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Splash Works Pool & Spa Inc

689 Oxford St W, London, ON
16 reviews
Claim this business Last updated: Over a year ago
Listed in: Hot Tubs , Pools
About Splash Works Pool & Spa Inc

Let the Experts at Splash Works help you to make your backyard a Relaxation Destination! We have recreational, medical & therapeutic spas that can be customized to suit your needs. Go to full description...

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Splash Works Pool & Spa Inc, London Reviews (16)

16 reviews
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By Coquelicot Whale on Jun 03, 2016
Our story is basically the same as everyone else's, they get the sale, after numerous attempts to get them out they do a half assed job and then don't warranty their work or the pool. We have 8 months worth of communication indicating the items will be fixed and nothing was ever done. The lies have been endless. The whole experience has been a nightmare. For the life of me I can understand how they are still in business.
By Auburn Tree-frog on Mar 22, 2016
I have been dealing with Splash Works for over 15 years and have always received great service. Over the years I have purchased and have had them install and new pump and filter and a new liner as well as a safety cover. I purchased the heat pump last year and so glad that I did because we swam so much more than the year before. The staff is always friendly and they take the time to explain how to help me fix my water when I have problems. My son also shops there and enjoys the service as well and they have great sales on chlorine!
By lovemypool on Dec 02, 2015
We have been pool owners for many years and in August of this year we purchased a home which had no pool. We decided to get 3 pool companies out to quote the price of a new pool. Splashworks got the contract because they were reasonable and offered exactly what we were looking for. TJ the crew supervisor was knowledgeable and patient with me as I can be difficult to deal with, I expect nothing less than perfection. His crew members were polite and hardworking, as this pool installation was a major undertaking to say the least. The crew supervisor took the time to explain to me each step of the installation and when I had concerns answered my concerns and worked very hard to ensure my satisfaction. From the beginning to the end my wife and I felt at easy with our decision to have Splashworks as our Pool Company. We wish to thank TJ and his crew for a job well done. I have provided a before and after photo of their work. Can't wait for the spring to finish the landscaping and enjoy our new pool. We wish you all the best in the new year. Guy & Kathryn Havell
By Scarlet Daddy-longlegs on Aug 26, 2015
I Bought a HotTub from Splashworks this summer(2015) and I was surprised at the work that came from their young crew. Now I must admit things didn't go quite as planned and some things seemed quite unusual but I do not install these machines myself, but I can say that the crew did a great job and low and behold I have a new HotTub to enjoy(sorry enjoyed quite a bit this summer). I have to say the guys were very nice and offered help when needed. Take my advice, worth the call! thanks guys!

By Raspberry Kangaroo on Aug 25, 2015
Regret ever getting involved with them. A simple liner replacement turned into a year of torture with these people. Could go on and on about the lousy concrete work, liner leaks, countless unreturned calls and failures to show up as promised. Do yourself a favour and call someone else if you need help with your pool or spa.
By Moirahs on Aug 17, 2015
They sold me a salt water system that was too small for my pool, then had an unqualified person install it . Not only did I have to buy a whole new one, but they did illegal electrical work (no electrician ) that resulted in a fire. Then they stopped taking my calls. When I went to the store to confront the owner, she actually denied being herself. Yep, you read that right, she pretended to be someone else.
Do yourself a favor , RUN!!!
By Crimson Crane-Fly on Jul 19, 2015
Stay away if you want your pool serviced. Bought a new liner was told 2 weeks and it would be in and installed. They took the deposit and we heard nothing from them. Two separate trips to the store and finally 6 weeks later it was going to be installed. They told us on 5 or 6 different days that they would be at our home. No phone call and no arrival. Endless wasted days were spent at home waiting for them to arrive as promised. When it was installed the work was not good, left footprints in the bottom and the liner not installed well. It was only when I threatened to contact visa that someone arrived was still not completed and we were told he would come back in the fall the fix any problems-really the a seasonal swimming pool. Many thanks to Splashworks for worst customer service and we have ever encountered. Please listen to my warning if you are wanting good service to your pool
By chaos123 on May 16, 2015
The only reason they get a half star is because I can't put a zero. Tried to order a replacement part for a spa originally purchased from them. Couldn't get to talk to the person that "looked after that" so I left a message - three times for them to call. Eventually went there. (half hour drive) Ordered the item and was quoted a price. Told it would be in 1-2 days. After numerous calls and 10 days later told it was in. Went to pick it up (another 1/2 hour drive) and no one knew anything about it. Finally figured it out because I recognized the part. (much time wasted). Went to pay for it and the price was a lot more than quoted when ordered. Needless to say I told them to keep it and politely expressed my dissatisfaction. No apology, no comment, no anything. It seemed like the clerk was familiar with this reaction. Stay away unless you want grief for no reason. If you are studying how not to conduct business, this is the perfect place to check it out.
By Nevergoingbackthereagain on Nov 09, 2014
Staff in the store are very helpful and friendly when buying chemicals. Buying a big ticket item like a pool is a whole other story. Just check out their BBB "F". Gave them a deposit in April, wanted the pool installed after Labour day. 6 weeks after install date, no call, no email, no contact from store about status of install. I got my deposit back after multiple wasted trips to store because the Manager or Owner are never there. I've bought a pool kit(from another source,not Splashworks of course) and am going to install it first thing in the spring of '15 myself. After seeing pictures and reading reviews of other Splashworks installs, I'm pretty confident I'll do a better job than they ever could have. DONT BUY A POOL OR HOT TUB FROM THIS STORE! Their motto is "Making Your Dreams Come True". Should be "Buying a Big Ticket Item From Us Will Give You Nightmares"
By Magenta Meadowlark on Oct 31, 2013
Have had many problems with the hot tub we purchased. No longer under warranty and can't even get a manager to return my call.

