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Mjr Collection Svc Ltd

7033 Telford Way #17, Mississauga, ON
22 reviews
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Mjr Collection Svc Ltd, Mississauga Reviews (22)

22 reviews
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By Bill Montgomery on Jul 24, 2020
refuses to removed my phone numbers from their record they still believe I am someone else, i have a new cell number they dont understand i am not the person they looking for.they phone me at least 4 times yesterday twice i told them to remove my number from their files.
By rlvaandering on Jan 25, 2017
MJR is without doubt a terribly irresponsible company. They aren't up to date with their information, they send out threatening letters without basis and with TOTALLY incorrect details, they're rude and ignorant and NEVER return calls. They just put your account on auto-dial and you suffer the consequences.

For anyone out there that doesn't know, they don't report your business to the credit bureau so don't worry about that particular aspect of your issue with them.

My advice is to take legal action if necessary if you're in the right. If not, you deserve their harassing calls.............too bad, pay up and be done with it. They exist to COLLECT money from dead beats!

By the way, this agency is closely aligned with The Economical Insurance company who send YOUR files to them for collection. These people are a complete joke too. Try to assign your insurance needs to ANYONE but The Economical or Perth insurance companies.

One additional thing however, if you wait long enough, they actually reduce your indebtedness by about 1/4. They don't charge interest or any additional costs either so time is totally on your side.

PS: They profess to only be a billing service but again, they're liars...... they are debt collectors.

By Chestnut Bobolink on Apr 27, 2016
I had issues with the ignorant,rude people who kept calling my workplace and cost me my job.......
But then I was lucky to get Lisa Aiello .......she will treat you like a human and will work with ....,not against you.......
If you have issues with this company ask to deal with Lisa.
By Azure Marsupial on Apr 16, 2016
these people are the most persistent people I have ever known they don't know their facts they call when ever they tried to get half of what they say we owed my husband almost said yes just to get them off our back and to stop calling us they will never get a penny from us I would rather get a lawyer and pay them if they ever call u in the future u will have your hands full its almost like having a stalker.
By Bole Box-jellyfish on Oct 26, 2015
I had been getting calls from this company, the number they called is my business number which I had for years. The person they were calling about has never lived here, nevermind do I know them. When I said I didnt know who they were talking about, they proceeded to ask if they had ever used my phone etc....I asked what kind of question is that, this is my company you are interfering with, do not call again.

But yet the calls went on and they even changed the name of the company and the name of the person who was calling. I called their company number and threatened them that they have been told not to call, if they call again, I would raise an action against them.

The calls stopped then the letters started - they still dont get it, now they are using my address, which still doesnt have anything to do with the person they are trying to contact. I really am sick and fed up of these ignorant, illiterate fools. They must be if they cant comprehend the basics. Sorry they are bilingual, illiterate in both advice to anyone who gets a call from them, report them, block them, but do not interact with them in anyway. You have no contract with them, even if you knew the person, why would you help these gutter snipes.
By Blue Panther on May 14, 2015
They keep calling PERSISTENTLY for someone who doesn't even live here anymore. I didn't even get her name but she was very rude and calls at all hours of the day. I might even have to change my number because of that crazy lady. Very rude lately who wont stop calling and being rude. I will tell the girl who moved out who owes the debt never to pay a penny because they are so rude and very unprofessional. Worst collections company out there.
By lesdebtor on Feb 12, 2015
Being harassed by these people? The fix is simple and could make you a lot of money.

Remember, they are stupid, uneducated and rude. Mostly slow upstairs though, so this is all very easy.

1. Go to staples/office depot and fax to 905-671-2225 (MJR capitol inc FAX number) (Fax number is absent on their website :-)

2. In faxed document, demand "Verification of Debt" showing you agreed to pay anything to anyone. (This is LAW, they now NEED to send you the papers showing YOU agreed to pay anything. (The contract))

3. In faxed document, demand "Communication only in writing" this now makes it illegal to call you anymore. (If they continue to call, sue them for harassment (easy to do)

4. They now have 30 days to provide you the signed contract.

5. If they can not verify the debt (the contract) then they need to STOP collections immediately and reverse/remove any negative credit reports they may have added.

