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Countryside Boarding Grooming & Doggie Daycare

1465 Trussler Rd, Kitchener, ON
18 reviews
Business claimed Last updated: Over a year ago
About Countryside Boarding Grooming & Doggie Daycare

We have been providing quality Dog and Cat boarding, Grooming and Daycare services since 1984. Long term, professional and caring staff in a purpose built facility located in a country setting. Recent upgrades to our facility and services are designed to serve you better than ever! Go to full description...

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Countryside Boarding Grooming & Doggie Daycare, Kitchener Reviews (18)

18 reviews
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By Jack & Timbit Koi on Jun 21, 2016
Guest Review
I started coming here hoping someone would be willing to trim my shar-pei/pug's nails without sedation and Shana was so patient and gentle with my stubborn lil' man. I also bring my big dog here for a full grooming and I wouldn't take him anywhere else.
By Maggiesmom Porcupine on Jan 30, 2016
Guest Review
We boarded my dog maggie there for 16 days. We were very pleased with the staff, the cleanliness and how the dogs were treated. The staff went out of their way to ensure maggie was happy and settled in! They treated her as if they were one of their own. I would recommend this place to anyone boarding their dog or cat! She didn't seem to want to leave!
By Shawn47 on Jul 03, 2015
Verified by Email
If you love your dog and value it's life don't go here. Our Niece's little puppy, a cockapoo, was killed by another larger dog while under the day care of this place. Utter negligence. Hopefully this place gets closed down after the investigation of this incident. Many bad reviews online from other people I see.
By lkirton51 on May 22, 2015
Verified by Email
Had been boarding our two dogs several times with Countryside, never any reports from them to us of problems. Came back from a trip, tired but excited to see our boys. They told us that my little guy had been aggressive with another dog resulting in my guy being bitten behind his ear. We were in such shock we were speechless. Took him to the vet the next day as he was in obvious discomfort, $200.00 later I discussed this with the vet, conclusion, do not go to Countryside. I may be crazy but if my dog was aggressive why did it escalate to this result, no supervision? My dog was the one injured. I am so angry with them I now will have them boarded in my home. Never again.
By BBM on Feb 19, 2015
Verified by Email
Brutal !!!! Countryside is big business they only care about the $$$ and the numbers, they specifically advertise that they do not crate dogs, LIARS! We rescued a mix terrier that has separation anxiety and needs day care while we work and he cannot be crated because he tried to chew his way out of a crate during his abuse. We are assured he will not be crated and I ask if you must move him please call me I will be happy to pick him up. After only 5 visits I come to pick him up and he is not in his normal room and the first thing I hear is the panicked bark of Benny, the woman informs me she had no information of not being able to crate him......first of all the premise of your business is that you DO NOT crate so even if the morning shift did not pass that information along to you why would ever crate him. So that evening we had to obtain medication from our vet to calm down our panic stricken dog and we were awake the entire night. It took over 10 days to get him back to a manageable state ...... weeks of counter conditioning training undone by one careless act. These people do not care about your dogs they only care about your wallet and you may as well leave your animal at a puppy mill because it will receive the same level of care as at countryside boarding.
Comment by BBM on Feb 19, 2015
First of all the dogs name was "Benny" and I heard him barking the minute I walked in the door so he had no way to hear a voice that had not spoken. The sweater was not even mentioned in my review because it was not crucial to his well being but it's nice that the staff can document a sweater request and not the discussion I had on my initial visit regarding crating due to his separation anxiety.

I have since read a few other reviews of carelessness at your business I should have done my homework........ I highly recommend and lavish small dog daycare BOTH provide exception care for people who love their pets.
Comment by cradder on Feb 19, 2015
Countryside is a busy center that has the care of many happy pets on a daily basis. We have been in business since 1984 and have several employees who have been here over 20 years; we love the animals and what we do.

This client had at least 2 tours of Countryside prior to bringing Benny to daycare. Our tours are not appointment based, you are allowed to come anytime our office is open, but we do prefer if you come between 9am and 4pm as we have greater staff availability to accommodate a tour. We feel this is the best way to show our day to day operation.

The client explained that Benny had anxiety issues if left alone. The pets are never left alone here, staff and other pets are always around, and despite what this client says, we do not crate pets during daycare.
Benny was in one of our daycare rooms where the pets are less rambunctious; they socialize indoors and play outdoors together on a revolving basis all day long. Benny was with us for daycare a total of 7 days; January 29 & 30; February 3, 4, 5, 6 & 9.

One of the stipulations this owner had was that Benny was to wear his coat all the time, indoors and outdoors. For safety sake we remove all collars and coats generally speaking, with a few exceptions. It is very dependent on the other pets in the daycare group, whether they could rip the coat and attempt to swallow the torn piece, or pull on the coat and it would be a strangulation problem for the wearer etc. Benny’s group was amenable to Benny wearing his coat; however we had asked the owner to provide us with two coats because Benny’s coat would be damp after being outdoors. We didn’t ever receive a second coat for Benny so we would remove his coat and dry it in the dryer before putting it back on. Benny was a happy agreeable little guy who integrated well with his group.

