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Rio Vista Apartments

400 Stewart St, Ottawa, ON
14 reviews
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Rio Vista Apartments, Ottawa Reviews (14)

14 reviews
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By irenemary39 on Jun 17, 2018
We used to live at Rio Vista Apts in the 70's through to 1985 and loved it. We had no problems with heating, cooling or the rubbish and the laundry definitely was not a mess. There were very nice tenants living there then, and it was a place hard to get into. We loved our doorman Gordon, he was a lovely person and knew everyone by name and if they belonged there.
We were sorry to read of the current problems, it looks like it has gone downhill after all these years, what a pity, maybe poor management.

Irene Coates
By objobsrv on Aug 17, 2017
Honestly alot of the reviews I have seen online I have managed to disprove within a few short months. I moved in back in april and yes while the building does need some TLC they are now making up for years of neglect and lazy staff. The staff has had a complete turnover and we now have a great contracting firm working with the building. The notice for the water shutoff I can confirm was put up 4 days prior and was posted at both garage doors, outside the elevators on each floor, in the elevators and in the mail room. Aside from stapling it to peoples foreheads I don't see what else management can do.

My only complaint about the place is the people that live here, they seem to be very self absorbed and entitled jerks that treat the staff like garbage. I have dealt directly with the property manager and have had nothing but a great experience. If you use the proper channels to escalate your concerns and issues instead of running to the ontario tenants board at every turn, you will find everyone to be very accommodating.

Overall the unit we have is absolutely massive and while the rent may seem high it is completely worth it if you don't mind a little construction going on around you. Repairs take time and money and there;s only so much cash in the bank, unless tenants want to start kicking in some donations, I find a lot of the whining is due to being entitled. Also I feel having a doorman is a thing of the past, I think they need to exchange that with an evening security contract, we are quite capable of getting our parcels from the parcel locker in the lobby.

Overall these reviews are an objective opinion, don;t believe everything people say without forming your own opinion and above all give people a chance. You catch more flies with honey than you do with vinegar.
By Groan on Jul 27, 2017
I'm reading the other reviews below mine and nodding along because, sadly, it's all true, from what I've seen. I had high hopes for this place--my apartment is nice and the pool was a draw, and some of the staff are friendly, but it's clear the building is owned by someone who's trying to do his best impersonation of a slumlord letting it go downhill fast. The owner gives the impression he can't handle the financial responsibility of a massive building anymore, and I fall asleep most nights dreaming he'll sell it to people who can--people with integrity and competence and an ounce of concern for those who live here. Hey, and for the cool old building itself.

Cleaning and repair issues are the tip of the iceberg. The owner's manager deploys con-artist and bullying tactics, as others have noted below--his reputation is wide, since so many of us have dealt with him, with poor results. This is allegedly known by the owner (several tenants claim to have written him), and yet the manager remains in place--that speaks volumes.

Today there was a scheduled all-day water interruption and the notice was inadequate--a poster by the elevator put up the day before, when many people take the stairs (so they don't see the elevator notice), and others might stay home for a day (elderly, sick, etc) and also therefore miss it. I can't imagine how that squares as "notice." The administrator won't use a basic email block for notifications in 2017. (And those few tenants who don't have email? slip something under their door. Work it.). This is not the first time notification has been ineffective and unfair since I've been here.

The building is bleeding tenants, who are being replaced with noisier and less considerate neighbours. It's getting rougher and rowdier here. I'm seeing more and more apparent drug deals go down on the premises--shady crap, and cops gathered in the parking lot, etc (twice last week alone). What was once an optimal mixed tenancy (all income levels, all kinds of people and experiences and stories) appears to be changing, and homogeny ain't good. The friendliness among people is vanishing.

The tenants' association, alas, is also ineffective and argumentative. Tenants are understandably turned off and don't want to engage with them/join the board/attend gatherings once they've seen it in operation. This has contributed to the problem and weakened everyone's position further, no doubt.