6. If they don't, sue them all (MJR, the Bank or Lender and their Lawyer for defamation of character.

Make sure and sue for over $100,000 so this is dealt with in upper court and NOT in small claims court. Never give up the right for motions and discoveries. There are no motions and discoveries in small claims court, so stay away.

Happy hunting. Feels good to be empowered eh?
By Brown Bobolink on May 11, 2014
To file a complaint Online.

Ministry of Consumer and Business Services Ontario Canada :

Ministry of Consumer Services
Consumer Protection Branch
5775 Yonge Street, Suite 1500
Toronto ON M7A 2E5
Toll-free: 1-800-889-9768
Call in Toronto: 416-326-8800
TTY: 416-229-6086 or 1-877-666-6545
Fax: 416-326-8665

Please copy and paste above in other forums Please and thank you
By Magenta Tortoise on Apr 15, 2013
They will call us early in the morning and wake the household up. "Raquel" is VERY rude, even when you are being civil to her. She calls and nags like a jealous girlfriend. They wonder why you don't call them back when they've left a message but the messages are always garbled and they are talking so fast that you miss half of the phone number they leave. They harassed us for months and refused to take payments on our debt ($1400) and threatened to take court action. We never denied owing the debt but could only make payments on the amount. After a month of us not answering or returning their calls they finally agreed to payment arrangements but they are still harassing us. I have told them multiple times not to call early as my husband (who they are looking for) works until the early hours of the morning, but they continue to call first thing including 7 am this morning.
They send him the same damn letter in the mail three times, all printed on the same day.
They will call 5 times a day...sometimes even more. There is no reason for them to continue calling everyday when we have set days of the month that we are to send them a payment. Today we are supposed to make our first payment to start paying off that debt but I am uncomfortable paying it and not getting a receipt or even a letter stating that we have made payment arrangements. We live on a small income with two small children and I can't afford to pay them if it isn't really going to go towards our debt. I do NOT appreciate or need "Raquel"'s attitude (from the second you answer or the answering machine picks up) or her telling my husband to be responsible and pay his debts. We are not children. As I said, we never denied it at all, just cannot afford to pay it all in one shot.
By vas on May 04, 2012
MJR have been calling me for years. I was at one point making payments to them until I started getting calls from some different who was claiming to be MJR and were not. at that point I stopped making payments and called Phone Busters. They told me not to give out any information, only confirm or deny information the caller gave. The 'true" MJR complied with this and we did business again for a while until they transferred my account to another person. The person was very polite, but would not comply with the restrictions Phone busters had given me. Because of this I would not deal with them. They ended up getting the first person to call me and when I was talking to them they outright lied saying that they had never complied with the restrictions etc, called me a liar for saying that they had. At which point they raised their voice and were very rude. I refuse to be treated in this manner and told them so and hung up the phone. They still call everyday, but I just tell them I will never again deal with MJR and hang up the phone. I will continue to pay off my bill to the original lender as I can, but never again will I talk to someone from MJR Services.
Through out the years they have been calling, I have not once raised my voice nor have I been rude, I cannot say the same for them.
They have counselled me to take out loans, borrow from friends and family, they have asked me to disclose my monthly expense/income amounts so they could tell me how much I could afford to pay them, and constantly made threats that my credit rating would be ruined and that they would pursue legal action.
I was also called a liar for saying I had had calls from others "claiming" to be them, that were proven by Phone busters to not be them, called a liar when I told them my husband was on EI, called a liar when my husband was in hospital having surgery, and called a liar when I said I had been in hospital giving birth to my 3rd child.
I wish I had the option to give no stars for the rating...
By birdie1963 on Feb 23, 2012
I received an email with a settlement letter attached and it wasn't my name, credit card info etc. So I sit and wonder who got my letter. Talk about privacy breach.
By mgr on Apr 08, 2011
They are the worst company in the world they victimize people. They call the wrong number constantly. The employees and managers/coneybear or what ever the heck his name is a terrible manager. They keep calling the wrong number they do not know how to run a business.
By Boysenberry Tigon on Mar 31, 2011
This company keeps sending mail to my address for a person who does not live here and has NEVER lived here. When I tried to email them regarding this, with a request that they desist, the email couldn't go through.