When I said that I'd call the Better Business Bureau I was literally told "We don't care" and when I laughed and said "wow that's interesting, wonder what social media would say about this. Can I ask your name please, who am I speaking with? " the reply was "no and they hung up on me!"
By Yellow Leopon on Jul 19, 2013
Spent $11,000 on an above ground pool. Was installed poorly and had to have them comeback drain the pool and re-install the liner, after much discussion and time it was finally done. Then they install the deck wrong and wanted me to pay more because of their error. Included a bromine feeder.....with NO regulator, which completely defeats the purpose of having a feeder.... a year later I am still waiting for this issue to be addressed. They have extremely poor workmanship, and they don't even get back to their customers to correct the many issues!!!
Save yourself extreme frustration ...... Don't use this company.
By Magenta Impala on Jul 04, 2013
I have found the people at Splash Works are very friendly and oh so helpful Thank YOu
By Raydecoste on Mar 23, 2013

You know every company and business has problems .I don't think they should be judged by the problems or mistakes they make .But rather by the way the resolve them .
We've had our pool for almost two years now . I or my wife has yet to swim in it . The children have but we don't allow them to bring friends over , for fear some one might get hurt in it and we might have trouble. So they now go to friends who have pools . None of which have been installed by splash works .
Splash works demanded all the money upfront ,red flag , my bad . I trusted them because they were the only company who showed up and looked me in the eye and said the job would be done right .Thanks TJ !
It was a huge fiascle from the day they arrived . The kids they sent seemed unsure in even where the skim bucket should go I had to show them .This was after they had the sides up and it was located against the deck 10 feet from the pump .This left the pool more than a foot from the surrounding deck . I asked them why ? They said "with this pool, it must go there" . I said it can't It was less than 2` from a 40,000 BTU gas fire place .
And I would have to service it by walking around the pool up the stairs and across the deck from where I would have to turn the pump on and off . Not to mention the gap it left . Oh Boy ! It was all down hill from there . The pool from Hell . After assuring me they could plumb it in , " no problem sir" .I told them to remove the pool and return it
for one that would work , if that were the case . Twenty minutes later they had the bucket where it was supposed to be . I went to my shop ,when I returned water was flowing into the pool . It was dark and I was tired so I waited to the next day to have a look .
OH BOY! the bottom reminded me of the moon ,I have pics ,you haven't seen the best or
you might say the worst yet lol . The pool was at least 10`` inches out of square from the house and deck . They came out had a look said this was acceptable . OMG,I told them it wasn't .They suggested I fill in the wedged gap with wood . ''You got to be kidding me'' I said . They came back to fix it . Kid had no idea how to square it up ,not a clue . After much shoulder shrugging on his part I told him how to do it . When I returned from work water was flowing and the bottom went from being the moon to mercury .
and the upright were off level by as much as two inches . Empty it again ,and they attempted to fix it . And it was better , not great or even good but better . Also by this time the pool had sunk in one section . I have pics and will post them ,your going to love this .LOL
Then the owner finally shows with "their best installer" and they took pics , I lent them a level because they never had one , or one that worked .LOL. OMG you would have loved to watch them I wish I had filmed it .Neither knew how to use a level , After watching in disbelief ,I took the level from her hand and showed her how to place the level ,she knew where the bubble was supposed to be ,but not how to get it there .
To be fair , when I first installed the previous pool and deck I used a laser level .I can't figure why anyone would use anything else . Wait I do know , because I asked . When I asked the kid why or how . He replied he wasn't going to tell me . Yes you guessed it . He didn't know how to use a laser level .
After much calling and complaining they came back , emptied the pool yet again . Guess who's paying for all this water . ME :) OH BOY. fixed the bottom ,better but still lumpy , after all this was their best installer in charge this time . The sinking pool ,he said was fine ,they replaced the missing parts and screws , I found one part buried under the left over dirt . The dirt wait to you see those pics . To take care of the sinking he suggested putting plates on the top of the upright to level it out . I got to tell you
this wasn't good enough for me . So he got in a huff and left it the way it was still sinking
and crooked .
Folks I know it's only an above ground pool and I know people can make mistakes ,but really! They promised if I didn't sue they would come back in the Fall ,last Fall , Haven't heard from them . I think I've given them enough time .What would you do ?

