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Reid Jewelry Ltd

4567 Lougheed Hwy #41, Burnaby, BC
21 reviews
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Reid Jewelry Ltd, Burnaby Reviews (21)

21 reviews
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By AndySadBride on Feb 24, 2016
On January 29th, 2016 I purchased a diamond wedding ring from Reid jewellers. The price for the ring was $2300.00, on sale for $1150.00. The ring was too large for my wedding finger so I asked the sales associate if this particular style ring would be able to be sized to fit my wedding finger or would it be an issue as the diamonds come quite far down on both sides to appear as a halo. She said yes it can be resized and would be easy to do. The ring was advertised to be .50ct, SI/GHI 14 K. This particular store was closing, but the associate reassured me if any issues they still had two other Reid jewellery stores for customer support. I was not given my receipt by the associate and prior to leaving the store to rush to get to the airport, I saw a folded piece of paper on the counter and asked if that was my receipt, the associate said yes. I grabbed it and then we quickly left. At the time I thought this was strange not to be handed my receipt as expected in a store and the fact that it was folded was strange. I waited until I got home to Saskatoon, as we were in Vancouver for the weekend only, to take the ring to Charm jewellery store to look into getting the ring sized and appraised. I also asked them to take a close look because when I put it on and ran my finger along the plain band side of the ring my finger nail kept getting caught on some kind of ridge. Charm jewellers told me that the ring was an unusual size for a new usually jewellery stores receive a standard size usually a size 6 or 6.5 This ring was size 6.75...I was also told that there was a definite ridge along the side where I had suspected, and that the ring had filing grooves and had definitely been filed at some point, possibly to resize it. I was shown other rings of the same type, diamond size and the cost was $850.00 and was told that the diamond ring from Reid jewellers was definitely not of a $2300.00 value as I had been told. Charm jewellers suggested I take the ring to an other jewellery expert for a second opinion, from Tiger Eye Gems in Saskatoon who agreed that the ring had been resized and that there was filing marks he could see and a definite ridge. I then took the ring to a third expert at GMG jewellers for an appraisal. I was told that the diamonds were not .50, but were in fact .36 and an estimated price for this particular ring was around $850.00 and definitely no where near to the original $2300.00 as I was told by Reid Jewellers. I phoned the two Reid stores and explained the situation and asked for a refund. I was told to e-mail them and my issue would be handled. I e-mailed Reid jewellers on February 4th, explaining the situation and asked for a refund. I was told they do not have a return policy and that a ring that has been altered there is no exchange. I was told that I should enjoy the ring and not listen to anyone. I responded by telling them that the ring has not been resized and that under these circumstances I would like a full refund. I also told them that upon looking at the receipt I see that the receipt does not show the original price minus the % clearance shows the ring was $1,026.79 plus tax = $1,150.00. When I was told and the advertising for that particular ring was...original price $2300.00 on clearance 50% half price. I have responded to numerous e-mails telling me that the ring fit me at the time of purchase which is absolutely not true. The e-mails are from a Chi Lee who keeps responding to my e-mails telling me I should be happy its a beautiful ring...telling me if I want I can get the ring resized to fit any finger. This ring was to be my wedding ring for one particular finger. I have not had the ring altered in any way and have been asking consistently for a refund since February 4th, so that I can purchase a wedding ring in time for my wedding. I am upset that I was deceived into thinking that the ring was of a $2300. value, and that the ring was .50 which is only .36 and that there is a defect in the band that you can feel as you run your finger along the edge...I am upset that three independent jewellers have told me that the ring has got filing grooves showing that it has been changed or is defective. I was also told that for this particular style of ring to be sized down is very difficult and would cost a lot to resize as the diamonds come down on both sides giving the effect of a halo of diamonds and for it to be sized smaller would cause the diamonds to fall out of the claws and each one will need to be repositioned. I had specifically asked the associate about this particular ring being resized to fit my wedding finger and was told that it would be very simple to do. Please, please help me.
This is the original complaint that I have just forwarded to the Better Business Bureau...they are looking into my complaint as I believe this is intentional fraud!!!....wish me luck everyone out there...I cannot afford another wedding ring until this one is returned and I get a refund!!! :(
Comment by joseupnorth13 on Feb 24, 2016
I feel for you. I am engaged too and I can just imagine how you feel if I was taken advantage of when spending my hard earned money for a special purchase.

