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8161 Highway 100 #290, Nashville, TN
17 reviews
Business claimed Last updated: Over a year ago
Listed in: Garden Centres
About iCompound

iCompound is helping compounding pharmacies expand their reach across the US. We serve pharmacies by connecting their products to providers in every state theyre licensed in. We do this at little financial risk to our partnering pharmacies because our online catalogue is a pay-per-click model.

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iCompound, Nashville Reviews (17)

17 reviews
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By yuolchagai on Sep 27, 2017
I would start saying that i never had a bad day in my life untill my first ever car that i just bought within 3 days got towed away and i had to visit the impond lot. Everything happend so fast on Tuesday on sept 26th in the morning i parked my car beside my house i was cleaning the garage making room to move it in, by the time i was done i went out to move it in and my car was gone that i just got (and as i was cleaning the garage the garage was closed). I never felt so frustrated when i saw my car was missing so i friend told me to call impond so i call them and my car was confirm and was there and there was already fee on it $187 and some cents reseason was that they say its park in loading zone but to me its doesn't look like it was loading zone i live in separate house i would assume the place a parked it was still my property and second they say somebody complain i might believe that because people might think its a stolen car because no plate on it but i couldn't believe it when they told me that because i didn't park at other people houses property and if i did then they could have coplain but i don't believe it my neighbor would do that if they did i would like to see it but of course they won't because its wrong to reviled others. So i ask them how come they did couldn't leave the car where its was and leave a warning letter that can say you car will be towed away within this hours or days if you don't remove it, but of coursed they had to towed away not even towed we shouldn't used that word i would call it steal because i didn't hear anything when it was gone and the staff told me that the towed people were doing there job to get paid and that just PISSED ME OFF. And i think if you steal somebody car like that you towed it backed without more charging fee because you guys fucking steal it and parked it so far to a place that i didn't want. So you give my money back you thieves.
By igiveup on Sep 02, 2017
Ok so ruffly just over a year ago i bought and paid off my first ever new car from nissan edmonton with money i inherited from the loss of my mother prior in that year. My sister was struggling with depression in december and me being her owly family i packed a back pack and came down to calgary to see if i can help and stay with her for as long as it takes till shes able to be alone again. She lives down town calgary on cameron ave sw and parking is non existent. She does not drive and me being a edmonton citizen with my house and stuff still back home i wasn't willing to change my drivers license to show i lived here to try and get a parking permit. i tried desperately they denied my every effort. So for 2.5 months i got a parking ticket once to twice a day even when i did manage that legal few spots in front of my building. then one morning my car was gone. I knew it wasn't stolen because i have a very advanced security system gps lojack on my car due to the 30 000 dollar modification i did to the interior of the car. i custom built and designed the whole interior of the car for compition spl and comfort. it was a show room car i just finished building. My lojack showed me the car was in impound and i went down that exact day. the lady tells me i owe 600 for the 5 min tow bill and gave me a no registration ticket abandoned vehicle fine and another damn parking ticket attached to the tow bill. my registration was not even 1 day over it showed the ending date as the same day of the tow. not to mention it was 8am when they towed it and parking is legal where i was till 9am. so now i was 600 in tickets plus a tow bill. So now i go to the registries and they tell me my tickets are upwards of 2700 with all the parking tickets i have accumulated. so i did the math i will have to pay an additional 260 ruffly in storage fees because now i had to wait two weeks till my next pay day to then pay my tickets to get the registration to pay the storage to pay the tow bill that will then release the one thing that has been keeping me motivated to wake up every day from this mess and i didn't complain i saw two weeks shes mine again. so pay day came i went to the registries payed more then first quoted in tickets they charge 30 to 60 dollar fee per ticket to pay them at the registries so it was double the amount now i said no and went to the gov building on the that smelt like