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Weed Man

2200A Thurston Drive, Ottawa, ON
15 reviews
Business claimed Last updated: Over a year ago
Listed in: Lawn Care
About Weed Man

We provide lawn care solutions for every home in the Ottawa area. We specialize in weed control, insect control, mechanical core aeration, over seeding, and fertilization. Call us so we can provide a FREE no-obligation lawn care analysis! Go to full description...

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Weed Man, Ottawa Reviews (15)

15 reviews
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By non-member122875 on Oct 24, 2016
Be very carfull

Unfortunately we were taken in by false promises and guarantees. We received a call from Weedman stating they could eradicate our weeds. Just to be sure, we asked Weedman to come and assess the lawn to make sure they could do this. After numerous calls to the company and treatments, they finally sent a supervisor to the house. He stated that the guarantee that was stated at the time of sale was a guarantee to come back and not to kill weeds. We also noticed that we were getting multiple request for upselling other products that we were not interested in and finally had to ask them to stop. At the point where he said they couldn’t kill our weeds, i asked him to cancel our account and he stated we would get a small refund. We never did get this partial refund and i finally called today to see when this was coming. We are apparently not getting a partial refund either.

I have to say that we are more than disappointed with Weedman and its weed services.

By non-member120394 on Sep 08, 2016
Lawn is gone.
The only time my lawn looks ok is in the spring. Then the rest of summer/fall the only green are weeds. Get rid of the weeds and you'll find there is no grass. I understand hard summer weather, but some neighbors have nice lawns, so what's going on? Deep watering once a week did nothing.
By non-member108574 on Mar 26, 2016
A possible litigation against Weedman Ottawa
One sales rep from Weedman Ottawa knocked my door around 04:58pm of March 18th when I was in an important business call. I told him clearly that I was NOT interested in this, please do NOT interrupt any household as privacy concerns. He did NOT listen to it. Instead, he knocked at my door very loudly again with angry speaking tone. The most amazing part was he answered me "Because I got paid by Weedman, so my job was knocking each household's door and tried to get business" ... A couple of thoughts here ... Violation of bylaws, Invasion without permission, privacy concerns and irritation. Well, the owner of Weedman Ottawa ... Shall I file lawsuit against him and his company Weedman as well?
From house owner in Riverside Community
Comment by weedmanhelp on Aug 04, 2016

We did not receive this review until right now and are sorry there was a negative experience with our company. We offer free lawn care quotes in the Spring and Fall and you must have been contacted during this campaign. We are sure to notify local officials before canvassing and ensure our business conducts itself within local regulations. We would like to hear from you directly about what happened and hope we can come to a resolution. We can also add you to our Do Not Knock list so you are no longer contacted by us in the future. Please get in touch with our office by calling 613-746-0883 to discuss your concerns with our management and we will be happy to assist you.

All the best,

Weed Man Ottawa
By non-member88410 on Jun 10, 2015
terrible service,never had a company like that to deal with
i had contract with them last year in 2014 to do the front and the back yard,
and before every visit,they should off call me to open the gate .but they did`t
they came to my door and always miss the back yard(the gate was looked).
and left a note, saying sorry about the back yard,we would come again to do it.
always miss either fertilizing or spray (weed control).
i was glad the season was over.
they keep it calling me for 2105 service and i said no.after many calls,the caller said:any way
i `ll send you an estimation via email(was in feb).
and out from no where they called my house in may 20 2015 talked to my daughter(10 years old)
they showed up the next day without my knowledge or my okay , and fertilize the front yard and left me a $53.21 bill in my mail box, which i have done my self(fertilizing) a week before there ugly visit.(my lawn was green and perfect) turned yellow and huge dead spots after over fertilizing by the weed man.
i called them up and said to me :we would send some to check it out.
the inspector came left me a note after the inspection saying: that the dead spots from a dog urine.
i don`t have a dog and the patches are big enough to call it an elephant urine sprayed all over my lawn.
i phoned the office again,talked to a rude person,and she refused to give me a supervisor name or phone to talk too.
don`t use there service(terrible, neglect,poor,rude and careless). i have to fix my lawn now from my own pocket, even they took care of the bill($53.21)just to make me happy
which they wanted me to pay on top of damaging my lawn .

Comment by weedmanhelp on Jan 25, 2016
Hello Antoine,

Thanks for your comments and bringing these concerns to our attention. We like to use this feedback to improve our services and practices.