I urge the owner to sell, or to do the right thing and at least hire a more able manager and administrator. Like many, I won't be here long--joining the great exit. Or the class action, if it happens while I'm here. All money won should go to better maintenance routines and more engaged staff--we don't need it ourselves, we just need a decent place to live, and to halt the rotting of a building.
By meb on Feb 28, 2017
-The management at Rio Vista ( RV) , when present , cannot seem to hire anyone who remains. There is very high turn over in staff. The building is dingy and looks unkempt. The hall carpets are disgusting.

-The front office is often empty . When seeking answers we are told to put them on a scrap of paper that will be circulated. Or, we are to call the office in Belleville and 'leave a message'.

-City Officials were contacted recently as the garbage room was so revolting that it was beginning to pose a health threat.

- RV use to have doormen on a regular basis but the hours have been reduced making the building less safe. There is no door staff on weekend evenings when many parties take place with young people who get drunk, smoke dope and carry on in the parking lot at all hours.

-Security in this building is non existent. Staff quit or are fired and keep the keys as management does not think to ask that they be turned in ! The same thing goes for tenants who move out and keep the electronic fobs that provide access to the front door and 2 garage doors.

-The Olympic sized pool is often closed for repairs or too cold to enter. The woman's sauna is broken.

-The laundry room is dirty and often unheated. The machines are expensive. The rinsing sink had a broken faucet for almost a month before it was repaired after someone complained repeatedly .

-The Rio Vista ( RV) building houses hundreds of tenants none of whom are given a notification as to when there will be changes occurring within the structure affecting our lives. Tenants are often the last to know what is going on in the building.

For example: Construction work on our balconies began last summer and were told it would be short interruption. Many were told to get their furniture off the balconies so that contractors could repair as needed. Storage was not provided to house our items so we have to take on that extra expense. The daily drilling and banging has been part of living at RV from June to October. That construction work remains incomplete . The staff often took days off which did not help the matter.
Even though we do not get to enjoy all the square footage, we still have to pay for all of it.

The management is incompetent on the best days and dishonest on the worst.