I guess my only option is to toss the mail back in the box and have it returned to them.
By Musor on Mar 09, 2011
MJR has poor educated staff. A lady that called me at 8pm, was having some sort of a dinner while having a conversation with me. Beside the fact that the staff is rude, ignorant, and sniffs around personal facts (i.e. how old are you? where do you go to school? use OSAP money to pay for the bills and etc.) they have the courage to call people with their mouth full...The company has never responded to a single e-mail or mail request/letters, it doesn't provide clients with any proof rather than verbal which is followed by accusations and threats. It's lucky to be running due to the clients they have at this point, but as soon as major clients (i.e TD) would start cutting them loose - the company will shut down. Keep up the complaints and comments about MJR Collections, consumers voice must be heard.
By Fight4right on Oct 16, 2010
Hi there,

I m victim of identity theft and I still received calls 5 times aday, lazlo, ali, violet several names and when I told them can I talk to manager they said they r managers, they are so rude, unprofessional, uncooperative individuals who never listen, they think they r bug shit because they are harassing everyone and get advantage of company name or there titled position but they are not allowed to do this to use the company name or title or bother innocent people,

My detective name is Curtis Quessnel and he send them several times the police report and he do have record for it as a fax recipets and name of person and fax numbers but still they are calling me 5 times a day and bothered me and my family my kids get disturb and my old parents who r old and sick every time with the phone ring they wake up this is hight of illiteracy, now I collect all the phone calls records that how many calls I received a day the name of agent and the receipts made by fax machine but they they love to harass you we all need to take action against them and sue them for this harassing behavior. U guys can contact me "" pls with all PROOFS AND EVIDENCE.



My question is when do you know that a collection agency has taken things to the point of harassment?


if this is Ontario then speak to a lawyer and have him write to the collection agency directing all communication to his office under the collection act once this is done they can no longer call your mother.
You can get a free referral to a lawyer at

Options available to you if you feel you are being harassed:

When you are considering filing a complaint against a collection agency, it is important to be properly prepared with all of the necessary information. You should ask the collector for the registered name of the collection agency, the full name of the person who is representing that agency, and what their collector identification number is. All of this information, as well as a documented account outlining the conversation(s) pertaining to the alleged harassment, should be written down for future reference.

A formal complaint can be made through the local Ministry of Consumer and Business Services office. Their phone number is available in the phone book in the Government blue pages. Should an investigation prove that a collector is acting outside of established guidelines, they may have their licence revoked.
You can contact the Marketplace Standards and Services Branch for more information on collection agencies. 1-800-268-9768
Information and complaint forms are available on the Ontario Ministry of Consumer and Business Services web site.
Contact your local Legal Aid office. 1-800-495-8180
File a harassment complaint with your local police department. (Sault Ste. Marie 705-949-6300)
For help managing your debt:

In today’s day and age, there is a lot of good information out there if you know where to look. People equate being financially well off with success in our society. Those who are struggling with their finances sometimes feel too embarrassed to ask for help but help is out there. Looking in book stores, libraries, or on the internet can turn up some excellent resources on how to manage your personal finances. Many credit counselling agencies have websites that offer excellent information on money management and provide links to other valuable websites.

You may find assistance through your Community Legal Clinic or by contacting Legal Aid (contact info is above). A local not for profit credit counselling agency will offer you free confidential help (look in your yellow pages under ‘Credit & Debt Counselling’). A not for profit credit counselling service can offer advice as well as debt management programs to help you get back on solid ground.

Call Credit Counselling Services of Sault Ste. Marie & District at 705-254-1424.
Contact the Ontario Association of Credit Counselling Services at 1-888-746-3328 or visit their website at
Contact Credit Counselling Canada by visiting their web site at