Thanks For reading.

P.S. I will post more pics but if you like you can go to my face book page and take a look .
I think people do try to the best they can and maybe they can do a good job .
They just didn't do it for me . It hurts me to have to write this and to do what must be done . But time is running out! And I've waited long enough . If after you see these pics and you decide to go with this company all I can say is God Bless and Good Luck!
I want to swim in my pool damn it. LOL

Ray Decoste
"I want to swim in my pool this year ."

Comment by Raydecoste on Mar 27, 2013
She called this website to tell them this review was false. You can see the pics . I really would love to hear what she has to say .


PS God know you can`t reach hear by phone!
Comment by SplashWorks on Apr 02, 2013
I spoke to Ray was on May27th 2012. I asked him if I could bring someone out to look at the pool. He never got back to me with a date. I went to look at the pool resently, but the cover was still on. We have recently spoke with ray and he said he would call us when the cover is off so that we can come out and look at the pool. We replaced an existing pool in the same location. We always have the custome show us where the skimmer goes as it is a personal preference. I passed by the pool several times last year and saw people using the pool. Mr. Decoste is welcome to contact us anytime to have us come out. IF you would like to contact us personally about this review, please call the store at 5194742006
Comment by Raydecoste on Apr 23, 2013
I was the one who suggested another company come have a look I even told her she could pick the company . Did this more than once . No reply from them .
Look at the pics ,call me 519 870 0717. Can`t believe it ? come out to my house and see it in person .
No one asked me where I wanted the skimmer bucket and I sure wouldn't place it in the middle of the deck .Having to walk around the pool and up on the deck to service it . Then leaving more than one foot gap between the pool and the deck . OMG whats with these people ? It wasn`t till the evening when I got home . That I seen where they were putting it.I was told that with this pool it had to go there and they would plum in the pump which was over 10 ft from the skimmer . I then told them that they better get me a different pool if that was the case .20 min latter it was where it was supposed to be and the pool was moved closer to the deck .Later I notice though closer to the deck it was badly out of square to it and left a gapping gap that a child could fall through .TJ argued with me that it was ok .I argued that it needed to be fixed . H suggested I fill it in with a few boards and it would be fine . They later came back to fix it and then things went faster down hill from there.LOL
Look all I want is to be able to have what I paid for a safe decent pool for my family . Splash works can`t and would not deliver that. Like I said our children (late teens can swim in the pool , but not their friends )They went to friends to swim more often than not and who could blame them . My wife and I have never been in the pool .PERIOD! This has been a very stressful time for us and the lost time we would have shared with our children cannot be replaced .
For Gods Sake just do what`s right!
By Orange Tapeworm on Aug 04, 2012
For the first 2 years that we were pool owners we relied on a couple of other pool companies in London. It wasn't until a friend/co-worker recommended Splash works for their knowledgeable staff and pricing overall. Now we refuse to shop anywhere else. The staff all know what they are talking about, if they haven't used a product, they are honest and give feedback of that from other customers. Splash works will test your pool water for free and make recommendations from there. We ALWAYS receive great service with a smile. Try it, you won't need to shop for pool/hot tub equipment and accessories any where else. Which other company would donate money to charity just for filling this out!? Thank you for all of your hardwork and dedication
By kparker on Feb 21, 2012
I purchased our hot tub 5 years ago. We have had great service from Splash Works. We visit them on a weekly basis for free water testing. The staff is very knowledgable and are always eager to help. I recommend Splash Works and Coast Spas, as they sell quality products at great prices. Kaitlyn Parker
By jd76 on Dec 21, 2011
I purchased a hot tub thew this company and the bubbler broke not even a month later. They have neglected to fix the problem after contacting them many times. I have waited over a month and still not even a phone call. And the customer service I recieve when I call this company is very short and rude. As a small business owner i know the importance of good customer service and this company does not have it!
I would never reccomend this company!
Comment by SplashWorks on Mar 10, 2012
This customer bought a used hot tub, as is. The blower did break after 1 month and we offered to fix it at a discount on parts and labour. When we spoke to his wife she seemed to understand that and told us she would contact us when they could afford to fix it. Remember there is always too sides to every story!
Comment by jd76 on May 07, 2012
lets tell the people who review this site the TRUE SIDE ......
when i purchased the hot tub i asked about a warrany and the guy i bought it from told me i didnt need one because if anything broke within six months after the purchase date he would take care of it for free. was his exact words. So my comment of bad service and bad customer service still stands. And i have since fixed the bubbler but not threw splash works. Again this is just my exsperience with this so called business.
Comment by SplashWorks on Mar 25, 2013
This customer was never told that he would have a warranty and his wife understood that and told us she would contact us when they were ready to have the hot tub fixed. We have not heard back from the customer
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Let the Experts at Splash Works help you to make your backyard a Relaxation Destination! We have recreational, medical & therapeutic spas that can be customized to suit your needs.
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