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Skylon Kennels

1227 Roseville Rd RR 2, Cambridge, ON
35 reviews
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Skylon Kennels, Cambridge Reviews (35)

35 reviews
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By L. Kaster on Mar 09, 2021
We had a HORRIBLE experience with this breeder. We picked up our puppy who was absolutely riddled with lice and needed to undergo treatments and diarrhea.

The kennel couldn’t provide us with registration papers right away because Judy didn’t know who the father of the puppies was. She claimed she was waiting on blood work to determine who sired the puppies....this should have been a massive red flag! We had sent in our new puppy application and received an email back the next day telling us she had a puppy that someone came to pick up and apparently he changed his mind when he arrived. We could have his reserved puppy spot and pick up that week.

6 months later after our sweet boy went lame. We discovered through x-rays he had severe hip dysplasia. We reached out to Judy not once but twice (when we discovered the hip dysplasia and again a year later) about this but received nothing but defensive and extremely rude accusatory remarks about how it was “definitely not the genetics” but rather this must be our fault. She blamed our home environment stating that caused the hip dysplasia in our puppy!
She told us she would refund our money if we gave the dog back to her. She knows that no one is going to return their family pet after 2 years! We asked for 50% of our money to be refunded but that was refused also.

He also had cryptorchidism (testicles that never descended) and a large lipoma the size of an orange surgically removed from his head by the time he was 8 months old. We received her rude remarks about how our vet knows nothing and how she is the one who should advise on our dogs health when our vet recommend neutering him to prevent testicular cancer which is a high risk with cryptorchidism.

Her kennel is absolutely filthy and the dogs poorly looking. We should have walked away after she said we would have to pay for lice treatments upon pickup.

Our dog just turned 2 and is booked at OVC for a total hip replacement next month at a cost of $9000! Thank Goodness we have pet insurance that will cover a lot of this cost or we would need to put him down as he has a severely painful limp and goes lame after going for even just a short walk.

Do NOT buy from this breeder!
By Amy Wittykit on Dec 05, 2020
I read this is a puppy mill.
By Lyd on Nov 30, 2020
I have bought three puppies from Skylon Kennels – the first 18 years ago and the second 4 years ago. As I sit here writing this review, I am holding my third puppy that we just got from Skylon Kennels and sitting beside me is the second one. Judy breeds beautiful, intelligent, good mannered, healthy golden retrievers from champion sires. Judy has been at this for decades and is very knowledgeable helpful and accommodating. We picked up our puppy an extra week after the other puppies left, and already Judy has her partly trained and recognizing the name we chose. After the pickup, Judy already emailed me to make sure she is doing well. Even with my four year old golden, I still email Judy from time to time for guidance.
We have been to Skylon’s large country lot on the river outside Cambridge several times and have been both inside and out. It’s a fine facility with clean comfortable accommodations and lots of room outdoors for the dogs to run. The dogs there always look healthy and enthusiastic and are very friendly. I did my homework to find a good breeder with a good facility, and have 18 years of fabulous dogs to show for it. We had a dog of a different breed before our Skylon goldens. But once we decided to get a golden and found Skylon, we never looked back.
We have a friend who independently obtained a golden from Skylon as well and is very happy, and the owner of one of the siblings of our second Skylon golden was in touch a while back and was delighted with his too.
I have no hesitation in recommending Skylon Kennels to everyone. But don’t take my word or anyone else’s online. When in doubt, check it out. For any breeder of interest, do your homework. Visit the kennel. Meet the breeder. Ask to speak to people who have bought dogs there. That’s what I did and its why I picked Skylon.

