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Global Credit & Collection Inc

8133 WARDEN AVE, Suite 400, Markham, ON
68 reviews
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Global Credit & Collection Inc, Markham Reviews (68)

68 reviews
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By AffinityGlobal on Nov 10, 2017
Affinity Global is a collection agency working on behalf of many creditors. We believe in treating people with respect while working towards securing a suitable repayment plan. Please provide us with your account details; we will review the account activity and ensure that we work with you in a professional manner. Please contact our ombudsperson’s office via email at or via our secure web form at
By DDD123 on Feb 07, 2017
Worst collection agency ever. It appears they hire psychopaths and don't care about the laws that govern them. I highly suggest you report any harassment to Consumer Affairs. The more they are investigated for not following the legislation that governs them, the better. If people actually reported their illegal activity, the company will eventually loose their license. Please look up your rights when dealing with them, and report when they aren't following governing legislation. For Alberta:
Comment by Whistlebloweronscammers on Apr 07, 2019
Tjey are scammwrs!
There latest is to have an automated system with a robot voice. As you answer their call, announce "please hold while we transfer your call to a 'ministry agent'.
What ministry?
Are they telling us that they are now impersonating government "ministry" staff or clergy? Or???? Ministry huh?
Only debt they claimed i had with T.D bank was long taken care of. In fact was a mistake on t.d banks side. An over draft to cover a visa bill that i paid after they used overdraft to cover. Which went back onto my visa while i walked around thinking i had coverd my having maxed my cc with a former partner's help. Also thinking not to worry bc i had called visa after making what i thought was a final payment. But wasnt bc the overdraft went onto visa... Even though i called to cancel the cc account. Though confirmed closed and cancelled... 17 month interest was a b**** on just under 400... But it was cleared up. After having gone to collections. But t.d cancelled the whatever with collections. So this so called legit company full of SHYTE... If they call you and you owe nothing call the cops. Both local and RCMP bc if you owe nothing that they claim you do. Either this company is attempting fraud or youve been a victim of identity theft. If this so called company arent the ones attempting to steal your identity
By Cinnabar Woodpecker on Jan 27, 2017
I was short on money and a bill of mine went to collections. Affglo bought the debt. I received a letter, paid it off in a month. A year later try o get cable with company I had owed money to. They said I still owe the money
Took me three weeks of bank work and lawyers to get it solved. I saved the receipts thank God. My credit is in the toilet now. I have to sue.
By cynthiajiang88 on Dec 20, 2016
AffGlo is a company that will try to collect in every possible, legal and illegal ways.

I'm saying that because recently they sent me a legal letter saying I owe money to a cable company which I have never opened an account with before. I knew this was wrong, so I called them, and all they did was to threaten me to make a payment, ignored my questions such as "how did you get my home address which was changed only a month ago", or "I never had an account with this company". As soon as I told them I will file a police report and sue them, the agent hung up on me.

Great. I guess I really need to file a police report.

By the way, if you wonder how they found me. Well they didn't find me, they were given an account name that is similar to my name, and assumed that is me. Then they kept calling me for a month, EVERYDAY. I blocked the phone call because, a. they never left a message; b. I have call blocker app that would auto block any suspicious phone calls.

It is pretty scary, knowing that some companies can have access to your personal phone number, home address and other information, and get updates on those information even before you updates your health card, etc.

The cable company is Cogeco, and they were nice to help me clarify the situation and liaison with AffGlo to get it sorted out.

As someone who works in a corporate environment, I know why AffGlo is so terrible.
Agents are under pressure to collect as much as they can, and if they can't id the person, they will find whoever that is the closest, and depending on the character, they will harrass, threaten, and do everything they can to get the money out of that person's pocket.
Comment by TCC on Feb 17, 2017
I have recently received a letter from AFFLO that I owe over $475 from my Rogers Account. Called Rogers to confirm and they said I don't have any debt with them. Reported Afflo to them that they are scammer.

I don't know how they got the last 4-digit of my creditcard# as the avcount number on top...DONT EVEN BOTHER CALLING THEM, JUST REPORT THEM TO THE POLICE
By Umber Snake on Dec 16, 2016
I just got two of these in the mail, one for 164.35 and the other for 50.77... just wondering if anyone has had same mail? Is this legit?
By Boysenberry Mole on Dec 12, 2016
I would like to put these scammers in a 8x8 cell and settle this my way they have my address I'll be waiting or I'll come by with my friends to that address in Markham may the lord me merciful to you see you soon !! You messed with the wrong buck
By Copper Rattlesnake on Nov 08, 2016

Same story as the rest they asked to contact their office at Denison street and the caller said he is calling because failed to respond to an important document in timely manner (a big lie) they mentioned Afaglo I believe and the caller he is the manager Mr bell !!