Our hours are 7-7 weekdays; the bulk of our daycare clients arrive between 7 and 8 in the morning then start to leave just before 4 in the afternoon. Quite often clients come “in waves”; what I mean by this is a few at a time with lulls in between. The dogs are very aware of when they are usually picked up and are naturally looking forward to the next exciting part of their day. Each daycare room is a group and sometimes in certain groups we have pets that become tremendously good escape artists at going home time. What we do in this instance is remove those dogs from their groups, into a run or crate depending where they are in the facility, just before their pick up time. This facilitates the desk staff when the owners come to pick up pets; the staff then doesn’t have to run all around chasing a Houdini and slow down a waiting client plus there is no risk of injury to the pet if it tries to squeeze out and escape.

Unfortunately Benny’s owners did not come to speak to us about this issue, we would have been happy to talk with them about it and if they were still not satisfied either arranged an earlier pick up time for Benny or make a different decision as to Benny’s care.

Strangely enough, Benny seemed unconcerned about relaxing in a hall crate, until he heard his owner’s voice; this is not unusual with any dog. I am very sorry indeed that Benny had a problem, we hope he has recovered.
By Boysenberry Salamander on May 08, 2014
Guest Review
We have been bring Jazmin to Countryside a couple times a year for the past 5 years. She loves it. As soon as we mention Puppy Hotel as we call it she runs to her leash and wants to go now. Never had a problem and sometimes when we come to pick her up she cries because she doesn't want to leave.
By Coquelicot Marlin on Feb 02, 2014
Guest Review
I would highly recommend Countryside, but like anything the owner must decide their personal preferences. I have brought my dog to Countryside a number of times over the last year, ranging from daycare to 3 nights. She's a medium-sized border collie mix, very high energy. She always comes home tired but very happy. There is lot of playtime there. If your dog is delicate, nervous or not especially active, they may find this open environment tiring after the quiet of home. That said, my girl is always thrilled to go back!
By kei on Apr 16, 2013
Verified by Email
Comment by cradder on Apr 20, 2013
Keith Bradshaw writes his displeasure because his pet developed kennel cough after visiting our facility, despite recently being vaccinated.

Unfortunately the Bordatella vaccine is not fool proof and pets, although vaccinated will develop problems from time to time.
By Chocolate Woodpecker on Mar 23, 2012
Guest Review
We have been bringing our dog to daycare here for several months. The staff is friendly and Elsa always comes home exhausted (a sign that she had lots of fun!). We have also boarded her for up to 2 nights with daycare during the day and she seemed her normal self after we picked her up.
By teapea on Dec 31, 2011
Verified by Email
We have left our two kittens with Countryside before and were very impressed with the service and care they provided our young ladies. This time we had a young kitten boarding with the "ladies" and were very impressed with the new layout they had in the play area.

The staff was very welcoming upon our arrival and took the time to understand the feeding and treat times for our "brood".

I would strongly recommend this establishment to anyone who was looking for a place to board their pets; they go out of their way to make the animals feel at home.

By Firefightr on Dec 26, 2011
Verified by Email
I have a very large dog, so I specifically booked a SUITE. When I arrived they DIDNT put him in a suite but in a very small cage! They assured me that he would be moved in minutes, only right after they switched some dogs around (excuses an lies!) because when I arrived to pick up my dog he was STILL in the same small cage! They lied and said he had been in the suite and charged me for it anyway! Lies lies lies! Plus, his pee was very dark and he drank like crazy, lost a lot of weight! I feel awful for having left my dog there it is obvious he didn't have water, wasn't properly fed and wasn't put in the expensive and large suite I PAID for. NEVER USE THEM!!! THEY NEGLECT ANIMALS because the animals can't tell us what is really happening. I hope their buisness flops!
By Umber Spider-monkey on Sep 27, 2011
Guest Review
We have been bringing our dog (year and a half old golden retriever/border collie cross) to the daycare once or twice a week for about a year. He is always happy and impatient to get there as we drive down Trussler and always tired when he comes home! He loves to run and we just can't give him the exercise he needs with walks alone.
We recently left him for the first time for the whole weekend. He loved it. He was very excited to see us when we picked him up, but 2 days later when I took him back for daycare, he was just as excited to be there as always (I thought he might be worried we were leaving him again?)
I love Countryside and all the people who care for my dog!
By JGOMES on Sep 16, 2011
Verified by Email
We are so glad to have found Countryside! My husband and I have been bringing our Boxer to doggie daycare at Countryside for a few years now, it started off just a few days a week but since we both work out of town we have been bringing him 5x a week for over a year now - we looked into dog walkers but they cost more for a 1/2hr walk (which isn't enough for Baxter) than we spend for a whole day at daycare.
Baxter LOVES going to his second home, he gets to socialize all day, he comes home tired and the staff at Countryside treat him like their own, he is greeted every morning with a loving smile which makes my husband and I very happy!
Baxter had knee surgery back in January and needed special attention for a few months and the staff at Countryside was amazing to Baxter during this time (glad to say he is fully healed!) – THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH!
We love Countryside and recommend it to all of our friends with pets! We also love how pictures are posted everyday so we can see just how much fun Bax is having :)
By ktiffin on Sep 07, 2011
Verified by Email
I boarded my Yorkie at Countryside Kennel for 8 days, never again,, he came home dirty, sick, and lost weight. He only weighs just over 5lbs, so he is very delicate. We found out today that he has kennel cough. How does this happen when dogs are supposed to have all of their shots and they are supposedly cared for?
By PuppyMom on Jul 09, 2011
Verified by Email
My puppy has been going to daycare at Countryside 5 days a week, since she was 10 weeks old. Now, at 10 months, we are thrilled that she is so well socialized with both people and dogs.

