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Peoples Jewellers

5015 - 111 St NW, Edmonton, AB
12 reviews
Claim this business Last updated: 3 months ago
About Peoples Jewellers

Peoples - The Diamond Store. Go to full description...

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Peoples Jewellers, Edmonton Reviews (12)

12 reviews
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By Shoke Butsi on Feb 12, 2021
Southgate location: Would give them 0 stars. Horrible experience all around and their customer service is the worst I've ever experienced. They are rude, do not keep their promises, and are not helpful.

Surprised that they are still in business.

Buyer beware! Shop elsewhere if you can.
By Preet Brar on Apr 20, 2020
Very rude employees work here. They ignored helping me when someone did dexide to help they just left me hanging when l wanted to complete the sale. I got frustrated and left. Also, they are making me pay for a diamond that fell out for a ring bought 1yr back which l wore total 5 times
They will not cover the diamong because l didn't bring it in for a cleaning every 6 months. I think this is a stupid policy.
By nanaefe86 on Feb 20, 2017
Ordinarily I am not one to leave reviews for negative experiences but I must for this one. My now husband and I had been shopping for a bridal set for our wedding in Dec 2016. The first set we bought was an 8.0 instead of a 7.5 and my husband's was a 10 instead of a 9.5 which was our fault because we had been sized wrongly in another shop. We bought this online and so had to return it and we just decided to go with another set we also saw online. We usually buy online just because they have more good sales online than in shop and have flash sales as well. So this second set came in, even though it claimed to have 1ctw of diamond it had no shine to it and had a sticker that read" made in India". It seemed really shady since the fist one we got had no such label so we returned that in store. We tried finding one we liked in store but did not find any so went back to the online business and my husband saw a really nice band, we purchased it and when it came in it was a very uncomfortable fit with the edges very sharp, obviously he couldn't wear it so we returned that to the shop and the sales lady even agreed it was a weird fit. We decided buying online was not yielding good results so we decided to find one in the shop so we can actually see what we are getting. We were already constrained for time so had to get a set and then we found a bridal set in store that looked okay, i was not convinced but the sales lady said we had 60 days to think about it so not to worry. we purchased that set online cuz the one in shop had to be resized and we had no time for that. We bought an 8 again this time just because when we tried it in store based on the style it seemed the smaller 7.5 would be too small. Wrong assumption cuz the 8 was too big but we still decided to finish the ceremony and then exchange it for a smaller size which we did. All this time I was not totally loving the ring but it was just okay. After the ceremony I had packed the ring back into the box because I was still contemplating on if I wanted to keep it and did not want to wear it around incase it began to look old or whatever and void the warranty. We also had some extra money now since the ceremony was over to put towards a more costly set than we had got initially. After contemplating for a long time and not wearing it my husband said that if it is taking me that long to decide on it then he does not think I love it so just to return it and maybe check other places since People's hasn't worked out at all. That being said I can understand that we had done quite a lot of returns all for reasons mentioned above. My husband had been able to find a very nice band from Ben Moss before they had closed down so it was mine that was the problem.We went to the outlet mall at Niagara falls in Ontario for this return. There is a peoples closer to us but because the outlet usually has more variety we thought we could shop around as well with other jewellery shops. The two sales girls in there were initially smiling, the minute i mentioned i have a return the one girl's face just dropped. I told her after a few weeks I was not in love with the ring and she asked if I would want a different one. I explained that I would rather wait and find one that I totally love because I did not want to have to come back and return one I buy right away. So they went to process the return, it took quite while with them having some very suspicious chatter between them and throwing dubious looks our way. I was still looking around the shop to see if there was anything new, I saw one that looked nice so I asked my husband to look at it with me, he was so annoyed by the attitude of the girls and the way they were looking at us that he said we would never buy anything from people's again. That being said after she had processed the return I asked to see one set that looked nice, she first of all exchanged a look with the other girl and then she went through the process of slowly taking out the ring and then passing it through a device of some sort, looked back at the other girl before giving it to me. I looked at it and gave it back but I was just like wow. My husband was visibly upset and we just left. Mind you sales people before had told us you can take it now and think about it you have 60 days. I don't know why there should be such a stinking attitude to people based on a return. The rings had not been worn more than 2 days, it was in the box right after I got home, nothing was missing on the rings like I was confused and still am. I will never pass in-front of a people's shop and I will definitely discourage anyone from buying there because who knows if they have to do a return? and this happens to them as well. The least said the better. I am not impressed by the customer service or the items sold. I also do not appreciate being treated like I have done something heinous because I returned a ring previously purchased from the same shop.
By Bistre Cape-Buffalo on Jan 05, 2017
Never ever shop at people's jewellers.. I bought 3 rings costing me about 4-5 thousand. One of them was my wedding ring. I just wore it like about 2 weeks. I saw discolouration in my diamond ring. I went to the store for repair . The lady told me it will take about 2 weeks. Now it's been about 4 weeks, I still haven't got my ring nor did I get a call to inform me about the delay.. I would never go back to people's jewellers again..
By egielen on Jul 17, 2016
I purchased a pair of rose gold hoops on line in March of this year for over $250.00 I wore them a total of 6 times when the post on one of them broke approx 1 cm from the end, which tells me it was defective to start with. This happened about 2 wks after the warranty was past, but I figured they would help me some way since it was a definite defect in the ear ring..when I called the online customer service they said they could do nothing because it was past the 60 day warranty so I contacted a store and they sent off an email to their head office ,however, when I didn't hear back after 3 wks I decided to send 2 emails one with a photo of the earrings showing the defect, to the online customer service department again, however they still refused to help me out, even though the quality was definitely bad. they told me to follow up with the store that I had contacted..I did this right away (again) and was informed a couple of hours later that they also wouldn't do anything for me because I didn't buy the life time warranty, so now I have a pair of $250.00 ear rings that I can't wear..Peoples does not stand behind the Quality of their product unless you purchase the life time warranty..I only got to wear these ear rings 6 times, so thats pretty pricey ..I will never shop at Peoples again..please take this as a warning for your future purchases..Peoples stands behind their POLICIES not the QUALITY of their product. If I could have gone to less than one star I WOULD have..
By Black Sheep on Mar 16, 2016
Ok, there is a few things that set me off at this people's location! First off I bought my fiancés engagement ring there, it was a beautiful ring, exactly what she wanted. When I bought it I was told there is an exact match for a wedding band. So I took the numbers down for the wedding band figuring I would show my fiancé the wedding band that she could get to go with it. When we went to look at the wedding band they told us this ring never existed and never had a match. So we were on the hunt for a wedding band that matched this engagement ring. Once we found the right ring we went ahead and bought it and said we wanted the engagement ring and the wedding band sized a 1/4 size smaller. Apparently this was a pain for anyone to do because they pushed us away saying the 2 rings together will be tighter. So my fiancé wore the 2 rings around home just to see how they were.... Needless to say both rigs would slide around on her finger just like they did at the store. So back to the store we went to get them sized again they said that was a mistake and sent us home. Finally the third time trying to get it sized they took it in and sent both ring off to get sized.

