. I go to this pet store ALL of the time now! Love it!
By brooke18 on Mar 08, 2011
i go there all the time just cuz its the only pet store in the area,but if it wasnt for that i would never go there.
everytime i buy fish from there they die,i even had one work tell me to stop buying them there cuz he to new that they sell half dead fish.they also over charge for all there pets compaired to other pet stores.i also bought a rabbit from there and they told me it was a girl it is now three months later and i was clipping its nails and i found out its a boy.....they dont care about anthing but the money.i also tryed to return a rabbit i bought there ,cuz it was attacking my rabbit.when i tryed to return they gave me lots of trouble and would not give me my money back they gave me store credit instead.i am there once a week picking up stuff for my pet and they just dont make me feel that welcome there.tere employes dont give you the time of day to talk abut anything. WE NEED A NEW PET STORE IN GUELPH!
By Amaranth Peregrine-Falcon on Feb 05, 2011
I went to the pet store the other day to find out some information about chinchillas and ferrets and they were so informative! They also let me handle one of the ferrets to see if it was truly a pet I'd like to have. They are a great pet store!
By Cardinal Ox on Oct 15, 2010
I have been to PP a countless number of times. I went there a lot for fish stuff and then I ended up buying my snake there. He was really well taken care of, the staff who I mostly talked to about my snake was super super helpful and really encouraging. I havn't found them annoying either, they leave you to make decisions on your own.

My one and only bad experience so far has been the 1 out of 6 or so times I have been there so far to buy frozen mice for my snake. They've always sold me what I needed, until last week I went in to purchase adult mice (which i had several times before) and they gave me hoppers...I asked them if they'd run out and they tried to convince me that they would get bigger when thawed...that bothered me because (1) i've fed my snake enough times to know that DOESN'T happen, and (2) they charged me for adult mice when they were most definitely snake eats them like popcorn...
By Chestnut Worm on Aug 18, 2010
We are a family of six with snakes, bearded dragons, cats, rabbits, hamsters, 100 gallon aquarium, dog and gecko...EVERY experience we have had a PET PARADISE has been positive. We certainly appreciate the reinvestment into the store with the reno, but even pre-reno, the stuff that mattered to us was well taken care of. The manager is helpful and other staff has always spent a lot of their time discussing pet care and helping us select our various pets. A family friend who is a vet has always told us that ultimately we are responsible for being educated in pet care--read everything you can to make sure YOU know what is safe. We cannot blame a sales person retailing a labelled product--buyer be educated.
By Boysenberry Coyote on Jun 04, 2010
Im suprised to see so many bad comments about the shop. Ive been in there numerous amounts of times, and before the reno, I agree, it did look filthy. But I have never really had a bad experience there. The service is great, and the animals are taken care of, sept for a few dead fish every now and then.
By snootsiegirl on Jan 07, 2010
I absolutely love Pet Paradise! Being there for over a decade, they have treated me with respect and dignity! Having a disability and working gives me a intense sense of self- worth as a human being! I want to feel useful. They do that for me everyday. Being a real slow worker can be very fusturating as this is a fast paced world. Here at Pet Paradise the staff has so much appreciation for me and patience!! I clean the small animal cages and I should be speedy by now. But I am not. I have medical issues and need lots of times to be off and yet my job still awaits when I return. They challenge me to grow as a person, they offer me help in every aspect of my work, even outside help too. No question how often asked is stupid.. I feel very safe to ask anything even if I ask the same question 10 times a second ago. We are business and being professional is most highly met. I have experienced it myself as I can be distracted easily and have been called in the office to get back in business and work. They are firm yet kind about it. They are honest and direct. We have fun in our store, we laugh together and cried together. We value honesty in our open communication.

As for the care of the animals in that store, we love them as our own! We give them the best life while they are with us. We are deeply concerned and take action when they are sick. We are always upgrade the animals living spaces when needed. We find fun and healthy merchandise to sell for animals. We order for people if they have a need or want. We have deals on merchandise lot of the times. We want the customer to feel valued to the max. We are open to any and every comment. It's all on how you do it. Remember we strive for Excellence not perfection! You are all the best to me at Pet Paradise! Thank you for your kindness, care and love! You make me a better person.
