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OMI Medical

2 Sheppard Avenue East Suite 901, North York, ON
4 reviews
Claim this business Last updated: Over a year ago
Listed in: Hair Removal
2 Sheppard Avenue East Suite 901
North York, ON, M2N 5Y7, CA

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OMI Medical, North York Reviews (4)

4 reviews
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By measha on Sep 24, 2012
Oh hi Nicolette
Anyone else get the feeling that WILLOW05 is actualy Nicolette in disguise? Or at least someone posting on her behalf. Acting as a disgruntled-but-remarkably-over-it client. Quick to defend OMI and also expressing dislike about our "harsh" posts. Of course we're harsh - our money was stolen! Read her comments. Trying to explain and justify their actions and blaming their bankruptcy on "big companies and doctors" - when it was their own incompetence.

"Willow" has a little bit too much background info and seems to know some pretty specific details that the rest of don't. At least I don't.

There is no "misunderstanding" as you say, Willow. It's quite well understood now that the owners routinely seem to use bankruptcy to get away with bad business practices.

Notice that Willow made a bunch of supportive comments in response to several reviews. Protesting too much? The ramblings sound like someone trying to defend themself.

You got a phone call, Willow? From who?
You have details about their previous and current bankruptcy? Tell us more.

"They are bankrupt because of the money promised to them to go through with the publication they were putting forward." WHY IS THIS THE CLIENTS' PROBLEM? They should have had funding in place for any side projects. Since you know so much about the company, the owners and the bankruptcy "Willow" , who promised the funding? Those funders are lucky in the end that they didn't get involved with these folks cause they are clearly incompetent business people.

"After I had cooled down" ??? What a joke. Cooled down from what? The strain from counting all our cash?

Maybe you can tell us how they spent our money Willow. OUR MONEY. Tens of thousands at least, but more likely hundreds of thousands.

And the advice to contact credit card companies - maybe helpful, but seems like an attempt to deter any legal action by clients. Well, it doesn't help those of us who didn't pay by credit card! or those who might only get some money back , and those who still feel cheated by a "fake" study.

And, has it occurred to you that people who did get money back didn't get it from OMI?. The credit card companies had to eat that cost.

Do you think that's right, Willow? I don't. I pay my own bills and debts and don't expect others to pick up my slack. How irresponsible and just plain WRONG.

"A lot more thoughtful then the scams out there these days with laser companies."

Really? Because conducting a pretend study, taking real money and offering pretend refunds is not a scam.

"The comments are kind of personal instead of professional" Yes, because lying to people to get their business is also professional.

I know you're just trying to save your reputation by posting these pro-OMI comments, but there's no point. You should have thought of your reputation BEFORE scamming people out of their honestly-earned money. Shame.
By OMIclient on Sep 18, 2012
OMI Medical Inc Scam
If you are a client of OMI, please post something here, if you haven't already. Our group will contact you.
Comment by whiteberry12 on Sep 19, 2012
I am on the same boat. Let's work together and see what we can do. Contact me, thanks!
Comment by OMIclienttoo on Oct 31, 2012
I too am a client involved in that study and just discovered this site....hope its not too late!!
Please contact me. I'd like to know what happens to all the photos taken of me, as well as my testimonial, in which I poured my heart out in!!
By wrocek on Aug 28, 2012
Bustout bankruptcy
Nicolette knew very well what was coming when she ripped all of us off. She was well aware that the ship, which she was piloting, was going to sink and was well beyond the point of saving - she was only interested in taking as much with her to the bottom of the ocean as she could manage.

Mr and Mrs Oakwell-Morgan: you have failed. The lies beneath your lousy and intelectually-deprived scheme have surfaced. You will not succeed in hiding behind the skirts of parent and sister companies that you yourselves and your associates stand begind. You are Oakwell-Morgan and OMI Medical. With the countless ads promotting your resrarch study offering full refunds in the Metro, a record of all the paperwork procided, several audio recordings of convetsations held in the office, and certainly mamy people willing to testify against you, you will fragment yourself into an even bigger mess than you are in right now. My question to you is: has your financial sitiation changed do dranstocally within a period of a few weeks that you have gone from offering full refunds and advertising in one of the city's most read newspapers, for an illegitamet research study by the way, to declaring bankruptcy? Who were those sources of promised funds? Truth is, nobody in a right-set of mind would come close to dealing with your fall apart business and your self-declared and illegal resrarch study. These claims are more than enough to raise suspicion, and when the Canada Revenue Agency will come in to further investigate your financial history and current status (which will petsonally make sure that they do), they will rip you apart for your arrogance and lack of reasoning below a pre-school level.

