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Arbour Lake Dental Care

224-150 Crowfoot Cres NW, Calgary, AB
39 reviews
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Arbour Lake Dental Care, Calgary Reviews (39)

39 reviews
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By Kaithlyn Manalastas on Jul 14, 2020
I've never felt so mistreated before in my life because of the colour of my skin. Even the dentist himself who barely touched my teeth seemed to dislike me. Helen who did my X-ray spoke to me as if I didn't understand english, and even up to the payment part, the women on the desks gave me unwelcoming looks and vibes. I do not recommend this place to anyone, they are not very genuine and only want your money. Also, you can easily sense their favouritism for the whites and their racism against people of colour. Even from reception, just look at their wall-frame photos where only pictures of white people are up.

By Sun Salarnya on Jul 14, 2020
I've never felt so mistreated before in my life because of my colour. Everyone was treating me so differently that even Dr. Chris himself who barely touched my teeth (probably wouldn't have at all if I hadn't insisted that they were actually hurting) seemed to dislike me. I felt it already from the beginning--- from reception, where I saw only pictures of white people on their wall frames. And then, to the hygienist who seemed to be mad at almost everything I said. And then, Helen, the person who did my X-ray gave me weird vibes as if I couldn't understand anything, in my head I was just like: "Yes, I can speak and understand english." She got mad at me for communicating my pains again later on because it was an inconvenience for her to know it too "late". "You were supposed to communicate it to the dentist." Well, I didn't know I had to repeat the pain of my teeth 3 times to 3 different people...but even then, would it even matter if everyone kept rushing and not even noting/taking down my tooth aches? Shouldn't Kelly (who I texted my pains to when making my appointment), the blonde hygienist (who interviewed me where my pain hurt), or Helen (the one who kept showing frustration sighs and disappointment hints) --shouldn't these 3 have already noted it down so that it was easily communicated to the dentist himself? Also, I asked Helen if she could do an x-ray for me for the wisdom teeth surgeon but she said no to this, because she and Miller really wanted me to get it done at THEIR PLACE and seemed frustrated about it that I couldn' they just gave me a reference, but no x-ray. I ended up having to MISS some CLASS TIME a few hours later just so I can have another SEPARATE appointment on the SAME DAY.

Up to the payment area at the end of my appointment, even the women on the desks were giving me weird looks, even when I came back a few hours later, I got snobby looks from Kelly, she was definitely way friendlier on the phone, probably didn't know I was not white until she saw me in person. At least a smile from them would've lighten the whole mood up a bit, but nope, I got nothing at all.

I do not recommend this place to anyone, because they are not very welcoming. Maybe it is a different story if you are white, but who knows. Anyone who is just on the go for money is not genuine and if they can mistreat any human being like that, I wouldn't trust them with any human being whatever colour.
By Amethyst Slug on Feb 09, 2017
I have nothing but good to say about them. I have lived with crooked teeth for 60 years and finally I got brave and signed up with Dr. Chris to fix that problem. I under went 5 hours of sedation to get my 4 front teeth drilled out and went home happy with temporary caps to wait for my new teeth. After he, with help from a great assistant got my teeth in. Out came the mirror and I was so happy to see how perfect they fit. Finally I wasn't self conscious about smiling. Thank you to all the staff and Dr. Chris with his great sense of humour, you guys rock.
By Brown Mountain-goat on Jan 28, 2016
I had 4 veneers put on and used sedation dentistry. I had a great experience and everyone took very good care of me. I also found out they put on a great Christmas party as a thank-you for their patients.
By Coquelicot Mussel on Jul 29, 2015
I have been going here for over 2years now mostly for the fact that I needed sedation work done. I have to say that went well, mostly because I was out of it and didn't have to deal with the support staff!!

