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Grey Power Insurance Brokers

745 Montreal Rd, Ottawa, ON
7 reviews
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Grey Power Insurance Brokers, Ottawa Reviews (7)

7 reviews
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By HateScammers on Mar 24, 2016
You Won't Believe This One!!!
An acquaintance of mine had their home in the city insured by Grey Power. They moved to a small tourist town about 200 miles away and insured the new home with them. In the summer, they opened a small craft store in their garage.

One day, they got a call from Grey Power asking if they ran a craft shop in their home. They said they did, and were told "You aren't insured to operate a business in your home. It is going to cost you $XX a month extra for the added coverage." (The insurance was to cover customers in case they got injured on their property).

They wondered how the insurer knew about the craft shop - the only way they could think of is that someone from the company went around checking their client's properties and saw a 2' x 4' sign they have by the side of the road, but the odds of that happening seemed highly unlikely, so they asked the agent how they knew about the store.

"Google Earth" was the reply.

The company looked up Google Earth's street view of her property and saw the sign!!!

I think this a gross misuse of Google Earth and doubt it was ever intended to be used that way. I am certain they are also using the satellite views of policy holder's properties looking for any additions to the home, garage or modifications to the property itself that they can use to raise your rates.

This person got the last laugh on them. Had the company not called, they would have continued on with them, but since they had, they decided to check out other companies and their rates. They found one with the identical coverage AND the coverage for customers for almost $100 less and dumped Grey Power. That phone call cost the company thousands of dollars in future premiums.
By non-member84249 on Mar 20, 2015
Would not accept non renewal
In Octber Grey Power phoned asking for annual payment for my car insurance that was due November 1, 2014. My wife explained that the policy was not being renewed as we were disposing of the car.
I mailed the policy with liability certificates to Grey Power noting the policy was not being renewed.
The licence plates were removed from the car October 31st and ownership transferred as a gift to a niece who insured the car in her name the next week and transferred ownership.
Grey Power is still trying to bill me for non payment and have said they will cancel the policy with a cancellation fee. They allege that they did not receive the policy and my wife did not have authority to not renew the policy.
Stay away from this broker. They also overcharge on renewals as very few people shop around when premiums are increased at renewal.

By non-member77158 on Sep 25, 2014
Upped my condo insurance for no reason
Hello. Last year I bought a condo apt. and decided to get a quote through grey power for it and my car insurance. It was $135 cheaper than Bickerton insurance, so I went ahead and signed up. 1 year later I got my renewal from Trafalger/Grey Power and it had went up the same amount as I saved last year, exactly $135. I called Trafalger to ask why my insurance had almost doubled over the last year, I had had no claims. I was told by the service rep that the $250 premium was the lowest they carried.I could save money by paying yearly, but there was nothing to be done about the increase,except cancel my policy.After the hassle I went through to change to Trafalger, I decided to keep it. It is certainly no cheaper to go with Grey power at least after the first year. I suppose if you want to change companies every year, it might be ok.I am definitely NOT a happy customer.
By non-member74773 on Aug 02, 2014
Called to inquire about adding myself onto my father's insurance policy - made it clear in the beginning that I was just shopping around and inquiring. The "insurance broker" named Ali asked a few questions, one being is this your first time calling and what about your father? Then was put on hold for 10 minutes after answering the questions he had asked me to "quote" me for the policy addition. He came back on the phone telling me that the estimate is $1123 but it may be higher or lower, that this was just an estimate. I then said okay, thank you and was prepared to end the phone call there, but Ali said, no I will go ahead and add you. I said no, don't do anything to my dad's account or policy, I'm just shopping around. However, Ali insisted and insisted that he was going to go ahead and add me on my dad's policy. He explained why he was going to add me on and that Grey Power's policy was that any one living in the same household who is fully licensed to drive, must be insured - even if they don't drive the car. The insurance company views it as, "the individual has a full license, therefore has access to the car." So as I was telling him no, do not add me onto the policy, you do not have my father's consent to change his policy...he continues to say I have to, I have to. My father then got upset and told Ali - NO! And said some things to him about the rates being too high and that he was over the age of 65 and has a clean record, yet paying through the roof! So I take the phone back and I tell Ali, you are not going to add or change anything to the account, I called to ask a simple question not to be slapped with $1200 and if you're going to continue telling me you are going to change the policy, my father will cancel with you guys and go elsewhere, where they appreciate business. Ali's response was, "GO AHEAD. IT'S NOT THAT HARD TO CALL ANOTHER COMPANY AND CANCEL WITH US." That got me heated and a screamfest occurred, where I had to ask him numerous times for his name and asked to be transferred to a manager. He snickered and laughed while this happened. He put me on hold for another 10 minutes, came on to tell me that there was no manager available at the moment and that he can have a supervisor call me back in a bit.