By Brenda Burggraf on Nov 29, 2020
I'm not exactly sure why this kennel is getting these reviews. I was only at Judys place two times and it was many years ago. I saw nothing that indicated that the dogs were not cared for.
I even had her take my male Rottweiler to Trout Creek shows. He came back the same way he was sent. In excellent condition. And 8 points. She was the only one I trusted my dog with.. She has always been very professional
By Mitchell Thomas on Sep 03, 2020
Sick dogs, dogs housed in crates on top of each other, dirty, filthy. Would not support this kennel. Humane Society says they get many complaints and this kennel is under supervision.
By Nicole on May 07, 2020
Beware! Stay far away from this *kennel". Dogs are treated very poorly and are sickly staying in this kennel. My dentists dog nearly died and cost him 4500.00 in vet bills.
By Karn Schurmans on Feb 29, 2020
We love our dog to bits. He is good natured but incredibly frightened of any beeps from any device. We wonder if they used a cattle prod. Even the stove or dryer beep he runs upstairs and hides. He is extremely nervous. We read reviews after we got our baby and read that others have had or experienced negative reviews of this kennel. He is also terrified of the dark and even people wearing dark clothing. I believe he was well bread but NOT treated well from this breeder. I tell everyone who loves our dog and is interested in getting a retriever to go elsewhere. I read that she has been reported many times by even her own staff, but still breeds. Abusing puppies and their Mom’s is wrong. One would expect that one should be in the business out of love not money!
By Maroon Mountain-goat on Jul 06, 2018
Thank you for taking such good care of my dog during our holidays. I have read some very 'dumb' reviews here and find ignorance can certainly wreck a caring business. Judy has very few dogs now and the ones she does have get to run in huge fenced in areas. At night they come into a cool basement and are crated-again, in this heat-a cool basement is perfect. Stacking crates a few high is not a big deal is it? I mean I have seen some dog shows where they do the same thing? Thanks again Judy and I will get my next 'Tracker" from you again one day.
By sandylethbridge54 on Apr 06, 2017
I jist hope they close her up soon. Dogs were filthy dirty and out in all kinds of bad weather. Please don't let her get away with this any longer. Dogs should be pampered not ignored. I remember one day working there a labradoodle was in a cage and he scratched his way out getting bloody.All she was worried about was the damage done to the cage. I brought the dog to my house for the rest of that mth where he was spoilt. Wish I had known the owners name . I would have warned them not to bring him back there for boarding. She's o ly in it for the prestige and the money.