I went in most recently because the brace on my lower teeth broke off and I wanted to get it fixed. Now I admit I didn't do to school for anything dental related, but when I asked the hygienist if I needed it (I felt this was a fair question) I got a complete lecture. She "just wanted to educate me"...which is fine but her bedside manner and tone implied otherwise. She presented me with two options but couldn't discuss the pros/cons of another brace or retainer. Then when I asked about pricing she diverted me to the sales staff. So much for her "education".
Needless to say I will be going somewhere else now, too much attitude for me
By Orange Coral on Sep 26, 2014
They bill when they make mistakes and need to repair things, they over bill, they don't care about you nor do they ever say what it will cost. They just do everything they can think of and then over bill for it. Get second opinions and you'll be surprised!
By Bistre Pig on Aug 30, 2014
Do not waste your time, money or life by coming here! They are greedy and only see patients by how big their wallets are. Receptionists are rude, dental hygienists are rude, and don't even think about sedation dentistry here unless you want to be yelled at for things like gagging or moving your head after surgery... things you can't control while being sedated.
By Ron on May 28, 2014
My family has been going to Arbour Lake Dental Care for 25 years.
Dr. Ian Miller has been our dentist. His strong points are: explaining the problem, outlining the solution, giving a cost estimate, and providing first class care and service. These strong points have faded somewhat with the new recruits, but the Clinic could rebuild on its historical strong points.
-- Sarisfied patient (Ron)
By Kathleen on May 25, 2014
I received excellent service from Dr Ian Miller and his team, and was delighted with the new crown which is far superior to the one that it replaced, which had been inserted by another dentist here in Calgary 10 years earlier, and had proved to be wholly inadequate in terms of long term reliability.

I think this firm rates highly on dental efficiency and would recommend them to others, without hesitation.
By Susan on Apr 23, 2014
I HATE going to the dentist...Id way rather have a baby and I can honestly say that Ive had sedation dentistry many times with very little memory and total comfort. I now have a way to deal with this dental anxiety. I am so happy that I cant believe I can say going to the dentist isn't such a big deal any more. Id highly recommend Arbour Lake Dental Care. Really.
By Chestnut Hedgehog on Apr 11, 2014
I was in for wisdom teeth surgery a few years back and I was nervous but content as I heard good reviews regarding the sedation. However , I had a horrible expirience and I now have a brother who just went through the same thing with similar complaints as well as an uncle with similar complaints. The staff at the front is very friendly but the people helping the dentist while I was under sedation along with my uncle and brother we all found to be very rude. My uncle was never under sedation but he was continuously rudely put down because he has a bad gag reflex and he couldn't help gagging when they reached in the back of his mouth. They got really mad and blamed him for something he couldn't control. As for my expirience I was treated in a similar fashion. During sedation I know you aren't completely out but I could feel it! I was in pain as I felt them tugging at my teeth and I remember "waking up" after being confused and instead of the nurse or hygienist or whoever was there , instead of testing me kindly and trying to help me as I was confused, she would get mad at me for moving or looking around, never explaining to me anything. As for my brother during his extractions he was in a lot of pain and he told them and he said they told him well do you want us to stop and you can go somewhere else and you can leave or continue? This is no way to professionally talk to a patient . Yes he was being rude to them as he was under medication and had no self control but in order to gain control of a patient that it not how to react. He also said the nurse was extremely rude.
I wouldn't recommend the sedation dentistry here but I have had no problems with my regular cleanings and check ups .
Comment by moniquer504 on Aug 30, 2014
I too have never had any problems with regular clean ups here however, after getting my wisdom teeth done under sedation I am looking for a new dentist office. They probably did not think I would be able to remember this, but I remember gagging too and a nurse calling it "silly" and urged me to stop. I could not control it and I was so angry but being in that state I could not do anything. I also moved my head after the surgery and I remember being yelled at as well. It sure sounds like they don't consider sedated people actual human beings. Was one of the worst weeks of my life.
By Bistre Scale-insect on Mar 18, 2014
I cant believe I CAN SAY HOW MUCH I love to smile now...thanks to Dr Miller. I have had sedation appointments and cant believe how well it all went. I was so nervous and am so so happy now.
By Amethyst Camel on Feb 24, 2014
I have been going to Arbour Lake Dental since the mid 90's.
Over the year I have had work done by Dr. Don, Dr. Ian, Dr. Chris and Dr. Mike.
Thanks to them my teeth are healthy, straight and I can now smile with confidence.
For one of my procedure I tried sleep dentistry and it was great. No memory of the surgery and was jsut as easy and painless as they decsribe it to be.
I will be with Arbour lake Dental for the rest of my life!
By Cobalt Persian-Cat on Feb 11, 2014
I had my bridge replaced there and was not happy with the first one and dr mike worked with me until we were both happy with it. Great service!
By Crimson Meadowlark on Feb 07, 2014
I was scared to go in for 2 root canals and 2 crowns. The temps feel great and im no longer a woos when it comes to the dentist.. Thanks dr.miller. U rock
By Lavender Panthera-hybrid on Feb 06, 2014
I have been cared for very well at Arbour Lake Dental for over 20 years. I find Dr. Miller(s) to have a very soft touch. I have never been in pain here and I have had a lot of work done.
Everything has always been well explained to me. I am so relaxed there I often fall asleep (without sedation) while they are working on me.
This is the only place I will go for my care.
By jendaniel on Jan 20, 2014
I have been a patient here a long time. My family and many friends are also. They have been kind, fair, and upstanding. I also believe these Dentists to be good and caring people. Happy and feel pleased to have them as my Dentists.
By Crimson Coyote on Jan 20, 2014
I have been going to Arbour Lake Dental for the past 8 years and am very pleased with the dental work and environment they have provided me. I had been diagnosed with sleep apnea and was fitted with a dental appliance that has really changed my life and have recommended their products to many of my friends who suffer from the effects of this disorder.
I have not problem recommending Arbour Lake to anyone.
By Jen on Nov 21, 2013
What can I say? Im happy. They are always well attended and have time for us all. CAnt say enough good.
By Copper Boa on Oct 16, 2013
These people are who I have been looking for.
Id drive a long way to be cared for by them.
By Umber Yak on Oct 16, 2013
I had a major problem and I was treated with compassion, understanding, and respect. People don't like to pay for dental work but it was not about the money...they truly fixed a major disaster for me. Nothing but good to say.
By Maroon Gila-monster on Oct 16, 2013
I was so terrified but went in. I was going to have the sedation but decided id try it without and they were all so patient and so kind to me. I have been back many times and will never go anywhere else again.

