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The Briton House Retirement Centre

720 Mount Pleasant Road, Toronto, ON
19 reviews
Claim this business Last updated: Over a year ago
About The Briton House Retirement Centre

At The Briton House we offer a wide variety of services for residents. Our rates include three meals a day, served in our dining room, 24 hour Registered Nursing Staff, medical supervision, fresh line Go to full description...

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The Briton House Retirement Centre, Toronto Reviews (19)

19 reviews
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By BritonHouse on Dec 15, 2017
The Briton House Retirement Centre has been providing quality care in North Toronto for over 40 years. We are a family run business and, over the years, have had thousands of satisfied residents and families. At the same time, we take all comments seriously and always strive to improve our service.
It is unfortunate however that while accusations can be made openly in forums such as this, privacy laws prevent us from thoroughly defending ourselves against those accusations.
With respect to these particular comments, made by Robert Campbell, we can say that as a result of allegations made against him by a resident of our facility, pursuant to its obligations under the Retirement Homes Act, Briton House reported the allegations to the Retirement Homes Regulatory Authority and the Police. Mr. Campbell took exception to our actions and the reader should consider this when evaluating his review.
We continue to strive to provide the best possible care to our residents and families.

- Briton House Administration
By bobcampb4 on Aug 14, 2017
Food is awful. Use the cheapest cuts of meat. Tasteless boiled vegetables. Watered juices. Slow table service.
Monthly bills often include charges for services or items not requested. Don't know if it cheating or poor bookkeeping. Either way the resident gets shafted.
All glowing reports are probably written by owners.
Former resident

My ex still lives at Briton House. They billed her for over 30 B12 injections she did not receive. They were paid for. Later when I asked my family about these shots they knew the charges were bogus and a reversal was demanded.
Since then we have asked all transactions have supporting documentation. That's exposed other "errors". Although I am the Power of Attorney for Property, for my ex, Briton House has now blocked my incoming emails because I was demanding full and proper billing. We've paid the fixed amounts like rent without question. It's their add-ons that need close scrutiny. If you are there or planning to go there, do like I do, check their bill closely and demand verification that all charges are legitimate. Better still ask that their bill comes with supporting documentation because their practice is not to supply proof of charge.
Comment by bobcampb4 on Jan 17, 2018
Yes I was led out of Briton House in handcuffs based on an allegation later dismissed by the court. A cursory examination by Briton House of their own records would have shown the allegation was not possible. Lack of good sense and judgement by them . Of course I'm upset. Being wrongly sent to jail is a serious occurrence particularly when you're totally innocent.
Comment by bobcampb4 on Feb 10, 2018
In reply to Briton House
When you can't refute the message then you attack the messenger. Because the allegation against me was false it was only a matter of when not if I would be cleared The charge against me was withdrawn.
The allegation was made by my second wife who had a fall while in the care of her son. The fall caused her pelvis to shatter. I together with a number of PSW's were looking after her 24/7.
Because she was immobile she needed a diaper change nightly at 3AM. To relieve her pain she was put on an opioid. This drug combined with the cessation of another medication made her delusional.
Briton House's own records clearly show no such allegation to a 3AM attendant was made. Briton House didn't check their documentation. If they had it would brought into serious question the veracity of the allegation. Once arrested it has to go to a court conclusion. If it happens to you be sure you have lots of money, proof of innocence and able to withstand months of trauma
By JMD on Sep 21, 2015
Two of my relatives, each in their nineties, spent their final four years at Briton House. They each first had an assisted living unit in the South tower and then as their needs increased moved to a care floor in the North tower. We appreciated having various levels of care available in the same facility. I found Briton House staff professional, caring and accommodating. They kept me well informed and were always pleasant and helpful when I visited each week. My relatives enjoyed inviting me for dinner, and having a meal together was always a pleasant way to spend time with them. While moving into a care facility was not easy, we all felt fortunate, once there, that we had chosen Briton House.

By Red Echidna on Sep 02, 2015
To preface my review, let me say that I've never written a review for anything and am by nature suspicious of ones I read online, thinking that perhaps people have been paid for these reviews or perhaps they have been written by employees or owners of a business.

I cannot say enough good about the Briton House. The staff are the most helpful, friendly, selfless people I have ever met. No request is too much trouble for any of their truly dedicated staff. The atmosphere here is very warm and family-like. The food is great quality and the surroundings very upbeat. In fact I have decided this is where I want to live when the time comes.