By Cinnamon Cheetah on Jan 15, 2017
I am so sorry to hear about the negative experiences that people have had with Judy and Skylon. Fortunately, our experiences have been very positive. Admittedly, I am a novice puppy purchaser but I flew to Skylon, toured the kennel, and the grounds. Everything certainly appeared in order. Our puppy is now 11 months old, no health issues, a great temperament, and nothing rattles him. Right from day one, people have commented on his good looks, calm disposition, and delightful personality. We have an elder golden and he is a descendant from Skylon too. He's 14 years old and very healthy. The puppy has given him a second wind - the two of them get on so well together - it's heart warming. I would definitely go back to Judy and Skylon. It's true that Judy has strong opinions about how dogs should be bred and raised but I believe that 50 years in this field gives her this right. Judy can also be direct and sometimes, curt. However, my overall impression was that she cared deeply about her dogs and answered all of my questions. Judy makes sure that her puppies go to good homes and caring families. I hope that people who are considering a puppy from Skylon go beyond the negative (and positive) reviews written here and find out for themselves what Skylon and Judy Taylor have to offer. Our family would be incomplete without our Skylon goldens.
Comment by AllisonFrench on Jun 16, 2017
We must have siblings! We got a golden from Judy (born Feb 4/16) and we are beyond thrilled with our Golden. She is sweet, gentle and just wonderful! I totally agree with you about Judy but she knows her Golden's and I trusted her completely with the care of our puppy. We are so happy with our Golden and I also hope that the negative comments are not all you read about Skylon. I would absolutely recommend Skylon to buy your puppy!!
Comment by TJanzer on Feb 07, 2018
A lot has changed in 14 years. I would never recommend getting a pup from her. There are so many other respectable breeders out there. Stay away!
By pdevine on Nov 09, 2016
I would recommend purchasing a Golden by a more reputable breeder! My experience was nothing but dissatisfying . From forgetting that I had put a down payment on a puppy, not returning emails, phone messages to losing full litters on one occasion to four of nine on the next litter!!! Their are certain obligations a breeder should meet and Skylon ( Judy) fail to satisfy me as the customer on all accounts. I hope you take my advise and look elsewhere.
Regards, Pat
By Cerulean Squid on Nov 07, 2016
We bought out puppy in March ... She has turned out to be the best dog we have EVER owned. She is smart, sweet and has a amazing temperment. We had a little difficulty in the begining with finding the right food. Judy was helpful and knowledgeable. I would buy my next ten dogs from this breeder. Judy has given us the best companion. Skylon is a great breeder.
By radke21 on May 20, 2016
As an employee of Judys in 2011 I saw dogs treated badly. I'd never buy a dog from her and never board mine. I had to rate one star or else I couldn't post this.
Comment by rylee on Jun 04, 2016
Just wondering if you recall working with a young adult dog named Priscilla when you worked there? She would have been there from January 2010 until the summer of 2011 and she was a year and a half in 2011. I'm just curious about the type of treatment that she received when she was there. She was from the same litter as a dog named Trish.
Comment by sandylethbridge54 on Apr 06, 2017
sorry. I don't remember a Priscilla
By flavianc on Jan 09, 2016
We got Jake from Judy at Skylon back in 2004, and he turned out to the best. We asked for a calm and laid-back dog and that's what we got. A handsome fellow with a wonderful temperament, he brought immense joy in our lives. Jake was the favourite of the neighbourhood and our family...he did not spend a day in a kennel when we went on vacations. Our neighbours insisted on keeping him in their homes when we were away. He passed away in August 2014 and we miss him dearly. We will go back to Skylon for the next when we are ready.
By Bazaar Snow-Leopard on Feb 15, 2015
It makes me incredibly sad to read such harsh judgements here. We welcomed one of Judys dogs into our family in October 2000. He just passed this December 2014. In 14 years he had NO health issues. He was a healthy happy loving amazing part of our family. He was there to watch over my two daughters from the time they were born until the day he passed. Judy can not by any means predict the personality of a dog any more than you can predict that of your child. You can raise two dogs together and have them have two totally different personalities much like children! Judy was never anything but helpful and kind from the day we took our dog home in 2000 till the day we told her he passed in 2014. I would say that there are far far more satisfied happy customers than unsatisfied.
By Cinnabar Angelfish on Dec 10, 2014
Thanks to this kennel I was able to have 10 years with the nicest, and mellowest dog I will ever know. He was adorable throughout his life as well. But, did I say 10 YEARS... yes below the lifespan. He had health concerns during the last 4 years of his life... I truly wish I got more time with him and question whether that was the kennel's fault. Regardless I am blessed to have had him
By Scarlet Basilisk on Jul 22, 2014
Purchased 5 puppies over the years. Judy's dogs do not live in tiny kennel runs but have large areas to play in. She has produced well breed healthy companions for many years, she truly loves the breed and does not believe in them being in a kennel run type of situation. Yes some of the runs and houses (just for lounging during the day) tend to get chewed but what youngster doesn't like to chew. Would rather a breeder doing what is best for the dogs and extensive knowledge on the breed than a back yard breeder any day!
By Purple Swan on Apr 22, 2014
I purchased a golden puppy from Judy over 13 years ago. Mulligan was the sweetest and most beautiful dog ever and lived just under 13 years but succumbed to bone cancer. I cannot say enough about her dogs and the gift that she gave me 13 years ago. THANK YOU JUDY! Melissa Lubitz
Comment by Cordovan on May 20, 2014
This member has deleted their account.
By puppylove74 on Dec 12, 2013
When first dealing with Judy she seems like she loves her dogs and she cares for them, but I do not believe that now, it's just a business to her.

I had tried dealing with her on issues I was having and she became rude and confrontational several times.

I met the young staff who worked there, who were great, they must love dogs because there is no other reason they would work for her, she treats them with absolutely no respect. I also witnessed her daughter who was breeding dogs there as well, who was screaming and yelling the entire time I was there at the dogs, so sad. I called the OSPCA on her daughter for what I had seen her do to one of the dogs who had run away.

My dog who was beautiful and loving and yes scared of everything (same as other comments). After two years still had trouble walking down the street, would stop and lie down, afraid of all the noises. Had health issues as well, although Judy said she was fine, you could tell she wasn't.

I would never deal with Skyon Kennels again and tell everyone the same thing.