Do not move here unless you want to hate coming home to a dump every day.
By Spitfire77 on Oct 27, 2016
I worked in this building for the last two and a half years. The first time through the fourth floor entry from the garage, was all the proof I needed to know that this place was a joke. From lack of heat in winter to lack of air in the summer, the guts of this place are less than stellar. I personally know tennants that have waited YEARS for services to be completed in their units. Pipes bursting, water running down walls like a damn waterfall, leaks that go unrepaired, ripped carpets, peeling paint and wallpaper. The laundry room is as ancient as they come. Half the time the machines don't work, the ventilation system is poorly placed which causes issues for the tennants that surround laundry room. I have brought complaints up to admin, and I'm usually ignored, lied to, or given some crappy excuse. Those of us staff who have tried to make things better were either fired or basically forced out. They are nothing but liars, con artists, bullies, and money mongers. I feel for soo many people in this building. Most are at the age where they don't want to move, either due to money budget or simply because this was to be their last home before Heaven! The pool is a joke, the change rooms/washrooms are as old as dirt, moldy and gross. Admin also forced us to do electrical work that we have NO business doing. If we refused work due to safety, we were basically looked down upon cause we're holding up work in progress. The property manager spends more money in.places he shouldn't be. The building is constantly being taken to court due to repairs not being done. The property manager and the Superintendent think people are stupid or perhaps figure they are smarter than everyone, The string of bullshit they feed people to pacify them is something I wouldn't say to a kindergarten! People aren't stupid! I have had numerous tennants come to me in tears, physically shaking, because they get bullied and swept under rug by these crooks. There is soo much.more..but please don't try to find out for yourself! For your own good, and a peaceful life, look elsewhere.
By Cinnabar Earwig on Apr 09, 2016
I have being living in the building for many years and the accommodations are going from bad to worst. Since the past two years, the admin is not heating the garage like it used to, the air circulation has been shut down. As a result, the temperature is ten degrees lower than normal and the accumulation of dust quite noticeable. For the past two years, the air conditioning has not been working properly despite the promises of the admin. For the first time this winter, the admin started to shut down a few hours a day the heating in the baseboard of the apartments. The water filtering system of the swimming pool is getting very old and the admin is not fixing it properly, as a result, the swimming pool had been shut down more than one day out of four in the past year. The chlorine level is not what it should be according to the city health inspector. The corridors need new carpets and painting. The recent renovations of eight units created annoying noise pollution during three months. The situation will get worst if they succeed to rent those at a premium price. Repairs promised to be done in the new three days may take up to a year. There are no more ministers, mps, diplomats living in the building, only some embassy care staff. Some tenants moved out because the admin was unable to fix the water leaks. The landlord spends a fortune in architect and legal fees to erect another tall building on the premises in order to maximize his investments, but failed to get the approval of the city.
By Chocolate Persian-Cat on Jan 28, 2016
A prestige location is about all this building has going for it at the present time. Over the past years seniors are unable to breathe or move due to Rio Vista management not ensuring their safety by having at the very least, an adequate air conditioning system. To compensate, my dear friend was offered a fan that never did materialize. We took her out of that place so that we would know she was safe at least during the bulk of the summer months.
How that place can justify rent increases is beyond several in the building.
Maybe. The word CLASS ACTION may inspire some humanity.
By Purple Partridge on Dec 01, 2015
This building is in such poor condition. City living takes care of its buildings and tenants better than this place. The common areas require a great deal of cleaning and repairs. It is not attractive. The garage is in such a state, its disgusting. The garbage room should be kept cleaner and easier for tenants to enter and take their garbage to be recycled which is so important The laundry room is left dirty at most time. The old washers and dryers are in horrible , conditions, RUSTY and dirty. It should be against the law to KEEP an area this way. Time for change.
By Amethyst Grouse on Nov 24, 2015
It is sad to see such a nice building like this one being destroyed.. The lack of care given this place for the last fifteen plus years has made this building "the Bronx" of this city. An urgent change in management is needed to rebuilt this place and bring it back to what it was, a luxury place where the tenants were proud to call their home. Attention and respect for tenants and their needs will keep them from moving out.
By Amethyst Toad on Nov 09, 2015
The apartments are large and spacious. The location is excellent. The building air conditioning has not worked as designed for years. The cleaning of the building is substandard for even a moderately price apt., which this is not. Maintenance requests for repairs to a unit are not responded to and can take months. The pool, probably one of the best in any apartment complex I have seen, has often closed. This is not an apartment complex to recommend to your friends
By Bistre Angelfish on Nov 01, 2015
This building is in need of millions of dollars of repairs. The rent is ridiculously high for the lack of interest from the building adminstration when a unit requires attention. The a/c has not worked for the last two summers, which makes it that much more annoying to have the rent increased each year. I would never recommend this building to anyone.
By Crimson Silkworm on Sep 30, 2015
that needs major repairs, cold in winter and past summer no a/c. Requires better administration and workers.
By Chamoisee Koi on Dec 03, 2013
The units are massive. Near Olympic size indoor pool. Hot tub. 2 Saunas. Party rooms. Tuck shop. Hair stylist. Massive laundry room. Concierge and indoor heated parking with units over the water.

For older folks there are people that will purchase and deliver items from the grocery store or IKEA. Drive you to your appointments.

This building is amazing. One of the best parts is that the building does not rent to loud students or to people they deem "Will not get along with the others" The staff are very friendly and the building is very secure.

All utilities are included and the building has central air conditioning and Heat that are pumped into each unit that you control.

This is not an apartment to rent for a few years and leave. It is a place to rent until you pass away from this life. If you are a mature couple looking for a long term home this is a place you should inquire on.
By Violet Crane-Fly on Jul 13, 2010
Phenomenal Luxury living. The on site property management team makes life easy. Perks of having central air and dish washers is a plus.
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