Let's just say I'm glad we did it well in advance from the wedding. It took four weeks to get the rings sized which is fine then my fiancé got the rings back and noticed something wrong. The wedding band was missing a diamond on one side. The lady at the counter tried taller her that it was suppose to be like that and there was never a diamond there. Even though if you looked at it you could clearly tell there was one in the same spot on the other side but not on the one side. After some arguing and a closer look they finally took the ring back to make it right.

This is not how I expect a customer to be treated anywhere, especially somewhere we have spent so much of our money. We are waiting on the wedding band now and I hope it comes back the way it was suppose to in the first place.

Needless to say we are never buying anything at this store or any people's any more after being treated like this.

This was the people's at the Masonville location in London ON
By Byzantine Toucan on Nov 15, 2015
Actually I am giving Zale Corp..Peoples a zero..I bought a cross at Peoples in Edmonton Alberta..After taking it home it wasnt the look I wanted for my wife..I spent $1400.00 for the gold cross..Next day I returned it, Only to find out they will not refund me any money,,All money is refunded by cheque from there USA office Zale Corp..Well here it is 3 months later and no cheque..I was lied to by the staff, by their head office..The only recourse I have now is to sue..BEWARE!!!!! DO NOT shop at Peoples or any store connected to ZALE Corporation..FOR SHAME now a mutli million dollar company can treat there customers like this..I will never go back..Hopefully 10 more people will stop shopping there as well..
By Byzantine Ape on Sep 27, 2014
Ring, Disappointment:

I spent $3500 for a ring custom made be People's!! The gal who served us was certainly great at first but once ordered & paid for, well. She did strongly advise us to by the insurance or warranty! I felt People's would stand behind their materials & workmanship but NO!! In under a year of wear there was huge scratch and although they did repair it I am now forced to spend another $200,00 to buy the warranty insurance so that when their inferior material again makes me return for repairs it is certainly not People's who is doing repairs but the insurance I have had no choice but to buy. Very disappointing Peoples and last purchase or recommend for Peoples.