a vinegar soaked piece of bread. but i paid the tickets totally 3200 and change some how for 2.5 months of being in calgary to help my sister live. back to registries 83 bucks walked to impound with all my paper work and a big smile ready to pay the towing and storage to get my car back and they tell me they have no record of my car being in the impound. two weeks prior i went into the car at that exact location even dealing with the same lady and physically opened my car door removed my papers from my vehicle closed and locked the door but now its been re towed/moved and they don't show any file of the car ever being in the lot and the lady says she knows faces and has never seen mine b4. i asked for a person in charge she insisted that she and her co workers are in charge and they do not have a supervisor above them. i called the police department to file a missing vehicle report and they laughed and said the same thing the lady said to me "you sure this was in calgary and not edmonton?" "you sure you didn't have it in edmonton's impound?" "maybe call them to see if you have made a mistake." I was so stressed next level about to rage mode see red and all i could think about was bang bang bang bang one left for myself at the time... but i went outside bummed a smoke having quit months prior i needed one big time. So its now been 3 months after all this has happened i have paid 6000 in lawyer fees with not even a glimpse of hope i will ever see my car again. 1 thing is certain its in the yard my low jack gps shows it active in the yard in the middle row it also shows the doors have been opened and closed 20+ times by now and that my diver side front back windows and full and 3/4 the way down also shows the trunk is open. the trunk has 4 deep cycle batteries to run a 10000 watt competition sound system that cant be removed due to it being fiberglass built into the car. it does not disassemble. but i think someones trying to. i bought a truck for a case of beer to get impounded just so i can get in the back in hopes to catch a glimpse at it to run over to it and say i'm not leaving without it. it says its not there then they must let me take it right? well i didn't see it... someone now has disconnected the batteries and the car has been removed. i lost my 32 thousand dollar 17000km paid off car that had a 30 grand install done to the interior and was insured for the 70 grand total price.... insurance wont pay me out police wont say its stolen or do anything. impound says i'm delusional my lawyer says he needs more money. my sister sees i'm stressed and is now negatively impacted from my stress. i been here 6 months am now down close to 90 grand and cant afford to fight for my car that's vanished with no one to blame. i bought another truck yesterday and come out to find it was stolen this morning... had it one day. its in the impound and i just got a promise to appear for being in possession of stolen property. The bill of sale is in the truck but the plate i was using is a twin to the one on my missing nissan and turns out the cops now admit its stolen and i am needing another lawyer for all the charges i'm facing... please tell me i'm dreaming because if i'm not dreaming I Mr Nielsen am about to kill myself because i give up... sorry about the spelling and grammar i'm dyslexic might be hard to read at times.
By jackr on Apr 07, 2016
unnecessary expenses and too long first they take your id, than they drive you to car to get registration, then they drive you back to confirm car belongs to you, then they charge you for towing and storage, then they drive you back to car to remove it. altogether too long and unnecessary. car only there 3 hours not 24 hours. Also the contact to find out if car is there took more than 2 hours and the phone died.
By Whiteknightofcalgary on Mar 26, 2016
Please forward me your story's so I can interview and hear the scams that is so common place. I want to put our Mayor on the hot seat with his cash cow of a system
Message me at
By Chamoisee Orca on Oct 27, 2015
this tops it all. My daughter was in an accident, first one ever, someone hit her. They had to tow her car. When she showed up the next day to remove her belongings all of her loose change was gone, 2 valuable necklaces and the change holder was wiped clean. When she asked where it all went they denied all of it and said none of their people would do that. Now that's theft!!!!
By Barry2015 on Sep 18, 2015
My car was impounded and I have received it back one hour later after paying hefty penalty of caurse and treatment better related to a prison then to City of Calgary Parking Authority. During driving from the impounding lot, I realized that car was damaged during towing. Nice job!
By Cerulean Ladybug on Sep 09, 2015
Literally had to wait in line here for almost 2 hours with only 5 people ahead of me. Not really sure what the people working here do all day. Everything was in slow motion, the people working here are not employable anywhere else...
