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Atlanntis Van Lines Inc.

1285 West Broadway, Suite 600, Vancouver, BC
10 reviews
Business claimed Last updated: 5 months ago
Listed in: Movers
About Atlanntis Van Lines Inc.

Atlanntis Van Lines specializes in long distance, local and international relocation services for many years. Atlanntis Van Lines has become the choice for all relocation needs across Canada and the United States. Go to full description...

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Atlanntis Van Lines Inc., Vancouver Reviews (10)

10 reviews
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By amyn771 on Mar 05, 2019
Great Moving Experience
I would like to thank Atlanntis Van Lines for their efficient and professional service to make our moving much easier and faster. I feel confident looking to the movers how carefully they were wrapping my furniture and loading the truck. At the end of the day they asked if everything looks good or if we need extra help with something. Customer service was perfect also, the reps were easy to work with and were very responsive to my phone calls and emails. My family and I sincerely appreciate assistance from Atlanntis across Canada. I highly recommend them because I know how easy a move can be when you call the right company
By Yikes101 on Mar 01, 2019
ZERO STARS: Worst Company Ever??
I am not one to write reviews, but the way Atlanntis Van Lines tried to swindle me warrants one...and, eventually, a trip to court.
DO NOT TRUST THIS COMPANY. Their tone changes completely after they have your money.
I dealt with Emily Tucker for my move. She was polite, courteous, and seemingly happy to help BEFORE she had my deposit. The way she explained everything made sense, and the pricing looked reasonable. I know not to fall for any traps, so I repeatedly would confirm details with Emily (timeframes, added costs, payment methods, etc.). All seemed well...and then I sent a deposit. That's when thing started to drastically shift: now there was an added cost for going up and down stairs (but before, Emily had said a booked-off elevator would be fine!), the times were different (two days earlier than before -- so now, since I wouldn't be in town, a "storage fee"), and my quote had gone up exponentially.
They also added in a MASSIVE extra cost for added weight to the stuff I was moving. Emily said I had exceeded my 500lbs. limit, which is utterly impossible: all Atlanntis Van Lines moved for me was a bicycle, a mirror, and a couch.
I disputed all of the above...and Emily said "show me written proof those things were said." Most of our conversations had been phone calls before (I know, naive me), so I was hooped.
Had to eventually suck up the added costs because they already had my money. They added a "scale fee", a "long carry fee", and a hefty extra tax I've never heard of -- all of which was never mentioned before they had my deposit.
In fact, I needed to empty the bank account to pay what was added on top of my original quote.
Emily was actually able to waive one fee for me! When I calculated the math of all of my taxes and confronted her about the mistake she had made, she apologized for the "typo" (which -- surprise! -- would have cost me money) and nixed it. Very professional stuff.
When I told Emily that I would consult legal advice (which is currently happening!), she said "who would ever believe you?" What I have to gain by lying about some random company is beyond me.
I just couldn't believe how much this seems like two different companies -- one before deposit, one after.
The actual movers were sub-par, but I wasn't expecting much. I can deal with a small scratch in my couch fabric -- what I can't deal with is the lying an complete and utter dishonesty from Atlanntis Van Lines.
Again -- I NEVER write customer service reviews but really wished someone would have warned me before I went into business with these humans. How they sleep at night taking advantage of moving people, who are already in a desperate place in their life, is beyond me.
By Shikh771 on Feb 09, 2019
Cold winter move - Atlanntis was great!
Atlanntis Van Line is one of the many companies I received a quote from. The difference between them and the others is they gave me accuracy and honest information instead of low balling. No hidden fees, flexible with my schedule, helped me with all my questions. The pricing was almost dead on with the quote they gave me. Would seriously recommend Atlanntis if you are looking for an easy move. Our move started in Wainwright, AB and we recently received our delivery (early in Jan of 2019) in Mississauga, ON. Both teams were great on both sides. We were dealing with extreme weather conditions at pick up in Alberta, but the crew worked tirelessly and did not complaint at all. When the stuff arrived here, we were called by local dispatch here and a delivery date was scheduled within 2 days.
Also would like to mention that the thing that impressed me the most, was that the sales person didn’t just want my business (as other companies were more than eager to take my business without asking more questions) but Emily actually took the time to get information about my move. At the end of it, we paid nothing more than 2 plastic covers and taxes for the move.
By mhoffort on Jan 09, 2019
Classic Bait and Switch
0 Stars

Let it be known that we held off posting this review until after our goods were received for fear of what Atlanntis might do in retaliation.

