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Granton Institute of Technology

275 Slater St #900, Ottawa, ON
38 reviews
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Granton Institute of Technology, Ottawa Reviews (38)

38 reviews
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By Crimson Buffalo on Sep 12, 2019
Did my course through correspondence and it took approximately 2 years. I eventually did pass and received my diploma. Love it! Worth the effort...just sad that the Institute didn't keep going. I did enjoy the course and did study and learned a lot back when I did it. 1989-91...Nowadays most of the correspondence courses are done online and I'm sure it would have been a great School to learn from if they ever did online schooling. I do find it terrible that some ex-students cannot get transcripts or copies of their diploma's. There must be a record of this somewhere. Hope they are able to find some kind of record. The Educational branch of the government should be able to give some information in regards to helping those with trying to get copies of their diplomas/transcripts.
By michellef on Mar 15, 2019
Did anyone have luck being able to retrieve a copy of their Certificate or Diploma? I hadn't realized they had closed until recently when I tried to contact them to get a copy of my Interior Design Diploma:(

By kdanells on Feb 27, 2019
Hello, I am looking for a copy of my diploma from Granton. It would be an older one dating back 2000-2001, I am not sure of the date. I graduated with a diploma in Graphic Design and Studio Procedures. Even a pdf of the diploma would be good. Is this possible?
By Maroon English-pointer on Nov 18, 2016
On Jul 3, 2014, at 1:11 PM, "Student Services" wrote:

Hello Chris,

We have received your final marks and they are:
1221 Animal Health Care: Part 1 - 96%

1222 Animal Health Care: Part 2 - 93%

1223 Animal Health Care: Part 3 - 92%

Congratulations on successfully completing Veterinary Assistant program. A request to our Printing department for your certificate has been sent and it will be ready to be mailed shortly. Your Certificate will be mailed out to the following address:

6321 Frederica Street

Niagara Falls, Ontario

Canada L2G 1C5

We need your attention and decision to the following items before we can send the certificate:

Your name will print on the Certificate as below, please confirm it is correct and the way you would like it to appear:

Christina Baker

Please let us know, if the address listed above is correct or not.

You have the option to have your certificate sent to you by registered mail (will have a tracking # associated with and can been tracked) or regular mail. If you do select the registered mail option, please be advised that there will be a $13 charge (Canada post Cost) and it must be paid prior to mailing the certificate. If you choose not to use this option and select normal mailing, please be advised that we will not reprint it unless the original comes back to us as undeliverable. If you do not receive your certificate and you request a reprint prior to it being returned to us, there will be a $65 charge to cover the cost of the new certificate, transcript and mailing charges.

Congratulations again on your achievement and good luck on your new adventures.

Thank you and have a great day.

Hello we have not recieved cert as of yet and refund for $35 x 2 for 2 extra payments so $15 dollars you need means you own us $55.00 Could please take care this matter asap as it is well over do on your part Thankyou Gary Baker Christina’ Dad
By Magenta Gecko on Nov 17, 2016
Very interactive courses with great teachers! Too bad they have closed.
By Cobalt Blue-Whale on Dec 15, 2015
I enrolled in 1989 with Granton. I took the HCA course. My lessons, tutors and feedback from them was exceptional. My education with them served me well as I went on to Mc Master U and graduated from their Nursing program. That was almost 30 yrs. ago, in fact l will soon be taking my retirement. I empathise with all these present day students who have been shafted. Contact everyone you can to try and rectify your personal situation. I hope you all get and deserve a better chance at advancing your careers.
By Brown Mammal on Dec 11, 2015
It is just a scam. I finished my course they never sent my certificate
By zoat77 on Feb 02, 2012
I enrolled with a few courses over a couple of years in the mid '90's. I tried again in early 2000 and they said on the phone..."Hmmmmm you have a history with us. Can't process your application" They made me feel like a low class citizen!!
Comment by hvizdosm on Feb 14, 2012
I am having issues with them as well, i know where you are coming from. They recently sent me to collections fo money that i dont owe. I was hoping that maybe you could help me out, I registered with them in 2007 for the "corporate Business management and administration course" I am looking for someone that would possibly have the course book that they sent out when they were still "Granton Institue of Technology" I am needing to know the full cost of my course. Please help me...
Comment by Pontiousp1 on Feb 07, 2013
The tuition for the course you were enrolled in was $7140.00 payable with $85 on enrollment and 83 monthly payments of $85 each or $5712 (with payment in full or company purchase order on enrollment). I hope this helps.