Good luck

- A collector is only allowed to contact you six days after sending a written notice stating the name of the creditor, the balance owing, the name of the agency and its authority to demand payment.
- A collector can’t contact you if a registered letter is sent to the agency saying you dispute the debt and suggest the matter be taken to court.
- A collector can’t contact you if you sent a registered letter stating to deal solely with your lawyer.
- A collector may not contact you other than by ordinary mail more than three times in a seven-day period without your consent, once the agency has actually spoken with you.
- A collector can’t continue to contact you if you have told him you’re not the person he’s looking for, unless he takes reasonable precaution to ensure you’re that person.
- They can’t give false or misleading information.
- They can’t recommend to a creditor that a legal action be started against you without first sending you notice.
- They can’t contact your employer except on one occasion to obtain your employment information, if your employer has guaranteed the debt, if the call is in respect to a court order or wage assignment, or if you’ve provided written authorization to contact your employer.
If any of these rules have been broken, you can file a complaint with the consumer protection branch of Ontario’s government and consumer services ministry.
Meanwhile, for Robert money’s so tight, he’s considering signing up to test drugs for a pharmaceutical firm that will pay $3,600. Also, his 20th wedding anniversary is this Tuesday. Robert can’t afford much, so he asked that I print this message for his wife:
“Happy anniversary, honey. You have given me the best 20 years and the meaning of love.”
Debt Collection Toronto
By REDALERT909 on Sep 23, 2010
this is not telemarketing or customer service people we have a job to do and that is collect bills. We deal with the abuse of none payers everyday, so its unfair for anyone to be judging us when we are just doing our job. i personal deal with the debtors (there called debtors because they are no longer customers in our eyes)on a certain respect level, they come on the phone yelling then im coming on the phone with the same attitude. We give everyone the equal oppertunity to pay there bills, we've even offered 50% off owing balances of $27,000, thats more then $10000 off there woing balance, what more can we do but save you money.
By Red Giant-Panda on Mar 17, 2009
I have a very common the called..........ONLY ONCE.
I am now using them to collect rent not paid.
I hope they will collect........I have to wait for what should of been mine from the start.
Pay you bills!!!!!!!!!!!!than U don't need a collection agency to call you.
By Carnelian Cougar on Mar 07, 2009
I have had the same experience.These people are extremely rude and even though making payments, they continously ask for more!! Continously call and harass. They have even stated that even clients on OW make payments to them. Last I heard OW does not pay people's debts but cost of living amounts and I know OW recepients do not even get enough money to survive on! Give me a break
By natasha87 on Nov 17, 2008
I agree completely with the other remarks left with regards to this company. Coming from someone who works in collections myself; the way they treat people is unacceptable! I have lodged a formal complaint against this company and persons to which I had spoken to and strongly advise that anyone else who feels this way should take immediate action and do the same.
By mary on Sep 10, 2008
After three months of harassing phone calls for money I never even owed, the ordeal is finally over. After a very brief conversation I was told not to worry, the account is closed. This after a few months of grief for me is totally unacceptable. Either get your facts straight, or don't deal with the company that sent this non-issue to collections in the first place!!!! Yikes, what a way to do business.
By Shellyh on Jul 21, 2008
MJR has been calling my phone number looking for somenoe with a similar Name,but that person do not live at the number and that number was never his number.I called MJR several times to correct this problem and they promise not to call my number but they still do up to 3 times a day.I am convinced MJR employees are the most Stupid employees in the World,because if someone keeps on calling my phone number that do not belong to the person you are looking for,How Do YOu think this Action would help You find that Person?MJR should start Hiring some more Intelligent employees,MJR should have a higher standard of Employees Intelligence before hiring them.
Comment by Shellyh on Jul 21, 2008
This review is true and I hope Management take some action to fix this problem.
Comment by jennifer on Jul 22, 2008
that is just awful!
Comment by dilly on Dec 10, 2008
First, most collection agents are just phone operators. Re-purposed telemarketers if you will. They read a script often times. They are not required to be intelligent. The phone numbers are attendant-dialed. It's passed through on connection, and they start their script. No brains required.

The easiest way to stop the calls is to send them a registered letter. Identify yourself, and state clearly that if they have a claim against you - which you dispute - they should bring court action, otherwise cease and desist from contacting you. At that point, they will stop. If they don't their license can be pulled. Keep copies of what you sent and the letter registration from Canada Post, and in the letter state that you have copies of the letter on file with the registration.

To bring a complaint in Ontario contact the Ministry of Small Business and Consumer Services. They hate these idiots as much as anyone.
By QueenB on Jun 01, 2008
MJR Collections seems to think they are above the law and can do whatever they please to collect. They are rude, ignorant, and do not listen to anyone. They have no regard for the Law that governs collection agencies.
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