By Copper Wallaby on Sep 25, 2014
Like any business a inpound yard recovers vehicles left where they aren't supposed to be, being a responsible vehicle owner means that you are responsible to look after your own vehicle, park it where it is legally allowed to be park, if you run out of gas then you become a harrazed to other driver's on the road you get towed, if you are selling your vehicle park it where you are not trespassingon on privite property, the bottom line is no in pound lot is your mommy or daddy getting upset at the staff is no reason to be rude or cruel to someone who is just doing there job, being a responsible vehicle owner means talking responsible for your actions and not talking it out on someone who is doing there job
By Marxxus on Jun 02, 2014
I was out of town for the week and my car (honda civic) got stolen. I reported it to the Police after coming home and they told me it had already been recovered but had to be impounded. I called the impound lot (having never dealt with them before) and was mortified to hear that I had a bill to pay. Problem is that my car was retrieved the same day it was stolen and had been impounded for 7 days at a cost of close to $30.00 a day, but... Not only that the woman on the phone said there was all sorts of other fees involved. Total balance was close to $630.00 to get a car out that was only worth about $1000.00. I could not come up with the money so the car sat for another month collecting more fees. No one at the impound lot not even Calgary Police Service contacted me on the day the car was found, its sad that a city would stoop so low as to run this kind of system on its tax paying citizens, its a scam that is legal. The clerk I dealt with was very ignorant and unfeeling she had that :did you learn your lesson look or you look like a scumbag: look on her face the whole time i was at the window. Im a hard worker, I never had a chance at getting a good education, so I labour away for a paycheck, I have a little family and saved just enough to take my girls to galaxy land and to see other family in Edmonton and I came back to this kind of diservice from my City. I was a victim of this system just like all the other people who have dealt with them. My car was sold at auction because i had no choice but to abandon it. I hope if your reading this that you have better luck than i did with these thieves of the industry. Calgary what a shame it is on your sleeve.

By Chocolate Rabbit on Nov 01, 2013
My truck was broken into while at the "secure" impound lot. window was smashed and my laptop was stolen out of the vehicle. i am dreading my next emcounter with the calgary impound lot.
By Cerulean Vulture on Apr 20, 2013
My son is selling his motor bike. Parks it near a busy street with his PHONE NO on the bike... The bike gets towed - but no one lets him know that it was removed...Days later he is finally informed that the bike is in the bill: $ 590.00...Oh, the reason he was selling it, he needed money...The bikes break petal got broken and some new scratches...Waiting in line, we got to hear other horror stories...this place is belongs in Orwell's 1984...
By Green Hammerhead-shark on Jan 09, 2013
Yesterday I going 30 km to pickup my car at 11 pm by my nose they put the sign "close" . I can't believed those people not give me car back . I just was only person at that moment, Before cops told me "this place is open 24/7" and I can pickup my car at any time. So I waste my money for taxi for that trip(60 Dollars).
Today I try again.
By Burgundy Tapeworm on Jan 23, 2012
They don't call you, and when you call to find out why they didn't call you they are rude, they won't listen to you and they cut you off and they are extremely sarcastic and nasty. This needs to be brought to the public attention, it is highway robbery. They should be made to call you when they are actually taking your vehicle so you have the option to come and get it right away. My son ran out of gas and had no money, so he is now made to pay an addiontal 231.00 plus 4.00 per hour plus tax to get his vehicle, on top of being made to feel like a criminal. Thanks alot City of Calgary.
By Bole Sea-urchin on Nov 08, 2011
worse than the mafia! holding peoples property hostage. cant believe it. ill get my revenge city of calgary!
By Cherry Kangaroo on Aug 05, 2011
I get a call weeks after the car was towed saying that each day they had it was 25 dollars. Thanks for waiting so long to let me know. These people need to get a real job so thier kids dont see this trash
By Purple Jay on Jun 23, 2011
Just a bunch of legal thieves, these people could not be employed anywhere else.
By Amethyst Antlion on May 13, 2011
They Charge wayyyyy to much to get a stupid piece car out.
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