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Peter Lougheed Hospital

3500 26 Ave NE, Calgary, AB
51 reviews
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Listed in: Hospitals

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Peter Lougheed Hospital, Calgary Reviews (51)

51 reviews
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By Travis Chase on Sep 09, 2020
My dad went in for surgery. They left a hole in him for 6 days. Unit 29 managed his pain and he descended into a confusion but did nothing else. Gastro Interoligist found the hole after coming back from vacation. Dad is now in ICU months later fighting a losing battle for his life after massive sepsis and other problems. We've seen the most appalling care and medical malpractice practice. This hospital destroys lives.
By kayla muller on Aug 22, 2020
I delivered my daughter via emergency csection in April. I stayed 3 days up in labour and delivery and I wasn’t fed once. My husband had to go buy me something to eat.. I don’t know why the other moms got 3 meals a day but I didn’t get 1 meal...
also the surgeon did old school train track stitching on the outside that resulted in a gross scar.
By Cliff Casson on Mar 09, 2020
Today my wife had day surgery at Peter
Lougheed Hospital. The staff in unit 22 are beyond great.They all were professional, polite, caring and knowledgeable. You could not find better Doctors and a special compliment to nurses Maggie and Kathy. The Casson’s
By gbleland on Mar 11, 2018
I realize that everyone has to learn but a student needs more supervision then what I received on Monday March 5. After the student nurse removed the pins from my toes and put band aids on them I was told I could go. WRONG. I needed a post op-shoe which I had to tell them that is what I needed. Lucky for me I had this procedure done last year and knew the routine but for someone who has no idea of the proper steps they could have been back to step one of the whole procedure. They should know at the cast clinic the proper procedure for a non weight bearing post-op. In 2017 I was not fitted for the post-op shoe and had to go back a week later for a proper fitting. Note that I live 2 hours away and had to take another day off work. This year I had the same procedure done on my other foot so lucky for me I made sure that I was fitted properly for the post-op shoe the first time.
By Umber Mammoth on Dec 09, 2016
Two years ago, my father was hospitalized at the Peter Lougheed Hospital around Christmas time for almost a month. Thank you for the excellent service of the doctors and their staff at PLH, he is still alive today. My mom was particularly thankful that she was allowed to stay with my father 24/7. Thanks. PLH.
By Brown Snake on Nov 09, 2016
I have had 10 surgery due to negligence of hospital staff , Dr Rothwell has made my life a living Hell I am 100 pre cent sure he has cut something he shouldn't have or was payed off to leave something inside of me I will be suing for 100000,0000,0000 any one who has has similar issues do to hurnea surgery or other wise in surgery , please contact me @ lenaya6638@
By Chestnut Starfish on Nov 08, 2016
My grandmother was admitted to Peter Lougheed after she collapsed. My grandmother had pre-existing heart problems, which we told every doctor she saw thereafter, after asking again and again. On her first night there, she was complaining about back and chest pain. The doctors and nurses ignored her. She then soiled herself and the attendants ignored her until I told them she needed to be cleaned. She lost blood pressure soon after, but was resuscitated. The doctor then said she was suffering from internal bleeding and might die that night. She survived. On the second day, she was still complaining about her back and chest pain. I told the doctor that she was struggling to breathe due to this. Yet again, she was ignored. When she soiled herself again, the nurses and other staff were quick to ignore her, but I told them she must be cleaned. The doctor then came in and said that there was blood in her stool, but ignored her chest and back pain. On the third day she was there, she was still complaining about the pain. By this point, no one had even looked into this. As she was finally moved from her stretcher to a real bed (after 2 days), she finally felt more comfortable and was even able to get a bit of sleep. When she was able to start eating again, her heart finally gave out. I am baffled as to why no one looked more into her heart being the reason she collapsed in the first place. We kept insisting that she had the pre-existing heart condition, and was likely the reason she collapsed. Instead, the doctors wasted their time slowly examining the possibility of a GI problem instead (to no conclusions, mind you). My grandmother was continuously ignored during her stay at this horrid place. I understand that nurses and doctors are busy. But seriously, flat out ignoring her? And it makes 0 sense why the doctors were not more observant on her heart. I am no expert, but if someone with a pre-existing heart condition collapses and complains about back and chest pain for THREE days, and loses BLOOD PRESSURE, then why was her heart condition not further examined? They wasted their time looking into her GI to no conclusion, even after her blood work and scans came back with no obvious issues. I blame this hospital for her death. My grandmother was not treated the best she could have been. Despite her critical condition, she remained in a stretcher for 2 days. The EMS who came to my house after I performed CPR on my grandmother was slow to take her to the hospital. They even said it was her decision if she wanted to go to the hospital or not. Seriously? They gave her the option of going to the hospital? They didn't take her condition seriously enough. The doctors also did not take her condition seriously enough. No one took my grandmother seriously enough. When she passed into the next life, we waited 4.5 hours to receive a letter from the hospital confirming her death to give to our employers, until a Proof of Death could be obtained. The doctor who was to sign it vanished into thin air and a resident ended up having to sign for him. When I kept asking the heartless nurse to page him again or get someone else to sign, she was less than eager. Not only was she rude, she was also visibly annoyed at my request. So there, we waited for that letter, tired from grieving and the late hour. I would have been more understanding, had her and her coworkers not been talking about drinking and going out. I understand that due to the nature of their job, that some happiness and chatter is necessary. However, she said she would return to prepare my grandmother's body for the morgue 30 minutes later. Except, it took her 1.5 hours. I know she wasn't busy, because I watched her as she gossiped with her friends instead instead of a. looking for that doctor to sign the letter or b. prepare my grandmother's body. Overall, my experience at this wretched place was abysmal. I had such high hopes because I trusted our healthcare system. However, after seeing how my grandmother was neglected and how heartless the staff was towards my family when she passed, all of my hopes vanished. The only good experience I had was the social worker who was kind to my family the first night. She was by far, the best thing I saw at this hospital. I know it may seem like I am angry and biased because someone I loved did not make it. However, I do believe my grandmother could have made it had she been taken more seriously (about her chest pain) from the get go. She was in critical condition, but was treated like she had a scrape on her knee.
By valuerentals on Nov 03, 2016
I was admitted to the Peter Lougheed hospital Sept.18/16 due to a heart condition. I was from Manitoba and I have to say from the time I arrived there until I was discharged I have to say the treatment was beyond incredible. The nursing staff along with the Dr.'s and whoever was involved in my care was 150 %. They treated me so very good, and not once did I not get the best treatment. Dr. Colbert and Dr. Anderson and all the nurses made me feel very comfortable and looked after my every need. Thank you all very much for the care I received and for the excellent treatment I received. The staff went above and beyond, and they are to be praised for this. I have since returned to Manitoba and have been in the hospital twice, but the care I have received here is not even close to the care I received in Calgary. Thank you all very much, and if it wasn't for the care I received when I was there, I would probably not be alive today.. Thank you all very, very much.
By Carnelian Jellyfish on Oct 23, 2016
The nurses on day surgery a 24 hour bed and the nurses in hemodialysis were awesome! Thanks
By Crimson Dog on Oct 20, 2016
This hospital is a joke !! Nurses and doctors are mad for no reason I speak a different language I over heard a doctor and nurse talking behind my back saying that I was stupid i couldn't understand the doctor English that she should go talk to me . He didn't want to talk to me because I am a foreign .. it really hurt my feelings . I wil never ever go back to that hospital even if I am dying !!
By Purple Buzzard on Aug 29, 2016
Stop hiring nurses that have fake diplomas This place almost killed me.Thank goodness I wrote "do not cut this leg" They had the wrong file, ,supposedly I had an abortion when I was 18 {I think I would have remembered that} when I was 18 this site was still a cow field. I also lost money out of my purse had food stolen by staff and was given access to someone else's medical files because she had a similar name. I would rather bleed out on the street then ever go to this hell hole again. Please stop accepting false documentation from places like the Philopines. You know
By JCampeu Goat on Jul 12, 2016
Not sure why all the complaints about this. hospital THEY saved my liFE. Try an american hofpital if you
Want 5 star healthcare along with a 6 starbollig
Great staff period. These are people fighting to save lives not fix a boo boo ( sarcasm))
And readness in ICU and awsome followup and care i. especially in ICU and INCU
Remeber not all people have perfect days .please remember this Its a medical facilty not a
5 star hotel
If god forbid i have to be hospitalized I WANT TO GO BACK TO THD PLC