I called in to ask a simple question and they hit me with $1200 plus some AMAZING customer service (sarcasm). My father will be cancelling with this horrible company and taking our business elsewhere, where it's much more appreciated.
By non-member72776 on Jun 08, 2014
I had a slide collision with no visible damage to their vehicle. no damage to mine. this company sent out to Ottawa a lesbian freak who started talking to everyone and walking around with a battery and jumper cables pointed at everyone. and I tried to pepper spray her but I hadn't prepped my can in about a year. someone called the police and she started blabbing law at them and one cop grabbed my hair and hit my head on my steering wheel. this company is disgusting. repugnant. then another guy wearing a cowboy uniform showed up. he was maybe 75 years old and very very thin. very creepy. the cop told me to give them my drivers liscence and then told me to leave. I had a head injury from the cop and wasn't able to study properly for my last university exam. PLEASE DO NOT USE THIS COMPANY. IT OVERCHARGES AND IT WILL PUT ON FAMILYH MEMBERS WHO ARE NOT OVER 50. THEY ALSO FREQUENCTYLY ATTEMPT TO USE MENTAL HEALTH LAWS TO AVOID PAYING OUT. THEY ALSO TRY TO DESTROY YOUR REPUTAION BY CONSTANTLY ATTEMPTING TO REPORT ACCIDENTS TO THE MINISTRY OF TRANSPORTATION. THEY ARE REAL SCUMBAGS. TRAFALGAR, ING I THINK... I AM ENGLISH , BUT THESE PEOPLE SEEM TO BE SOMEKIND OF EASTERN FREAKS.
By GreyPowersux on Apr 22, 2012
Grey Power is by far more expensive than the competition
Needed home insurance. Got an online quote for $1400 (best I'd seen). Called them, got a quote for 1900 (same ballpark as the rest). They told my I could bundle my car insurance with them and get a loyalty discount. All in, it was a good deal. After spending quite some time on hold to get the underwriter to approve, I'm told that "the computer" made an error in calculating the premium; the quote should have been for $3000+... about 1300 to 1500 more than the competition. So, save yourself the time and the $ and don't go with Grey Power!
By studiok on Apr 27, 2010
I just got off the phone with a Grey power "rep.(using their 'contact us phone # from the general GreyPower site) I have been liscenced in Canada since 1977, I have had no speeding or other moving violations since 1977, I have had 1 no fault accident where I was rearended at a red light, and my biggest crime is that I was honest with the agent told him that I have in the past 3 years attended 4 craft sales with 2 rubbermaid tubs of home made crafts which I sold. The total amount was about $80.00 profit and I sold pretty well everything I had. Grey Power insists that my vehicle is a 'commercial use' vehicle and has to go under a commercial insurance, the same as the vehicles that big companies use to ship things to stores with and of course that is at an extremely higher cost. Just remember, do not crochet doilies, pot holders and little dog blankets and sell them at a craft sale once every 12 months or you will be paying high premiums because you are a "commercial user". Their advertising is only for people that do not have an active life and a zest for living !!!!!! Your EXPERIENCE DOES NOT COUNT !!!!
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