Atlanntis will entice you in by giving you an low ‘quote’, (which they specifically say is not a quote, and that your final charge will have nothing to do with the number generated from the fill-in-the-blank form that populated it.)
Do not be fooled by this number, it’s just bait.

My mom needed to move her pre-packed items from my sister’s garage in Rural Saskatchewan to Nanaimo, Vancouver Island, B.C.

From B.C. My mom hired Atlanntis movers based on the price quoted online after entering in the quantity of items she had. She has a queen sized bed, small round kitchen table, a small table that’s used as a desk, an office chair, an upholstered accent chair and 16 wooden dining room chairs. That’s ALL she had as furniture and only a small deep freeze for appliances. She had 75 boxes of items. Also, at the time of the quote she added that she has a specialized piece of quilting equipment that consists of a 12 foot long metal table with rollers with a set of legs at each end. The machine part of this setup is boxed and separate from the table. The original quote included this equipment.

After securing a monetary deposit from my Mom, they had her fill in a more detailed list of her belongings. At this time the quote went from approximately $1700 to $4000. The quilting table and its size were confirmed again at this time.

My mom was not able to be present when her items were picked up and loaded from my sisters house. When the company called my sister the day before the move, they claimed that they knew nothing of the quilting machine and table. As well as changed the quote to include a Laz-y-Boy chair (the accent chair), a dining room table (the antique desk table), and stated that it would be an additional $500 to bring the quilting table due to its large size. The price now increased to $7000 based on these few changes (made by Atlanntis). Atlanntis claimed that they HAD to increase the size of truck used to pick up her items due to these last minute changes. This would result in bumping up my moms move into the ‘minimum 9500 lb. ’ category and therefore increase her price.

We understood that the truck would be weighed after her items were loaded and that she would pay ONLY for what she had. This was NOT THE CASE.
This new minimum 9500 lb. minimum meant that she would be paying for 9500 lbs regardless of how heavy the load was.

This all happened approximately 15 hours prior to pickup.
The truck was coming from Ontario and has left days earlier in order to arrive on time. There’s no way they were bringing a larger truck just to accommodate these changes.

They called my mom to discuss the changes after refusing to talk to my sister, who’s home the items were at and with whom they’d been talking to and dealing with for days. While at work, my mom had 15 minutes to decide whether or not she was going to continue with the pickup and pay or cancel everything and make other arrangements and forfeit her deposit.

My mom has limited financial resources but also didn’t know how else the get her things here in the winter. She does not own a vehicle large enough to haul this load on her own and is unable to drive a u-haul truck and/or trailer across western Canada to get it here herself.
She reluctantly agreed to continue with the move because she felt caught between a rock and a hard place with the movers and she needed her items here.

The items were picked up on the evening of Sunday, November 25th and were scheduled to arrive around December 15th. They were always very careful never to give an exact day or time of arrival.

Upset on my mom’s behalf, I called Emily at Atlanntis to get more details on how and why the price has doubled.
Emily explained to me, on the phone, that my sister had made the changes that caused the increase in price. She would not tell us the actual weight of the shipment stating that the load had been moved into the 9500lb minimum category. She said also, that she would email my mom a copy of the paperwork that showed the itemized list that was created at the pickup.

The next day we still had not received the email do I called Emily on my moms behalf because she was at work and unable to call herself. Emily was extremely curt with me on the phone and denied ever having spoken with me! She then stated that she would not be discussing anything to do with my moms move with anyone except my mom.

My mom sent her an email the next day requesting that my sister and I be allowed to speak on her behalf to Atlanntis and also requested a copy of the manifest stating the weight and a detailed list of what was put on the truck. Emily refused both requests, stating that she could not discuss the account with another person/people unless she was requested in writing by my mom (all emails to and from Emily included my and my sister’s emails addresses in the cc, so Emily was communicating with us both via email at that time. ) ,and that she was under no obligation to tell us the weight of moms load so she would not be giving us that information.

My mom requested the whereabouts of her items almost daily from approximately December 10 on. They were unable or refused to tell us an exact location. Around December 22, my mom received a call from the trucking dispatch to see if she would like her items delivered on December 25th or the 26th. We feel that this was a retaliatory move on the part of Atlanntis for all the inquiries we had made. They knew we were into them and their scam.

We were again denied the exact weight of the load and were reminded that not a single item would be removed from the truck until payment was received in full at the address provided for drop off. They had her entire life’s belongs held hostage for an entire month.

As reference, I drove my moms car from the same location that my moms items were stored to Nanaimo on December 8th. And 9th. The entire trip, including an over night in Golden, B.C. Took less than 48 hours.