Nothing that really makes since in this call so I decided to ignore.
By Raspberry Tern on Nov 08, 2016
Out of the blue, we got a call from a Quebec number (418-8001629) saying it is our bank's associate that wants to verify why we did not response to their time sensitive material.
We are to call 1-866-2748496 to arrange immediately (never say what to), or letter to "Asglo" 1490 Dennison L3R9T7. Message was left by someone identified as an OPS Manager. But the sound quality of the whole message was poor that we could not make out vital details of what is it all about or the name of the person calling.
When we called the next day, the reception wants our names, address, one piece of ID ( drivers license, or your S.I.N.). I told her no and just to find me who called us and tell us what it was about and what business Asfsglo is in (She did say Global something during phone pickup).
-instead, she just hangs-up.
Since no real banks would just hang-up on their customers, we were highly suspicious and started searching and found this site.
What is so puzzling is what business they have posing as my bank's associate while actually is a collection company. We own nobody no money.
This now explains so well about those funny calls that began a few weeks back and the name they left is utterly foreign to us.
This shop should be charged with their shady tactics used.
By Cinnabar Planarian on Oct 27, 2016
The message left was from Mr. Bell I called back he wasn't there but they asked my postal code said it wasn't the right one I think I know my own postal code they asked if I'd moved I said yes 12 years ago so that shut them up they said they must have the wrong person then quickly proceeded to end the call! lol
By myboo on Oct 20, 2016
BE CAREFUL PEOPLE!!!! These guys are calling and leaving messages saying they are from THE LICENSING MINISTRY! I guess so you think there is a problem with your drivers license or something.
They have nothing to do with licensing or the ministry and I called and asked them why they are saying things that aren't true to get people to call them? I got a prompt hang up!
They are debt collectors, using illegal tactics.
By Rose Herring on Sep 27, 2016
Keeps calling for someone who no longer has this number. Asked them to remove my number, she said it was me they were looking for. Um, no, your messages clearly state you are looking for X Customer. She was argumentative saying it was me they wanted. It most definitely is not, and demanded again my number be removed. She put me on hold and never came back.
By WhoCares on Aug 09, 2016
The best response, is no response. Just ignore them.
Many of those who work as Debt Collectors are not polite because they are not Boy Scouts and/or Girl Guides. They are mainly a downtrodden lot, and their ranks include ex-convicts, drug addicts, 20-somethings without high-school diplomas and a variety of other hard-luck cases.
Oh, my Gawd, they are like thugs. However, the more clean-cut types simply can’t get the job done. So don't expect that debt collector, who is calling you, to be nice!!!

(Global Credit & Collection Inc.)
By Green Chameleon on May 16, 2016
terrible. these people call with a tape machine then when you call them back they hang up.
By Cyan Takin on May 10, 2016
I have no idea who these people think they are. They aren't even getting the right person. When I asked them to tell me who my number is associate he got agitated and when I put him on speaker he called me a cunt! I'm Stunned this is allowed! Don't they record their own harassment?
By Cerise Old-English-Sheepdog on Apr 08, 2016
There is no rating. This is a fraud preying on the uninformed. The name and address changes from time to time, but its all the same. YOU DO NOT OWE ANYONE ANY MONEY. Do not fall victim.

The person sent the attached (look familiar?) never had an account or any other transaction related to Bank of Nova Scotia.
By Chestnut Barracuda on Apr 08, 2016
For the loser who is telling everyone on here to pay your debts...this company is a scam, calling up numbers and asking for faux names and then using scare tactics. Read the all reviews before you give a dumb assume remark telling people to take responsibility.
By Umber Deer on Mar 23, 2016
I got a letter from AffGlo telling me ***not to ignore this letter**** about an amount owing 109.50 to the City of Toronto regarding an Offence number that they have dug up somehow.

I also looked up that number and found that it is my offence number, but this is to a trial that i was convicted of back in 2006. Needless to say i did pay that fine, and my licence wasnt suspended but these arse holes are looking to ding me for a fine i paid 10 years ago.

