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Sleep Country Warehouse

7920 Airport Road, Brampton, ON
29 reviews
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About Sleep Country Warehouse

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Sleep Country Warehouse, Brampton Reviews (29)

29 reviews
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By Black English-pointer on Aug 18, 2016
Guest Review
One Star Rating is too high a rating for Sleep Country.I purchased a mattress and box spring at sleep country in Scarborough, 3 years ago.The mattress is now sagging and the foam seems to be shifting.The box spring there is a big sink in both foot corners an there are beginning of two sinks at the head corners.
I submitted the photos to Sleep Country and was told an inspector will visit.
Today, the inspector did comes and his news were disappointing.He said that MAYBE someone jumped on the corner of the bed and the box spring got sinked in.I told him will the someone be jumping in the othe corners of the box spring too.To get such a blow i am only 110 lbs I will need a real heavy weight to do this.The matress is sagging and there is also shifting on the mattress.I guess Sleep Country is paying this inspector big money to lie on clients and coverup their faults.I never knew that Sleep Country CEO Christene Maggie was a scammer and a rip off .This mattress and Box Spring will be published in the media so that Sleep Country Clients will think hard before making their next purchase there.Please note the inspector told me to put my mattress on the floor and sleep on it.
NO F..............ING Way.These bunch of theives.
By mohammadusman336 on Jun 07, 2016
Verified by Email
I just bought a matress 3 weeks ago I went for comfort exchange prog thay came and said that there is a stain on it which they never mentioned earlier I have put 2 sheets on it and the stain side was also towards wall so how come it came. I already paid for the comfort exchange and now they want me to pay again and call the cleaner and want to pay them too. And also they delivered me the box spring with two holes on it and now they are not exchanging it. It's fucking expensive and the return policy is zeeooooooo. I have a back prob and now they have left me to sleep on it for years
By Copper Sparrow on May 26, 2016
Guest Review
They just replaced my 6 year old mattress and were very good to deal with, I have not read one good review about warranty so thought I would share that. This is Regina store
By Frenchfries on Apr 16, 2016
Verified by Email
We bought a mattress for our son who is a parapolegic. The mattress ripped within two months. I spent another two months trying to have it replaced.
Finally with some special terms it was agreed to be replaced. The drivers came to our home to replace he mattress and decided not to due to a stain which was part of the special circumstances. Long story short I got called almost every name in the book by the driver and I had to call the police. I called the store and customer service to find out what to do. The store In. Peterborough Ontario hung up on me. Customer service was unable to help as she is new and only one working on the weekend. Now I have a unsafe ripped mattress and in fear of a very aggitated sleep country driver because of his extensive swearing and hostile actions police had to be called. Please beware ever buying from sleep country. So far product and customer service is garbage in my opinion.
By DKB on Mar 31, 2016
Verified by Email
We purchased mattress from Sleep Country thinking that they are specialists. But we found it is a hoax. There mattresses are just like any other in spite of astronomical high prices. There is nothing special in their sales person's knowledge about sleeping comfort. They were rude also. There is no chance we will ever again go to Sleep Country and waste tonnes of money.
By Brown Possum on Mar 21, 2016
Guest Review
I made the mistake of buying a floor model. It turned out to be too firm and I was experiencing numbness in my arms and hands. They said sorry and that it would take time to soften. I went back 3 times.I'm now 18 months later and have a hip out of alignment because of it. This is the first bed I've ever bought and saved up for it. What a waste. I'd be happy with a credit towards another bed but no such offer.