Comment by sandylethbridge54 on Apr 06, 2017
By Linda on Nov 15, 2013
I have breed and owned Skylon Kennel dogs for 30 years. I have known Judy Taylor for that long and I have never, never seen anything but kindness and total devotion to the golden retriever breed. I have used one of her males twice for champion stud service with beautiful results and ended up keeping two wonderful dogs. We have fostered females from Judy and have ended up keeping them as a part of our family.
A dog is a commitment of hopefully 15 years and all are of different temperaments some are more sensitive than others some are harder to train, but if you love the animal you will succeed with time and love. Thank you Judy for Jenny, Lucy, Lily, Whisper, Abbey, Sussanna and last but not least Pearl.
By Purple Cobra on Oct 22, 2013
The poor/disgusting reviews are accurate, and if your dog is fine, then you are EXTREMELY LUCKY and should buy that lottery ticket!
Judy, herself has also been shown in her true light. This is not a happy, healthy environment.
The dogs are raised for income only, and it sickens me. I have learned a lot from experiencing how her kennels are run, and I will NEVER fall into a similar trap as others have when purchasing a new member for my family!
Her neighbours could tell you a lot because they see/hear what really happens there on the property.
Congratulations Kathy for your loyalty. Unfortunately you are now a part of the problem by misleading and denouncing the owners who have tried to stop others from purchasing dogs that will cost them thousands in vet fees. Shame on you, and shame on Skylon Kennels (that's you Judy!)
By Lavender Orangutan on Oct 14, 2013
We bought a puppy from skylon, apart from a Bactria from the raw chicken diet, she is the best puppy. Temperament and looks are second to none. Judy was very friendly to us, we just lost our golden 2weeks prior. We want to have a look and took our new puppy home that day, judy went out of her way to help us. We will defiantly go to Judy when we are ready for another puppy, our Sadie is an awesome puppy!
Comment by TJanzer on Feb 07, 2018
Of course she was friendly. She took advantage of your loss just to seel you a puppy.
By Pink Cockroach on Sep 10, 2013
I posted an information request on Aug 21, 2013. As yet, no dissatisfied purchasers from Skylon Kennels has reponded. I assume this means no investigations were conducted.

It is nasty to make allegations against a business if you are not willing to take any sort of action.

As I stated previously, I am very happy with my puppy and he has no health problems other than sensitive tummy.
Comment by friend on Sep 30, 2013
I can confirm that the dog crates ARE stacked two and sometimes three high, and that there can be five or six litters of puppies at any one time at breeding season.Whelping bitches and nursing mom's are always kept in a dark basement (NO WINDOWS)through the day, as well as some borders.These dogs are often only let out to relieve themselves twice a day.Once around 7am and then as early as 5:30pm in the fall and winter months for their last pee and poop of the day,when All dogs are brought in for the night.
I can confirm all this because I at one time worked for Judy.I thought that over time I could change the dogs lives here for the better,but Judy is very set in her way and refuses to change.
Comment by prettybud on Oct 08, 2014
Unfortunately, when it comes to breeders, there is very little action that CAN be taken. That is why there are so many puppy mills in Canada - lack of laws and enforceability. Ergo, lack of legal action does not mean that there is nothing wrong at this kennel.

Apart from my previous comments, I should have seen Judy's having 3 litters inside three weeks as a warning sign. With respect to her assertion that hip dysplasia can be caused by obesity - our puppy/dog has always been lean.

Skylon is not a puppy mill, but Judy's reason for the kennel is not for the love of the breed, but for profit above all else.
By TJanzer on Sep 07, 2013
We purchased out Retriever from Judy 4 years ago. We were very excited to get our puppy. However, we have had some recent developments that make me wish that we never went to her to purchase a dog. She claims on her site that she is proud that her dogs are free of genetic defects. Our dog Jackson has an enlarged heart. I take him once a week to the vet to get his chest cavity drained of fluids. When I notified Judy of this, the first thing she told me was that I will get a discount on our next puppy purchase. WTF??? I told her that I was not looking for a discount. I told her that she should notify other owners of dogs from the same litter. Just in case. I doubt that she did. In further emails from her, I told her that I don't even put him on his rope at night when he needs to go outside. She told me that if she knew I was going to tie him up, she would never have sold him to me. I put him on a 50' rope. He has 100 foot diameter area to travel in. Have you seen her cages? My dog has twice the room to move than her 5-10 dogs that are in the same pen!! I told her that I wish she would have not sold him to me. I could have got a dog from a more respectable breeder. I love my dog more than anything. He is the best dog that I have ever had. Very loving. But this lady should be stopped. She doesn't care about the dogs in her custody. She is only into it for the money. SHUT HER DOWN.
By Azure Cow on Aug 21, 2013

There a very harsh reviews listed in this section. They have made me concerned as I purchased my wonderful boy in April,2013. Apart from trying to find the right food combination for Brody's digestion, I have had no problems.If these reviews are true, I am now very concerned.

My question is,has any of the reviewers initiated any type of investigation against Judy and Skylon kennels??

Mary Elin Dwyer
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