I wish you and your fiancé all the best on your special day. And I hope that the Reid Jeweller company will see that it makes good business sense to right the wrong they have created. If all you are asking is to get a refund for a defective ring, that should be an easy fix. If you are asking to be compensated for an intentional deception, which this sound as fraudulent advertising and business, I would hope that you get what is deserved.
I too would never recommend this company to any friend or enemy. Cheers
By wellhungson on Jan 31, 2016
I had taken in a bracelet I had bought for my girlfriend for Christmas. The bracelet had to be resized. They removed three links and made them into earnings answer pendant for the necklace. I asked if they could have it done by New Years Eve. They were late and I didn't get my jewelry until the middle of January. When my girlfriend put the bracelet on it broke right away. I returned it to them right away. They told me I was lieing and broke it on purpose. I finally convinced them it was the original repair area. It went in for warranty. I just received it on January 29 2016. I looked into the repair and the soder job was horrible. I wanted my money back so I can go somewhere else. They won't give my money back or let me speak with the manager. I am so upset with them. I was robbed by the store now I am out 250 dollars
By Bistre Crayfish on Jan 19, 2016
January 18 2016
Regarding: Reid Jewellers (Mr.Lee-Owner)
​ 1202- 10355 152 Street
Surrey, BC V3R 7C1

I had purchased two watches from your Guildford store on December 18 2015. At the time of the purchase I was told that I can exchange the watch within thirty days. I came to your store on January 17 2016 and spoke to the owner and informed him that I wanted to exchange one of the watches. I did not ask for a refund. All I requested was for a store credit.
The owner failed to acknowledge the policy written on receipt and bluntly made a prejudice statement, "That I know people like you. They wear the jewellery and they return it" then proceeded to ask why I didn't call him first. I was within my 30 days of purchase. I asked the owner of the store if I could make an exchange for a product of higher value. He continued to rudely decline, and asked why I waited so long to exchange my watch. He said that he will not exchange or provide me with a store credit. He also mentioned that I should talk to the sales representative (Nisha) and she will be in on the following day. I rushed after work to the store and spoke to Nisha. Nisha said that she made a mistake and forgot to tell me it is a final sale. There was no indication on the product or the receipt that I purchased a sale item. Nisha was very apologetic, however she could not do anything without the owners approval. She later informed me again that her boss will not exchange my wife's watch, and I am no longer welcome at this store.
I find the owner of Reid Jewellers extremely rude and they do not comply with the written policy that is on the receipt. Mr. Lee has asked his staff Nisha to inform me is not to come to his store.
In conclusion I would like to say that this company gave me a runaround so my thirty days return/exchange policy will no longer be valid.
By deborah1 on Jan 06, 2016
This store is awful. I bought a ring on Dec. 20 and was told that they would resize it after Christmas if I brought in my receipt. Well I went in and was told that I was lying they would never say that. The sales staff is rude and can not be trusted. Buyer beware this store is a rip off.
By Carnelian Cobra on Dec 24, 2015
these guys are good for one thing: cheap jewelry for casual gifting. im serious, once i got a pretty sick deal on a really pretty set of earrings/pendants (60% off) and also another set of earrings for 70% off. however, if ur looking at getting engaged or an anniversary gift, its a better idea just to go to places like pandora or tiffany because the quality and customer services they offer in comparison to the prices are very bad. You can't get a refund without going to court, if u try to argue they wont understand you and vice versa, the manager is not that nice, and the jewelry is likely to fall apart. But if you're fine with buying things here for under 100$ and never planning to come back, its an okay place to get jewelry.
By Feelinggypped on Dec 17, 2015
Had a funny feeling. No one talked about pieces, just discount. Took a chance, bought a Bulova watch. No instructions or registration. Can't even find the model number on Bulova site - assume it is very old stock. Good thing it didn't cost too much, but I think even the price I paid is too much. Hope it is still working for New Years!
By dkdsfkjakf on Aug 03, 2015
I bought two rings which were around $1300. At the time of purchase, they told me if i bring my ring later with receipt they would resize it for free. And after 3 days I felt that the ring was little too large so brought it to them for resizing. They gave me a receipt indicating that resizing fee is $0. 4 days later when I went there to pick up my ring, they charged me $50 blaming me that I did not requested for resizing at the time of purchase. I argued with the chiese women for few minutes and she kept saying me she never told me about free resizing!! She was too stubborn that I gave up explaning and paid $50. YOU SHOULD BRING A RECORDER WITH YOU IF YOU ARE GOING TO BUY STH HERE!!! IT IS THE WORST JEWELLERY STORE I HAVE EVER BEEN.
By Maroon Siamese-Cat on Jan 29, 2013
so my mom, my sister and i were at metrotown location yesterday and ended up buying a ring from Reid store. The lady who helped us was nice but the in chrge manager i guess was completely rude. we bought a 1.5 carat diamond ring for three grands (not a small amount of $$$) which was apparently 50% off original $6000 something. The ring is beautiful but i was never told it was final sale and from reading other reviews i now think it defintley is final sale. also the manager(asian lady)wouldn't give us a certificate for the ring(separate than purchase recipt) then we i said i wouldn't buy it without one she finally said to buy the ring and come back in three days for certificate, which i refused. I mean WTH??? I live in Surrey and after explaining all this to her she then said to come back in half an hour, finally i got the ring with recipt and certificate but not a great customer service at all eventhough the first blonde lady who helped us was pretty nice. But i do love the ring & i hope that i really got a 50% off deal !!! I guess i can get it appraised somewhere else too.
By deltadawn on Apr 05, 2012
My partner surprised me with a beautiful EXPENSIVE "Bulova" Watch from Reid Store at Metrotown, Burnaby
He was told to bring in anytime for a band adjustment (free, of course) should it not fit.
When we did and was told "need proof of purchase, receipt". (We came from Delta, no short drive) The salesladies insisted,... no reasoning with them for a simple wristband adjustment for costly watch BOUGHT from this store! We walked away thoroughly disgusted.
Don't they know their own product? Why would we bring back a watch to a 'rinky-dink' jewellery mall store if we DIDN'T get it from there? [Besides, for the sake of good customer relations, give the benefit of doubt and do NOT imply that anyone is lying about where purchase is from!]
GAWD! It was for an easy (promised) watch band adjustment!
Amazed at such poor disgraceful customer relation/business practice we left and went to "The Bay" department store. "Long" the wonderful watch person there did for FREE!
No questions asked!
So bothered, I called the Reid Jewellery Stores in Guildford, Surrey and Richmond to find out the head office or the owner in charge.
Given the run-around. "Catherine" at Rmd. Store asked for details, once given, she too 'argued' and was persistent that needed "receipt". She did ask for my name and # and finally said "Ken" the manager would call me.
To date, he has NOT. Guess he is NOT concerned about unhappy customers, he certainly will not be getting anymore business from us, nor anyone else we know.
***All this over adjusting a watch by a few links!!!
RUN, don't walk away from this unconscionable bad so-call business! ***