By oldtimer52 on Jul 18, 2015
Upon moving to Briton House (BH) my parents felt very much at home. The entire staff; reception, housekeeping, maintenance, kitchen/dining room, office; management or employee, made them feel important, appreciated, wanted, welcomed. With my fathers personality, coupled with his profession, he soon became acquainted with each resident, for some a confidante. Rather than discourage this, BH encouraged it, as they recognized he was filling a role they could not. Upon his death, Mom happily remained a resident until June 2015, when she died.
In the caring business, BH has somehow been able to transition to a business of caring. Although the bottom line is an ever present fact, the welfare of the residents is priority one, trying to make their stay as personalized as possible. Management doors are never closed, unless dealing with sensitive matters, they are always approachable, willing to have open discussions on the facility/care or just idle chit chat.
As an only child living out of province, I never had a concern regarding the care of my parent(s). When action was required, ie: medical emergencies etc, BH personnel acted appropriately, professionally, but always with my parents best interests at the forefront. Once the situation was stabilized, I was immediately informed, provided with as much info' as possible along with all the appropriate phone numbers to call for status updates.
In all our families visits, I do not recall any unpleasant encounters with anyone associated with BH. Somehow, while working in a difficult environment, smiles, kind words are the order of the day. These folks work at BH because thy care, they want to make a difference They are a team, committed to making the residents as comfortable, content as possible. As much as we enjoyed visiting Mom and Dad, BH people only enhanced the visits. They seemed to become part of our family.
Briton House is a finely tuned operation. From top to bottom, longest serving to newest staff, their only objective is the comfort, welfare of the residents.
My mothers residency was in the 20 year area and words cannot express our families fullest appreciation to all associated with BH.
Thank you for the excellent care.
By Scarlet Antlion on May 28, 2014
I can't say enough about the Briton House. The staff are so caring and everyone is very friendly. It has such a family feel. When my mom went there I felt such a sense of relief to have a team to help me identify what was needed for her to ensure that she was truly enjoying her life with the limitations that she had with aging.

The Briton House is a unique retirement home in comparison to all the rest (my mother and I toured many) - it is a family business and it is evident by the staff.
By Cinnamon Dolphin on Sep 11, 2013
My father's been living at Briton House for almost a year now and we couldn't be more pleased.

As a retired MD and life long Type 1 Diabetic with a strong independent streak, Dad protested what he saw was a loss of that independence and was reluctant to move from his own home at first. He consented because of the toll trying to help him stay in his home was taking on me.

The staff are wonderfully kind and respectful and Dad's has become an absolute believer in the benefits of this move. His diabetes is monitored for safety but decisions are left in his hands so he doesn't feel he's given up anything there. In cases where intervention is required, they handle it in exactly the same way I would and I can't tell you how valuable that is.

As with previous reviewers, I would not hesitate to recommend Briton House. Great choice.
By Chestnut Rabbit on Jun 16, 2013
My mother started off living in the independent style apartment and now resides on the full care floor at Briton House. All the staff are wonderful, warm, attentive and caring. The care team at Briton House have clearly demonstrated they can handle residents, like my mother, with complex medical issues. I am amazed how dedicated the staff are and how little staff turnover there has been.

My mother loves attending the many recreational and exercise activities. The food is good with lots of variety and choice. The facilities are lovely, welcoming and clean. It is a nice place for family and friends to visit.

I would not hesitate to recommend Briton House.
By JaneM on May 08, 2013
My mother moved out of her own house and into the Briton House at age 93, where she lived happily for the last 3 ½ years of her life. I visited her everyday during that time, so had ample opportunity to see how Briton House operates, both at the staff and management levels. My whole family feels that we could not have chosen a more well-run, caring place for our mother.

While Mom was there, she went from needing no assistance to needing full care. She first lived in an independent apartment, with meals served in the dining room. The last 9 months, she lived on a full-care floor with a dining area on the same floor, with 7/24 nursing staff.

I found the place always clean, the activities many, varied and creative, the food varied with healthy choices, and all the staff (nursing, physio, dining room, support) pleasant and dedicated. And I witnessed this every day.