A considerably smaller truck than what picked up her items, arrived at 7:45 am on Boxing Day with three men to unload it.
They were very nice men and worked fast. The truck was jammed full of my Mom’s belongings and the damage was extensive. I have included pictures showing the condition of several large items. We did not bother with pictures of all the broken dishes and glassware. Boxes were crushed and some damage was even done through the stickers placed on the furniture at time of pickup. This proves the damage occurred after leaving outer possession.

4 large wardrobe-sized boxes, that were not packed by my mom or sister, arrived with several smaller boxes and loose items tossed inside of them. Each of these boxes cost my mom $45! My moms delicate serger sewing machine was at the bottom of one of these large heavy boxes. Other items that were piled into these boxes included glass table tops, delicate antique framed pictures, a metal tool box full of tools, a foot stool, etc. It was also obvious that no blankets or packing were used on or around wooden furniture. Packing tape was wrapped directly onto an antique hutch. See pictures for reference.

Although a numbered checklist was created at the time of loading. No reference to that list was made when delivery occurred. They unload the truck and were gone in 45 minutes. We had no idea if anything had gone missing.

The drivers said they were going to pick up a ‘big load’ that will ‘fill the truck’ after leaving us. They said it was ‘4000 lbs’. If this is true, then we can safely assume that my moms load was at the most, 4000lbs, although it did not fill the truck.

As you can see from the picture of her final bill, all charges were changed at the time of pickup.

According to Atlanntis’ policies they have done nothing wrong. They were sure to include the very fine details that would cover their own asses if/when the clients were in too deep to back out of the move. They bait you with extremely underestimated quotes then continue to increase their prices along the way, being very careful to stay within the parameters of the fine print.

My advice is to avoid this company and all others that pop up from a web search that indicates it will give you several moving quotes at one time. That’s how my mom found Atlanntis.

Our biggest mistake was ignoring the negative reviews that we read about this company. Consider yourself warned.
By joelleperkins331 on Jan 03, 2019
Keep up the great work Atlanntis
Keep up the great work Atlanntis. You proved to us that it is possible for people to still enjoy a positive relocation services at affordable rates. As opposed to my previous experience this was a completely different one. Service were so good. Throughout the relocation, the team remained disciplined and dedicated. The sales staff/person was very responsive (even on weekends) and was able to answer all of my questions without sugar coating everything to gain my business. I knew everything up front and ETAs were given to me were not a lie (as previously by other movers, dates were misquoted to gain my business).
The service price (final amount) was dollars from the quote, which was so great (we hear about others jacking up the price) and it was a relief knowing your totals before the stuff even arrived. The crew at both ends were very nice (and even the younger fellow who didn’t speak a lot of English always smiled). Great amazing work – wont hesitate to call them again for sure.
By jf60604 on Oct 22, 2018
Nothing like their other reviews
I got an initial quote to move our piano from Fort McMurray, AB to Surrey BC.

Quote Based on 1000 lbs

Total (Pre-Tax) $1575.00

This quote was comparable to others I had received but not the cheapest, I made my decision based on the glowing reviews I found.

As I was confirming on dates, I was then informed that the quote would change and I would be paying for 2000 lbs instead of 1000 lbs.

Quote Based on 2000 lbs

Piano Handling $200.00

Total (Pre-Tax) $2000.00

This was a $425 increase in payment, plus I would like to point out the additional charge for special piano handling (I will get to this later).

Again because of the other reviews I read, I still felt confident this was the right company to deal with.

Pick up went without incident but I can't say the same for the delivery. We were given a time range when our piano would arrive but were told that a call would be received to confirm the time. This did not occur and luckily we were home to meet the movers. At this point they informed us that they could not park close to the house and that they would be charging us extra to walk down the street. They also charged an additional amount for moving a heavy object (note another extra charge for the piano).

As we watched the movers move the piano into our home we saw them make several errors and even called out to them to try and prevent them from damaging the piano but they proceeded without listening. The dolly that the movers used was an inappropriate height for the size and weight of the piano. A dolly with larger wheels would have been better able to maneuver up the ramp they set up. As it was, the low position of the piano caused it to be damaged as they attempted to get the piano up the ramp. When the ramp was placed there was a small gap between the ground and the ramp. This caused problems for the movers since the low wheels of the dolly meant the side of the piano was hitting the ramp before the dolly actually made it onto the ramp. This problem could have been solved if the movers had taken time to pause, evaluate the angles and size of the pieces of equipment they were using, and then lifted the piano slightly to get the dolly onto the ramp without hitting the edge of the piano. However, they did not. It is at this point we told the movers the piano was going to hit the ramp before the wheels made it on. They continued to push the piano forcefully into the ramp which resulted in the damage on one side of the piano. They readjusted and one mover then kicked the piano to push the piece that had chipped off back in place in an attempt to "fix" or hide what had happened.