We adored our previous dog, but she never warmed up to other people or most other dogs. We were determined not to let that happen with our new puppy because it had detrimentally affected our ability to invite guests to our home.

Countryside's daycare program puts Sophie in the daycare group that matches her activity level (non-stop playtime!) and personality (a bit of a tease). The staff at Countryside has helped her learn to tone down her aggressiveness with more timid dogs and to respect alphas.

Sophie hops around every morning after my husband leaves for work because that's the signal that we will soon leave for daycare. When we arrive she runs to say hello to the staff and then sniffs the leashes and collars hanging just outside the door to the kennel to see which of her friends have arrived. When the door opens, she runs to the daycare areas and chooses the one that holds the dogs with whom she wants to play, standing at the door and looking at the staff until the door is opened. I understand she is one of many who go through this ritual; anyone who thinks dogs aren't smart, needs to see these dogs.

I fully credit Countryside and their staff for helping develop our puppy into a dog we can literally take anywhere. What a dream! I had seen other people with their furry traveling partners and was always envious.

Sophie is a happy, calm dog at home after a full day of indoor and outdoor play at Countryside. I know the staff is paying close attention to the way the dogs relate to each other and take quick action to correct inappropriate behaviour between dogs and I'm grateful when they tell me everything is great, but even more so when they let me know their concerns, so we can work on them together.

We love our Sophie so much and thanks, to a large degree, to Countryside for helping us to be able to share her with our family, friends and even strangers!
By mgingrich on Jul 05, 2011
Verified by Email
I have boarded my dog at this kennel on a few occasions, never for more than 24 hours and only when my first choice kennel is booked. I have always noticed that my dog is not nearly as happy after being picked up from countryside as he is when I pick him up from his regular spot, and after the last time I think I now understand why. The last time he was there, I packed his food in a tupperware container with enough dry food for a night and morning feeding (in the past I have always just sent the whole bag)and a fresh unopened can of wet food. I left specific instructions on how much of the two types of food were to be mixed together, but when I came to pick him up and his belongings were given back to me, it was obvious to me, based on the amount of food that was still in the containers, that he had only been fed once; and not even enough to equal my instructions on one meal. When I questioned the staff on this,I was at first lied to...told absolutely they fed him twice, and then was given a host of excuses, some of which contradicted each other, when I pointed out the food levels in the containers. Then to top it all off, the staff ended up just walking away from me,leaving me with the receptionist who continued to make excuses. When I got my dog home, he drank bowl after bowl of water, which, due to the food issue, made me worry that my dog was also not provided with enough water while at countryside. Needless to say, I will never take my dog to this kennel again!!!! and thank goodness I had only left him there for less than 24 hours...I get sick to my stomach thinking what state he might have been in if I left him there for a few days or a whole week. This happened 5 days ago...I have since left a message with the receptionist to have the owner call me to discuss my concerns, out of worry for the other animals who are left in this kennel. The receptionist was rude to me when I mentioned I was calling to discuss concerns about the care they provide and unfortunately, no call back as of yet...what does that say about there commitment to providing good care?
By Byzantine Owl on Apr 18, 2011
Guest Review
I just returned from vacation and upon picking up my dog I found out my dog has a cold (which he has never had in his life!) also he had a bladder infection while we were gone and they never called to inform us, though the receptionist rudely accused me of not returning her calls (can't return non-existent messages). They also claimed they spoke with the owner (that's me! never happened!) On top of it all he smelled of urine very badly, as though he'd been laying in his own pee!!! Oh yeah and my friends dog has cuts all over his neck from how hard they pulled his leash! Do not send your dog here if you want to be at ease on your vacay!

By GoldenOwner on Feb 13, 2009
Verified by Email
We have boarded our golden retriever at Countryside at least 10 times in the past 2 years, and each time have had a great experience. Our dog always races out of our car, trying to get in the front door as fast as he can. Countryside offers standard overnight boarding in kennels, but also has optional 'day care' (boarding with other dogs in a large indoor building), extra walks, washing/grooming, etc, as extra-fee add ons. In the Kitchener/Waterloo area, Countryside's prices put them in the middle of the pack - not as cheap as no frills 'kennel only' places, but not as expensive as other places (e.g Country Paws Breslau). At the risk of driving up demand for their services even more, Countryside is the best place I can think of in the KW area to board a dog!
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We have been providing quality Dog and Cat boarding, Grooming and Daycare services since 1984. Long term, professional and caring staff in a purpose built facility located in a country setting. Recent upgrades to our facility and services are designed to serve you better than ever!
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