if hospitalized again I WANT THE PLC
By Jacob166 on Jul 05, 2016
No help at all train your People in mental health a bit more maybe and there rubbish worst visit to the hotpital ever you guys put people in bull shit room
By Gray Takin on Jun 19, 2016
I won't even bother describing the incident I experienced with the Head of Security at this hospital as it was so beyond normal it's ludicrous. This woman is on a power-trip something fierce and an absolutely disgusting excuse for a human being the way she treats patients & their families alike. Her manner of speech, tone, volume, body language, appalling lack of ANY compassion/empathy, hair trigger temper, physical use of her station/power & so on is absolutely... Sickening. I can NOT believe this woman is paid to act this way on behalf of PLC & can only pray that one of her victims gets the courage to speak up...
By Umber Raven on Jun 15, 2016
Was in for a bad wisdom tooth that was abcessed and pure pain... have nothing but compliments and kuddos for those two nurses (jocelyn and tammi) and Dr Handle... it felt like my own siblings were treating me and I wanted to say thank you and what you folks did for me and to me it's greatly appreciated... yall deserve a raise or some extra holiday time... thnx again
By Crimson Humpback-Whale on May 29, 2016
You told me I was fine even though in much discomfort and I was barely able to function! I had a urine sample cup placed on me and told to take it when I said I couldn't walk by myself as I was dizzy and really out of it I was told to do it when I can. I forced myself up once I told the doctor would see me soon. I was told I could leave then reminded them about my urine. Followed up with doctor next day you guys didn't even check it or document it. I have something wrong with my liver and bladder and in significant pain and getting worse! Thanks for the help!
By Cyan Mule on Apr 25, 2016
Went in for a induction yesterday and said it was full after waiting 6 hrs. So they said to come back the next day. Here we are waiting another 10 hrs and they are saying we are "next" and the rooms just need to be cleaned. That was the story for the last 4 hrs. Why book something when it's not "possible " tell it to us straight and don't tell us lies.
By Chopperdog77 on Apr 21, 2016
My husband Russell has COPD, he was admitted to the hospital on April 17th with exacerbation. Everything was alright with his stay until the 20th when they decided to move him from the 2nd floor to the 4th floor because they said that he doesn't belong on that floor. So after moving some patients around on the 4th floor and being then placed into a room after a couple of hours later the nurse came in and said we are moving you to sleep in the hallway because someone is sicker than you, he is still coughing up green phlegm. Why was the new patient admitted when there was no beds, they should've left her in emergency until a bed came available. My husband was released today the 21st and the DR couldn't figure out why they moved him in the first place. The review that Keith Rassmussen wrote is about my husband.
By Pink Skunk on Apr 13, 2016
This by far is the worst hospital I have ever been to or had my family in... In 5 countries three of them being third world countries.. Unit 39 is 95% of the health care team should be working in the morgue and not with living breathing human beings... And that goes for the unit clerks as well... Just disgusting.. 35 minutes my family member waited on a call bell waiting for someone to even acknowledge his existence... and yes I get it sometimes people could be busy but at least acknowledge him and tell him you'll be there in a moment just some courtesy they don't seem to realize that people are there not because they want to be there but because they have to be there at present moment... the room was disgusting they barely cleaned and every day I was constantly changing linen because they let it get soiled and expected him to sleep in it.. now there might have been 4 or 5 staff in total that actually cared and wanted to be there
By Magenta Kangaroo on Apr 07, 2016
I had a tonsillectomy at PLC a couple of days ago, and I had a lot of concerns before the operation because of the bad reviews I had read. However, my experience was great and I decided to share it to potentially calm down a nervous patient who needs to be hospitalized there.