By Scarlet Swordtail on Feb 20, 2016
Guest Review
Does not deserve any stars whatsoever. I am on my 8th mattress in 5 years. Started with the Kingsdown and has several issues with the middle sagging. Mattress was replaced several times at which point I decided to switch brands. Chose the Sealy Optimum, which was not any better in terms of sinking. First replacement mattress had a hole on the top, so it was replaced.....with another mattress that was sinking upon delivery. The 2nd Optimum mattress was replaced with holes ALL over the top of the mattress. Of course the delivery ppl "have never seen this before" (which is what they had said every. Single. Time. For all the replacement mattresses). It was a struggle to connect with a manager and I basically had to hound them before they sent Optimum replacement #4 with a mattress which is already sinking in the middle and I have only had since Jan. 2016. They don't care that they have messed up my back. I don't even want another replacement.mattress, I just want my money back so I can purchase one somewhere else
By Cyan Yak on Feb 10, 2016
Guest Review
We purchased a very expensive Kingsdown mattress with a pillow top a little over six months ago. We noticed over the past month that it started to bow and show depressions as well as a shift in the pillow top. We contacted the warranty department who asked us to email photos and measurements of the mattress which we did. We were notified that the mattress in their opinion based on the photos did not look like it had any issues. I contacted them to tell them how displeased I was considering that this is a newer mattress and asked them what next steps can be taken. They said they could arrange to have an inspector come out to our home to view the mattress but they only have 1 inspector for the Toronto area and that could take 4-6 weeks! I advised them as to how uncomfortable the mattress is and they said sorry this is our process and the inspector is quite busy. I am sure that the inspector is quite busy as there must be many upset and displeased customers like myself. I have an idea how about Sleep Country Canada spends less time on tv and radio ads and more time hiring more inspectors and taking care of their customers. NEVER AGAIN SLEEP COUNTRY...
By Amaranth Aardwolf on Feb 05, 2016
Guest Review
Do not, do not, do not deal with Sleep Country Canada.
A few years ago we bought an expensive mattress there. It was clearly a second - it sagged. We put up with it.
Last week we needed a bed frame and box spring. My husband (against my better judgment) went there because it's in the neighbourhood. The guy came to bring them up - he was so senselessly rude that I told him to take them back.
If they spent less $$ on advertising and more on customer service and product quality, they'd be better off.
By Binmeg on Nov 29, 2015
Verified by Email
Purchased a mattress at this store. Smelled of cigarette smoke when delivered. I asked for an exchange and staff at this store were rude and unaccommodating. I finally got the replacement and had a question so called the store. Once again, staff were rude. I would never purchase from this store or company again. So much for your promise Christine Magee!
By Cinnamon Guanaco on Nov 26, 2015
Guest Review
"Body impressions are normal?" Sleep country tells you they have a comfort guarantee , they do not. If you choose a memory foam mattress and it starts to sag within the first six months, they claim its a body impression and not covered. We have a king mattress that cannot be slept on, and my husband is only 160lbs. Explain that Sleep Country. No warranty, ads are fiction.
By Violet Mountain-goat on Aug 13, 2015
Guest Review
About a week ago I bought a mattress and box spring for my sons new bed, once we got home we realized we did not need a box spring. I tried calling Sleep Country in Ancaster, Ontario but no one ever answered the phone or returned a call from the voicemail's I left. This went on for about a week. Yesterday, my husband finally went to the store to return the box spring and the lady there said they do not do returns. Never in the buying process were we ever told that there was no returns, as well as nothing was ever stated on any of the receipts we were given. After words from my husband, she took the box spring back, which was never opened therefore still in its original packaging. Then we had to pay a 20% restocking fee and wait until head office or whomever returns our money to the credit card. Now, we have no box spring and no returned money at the moment except a piece of paper. This was the first time I bought from Sleep Country, and I will never buy from them again. Please buy from somewhere else, they don't deserve your business.
By Cordovan Blue-Jay on Jul 31, 2015
Guest Review
I called in at Sleep Country Unicity Mall, Winnipeg, today, July 31st, about 11 a.m. No one visible in the store, the salesman came from the back.
I said I wanted a single bed, able to turn it over and no foam. He said, turning over a 'cut away/sample' "Turn over like this?". "yes".
He said: " Today's technology does not allow for that. It is outdated. Your best bet would be to visit a Mom and Pop store. "

Well I admit I can be classified as of the Mom generation, (79) but I try to keep up with technology. I am using a computer to complain.