By samanthagree on Dec 20, 2011
My hubby bought me a georgeous diamond ring from Reids last christmas- we have been treated with great care and have been 100% happy with our ring (minus a few issues). When some of the side stones in my ring came out, they took it back and got the diamonds replaced at no charge with no fuss. I have a ring from Michael Hill (or Luguaro's, I can't remember) and the diamond fell out and it was still on warranty but they told me that they had to charge me, so I was very skeptical at first but now I will always buy from Reids. My ring came with the in store appraisal that said that it was worth like 3 times what my husband paid for it and we decided to get an official appraisal done in New York and when it came back, the ring was actually worth 4 times more than what he had paid! I highly recommend this store you will never have to look anywhere else because they have everything and bonus you get good service and people who know and stand behind their products yay!
By kambassi on Oct 27, 2011
My husband and I shopped at Metrotown location during last Christmas for a thumb ring. I fell in love with one at Reid Jewelers. Well, after wearing it for a few months the diamond fell out. I had it repaired.I spoke with Chi the manager at the Metrotown Store and she was really nice. She said any problems please come and see me. Then again in June another diamond fell out. So this time I stated I am coming from Whiterock area and can this ring be picked up at the Guildford store. Sales person stated, Yes. Well hadn't had no call until September. I was very upset and told the ladies there please have the manager Chi call me. Well the staff mentioned she is on holidays and wont be back until Sept. No call then I went in and asked if it was done the 2nd wk of Sept. They couldn't find my ring and didn't know anything about it arriving in the Guildford store. So I left and told them to get back to me. At the end of September I got a call from the sales ladies that my ring was ready to be picked up. Still no call from the manager. I was so upset that I told some the customers even to look further into buying from this store as they are not organized and my ring has been repaired twice. Well, then got my ring and 2 weeks time another diamond falls out. This time I called and let the ladies know again. Well one of the ladies stated to call the manager Ken Lee. But the ladie stated we will still can repair it to drop it off over the wknd. I called the manager and the manager was yelling at me with the F words and saying shut up. How dare you come into my store and let other customers know. Ken was verbally abusive on the phone. I believe in this business you need to approach your customers in a appropriate way. I told him that your customer service is not good and that I have been getting the run around and know one is getting back to me. The products they carry are not stamped with their logo at all. If you were to go to any jewelry store it has their name stamped on it. They don't stand behind their product. I approached the ladies and they said yes its stamped. She showed me the 10k stamp. But when I asked regarding the name. She said we don't do that.
By Jackrussell on Oct 20, 2011
DON'T BUY FROM HERE. Check their ratings on Better Business Bureau first! They are rated "F" which is the wosrt rating a business can get

Bought an engagement ring for what they claimed to be 50% of the appraisal value. Did not like the band but they said that the sale only last during the holiday, so we should buy it and change the band later. Asked what the price would be to change the band, and they quoted us $200 for labour cost. (using the same metal)

The following morning of the engagement, we noticed a visible black unclusion in the ring which was not visible at the store with their fluorescent light. I went back to the store to see if we can exchange it, and found out that it was a final sale at that time. I thought we shall just change the band at least and upgrade the diamond down the road. Then they told me that it will cost $675 to exchange the band!!