You will repay those from whom you have stolen money and assests, whether voluntarily or by other means. Consider this a final warning to makes things rights and attend to those whom you owe. Otherwise, you will have picked a fight with the wrong people, and you will lose.
Comment by jetelex on Sep 02, 2012
Right on. I'm embarrassed to have fallen for their scam.
Any suggestions on where to go to get it further investigated? You mentioned CRA ... have you already contacted them and if so, what did they say? I was thinking also the Police ... fraud investigation unit. Also Health Canada .. there must be a division that oversees "clinical studies." Wrocek, are you on Lorraine's mailing list?
Comment by OMIclient on Sep 18, 2012
If you were a client at OMI please post something here. Our group will contact you.
Comment by willow05 on Sep 19, 2012
Hello. I came across this on the internet and feel I should comment. I had received a letter from the company's owner about the bankruptcy and was also shocked and upset given as I had put my own savings into the research project. My mother had been a client of theirs in the old days and had nothing but good things to say since they had been in business for over 30 years. I have gotten a follow up call to check that I id receive the letter which was very thoughtful since I would think most companies would just run with the money. I was then informed that myself (and any other clients) who paid by credit card were able to receive their money back. I was thankful for the information they had given me. I do think the harsh words are a little much and it doesn't seem like a scam since they were in business for over 30 years. They were the most professional company I had been with since I had been a victim of paying for groupon 99$ unlimited laser treatments and ended up being burned on my face. I hope you guys can get your money back as well though but just in case I thought I should mention this because the comments are kind of personal instead of professional :s.
By mandiprai on Aug 02, 2012
OMI has gone bankrupt
I just got a letter from them. They took my money and filed for bankruptcy. What a joke. Nicolette was so nice, but I feel ripped off.
Comment by jetelex on Aug 06, 2012
do you have any details? thanks!
Comment by OMIclient on Aug 12, 2012
I'm in the same situation. Does anyone know who their bankruptcy trustee is?
Comment by teedoff on Aug 14, 2012
I am also a client and could not find anywhere stating they went bankrupt and I too received a letter to that affect. We need to talk and find what to do next. I also received a letter from OMI Medical. I have searched and found no bankruptcy filed for either OMI or Nicolette Oakwell-Morgan except for one in 1991. I would like to contact you by email to discuss our options as to how to proceed in getting a refund! My email address is If you prefer to call my number is (519)739-2464. If no answer, please leave a message and I'll call you back ASAP. Thanks, Lorraine!
Comment by gabiz on Aug 20, 2012
Is there anything we can do to get our money back? Who can we talk to about this? I was told by the police to call the City of Toronto for more information because OMI would have a liscence and maybe can help us with our next step...?
Comment by zee123 on Aug 22, 2012
I contacted the landloard RIO Can and they also are awaiting that information. And if nicolett actually filled for bankruptcy in 1991 then she has scamed us all as she could not be in a position to own her own company. We should all get together or some how contact eachother because we are stronger in numbers.
Comment by OMIclient on Aug 24, 2012
Does anyone know how we might get their home address? Please post it, if you have it.
Comment by jetelex on Aug 26, 2012
Hello everyone, how frustrating that we are in this situation.!!!

TEEDOFF: can you please post the website where you found the info about the other bankruptcy? I'm really curious to see that - we prob. all are! Thank you!

Also, was anyone here part of their "refund" study? Or were you regular clients? And how much (approx) is everyone owed?

Here are some things maybe we can do, not sure how to go about all of them though, but anyways these are ideas:

-Find out who bankruptcy trustee is
-Find out if we (clients) are listed as creditors. If we're not....WE SHOULD BE!!
-contact authorities to find out if the "clinical study" violated any Canadian regulations or laws
-contact a consumer watchdog, maybe something like CBC Marketplace?
-contact Bankruptcy Superintendent of Canada to see how to get this investigated further
-contact Better Business Bureau
-contact Consumer Affairs
-find out if the business is still "in business" ... call the Board of Trade maybe? Or other organizations that can confirm whether the company is bankrupt
-collect any information online about the company and owners (other businesses? other bankruptcies?) - any and every scrap of info - you never know what might be useful to whoever can help us
-report it as fraud? I don't know how or who.
-a court case, maybe?

If anyone has any ideas, please post. Maybe we can start an email thread among us to discuss stuff more privatly?

Comment by wrocek on Aug 28, 2012
there is no way that her "clinical research study" passed ethics. and she can't dress something up as a research study if it isn't.
Comment by mandiprai on Aug 28, 2012
I think she took the money and ran. She was looking to retire and instead of selling the business, she just closed shop
Comment by willow05 on Sep 19, 2012
Hi. I would just like to mention that they sent out the letter and myself and other clients have been told we can get our money back if we paid by credit card. Myself and my mother (who was with them 30 years ago) were able to go about it this way. I do know there company and they are bankrupt because of the money promised to them to go through with the publication they were putting forward. However because a laser company went bankrupt and a doctor pulled out they were told they had no choice but to go with bankruptcy. Finding out they had been bankrupt before was even more upsetting, however looking into the information I could I found that it was because 400,000 dollars was stolen from the company and they gave up all their assets in order to continue treatment. Supposedly this time they still did not have enough going into personal bankruptcy for their clients. I have since cooled off -- especially since I recieved funds back because of their research into how to get clients back their money. I would think it's really sad that they spent 30 years in a business to only be taken down by big companies and doctors and have nothing since all money (when bankrupt) goes to the government to payback what they can. I hope in the future she can still find a way to publish her book and get the funds back to us as promised though (or for those of us can't right now).
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