I will use the computer to search for a "Mom and Pop" store in my with polite staff.

By Yellow Mountain-goat on Jun 08, 2015
Guest Review
Absolute abysmal service...shocking really. After they approved our defective warranty issue, they are making us jump through a million hoops to find ways to reject it.
We are now waiting for a company to come and sanitize our old defective mattress so the Sleep Country workers will 'touch it'. Apparently sweat is worse than invisible bed bugs...the logic is so flawed it's laughable.
Now they transferring our calls to companies in the US who don't even sanitize mattresses to get us off the phone.
They then said after it's sanitized we can't sleep on it, so we have to sleep on the floor to keep in certified so they'll pick it up.
One agent had the balls to laugh at me on the phone- and then refused to transfer my call to a manager.
I'm so fed up with these tools it's not even funny. We have now been waiting 3 weeks for our new mattress and I feel like it's never going happen.
I tried to leave ZERO stars but this site won't let me.
By tangus on Mar 20, 2015
Verified by Email
I bought a king size mattress and box spring from Sleep Company in Oshawa, On in Jan/15 and made the mistake of buying the mattress protector there too. I slept on it for only one night and it is too hot. It has a plastic liner and makes it too hot to sleep on. I paid $140.00 for this stupid pad. I tried to return it to the store and was told it is not a returnable item as they are not able to resell it. The salesman at that store was VERY rude to me. I then called customer service at head office and was informed that I was out of luck as it is non-refundable. They don't care about customer satisfaction at all. Once they have your money they don't care about you at all. I will advise everyone I know NOT to ever buy anything from this terrible company.
I went to Wal-Mart and bought a different mattress protector for a fraction of the price and it is wonderful.
By Brad Griff Slug on Dec 31, 2014
Guest Review
Purchased king size bed and frame from Sleep Country in Bowmanville Oct 10/2013.
We rotate the mattress evry month but it seems to have a sag were we lie in it. I contacted Sleep Country to file a claim ...after sending pictures and the information it was rejected by customer service vias e-mail.
So mow we have a bed 1 year old spent over 3K on it and I cannot sleep on it.
To the consumer avoid this company at all costs as they do not care about people!
By Pink Red-Panda on Sep 22, 2014
Guest Review
I had returned one of the two pillows I bought unopened, and they were not able to refund my money on my debit card as their program did not do that. I find this very unprofessional way to do business. I now have to wait till this is processed through head office on the other side of Canada, and wait for a cheque in the mail. All I have is a slip of paper telling me I have a credit due. What large company or any company does business like this. I will be in the store every day to check to see when my refund is processed and hope that it gets to me by mail.. Very unhappy with this Company, after buying 3 beds and other accessories from this company.
By Bridget on Aug 27, 2014
Verified by Email
Doesn't even deserve a star. I just had my 4th mattress replaced last week in the past 2 years due to sagging and I can already start to see the same thing happening in just one week. My friend has had the same problems with their mattress purchased at Sleep Country and gets a new mattress every 6 months. This is RIDICULOUS. What is worse is that never once has anyone from customer service called me to apologize or to see how the new mattress is. I work in sales and this is unacceptable where I work. If something goes wrong the first fix it. I don't expect "the all mighty Christine" to call me herself but someone should have called or emailed the first time I had to replace my mattress, never mind the 4th in 2 years. As soon as my 10 year warranty is over you can have your mattress back and I will purchase elsewhere. Being in sales I speak to a lot of people every day and if the topic comes up I make sure to tell them about my experience and tell people to buy elsewhere. YOU WILL NEVER GET MY BUSINESS AGAIN OR ANYONE THAT I KNOW.
By Ana on Aug 23, 2014
Verified by Email
I'm in need of 2 mattress for me and my daughter, I got a referral letter from my shelter worker, I already called them a few times, with no results at this point me and my daughter are sleeping with blankets on the floor, it's so frustrated when you need help, and they just don't care, if my financial situation was difference I would never wanted a used mattress, but I have no choice,fir God sake these mattress are donated to your organization, don't make it difficult for the needed.