It took 3 visits and 2 letters to finally speak to the manager Ken who had the worst attitude you can possibly imagine.

We took submitted a complaint to the Better Business Bureau and Competition Bureau. BBB sent a letter to Reid twice and received no response from the business. Competition bureau is currently investigating the business. Both bureau has advised me to go to court to get a refund.

Worst experience ever!

If your case applies to the following, you maybe worth going to court to get a refund.

If your purchase includes a quality mark but not a trade mark. (which is a violation of Precious Metal Marking Act)

If you were sold an item claiming the appraisal value and that you are getting a percentage off of the value. (a violation of misleading advertisement"
By Charcoal Mockingbird on Dec 25, 2010
i was shopping around in the surrey area for a diamond ring for my girlfriend and i went here and noticed that their priaces were waaaaaaaay cheaper than other place. the staff were very friendly and informative, the diamonds were much sparklier and clearer than other stores which had milky diamonds. i got a beutiful one carat ring for only 799 and diamond earrings for 59! go here and you wont be dissapointed! Best christmas ever for sure.
By Anonymous784 on Nov 30, 2010
I bought a watch from them for my girlfriend as a surprise gift. My girlfriend didn't like it that much so I went back to exchange it for something else. First I was told I could exchange but not return, I agreed. Spent over half an hour to select from their overpriced and limited variety jewellery. When I selected, I was told I couldn't even exchange it since it was a 'FINAL SALE'. Even though the receipt clearly said that I could exchange within 30 days, I had to argue with them to get it exchanged. The staff is rude and they try to dupe people into their final sale trap. Prices are high... very disapponted with Reid Jewellery.
By hogie on Aug 30, 2010
last week we came to Metro town with my mom to looking for a pendant for my wedding next month.After searching through few store in the mall, we came to Reid jewellery.First we just look but when we find the pendant we like ,we kind of afraid of the price because we have the price we want in mind.When we find out it is alot less than we thought ,my mom and I decided to go ahead and we also bought the chain.The manager was very helpful and nice .She gave some advice and she just click with my mom.
we very happy with the price and the service.I will be back again in the future for my fiance wedding band and other jewellery we will need .Thank you Reid jewellery.
By apache on Nov 14, 2009
Wow! I;m literally blown away by their deals! Like the other viewer said... GREAT DIAMONDS! Absolutely love the prices and their products are really pretty too. I loved the staffs at the store. They are all very nice and helpful.
By Bistre Halibut on Sep 13, 2009
My boyfriend just presented me with an engagement ring from Reid Jewellers today! WE were at Brentwood Mall and somehow lost each other, upon finding each other, we visited a few jewellers as we often do, and I poured over various rings, and then low and behold when we were just about out of the mall,(he wanted to propose before we left so the ring could be sized if necessary), and in front of whoever was there he asked me to marry him!! And presented me with a small brown box from Reid Jewellers. I was so agast, I dont think I answered him because at one point he said you didn't give me an answer, so I said Yes of course!! (I have been asking the guy to marry me for several years...)Anyways, I'm more than happy, and from the sounds of it I think he got a great deal and great service. The ring fit me perfectly which was so special, no need to go back and wait for it to be sized. So I sat down for a bit outside to take it in, and watched the sun dance upon it and then I cried. Thank you Reid Jewellers for providing Sean with such a beautiful, modest, and clear ring fit for a queen. I am the happiest 46 year old girl I know!
By itheone on May 21, 2009
The prices are pretty decent compared to many other stores in the mall considering the quality of their diamonds are great and i mean GREAT. They even gave me a free bottle of cleaning solution and garantee and all that...
By Best on Mar 30, 2009
No wonder Reid closed their brentwood mall is metrotown..
the rent is too high there and so are their prices !!!
They have no stock in gold chains at all.
what kinda store is this !!!
By Yellow Boston-Terrier on Jan 18, 2009
i was at the metrotown store with my friend last month.The lady that work there offered me a diamond ring.she never said anything about final sale.after 2 days i decided to exchange it to something else.The ring is 1 carat and its not very practical for everyday use.The ring costs more than $2,000.I exchange it to something else which is $500.00 cheaper.Then she told me that the ring that I bought was a final sale and if i want to exchange it i have to spend the same amount.i told her if she could just give me a credit for the store.she said no,i have to buy it that day or I would never take my money back.I was forced to buy a ring with the same amount.The next day,I came back on the store,and talk to an older lady with blond hair.I told her about what happened and she turned back on me.I can't even talk to the manager.They told me that the manager never go the store.This is the worst customer service.
By Byzantine Centipede on Aug 22, 2008
Exellent service, and the best prices anywhere. Quick repairs... I love this store!
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