We try to give advance warning of when we’re coming so you would know to keep the back gate unlocked. We try to respect our customer’s privacy and will not treat any areas that are locked or not easily accessible by us. We do not charge additional fees if we need to return to finish a treatment, and only charge once the treatment is done.

We offer lawn care and treatments on a subscription basis, which might explain why we came to treat your lawn. We try to remind customers through notices on invoices, calls, and letters when their subscription is going to be renewed. We are sorry to hear about what happened to your lawn as a result of this miscommunication.

If you have any more things you’d like to discuss with us, please give our Office Manager Chandra a call at 613-746-0883 or email her at

Thanks again for your comment and have a nice day,

Your Weed Man Ottawa Team
By katie860 on Apr 25, 2015
Terrible customer service
We gave our number to receive their "free quote" and all we have received are voice-mail messages that either scream "hello" or just outright scream. Every time we pick up the phone when they call all we get is a man yelling non-sense. I recommend staying away from this business.
Comment by weedmanhelp on Jan 25, 2016

Thanks for providing your feedback about our customer service. Notes like these are the best way we have to improve our practices.

Our customer service representatives are trained to be courteous and polite whenever they make outreach calls. We would like to hear more about what happened when you were called by us, and would love it if you gave our Office Manager Chandra a call at 613-746-0883 or send her an email at and she will help you with your concerns.