1. Cleanness: Starting with the cleanness, being super sensitive about it myself, I can assure you that I didn't see anything worrisome (believe me I had put on my detective glasses).
2. Staff: Probably the best part of my experience was the staff who were really caring, good-mannered and professional. There was always someone around to make sure you are ok. They (by they I mean the nurses, all the doctors involved) were patient in explaining the procedure and answering all your questions.

The only thing that I didn't like was that patients were separated by curtains, I mean there was no room and not enough privacy obviously. This was my first time in a governmental hospital (not being from Canada), maybe all of them are like this, donno.
By KeithRasmussen on Mar 21, 2016

Putting this here on my cousins incident there. My Name is Keith Rasmussen and I am angry to hear of this, but these are his words.
Well I spent Friday in the hospital with pain in my chest I water around my heart it's pericarditis then they sent me home today I was back at the hospital again the pain is back they ran all the test again gave me more meds to pick up and sent me home and can't tell me why the pain won't stop and told me not to come back to the hospital because they can't help me what's up with that told me to go see my cardiologist . No one nose what it's like not been able to breathe

This is not acceptable to me. I stated if you feel that much discomfort you go to the hospital.
By Crimson Box-jellyfish on Mar 01, 2016
PLEASE READ THIS..Doesnt even deserve a star. Worst hospital period. All they do is let you diagnose yourself, they do no work ever unless your dying. And let my sister die before doing anything. They ignored her condition after pregnancy and she lost 75 percent of her blood, needed multiple blood transfusions before bring her back to life. The entire time my sister was trying to tell the doctors and nurses something was wrong but they did nothing until she was dead because of internal bleeding. And then they had the oddasity to lie and say they didn't know what was wrong, because they knew what was wrong as soon as they reopened her up, fixed whatever the problem was recessitated and then brought her back to life. How does that happen if u didn't know what was wrong? Please save yourself all the pain and heart aches and don't go there.
By prairiedog on Feb 29, 2016
I had a one night stay following surgery. The quality of the nursing staff overall was really poor. I saw about 6 nurses and only one called Helen who described herself as an 'old nurse' seemed to really care about her job and provide a high level of care. For this particular nurse, she was prompt and thorough with what you needed and nothing was too much trouble. Sadly, a much younger nurse, when I told her I was about to be sick disappeared for 10 minutes leaving me being ill everywhere and just seemed to be completely clueless. It was always a case of buzzing and no one would come before you'd buzzed three times. In the recovery room there were nurses just stood around chatting to one another and I could hear patients calling who needed assistance. A very poor experience and someone should see that things are given a shake up for the better.
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