Back to the extra charges we paid for the special handling of the piano, I sure am glad I paid extra to have the extra care they put into this. In the end, I paid about $500 to receive extra special handling and received what once was a pristine piano, damaged and scarred as a reminder of what good customer service is.

By alinas on Mar 17, 2018
The only moving company i would use!
I have used Atlanntis Van Lines 3 times to move me and my family, and every move has been a wonderful experience. Between the office staff (who were very professional, friendly and attentive) to the crews that have moved my belongings, I can honestly say they get a perfect 10! Everyone showed a genuine concern for the handling of our personal items. Each time, the crews took the extra steps and time to protect our furniture and home to ensure no damages. I have recommended their services to all of my friends and family and will continue to do so. As far as I'm concerned, they are THE only moving company I would use! Thanks Atlanntis, to another job well done!
By diaz331 on Mar 13, 2018
Atlanntis Movers
I had recently moved with Atlanntis Van Lines and I promised to take some time and report on the experience I had with using them for my move. I am very happy to say that the service was very good and what you would expect from a moving company. I have moved several times across the country and I have had bad movers and goods arriving damaged and delays with my pickup or delivery and also had good movers but at a very high price. I have to say that I did receive an initial general quote that was very low. I contacted them after that directly by phone and actually the rep informed me that the quote may increase. I filled out an inventory form and got a revised quote. The final cost was even less than the quote. I was very pleased. We moved from Prince Albert, SK to Montreal and the goods were picked between the days they promised and delivered them in about 11 days. Great service from the very start!
By bridges333 on Mar 06, 2018
Satisfied customer - Toronto to Coquitlam moving
I'd like to thank Atlanntis Van Lines Moving for helping me with my move from Toronto ON to Coquitlam BC.
The loading went really fast. I didn’t expect that it will be that fast.The movers worked professionally.
I have a lot of fragile and expensive items and they delivered them to Coquitlam sooner than I expected and all in one piece.That’s good.
Also, I want to say thank you for the person that was coordinating and helping me by phone and email. She gave all the information about every thing so no surprises would happen during the move and ever responded after hours.
And for the record, the price was more than just good. The price was cheap and high-quality service was provided all the way.
By renatoguillano on Feb 28, 2018
Cross Country Move
This move was a big deal to us. We've never moved cross country before and we've never hired a moving company before. Once I had Atlanntis Van Lines involved, everything was much easier. The loading team was amazing. It was a real comfort to know that our items would not be removed and stored in a warehouse somewhere, only to be reloaded again for the move date – so no storage in the truck. Having the same driver at both ends also brought peace of mind, and Kevin was fantastic. The unloading team was also amazing, so fast, efficient and clean! I also can't forget how important is was to me for this project to come within budget. The quote Vicky from Atlanntis gave us was completely realistic, we even came in a bit under the quote. There is a real opportunity for a company who has taken all of your stuff to really gouge you when it's time to pay up. They sent us a form to fill out and gave us a very accurate quote based on that list. Atlantis was honest and did not take advantage of us. This was a really great experience and I will contact Atlanntis Van Lines again for moves in future!

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Payment methods accepted: cash, visa, mastercard
Atlanntis Van Lines prides itself in outstanding and exceptional customer service as a part of our ongoing commitment to our customers. Our experienced professionals, and highly trained personnel will be there for you throughout every step of the move, assisting you with your every need. We are dedicated to help you during your pre-move plan stages in selecting the services that you need until the last box arrives gets offloaded at destination. Atlanntis Van Lines professionals will interact with you throughout every step of your move. Quality and Service at Affordable Rate Atlanntis Van Lines allows you to be in control of your move. This will help save you money during your relocation by eliminating those services that you don’t need and don’t have to pay for. Atlanntis Van Lines household goods and services include: o Full Loading and offloading Services o Packing services, full service, fragile or do-it-yourself, unpacking services o Custom crating service o Storage Services at all major locations o Disassembly and assembly at destination o Vehicle transportation services o Re-delivery services from major storage facilities to your new destination o And many more… Throughout every stage of your household move - you take advantage of Atlanntis Van Lines advantage program and dedication. We are a household carrier whose first priority is making sure that your move is hassle free and a positive experience.
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