By Green Raccoon on Apr 07, 2014
Guest Review
On march 30, I went into sleep country Cambridge hespeler to buy some pillows, I spent almost 10 minutes just looking on pillows everyone seem to be busy, then two people walked in and as they stepped in someone was there to help them. was it because am Black? I left and bought my wonderful pillows in Homesense.
By Scarlet Parrot on Mar 11, 2014
Guest Review
I am a Social Worker and made a referral for a family in desperate need of a mattress. I provided the family the pick up date and time and the confirmation code. The wanted the referral letter so my client had to drive all the way back to Brampton from North York so I could give him a copy. I then called the head office and asked for exactly what my client needed. She stated two pieces of ID and the referral and rope to tie down the mattress. My client then returned to store and was denied once more because it was not the original copy of the form. My client called me and I asked to speak to the man he was dealing with. The man refused to speak to me and was extremely rude to my client. He even closed the door on him. I then tried to call head office in which they would not answer my phone. My other colleague stated that the service did not have the mattresses the client needed when she called before she left to ensure they had her order.
By Allen on Mar 01, 2014
Verified by Email
I purchased an Adjustable Bed and Mattress in 2008. In December 2013 I contacted Customer Service advising that the frame appeared to be broken. They sent a technician (Dec 13/13)to examine the frame and found that all the hinges needed to be replaced. Incidentally when I first contacted Customer service I was informed that the bed was still under warranty. After the technician completed his inspection, he advised that I would hear from someone in about a week. This did not happen. I called and was told they were waiting for parts which had not yet been received. I waited a fairly long period of time (into late Jan 2014) and spoke to another customer service person who told me the bed was no longer under warranty. After speaking again to the original C/S person I was informed that while the bed was no longer under warranty, as a courtesy they were going to fix the bed anyway and they would be in touch in a few days. On Feb 28/14 I again called C/S who advised the parts they had received were the wrong parts and they were waiting for the correct parts to come from the manufacturer. This has now been some 3 months with nothing but delays and unfulfilled promises. When I purchased the bed the salesman assured me that the mattress was guaranteed for 10 years and the bed for 20 years. If there were any problems all I needed to do was call C/S and they would take care of any issues. Further the bed was purchased for my wife who has a progressive form of Multiple Sclerosis and is confined to a wheelchair and need the adjustable bed to gain some semblance of comfort for her sleeping. I should add that while perhaps not due to the condition of the bed, she has fallen out of bed several times with minor injuries resulting. I would not rate this review as I have had no satisfaction from Sleep Country with regards to a severe damaged condition of this bed.
Al K
By Charcoal Scale-insect on Jul 16, 2013
Guest Review
Made a 10 dollar deposit on a bed for sale at Sleep Country, Richmond, BC, changed my mind, and wasn't told I'd have to wait for a refund of it to be mailed to me from their head office in Ontario. All attempts to contact them directly have failed. Very bad customer service. I know it's a small amount but if they can't manage a small refund why in the world would I purchase a bed from them?
By Maroon Cephalopod on May 22, 2012
Guest Review
Feel like buying mattress from sleep country vs Sears or the Bay (the on sale items)= buying electric from XS cargo vs future shop
By cantid on Apr 05, 2012
Verified by Email
if i was you go to sears or the brick. sears will stand by there customers and s will the brick. i was stupid and bought a bed from sleep country 2 years ago and the bed is ready for the dump because it sags and went from being a plush bed to being a rock. i had a mattress cover on it since new and the proper bed frame and they still are giving me a hard time to get a replacement this has being a war with them for a month now so i have bought a new bed from the brick so i could sleep at night and am still waiting on a sales manager to call me.
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Sleep Country is a Canadian company originally built on the dreams of our founders Christine Magee, Stephen Gunn and Gord Lownds. When we started in 1994, we listened to what the customer was asking for, offering lots of choice, and focusing on making each experience before, during and after the sale an enjoyable one. We love to hear from our customers. Feel free to contact us anytime.
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