Thanks again for the comment and have a great day,

Your Weed Man Ottawa Team
By non-member73540 on Jun 28, 2014
More Weeds.....
Had Weedman for three years and this year there are more weeds then ever. We tried to cancel last year but the new owner guaranteed new products would give us a thick weedless lawn or money back. Neither happened. We were then told we had bad soil...guess that was not apparent for the 2 years prior. He called this year as they came in the spring and applied an application. Apparently service continues year after year unless you remember to cancel. He wanted to be paid for 60.00. I said our lawn is awful and was told it's up to customer to lel them know to inspect amd reapply product if needed, they do not do follow-up inspections. It's high pressure to get your business and bad attiidude when you cancel. Never again......buyer beware..
By non-member67696 on Jan 16, 2014
Weedman at my door in January 2014
In spring 2012, we were very close to bringing harassment charges against Weedman when they refused to stop calling us. They had sent someone to our door and my husband told them we were not interested. When we asked why they continued to call us after being told to stop, they fabricated a scenario where I had told the guy at the door we were interested and they quoted my first name to my husband saying that I had requested they contact us (not sure where they got my name). It wasn't even me who answered the door. It was my husband. We had to fight and threaten them to get them to stop calling us. Then in spring 2013, the calls resumed. Again, we had to threaten them with legal action to get them to stop calling. I have read so many horror stories about them and I could not believe they had the gall to show up at our door again in January 2014!! I told the guy to get off my property. I am now assuming that the calls will start once again. If they do, look out Weedman.
By non-member60606 on Jun 28, 2013
Weed control is not what it use to be, in part because the Government restrict what products professional, or anyone else is able to use in Ontario. Lawn care is now a long term consistent maintenance program, over years, not a 1 shot deal anymore. Second year with weedman, yes I do call them for re-application of weed killer, but its the effectiveness of the product that more in question. They are always good to come out when you call for re-application, though it may take a week getting back and thats scheduling and weather dependant. My lawn is better this year than the last, and i expect that trend to continue, with added care on my part such as seeding to help choke out those weeds.
By non-member60408 on Jun 18, 2013
Weed Man poisoned my lawn with out my permission
Some how my husband got talked in to a "consultation" with a Weed Man representative...Two days later came home and found my lawn had been sprayed...the technician kindly left the stay off the lawn sign right in front of my fish pond...I called the call centre to complain and was told my husband had signed a husband did no such thing!...the note on the "customer account" at the weed man office said he had verbally committed to their services and they would need to listen to the tapes...while on the phone the rep told me there were no managers in the office and then let the name slip of the first person I had spoken to concerning this matter...apparently the only woman in the office with this name...I hate being lied to!...this week I received the bill...called and found out that the tapes still haven't been reviewed...I have filled a BBB complaint...seems like the weed man reps only want to sell more poison and don't even know the manufacturer of their products...I will be going to their offices to speak directly with them if this is not resolved this week...Ignorance and fraud...poison and complacency ....If you have bothered to read the condemnation all the way through DO NOT HAVE ANY DEALINGS WITH WEED MAN...JUST HANG UP ON THEM AND LETS ALL WORK TO GET THEM OUT OF BUSINESS!!!!
By non-member54730 on Jan 30, 2013
LAWN ASSESSMENT IN JANUARY?????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I cannot believe that a Weedman Representative came to my door at 8 p.m. and wanted a paper signed so someone could call and ASSESS MY LAWN. Seriously, it is January!!!!! and I have a specific NO SOLICITING sign on my door that basically says if we don't know you, don't annoy us. I guess the reps are taught not to respect peoples wishes!!
By non-member48738 on Sep 06, 2012
I have been a customer of weedman for the past 18 plus years. I am very disappointed with the results this year (yes, we have had a hot summer). The supervisor that has been out last two calls is not as or any near as knowledgeable as others in the past. I was challenged on what weeds are and he was wrong wrong wrong. (I doubted myself and indeed thanks to the internet I was right) Everyone knows what creeping charlie is and he said that I do not have creeping charlie. and that other weeds that I had were in fact creeping charlie. perhaps supervisors should be trained more before? Overall I am satisfied with weedman but the last two calls have oushed the wrong button with me.
By casaole on Aug 11, 2012
Weed Man why am I paying you?????????????
I was sucked in again when the sales person convinced me to give Weed Man another lawn is full of weeds, every time I call I am told that someone will come to my property and assess the lawn, I am left a slip of paper telling me I have kidding....but they never solve the problem. The apply fiesta which turns a patch brown. I am so done and will not recommend this company to anyone. I have nothing good to say about this company other than I once again was sucked in by the sales person that promised me good results.
By elt on Jul 23, 2012
The product is as useless as the company
We got the services of Weedman in Ottawa because of a discount coupon through Groupon. I really don't know if they sprayed weed killer or weed fertilizer, because all I have now are weeds. Both front lawn and back yard. I had to call them so they came back to re-apply their product; the weeds are still growing strong, the grass is as dead as my trust in this company. If it wasn't because of the coupon, I never would have called this company. Stay away.
By deadlawn on May 08, 2012
Lets Put Them Down
We were customers for many years and until last year it was ok. Last October they put stuff on our lawn to control grubs and when we got back from vacation our lawn was completely torn up. They said they would fix the problem but they didn't winter came and then spring and still all torn up with no fixing being done. We had a couple of landscapers look at it and they filled us in on Weedman. They showed up last week and sprinkled a little grass seed on...thats it. Anyway if any of you have experienced this problem or have damage and want to join a group to do a legal action lets get started.
Comment by JSR123 on May 16, 2012
I have the same problem. It is waste of money
By cpmcd52 on Apr 26, 2012
Their sleazy business practice matches their very poor quality service. I had Weed Man one year and it was a total waste of money. They came as many times as they were supposed to but the lawn showed no signs of any fertilizing/weed treatment at all. Then when they called me the next year to renew my contract I was quite emphatic that I didn't want them again because it was a total waste of money. They called several times and I always said NO. Next spring, one day I was home sick and the Weedman guy showed up at my door saying he was here to do the first treatment. If I wasn't home my wife may not have remembered how badly their service was and that I told them NO. They would have just gone ahead and done the work and then put the bill in the mailbox. After me repeatedly telling them NO, that's just plain sleazy. Stay away from them and always say NO.
By madmax on Jun 02, 2011
Don't look at Weedman
Weedman called me early in the year and asked me to sign up to their annual summer service. Their trick is to get you to agree to accept receipt of the early payment invoice, which really means you’re accepting the start of a contract between the two of you.
I told the telemarketer that I would not be accepting they're services if I didn't have a quote first, and that receiving a quote would not mean that I was agreeing to receive their services. They are not the only ones that take care of lawns!
The telemarketer, Rob, gave me the indication that if the “Early Payment” invoice wasn’t paid, that there would not be any contract between us. Payment = Contract.
The last week in April Weedman showed up to our house and applied the first treatment in their program, and proceeded to bill me $90 + for the service. I find it funny that the service employee treated the lawn even with a competitor’s sign sticking out at the curb, clearly indicating the property had already been treated. I called them May 2, telling them I had not agreed to any service commitments. They cancelled the service, and I heard nothing from them for about 3 weeks, at which point I started receiving calls to pay the outstanding invoice or they would send my file to collections.
I received another call on May 17th indicating that my account was past due and that I needed to pay it. I told the young lady that I had not agreed to the service, that it had been cancelled, and that I was not going to pay the invoice. She argued that I did have a contract which started in February, and had agreed to the terms. She stated that they had the original conversation from February recorded proving my acceptance. I told her to get me a copy of the recording because I knew I had said, “I I’m not agreeing to sign up for service and only agreeing to receive a quote for review”. She said that I would receive a call with the info. I never heard back from her again or from Weedman until June 1, when a message on my answering machine told me I needed to clear up the invoice ASAP to avoid collections.
I don’t really care about the whole collections thing, but figured it might make it more difficult to renew my mortgage in July.
Do not deal with these guys. I paid the invoice not because they were calling, but so I wouldn't potentially have any problems renewing my mortgage.
Check out the post by a former Weedman employee in Kanata (bottom of the page), and others.
By weedmanblows on Jan 15, 2011
Good luck getting off their call list!
I'm an ex sales employee for Weed Man.