Has anyone that completed their course received their transcripts. I did not receive one and I want to find out how I can get mine. Any ideas?
By Coquelicot Humpback-Whale on Dec 30, 2011
The problems described in these letters fill me only with sadness and sympathy. I was a former tutor at the Granton Institute. Although that organization may have had a few problems, I can attest that its tutors were for the most part genuinely concerned for the ongoing success and education of their students. Very few of the former tutors remained with the new GrantonTech. Numbers did not receive wages owing when the change occurred. The newest incarnation of the long-standing Granton name sounds like a real abomination.
By gcarson on Dec 09, 2011
My wife was taking a course through this school and then the school was bought out. Now it's called Granton Tech and it's a joke.

We told them we were changing banks and should not attempt to use the old banking information to make withdrawals. They ignored the information and tried to withdraw from the old account for the next three months!!!! Now, my old account (which was in overdraft) wants us to pay over $120 in NSF.

My wife says she has to wait and wait for course material, sometimes for five months. These are arrogant, ignnorant individuals, don't deal with this school!!!!!!!!!!!!!
By saimakirankh on Dec 06, 2011
so what happens to the money that was paid for tuition? i was also a current student with granton . i stop receiving notices for payments and i tried calling the phone number to find out if my account was still active cause i havent heard from them and the phone number was no longer in service. my program is not completed and i want to have my money worth. do we get reinbursed or what? this would affect my credit right cause its unpaid dues but the school is out of business so what to do
By Azure Rooster on Oct 20, 2011
I'm a former student of the Granton Institute in Toronto... dealing with Granton Tech who took over has been a nightmare, and it seems to be more of a scam than anything else. The woman I've dealt with is useless and continues to send me garbage rather than "real" course material, and they expect me to give them my credit card info to grade past submissions?? Beware of this place, something is not right...
By Amadeus38 on Sep 09, 2011
To anyone enrolled in this school, please cover your tracks.
For those of you whho have enrolled in the old "granton Institute of Technology" and have yet to receive either any refund requested, diploma or certificate, contact the Better Business Bureau of Canada. This school has been forced out of operation (as well as Granton Tech) by the Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities, Canada) If you go to the Ministry page, you can read the exact documents brought against them. I completed my courses with Granton, paid over $1000.00 in full, and they have avoided my calls for 6 months now. They now are under Hong Kong's laws, as they were forced to cease operations in Canada. DO NOT ENROLL in GRANTON TECH!
By onlinestudy on Aug 30, 2011
For anyone who is looking to upgrade their skill sets and enrol in an online school that provides superior courses, Granton Tech is that school. Dismiss the negative and false reviews below as they have nothing to do with Granton Tech. The former school called: Granton Institute of Technology offered courses up until last year but that company went bancrupt and has nothing to do with the new company in place which is Granton Tech. The level of service and quality of courses I received from Granton Tech is bar none and I would enroll in many additional courses offered by Granton Tech. For those reading the comments below, be mindful that they are in reference to the former company (Granton Institute)and hold no validity regarding the newly operating company Granton Tech.
Comment by Amadeus38 on Sep 08, 2011
Sorry, but go to the Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities Canada website (or google Granton Institute of Technology complaints) The exact documents sent by the Ontario Government, to the new
Granton Tech school are there for the reading.
The school, even under the Granton Tech name has been prohibited from operating in Ontario, and is NOT accredited anywhere in Canada. If you read the fine print (bottom of page) on the Granton Tech Website, you will see that the school is "subject to laws pursuant of Hong Kong" Many students are waiting for certificates and refunds that will never arrive. I am one of them. I was told by the Better Business Bureau that nothing can now be done, as they are not even a Canadian Company anymore.
By mnytks on Aug 04, 2011
Ok so we went to the PCC as people here suggested. PCC is not in control as this company is not under their jurisdiction and according to a lawyer i consulted they have full legal recourse against the contracts signed before the bankruptcy. as far as my investigation have come up with it seems they are a foreign company and operating legally in canada and is not a spam. As well what i found out that Granton Institute of technology was offering the diploma in an illegal manner as they we NOT registered with the PCC. and they were at the time of the bankruptcy involved in "legal" battle with pcc and PCC was threatening to fine them for operating in this manner and offering diploma courses.
Its interesting what you find in someone trash.
By Gray Tyrannosaurus on Aug 02, 2011
hi, everyone

i have been reading reviews on my disappointment i was not contacted at all about these changes. I had to leave my studies due to family illness for two years and now i am reading to finish my course. And now i find out all these changes. Does anyone know where to file to get your money back, as my course is paid in full. I do not want to continue with this school. Or does anyone know of anyone legally that will take on our complaints as a group to get our monies back.
By A12Plus on Jun 16, 2011
If you are a student that was enrolled at Granton Institute of Technology prior to July 2010 and you are currently being told by Granton Tech to pay fees for a course or program that is no longer available or a course that you signed up for at the Granton Institute of Technology, please email all relevant material to the Ministry of Training Colleges and Universities, Private Career Colleges Branch:

Thank you
By Gotscammed on Apr 15, 2011
Granton Tech is a scam! They are not even based in Canada anymore but in Hong Kong. I was half way through a program that Granton Institute of Technology was offering when Granton Tech took over and was told that the program was no longer available. I was told if I wanted to stop payment then I would have to pay a withdrawal fee (which I didn't, why pay a withdrawal fee if the program no longer exist?). Four months later, Granton Tech claimed that I owed them a lot of money and when I refused to pay that as well, they contacted the Collective Agency. I then contacted the Legal department at Granton Tech and demanded my student record and proof that the program still existed, they quickly changed their tune and cancelled all claims. Do not fall into their trap! It is a scam and none of the courses and programs are legitimate or useful for employment and their student services is horrible. Granton Tech is not worth of your time.
Comment by Gotscammed on Jun 29, 2011
Email their legal office, I think it will show up in a search on google, and tell them the situation. Don't forget to demand student records and proof that your wife needs to pay and talk about legal action due to them being a scam. Also, call your bank and explain the situation so they can block any future withdrawal from Granton. I hope this helps! I wish you the very best!
Comment by rcrlighting on Jun 29, 2011
The same thing happened to my wife. She did not know the school changed hands until January of 2011. They also did not have her records on file. In March of 2011, they took money out of our bank account under the name "GRANTON INST MSP". We did a stop payment on that withdrawl. Then in April of 2011, they took money out of our bank account again...this time under the name of "GRANTON FEE". Again, we did a stop payment on that withdrawl. Now it's gone to a collection agency and they will not stop calling us...THIS REALLY IS A what can we do? Any ideas? Your comments are more than welcome....HELP!!
Comment by rcrlighting on Jun 30, 2011
GOTSCAMMED....Thanks for the quick advise...
By JAYROB on Apr 01, 2011
I enrolled with Granton Institute of Technology March 2009. I was making my payments and doing my studies. In January 2011 I received an e-mail stating that we would need to submit our exams by e-mail. My course was all by paperwork and I mailed it to the company. I made a phone call and was advised that Granton Institute of Technology had gone bancrupt but Granton Tech was taking over. Then I was notified that Granton Tech was no longer offering a diploma but I would receive a certificate for completing my course and I would have to pay an additional $10 per exam I submitted to be marked. I was not happy with that and told the lady that I would not like to continue with Granton Tech. She then told me that I would have to write a letter of cancellation and pay a $200 cancellation fee. I spoke with a lawyer and was advised that when Granton Tech lost their accreditation my contract was void. I wrote my letter of cancellation January 20, 2011. January 27 another cheque came out of my account. I was advised to cancel all of the cheques that they had their hands on. I have been going back and forth with the company asking for my cheques back (which they have refused to send back to me) and they still have not acknowledged by cancellation request. I ended up cancelling my february cheque and it wasn't until they noticed the funds were not received that they started talking to me. I once again told them that I had cancelled and they should not be taking anymore money from me. I recieved a letter from a creditor the end of March. I should not have to pay them any more money nor should I have to pay a cancellation fee when this company is not going to give me the diploma that I have been paying for and I signed a contract for.
Comment by JAYROB on Apr 02, 2011
I've reported it here, to the BBB, to the competition bureau, and they have sent it to Ministry of Small Business and Consumer Services, Consumer Protection Branch. I have not thought to contact the police. I'm sending it everywhere that so I can to help make sure that no one else has this SCAM happen to them!
Comment by IWASROBBED on Apr 06, 2011
done... All complaints and contact to outside people are exhuasted.. My next step will be with legal. I am not sure If I will go legal or not at this point,
Comment by JAYROB on Apr 07, 2011
i have never been able to get through to a person. i have been e-mailing whenever i needed to contact anyone because that is the only way they will respond.
By IWASROBBED on Mar 28, 2011
I started with Granton Institute of Technology on September 3 2008 in a Business Operations Course to achieve a diploma. I was paying $50.00 a month for my course. After being in the course and finishing the first part I realised it wasn't for me. I changed courses to Nail Technology on May 18 2010 in hopes of obtaining a diploma and ended up finishing half of the course. I was advised to send all my business books back at my cost, which I did. My amount changed from $1520.00 to $950.00. I received my books from the Nail Technology course but did not receive the nail kit that was supposed to come with the course. I was advisd that I would receive my nail kit once my Nail Technology course fee of $950 was paid. They were supposed to credit all my payments towards my new course and they did not. Once my Nail Technology course was paid off I was supposed to receive any over payment that I had made along with the nail kit. I started calling in September 2010 as I figured the $950 would have been paid by then. They did not get in contact with me until January 2011 when they advised that they went bankrupt and all my payments of $1450.00 were non refundable. I overpayed by $500 and when I spoke to the new owners they had no evidence that I had switched courses. I sent them all my proof of being enrolled in the Nail Technology course and sent them my old contract. They refused to help me or reimburse my $500 overpayment and advised me that the diploma and nail kit were no longer available. HORRIBLE HORRIBLE SCHOOL!!!!!!!!! I ADVISED EVERYONE WHO HAS HAD ISSUES TO REPORT TO THE BETTER BUSINESS BUREAU ASAP.. THIS NEEDS TO STOP.......