Forwarding this to Fraud Squad at Metro. Lets see what they have to say.
By Boysenberry Roadrunner on Feb 24, 2016
So I also just got a call from these guys. They provided the same address, 1490 Denison Street in Markham, ON, however the rest of the details seemed to vary from what others have said. The call came from an Alberta phone number, 587-316-4799, but the call back number provided was 1 866-274-8496(or 7, he wasn't speaking clearly). He said his name was Mr. Bell and was calling from Afglo (again, I couldn't understand what he was saying). Anyway, said he wanted to discuss a personal matter that happened in his office with a one Emanuel W. (last name redacted in case this is a real person). I don't know who Emanuel is, but he isn't me! Hoping this is a one time occurrence, but based on what I've read I'm guessing I'm going to be hearing from these guys again soon.
By Cobalt Falcon on Jan 15, 2016
I got a few calls from the same "company"- Afglo, and blocked the number. I guess they changed numbers, because they called again today, the number was 604-256-7424, from New Westminster, BC. The manager of this company, Josh called on my cell for my partner, saying he needs to talk with regarding a matter with CIBC and saying there was multiple attempts made by his agents.
Asking to call back 1-866-350-1388 or contact by post 1490 Denison, St. Markham ON L3R 9T7. Hours: 11:30am - 9pm (Monday- Tuesday) and 8am-5pm Wednesday-Friday.
This is weird, we tried calling back the first time and there was no answer, no voicemail..
By Green Caribou on Jan 15, 2016
What law office has email that gets returned! I don't owe anything! I am fuming! I wish I would have checked here first.
By Magenta Kangaroo on Jan 08, 2016
I also am getting calls from then regarding credit, And I know I don't hoe any thing to any one at this time. for that I will tell you that there just a company trying to get your money (fraud).
By Lava Insect on Dec 10, 2015
This company keeps calling me asking for a "Micheal". I keep telling them they have the wrong person but they don't seem to get it. I get phone calls daily. I don't know how to get it to stop.
By Bistre Sparrow on Nov 26, 2015
I keep getting calls from them, and since I work 12 hour shifts, it's either at work or while I'm sleeping. I don't pick up numbers I don't know so I kept ignoring it, and they never left any voicemails so I figured it wasn't important. They called 4 times within an hour while I was at work. So I finally pick up the phone while at work and they ask for me and I say it is, and she said "since you're at work I'll call you later". And so I asked "what's this regarding?" And she said a personal business matter. So I asked for clarification, and what business she was calling from. She wouldn't give me an answer and kept requesting a callback and I said I wouldn't call back unless I knew what business she worked with and she told me global credit. Like I owe some money on a credit card, but it's through my bank who I make regular payments for so I don't even understand why they're calling me. The fact that she wouldn't tell me anything seems super sketchy.
By Sensible10 on Nov 11, 2015
Dude who gave this business 5 star probably owns the business.

The NEW company name is - Affinity Global, 1-866-993-1995 aka Global Credit with their address at 1490 Denison Street, Markham.

So they called my spouse's cel number asking for me, from a Calgary number. When I tried calling from my cellphone, the number would not work. Eventually called them back from my spouse's cellphone and they indicated they had personal details on me but would not share unless I shared my personal info with them. Firstly... I DON'T OWE ANY OUTSTANDING BALANCE, so I was very suspicious.

I have had dealings with collection company at work, and they are generally very happy to talk to anyone, and will provide full details, but not this company. Since they would not provide the info that they apparently have on it, I asked them to remove my phone number from their list and told them to stop calling me.

I will be reporting this company as well.
By Cardinal Hummingbird on Nov 07, 2015
If you receive a letter from a lawyer named Howard L Waldman on their behalf - he doesn't exist. There is no such person, he's a made up name to scare people. Collection agencies in Canada cannot legally threaten legal action when they have no authority to do so - and they frequently do for debts that are out of the statute of collections (2 years in Ontario for example).

The letter sent is printed to look like a signature and has a file template name printed on the bottom. Doing a whois lookup on Howard Waldman's website provided on the letter reveals that it's registered to Global Credit and Collections.

This company will use any tactic possible to dig up any past debts far out of the statute of limitations for collections and contact you about them in an attempt to get you to acknowledge the debt so they can update the last activity date on the debt. I notice they've changed their organization name to 'Affinity Global' or AfGlo, likely to hide a bankruptcy or dodge legal proceedings against the Global name for illegal collections tactics and bullying.
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