I would just like to say how sorry I am for all the people who are getting harassed repeatedly by this company. Their call practices are completely unethical. They do not provide sales people with any option to remove anyone from the call list who does not wish to be contacted again. In the week that I worked there I spoke with nearly a hundred very upset and frustrated ex-customers who have repeatedly asked to be removed from the call list. Some of which have threatened legal action if they continue to receive calls. If someone asks to be removed from the calling list we are required to tell them to call the office to be removed. We are told that if they call in they will be "removed from the system" by office administration. This is a huge load of crap. A number of ex-customers that I connected with through the campaign had called-in according to instructions from other sales people in the past and yet they are still receiving numerous calls each year. It's obvious that Weed Man has never had any interest in respecting peoples' wishes to be removed from the call list.

I urge anyone who is still getting calls from them after repeated attempts to be removed from their list to contact the CRTC about it.

I quit my job because I cannot be party to this kind of behavior. I took a sales job there out of desperation to support my family but I would rather be unemployed than represent a company that would use such unethical calling practices.
By trigger135 on Nov 03, 2010
Save your Time, Money and Aggravation – Weed Man Ottawa SUCKS
I will echo a previous post by Wingz101, this company is completely DISHONEST AND UNETHICAL. Their customer service is non existent but collections extraordinary. Do yourself a favor and stay away. That is unless you want to waste money and be lied to, they really do suck.

This post is only for the Ottawa location. I have had weed man service in other areas and been quite satisfied.
By KENYIP on Jun 25, 2010
Weedman Will Be Weeded Out!
1) Poor customer service: I went to their office to complain about their billing as compared with quote. The girl said it was not their mistake and it was just a computer error. No apology whatsoever.

2) Poor quality of work: I got more than 1.5 acres of lawn, which turned out with patches of dark greens here and there after their uneven spreading of fertilizers. I took pictures and e-mailed to them. They promised to re-do but it never happened. No sense of responsibility whatsoever!

3) Dishonest Billing: Their workman failed to show up to do the work but they billed you anyway. I complained and they did not listen.

4) Perseverence in Collection: One thing they are good at is their perseverence in collection of their phony billing. After two years, I still have their collection agency getting on my back!

By Weedmansucks on Apr 07, 2010
Weedman is like VD the service was ok it's what was left behind that is not.
I finally have your call center off my back. It took from the polite "no thank you" to the polite "no thank you do not call back" to the escalating yelling on the phone. 2 years of no thank you's is enough don't you think? I complained, I spoke to supervisors all to no avail. Finally I am free.

People if you have had Weedman service or are with there services note that the phone calls during the week that hang up when you answer are there test calls. This is true when after a week or two you get someone at the other end that starts the weedman speel and it's from a similar number. Google the number and you will find the same answer I provide you here.

The web is full of complaints about Weedman's billing for unauthorized services to there illustrious call center. The call center will try to up-sell current customers and bring back old ones, unfortunately they never seem to get the message. the worst was 5 calls in a month (a year and a half after canceling).

Never again!