By timmeloche on Mar 07, 2011
For everyone who has been affected by this ordeal, you should go to the Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities to apply the fund. The ministry may assist you in completing your program or you may recieve payment for your fees. Good luck.
By Helayn on Feb 22, 2011
My rating for this company is in the negative. For the last 3 months I have been tirelessly emailing and calling in hopes to get my contract and my book list mailed/emailed to me.Prior to that I was trying to contact them and make them aware that the books are seriously outdated. Talking about retards, niggers and Jesus. The are no longer supplying my books so I have taken it up with the BBB, now they are taking the book cost off my current tuition. But in realitly they have no idea whats going on.The are a walking contradiction. They are saying that my contract was binding with the previous school and I cannot get any tuition back, then they also say that they own both contracts and I will be sent to collections. All I have ever wanted is to finish my Interior Design Course and I feel that they are trying to take advantage of me. Furthermore the same course is not offered anymore. Simular corses are @ ~500$, my course was almost $4000 so I am pretty choked that they are not coorporating at all. All I want is my book list and my contract and I will continue payment.
Comment by Helayn on Feb 22, 2011
actually consitering all I have read I will not give them another dime!
Comment by timmeloche on Mar 07, 2011
For everyone who has been affected by this ordeal, you should go to the Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities to apply the fund. The ministry may assist you in completing your program or you may recieve payment for your fees. Good luck.
By nanacoop292 on Feb 04, 2011
I have been a long term student of this school before it became Granton Tech. I was given no notice that it was closing (Granton Institute of Technology). I had exams that I was waiting for to be returned to me. I had paid for my course fully in January 2010. I phoned the numbers I had several time, emailed every address I had several times, faxed letters several times and nothing. Finally I contacted Visa and filed a formal complaint and then Visa put a lady from the school on the phone with me. Well, she said I would get exams back soon. And I did. But I am still very unhappy as now they are telling me that they are not Granton Institute and will not be issuing T2202. I counted on those for my tax filing credits. Now it will cost me more money in tax payment. I will never again take a course with these people. This is not a reputable company if they are going to act like this.
Comment by timmeloche on Mar 07, 2011
For everyone who has been affected by this ordeal, you should go to the Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities to apply the fund. The ministry may assist you in completing your program or you may recieve payment for your fees. Good luck.
By Jmcm on Jan 27, 2011
Everything was going well with my Nutrition and Diet Therapy course until exams submitted in November for marking took exceptionally long to be returned...My follow up enquiries caused me to become suspicious, especially when they told me I owed them money, due immediately!!
I was also given the impression in one of their responses that there was an office in Pickering...
Granton Tech
14b-1822 Whites Road
Suite 431
Pickering, ON
L1V 0B1.
This turned out to be a UPS store where Granton Tech has a "box", not a "suite". Someone makes a daily pick up of the was the information given to me by a UPS clerk.
It's definitely a scam...Heads up students of Granton!!!
Comment by nanacoop292 on Feb 04, 2011
I have been a long term student of theirs and found out in July that they had gone out of business and became Granton Tech. They are now, not accredited and do not issue T2202 for tax purposes. Everything has changed with them. I even had trouble getting my exams marked and back to me from may. I contacted Visa as I paid in full in January of 2010 in full for the course. I will never take another course with them again. I just would like at this point to get my T2202 so I can claim my course on income tax and be done.
Comment by timmeloche on Mar 07, 2011
For everyone who has been affected by this ordeal, you should go to the Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities to apply the fund. The ministry may assist you in completing your program or you may recieve payment for your fees. Good luck.
By mutley on Jan 02, 2011
Hey everyone,

I have a long story too. Anyway,please go to the link below.
Comment by timmeloche on Mar 07, 2011
For everyone who has been affected by this ordeal, you should go to the Ministry of Training, Colleges and Universities to apply the fund. The ministry may assist you in completing your program or you may recieve payment for your fees. Good luck.
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