Thank you Dr Miller!
By Bistre Liger on Aug 26, 2013
I am so grateful to have found Arbour Lake Dental Care. I was in serious pain from an experience elsewhere and without even knowing me, went to great lengths to help me and fix the problem! I would recommend them to ANYONE.....this was amazing and I hate going to the Dentist.
By Copper Tiger on Aug 10, 2013
Today I had the worst treatment here, have been going here for over 10 years!!!
Lack of comunication.
The left hand doesnt know what the right hand is doing......this is a perfect statement for this team.
Today i had the most painful, traumatising root canal ever, im by no means a whimp, ive had around 7 of them before but Dr C Miller butchered me today, I almost threw up when they used some type of bleachy chemical in the root which made my eyes water, my nose hairs evaporate and my throat feel like I swallowed neat bleach, it was awful. I gagged uncontrollably. I never had this experience before.
By Bistre Ray on Feb 21, 2013
Absolutely terrible experience. For my consult I waited half an hour just to see the dental assistant, who had no idea why I was there. She was unhelpful and had to disappear for ten minutes every time I had a question. They told me they would be able to use previous x-rays, but when I got there they made me take new ones. When the dental assistant finally got the dentist to come talk to me he LEFT SURGERY to do so. Not comforting when you yourself are going to be going into surgery. The dentist was rude and condescending. I am very anxious about dental work and opted for sedation. Despite being recommended for IV from another dentist, they insisted I go with an oral pill. Big mistake. The sedation did nothing to quell my anxiety, but just made me so incoherent that no one would listen to me. My Mother came with me and told them to come get her when I was going in for surgery and they never did. I covered my mouth and told them I wanted my mom there, and they didn't care, just told me I needed to move my hands. I was shaking and crying and they never paused to make sure I was okay. I told them I could feel them digging for my tooth and that they were hurting me and they didn't care. They did not tell my mom what post surgery medication to get until I was done so she had to leave me there to go get it. They were unprofessional, rude and uncaring. They think that you won't remember everything afterwards but I did, and now I am even more fearful of dentists, and of sedation. Make sure someone who cares about you is right with you to make sure that they treat you like an actual person, or better yet, just choose a different dentist.
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