30$ for a spreader at Home Depot and 15-45$ a bag of fertilizer spread twice a year. Consider the savings!
By non-member17683 on Mar 30, 2010
WEEDMAN ottawa is the best place to be they have been in buisness for 40 strong years simply because we are the best tell me one other company that has been in buisness with same name and uniform for 40 years and thats localy owned and operated and 75% return rate....NO ONE! what company has the only weed control available and can off unlimited re apps because we know it works and we wont need to...they off 24 hour service calls so that if u ever do notice anything wrong withy our lawn before our next visit u can notify us and let us know! and we will fix it asap!
Comment by Weedmansucks on Apr 07, 2010
NON-MEMBER, Interestingly I notice you often refer to Weedman as we and us.

"We are the best" "Because we know it works"

The best is

"they off 24 hour service calls... lets us know and we will fix it asap!"

Either you are a complete moron or part of the Weedman family. My guess is Weedman because even a moron would not boast weedman that much.
Comment by CDNvoter on Jan 30, 2011
Why is it that some people are quick to promote opinions and hearsay as fact? "Only company to offer weed control?" False. "Only company to offer 're apps'?" False. I do not belong to Ottawa's Lawn Care industry, but am familiar with is as I have been a long time home owner and consumer of various contractors. For this reason I know just how ridiculous the claims of "Non-Member" are.

Consumers - Please do yourself a favour and research a few companies and take time to read the testomonials posted on their websites. I'm sure you will see a drastic difference between those who claim they are the best... and those who truely are.

You may believe what you say it true or fact. And assuming you are one of the 'higher ups', sounds like a rather large disconnect within the company.

40 years in business - Congratulations. How many people have you 'misinformed' (read: lied to) to stay in business? Buyer beware.
Comment by cpmcd52 on Apr 26, 2012
This review, obviously be someone working for Weedman (probably the boss) is a perfect example of their sleazy business practice.
By mmurphyca200 on Dec 15, 2009
Lawn Savers - Horrible Stay Away!
In this highly competitive market of lawn care, I believe it is very important to provide great customer service/experience. This is why I feel the need to express my disatisfaction with the Lawn Savers organization and the level of service and customer experience they provide. One of the key areas to be aware of when accepting the services of such companies is the cancelation clause. You need to contact them to cancel the contract or else they will continue to provide the service and bill you. In my case, when I received a call from their sales rep to offer me an incentive to early renew and save money for the 2009 season, I clearly stated that I was not sure if I wanted to renew with them as I was investigating other suppliers. I requested that the sales rep call my back on a specific date to discuss further. I never received a call back and decided to go with another supplier. In the spring, to my suprise, Lawn Savers came and fertilized my lawn. I immediately called their customer service department and told them about the mistake. They were extremely rude and insisted that no records showed that I spoke with a sales rep. I was transferred to their accounting department and was informed that they cannot do anything about it since their CRM system does not reflect any conversations. In the end, after several harrassment calls from them about paying the invoice and their rude and disrepectful manner in dealing with the situation it was clear that they value the $58 more than their client relationships. They actually sent a collection agency to collect this small amount of money. This also gives me the impression that they really need the $58 (much less after the collections team takes their cut) and business must be bad. Therefore, I would not want to deal with such a company anyway as they are probably cutting corners and not using high quality products or people.

I am extremely disapointed and would rather spend more money with a respectful and customer centric lawn care provider.

Hope this helps someone make a decision on which provider to chose. I will never do business with them again and strongly recommend using someone else.

By Wingz101 on Oct 30, 2009
Extremely poor results, dishonest and unethical company
I had a horrible experience with Weed Man in Ottawa this summer/fall. I also found them to be dishonest and unethical. They simply did a poor job that yielded no results, so we cancelled. After we cancelled the service in August, they claimed they had no record of the cancellation. The day after we cancelled they came and did an application (so they say) and mailed us a bill for it in September - 30 days after we had cancelled. The 'customer service' people in Ottawa are in general pretty ignorant in terms of taking ownership or even getting the job done. The billing people in Toronto (i think) are fairly decent. Overall, worst lawn I have had in 5-6 years. Big waste of money. Stay away.

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Weed Man Ottawa is part of a large franchise of networks providing professional horticultural services in Canada, UK, and the US. Our franchise, Weed Man Ottawa, was originally founded in 1994 by the Shane family and was expanded in 2004 when we purchased Weed Man Gatineau. With these two branches combined, our business has become the largest Ottawa lawn care company in the area.

Since our founding, we are proud to have served thousands of satisfied customers who can attest to the high level of quality we can provide. In 2012 alone, we serviced approximately 14,000 properties, and we couldn't have accomplished this without the help of our skilled and dedicated team.

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