Sadly Ann Marie McCurdy
By Brown Robin on Dec 25, 2012
On dec 15 2012 I was on peoples web site looking for a christmas gift for my wife.As it stands right now this has turned out to be a huge dissappointment for me. I found what I was looking for but the promises made on your website were anything but true. On the web site it stated overnight shipping on all in stock items. It also stated Christmas delivery on all items ordered by the 15th of Dec. With this plastered all over your website I felt it was a
sure bet to get it by Christmas after all that is what you were telling me.
After waiting two or three days and not seeing my order status changing I started to get a little worried and sent a message like this one and was told to be patiant , they assured me it would be here by Christmas.Afterall this is what there website promised. This was the first time I was told it was a special order item and would take more than the overnight shipping. Even though my online order showed it to be an instock item not a special order. No problem as long as it gets here by Christmas. The Rep assured me it would.
On Friday Dec 21st I looked at the status of my order and still nothing had changed so I phoned your 1-800 number and talked to one of your reps and explained my concearns once again , she assured me that there was nothing to worry about that delivery would be by Christmas day. I never beleived that there was anyone working or shipping orders over the weekend so I waited till Monday the 24th of dec. I was very concearned about the status of my order and logged into your web site only to find that the order status had not changed. This was rediculas I waited untill noon and still no change. If this ring was going to get here by christmas morning the status should have changed by now.
Once again I phoned one of your reps at the 1-800 number. She told me that she had no idea why the item status had not changed but told me that delivery was promised by Christmas so it was likly just not keyed in that it was sent. She was pritty sure it would be there. She was going to look into it further and get back to me either by phone or email if she found anything out.
Beings that this item is over $100.00 you have to sign for it or Fed x will not leave it so that pritty much stuck me at home unable to go anywhere in case Fed X showed up, and was waiting for a phone call or email from Peoples letting me know when this Christmas present was to arrive.
At about 2;00 PM I received an email that the item I ordered , The one that was to be here by Christmas morning , the one that was in stock on the 15 of Dec, the one with overnight shipping The item that would take (at most) two days to get to me...

Is now going to arrive on the 28th of December (Maybe or later maybe)
Have you got any catchy little lines I can throw out there to my wife when, on Christmas morning, when everyone is opening there gifts. My wife won't get one.
Well dont sweat it too much about her, I doubt she will be blaming Peoples. I suspect I shall recieve most of the blame from her.On the other hand I am very discusted with the service I,ve received from you. I beleive I went well and beyound trying to stop this from happening. To say that I am horrably discusted with Peoples would be an understatement.
Well I hope you all have a great Christmas Im sure mine won't be.
You can all do what you want but i know ill never be back.
By KOFFEE on Aug 11, 2012
The reason I gave Southgate Peoples jewellers one star is because there's no option for " no star" or zero stars.

I took my yellow gold wedding ring in to Peoples to get it re-sized...ONLY. The girl told me she would call me when the ring was in. A week goes by and I still did not receive a phone call so I decided to call, and my ring was sized and in the store. I went to pick it up only to find out that my yellow gold ring is now white gold! Another girl who was there the day I dropped off the girl refused to give me my ring back, even though I had the receipt. She said it was not my ring because it is white gold. I told her she messed up and it was yellow gold originally. She told me to come back when the girl was in whom I dropped it off with since she would be able to recognize me. I asked her how I would get my ring back if that girl no longer worked at the company to verify my identity.
Poor Policy procedures!

20 minutes go by in arguing and I left without my ring. Few days later I went to see the manager and the girl I dropped my ring off to. The girl refused to remember me or re call any such incident.
The manager sent my ring back to get it restored to yellow gold.
What a nightmare those 2 weeks were!
By Chamoisee Salamander on Jul 31, 2009
The staff were great, but the products are AWFUL. My ring has had nothing but problems. First the ring came back from sizing mangled, now the stones are loose and uneven. There was absolutely zero quality control. Since Peoples came under Zales, the quality has gone down considerably. I would recommend you stay away from any peoples location. It seems to me they're more concerned about bottom line than anything else.
By Pink Boa on Nov 18, 2008
Great place to shop for diamonds. Very helpful staff. They explain everything you need to know about the 4 C's on diamonds. Loved the Canadian diamonds and would pick them for an engagement ring! I bought diamond stud earrings and they provide all the paperwork to give you peace of mind. Gift box and wraped with little bows. I recommend this store happily.
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With more than 80 years of experience, Peoples is the most recognized name in fine jewellery across Canada.
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