By Purple Hookworm on Sep 30, 2009
Went online to find Pet Paradise phone number. Saw a linkf for customer Reviews. Decided to click on to it, to see if others have had the same experience with this store as i have had. Obviously NOT! I'm very surprised to read the Reviews below. Now, I realize most people who go online to Review are doing so to air complaints, but still, it's disappointing to see that some go to the extent of naming staff by their names. Sorry, but, to me, that seems kinda 'High School' or something. Whatever issues some may have with this store, my experience there is very different. The bird supplies I purchase there are exactly what I have paid elsewhere. Maybe a buck or two cheaper. I've always found the staff very helpful and pleasant. As for the Manager, she has been especially helpful to me. Very friendly. Having inherited a parrot from a family member, I've had lots of questions, and she's been great in answering all of them. But what really impressed me about the Manager is this... On two separate occasions, I was about to purchase some parrot food, she stopped me and directed me to a separate product display where the identical products were on sale at half price, (merely because they were a couple months away from their Best Before dates.) Both times, she, in effect, took money out of her store's till, but in doing so, won my loyalty as a return customer. I have ZERO issues with this store or its staff.
By Coral Kiwi on Jul 31, 2009
Honestly I will give you my best opinion. This store is horrible! They are expensive! They have bad customer service! They have dying animals, mostly fish! And the troubling truth is that they are trying to solve these problems, yet they still have so many problems with there selection of animals. It is absolutely disgusting! I'm ashamed to even have this store in guelph.
By Chamoisee Ape on Jun 03, 2009
I agree totally with the way the staff treat customers at Pet Paradise in Guelph. The manager, Teresa used to be nice and pleasant to deal with, but her attitude in the past year sucks big time. I don't even bother saying hi to her anymore because she's just rude. The only one I deal with if I absolutely have to is the girl that is short with long black hair, she is super nice. I take my business to the Global Pet Store now because I can't stand to walk into the Pet Paradise in Guelph. Head office should pay attention to these reviews because they are losing a lot of business because of their rude and can't be bother helping customers staff
By Cobalt Meerkat on May 14, 2009
If it wasn't for the fact that this was the only store in the area that has what I need, I would never go there - I have never had such a hard time giving my money to someone. They will argue and make it really hard to get what you need. The manager and some of the staff are ridiculously rude. The only person I will ever talk to in there is Mell - she has red hair and a great work personality.
And don't even get me started on the animal care (or lack of it)....
By Ao Rainbow-trout on Jan 27, 2009
I've been to many pet stores....and this one is so filthy poorly arranged and badly lit. and there staff are very ignorant. fire all your staff get some new respectable people in your store that actually do work. there are dead fish which are decomposing with snails on them... I went back 2 days later and the fish which was not a small unnoticeable fish it was a giant rotting discus and it was still in the what the hell.... how do u not notice that... pure laziness and disregard for there animals.
By Cinnabar Ape on Jan 05, 2009
posibly one of the worst pet stores i have ever been to the staff dont help. they dont keep their tanks clean covered in alge and most fish are ill with parasites theay are rude to customers. They way over price there tanks by the hundreads they dont even know what they are selling most of the time. this place is nasty.
By fish100 on Nov 26, 2008
staff was hyper, when I asked a question of one staff member, others jumped in and made flippant remarks...I was so uncomfortable in my experience there..I will not go back
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Welcome to PetCulture Guelph, where we speak pet! Your pets needs always come first at PetCulture, and we strive to give you top customer service, knowledgeable staff and the best shopping experience a pet store can offer. PetCulture is Canadian-owned and operated and has been servicing the Guelph and surrounding area for 17+ years! We cater to all your pets needs, whether your animal friend is a dog, cat, bird, fish or any other small animal. PetCulture also has the largest selection of exotic fish in the area, ranging from goldfish to tropical fish, cichlids to rare plecos and even marine fish. We also carry exotic reptiles and birds, but if small and cuddly is what you are looking for, we have a wide variety of small animals as well. We have a large selection of high quality dog and cat food to fuel your four-legged friends and maintain their optimal health. Come visit us at PetCulture today to enjoy a pet store experience like no other! Don't forget to bring your pets with you!
Specialties: Tropical Fish, Small Animals, Marine Fish, Exotic Reptiles, Exotic Birds, Aquarium Supplies, Full Line Of Reptiles, Small Animals, Birds &Fish, Vicinity Points, Frequent Buyer Program
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