It is a testament to the management that there are so many dedicated long-time employees there. The place does not have a “corporate” or big business feel. As one staff member said to me, “I treat people here as I would want my mother to be treated”, and I saw this reflected in the personable care Mom received. I also found the people at Briton House extremely responsive when there was a crisis, and there were several. If you are looking for perfection, perhaps look heaven-ward. But if you are looking for a place where everyone puts in their best effort, well-intended, with heart, then Briton House is a great choice.
By Mjlb on Apr 27, 2013
Placing a family member into the care of others is one of life's most troubling decisions. Will they be cared for with kindness and skill? What will be the quality of their life now that they are disabled and dependent on others? Briton House has become a place of refuge for my family member and for all of our family. The nursing and personal care staff, physiotherapy and attending medical staff have been caring, compassionate and attentive to all our questions and concerns. The schedule of activities is full of stimulating musical concerts, movies and social events. The communal areas are well designed and always spotless. To a person, the staff are welcoming and gracious; hence, it is enjoyable for our family and friends to visit our loved one at Briton House. If it is the Gold Standard in retirement homes you are looking for, Briton House is the place to be.
By frenchman on Nov 30, 2012
Although the care may be good the management do not take concerns of family members into any consideration. They support only the person who writes the cheque to them monthly and if that person lacks integrity and abuses the loved one it doesn't matter to Briton House as long as they get paid. Significant concerns have been dismissed with respect to a very vulnerable person and then they refuse to communicate with family. This is a management level problem and allows elder abuse to be perpetuated. This is no reflection of the good front line workers but of the profit driven managers who will trade integrity for money.
By Azure Flyingfish on Nov 28, 2012
Having a family member in Briton House who has been isolated by her Power of Attorney from other family members Briton House has actually assisted this behaviour in continuing. They refuse to listen to anyone other than the person paying the monthly bill and have allowed a terrible situation to continue and helped continue the isolation by having protocols around visitors set up . Shameful behaviour. At least we think our loved one is well cared for but isolated from people who love her at the request of her Power of Attorney.
By Gray Snail on Apr 02, 2012
My wife has been a resident of one of the Care Floors for almost 5 years. I am with her at least 4 hours every day which gives me ample opportunity to observe the care that she and other residents receive from the staff.
The personal Service Workers, both full time and regular part time are courteous,caring,responsive and very attentive in looking after her needs.
After suffering an Acute Stroke,her communication skills are very limited,but the staff show great patience in finding the right answers to her wishes.
The PSP's backed up by a friendly,efficient Nursing and Support Staff, provide my wife with all the elements that make her feel so comfortable that in her mind Briton House is her permanent home.
By sheila3 on Mar 30, 2012
It saddens me to read about the bad comments about this retirement home. My mother has been a resident here for almost 2 years, and I can honestly say that she receives the absolute best nursing care around. All the nurses are great (days, evenings and the night RPN). They are always there when you need them and show absolute compassionate care. The PSW's are phenomenal. From bathing, assisting with ADL,s and much more. They are ready to assist. The activities are uncountable, therefore making the residents busy daily including those that are on the care floors or confined to a wheelchair. I have been to many other homes to visit other family members and the staff are not at all pleasant. Its disgusting to note that an actual racial comment was passed, which is very hard to believe. I can go on and on about this home.. My overall is that I would recommend this place to anyone in search of a retirement home for their loved one.. The cleanliness exemplifies the quality of the home..
For other readers that do review the comments. I personally would advise you to do further research on this home or any other before making a final judgement.
Comment by frenchman on Jan 04, 2013
It is appropriate to fully research any place a vulnerable person is being placed but do not for a minute disregard the reviews that are not so good. They are well founded I suspect. I am glad your experience has been better than ours which has been terrible. Not so much with front line staff but management who are disrespectful and uncaring. Hope they treat the staff better than they do concerned family members. New elder abuse legislation may come back to bite them big time if they don't clean up their act.
By Forsythe on Jan 23, 2012
My mother has lived at The Briton House for the past 5 years.
Right from the beginning the staff have been warm and courteous.
The physical building is beautiful with windows everywhere and a great open area where the people who live here can sit and enjoy the company of friends and family.
They offer fabulous entertainment and activites.
We do not worry about my mother as we know she is receiving top quality care.
I would highly reccomend The Briton House to anyone looking into a retirement home.
By Charcoal Dingo on Dec 11, 2011
My mum was in Briton House for approximately 9 months before she passed away. The staff were rude, constantly yelling at not only my mum but other clients. The care workers some of them were good but some of them should not be in the field and obviously did not care about the clients. I would go in there constantly and see the rudeness and attitude from some to the staff. I would not reccommend this place. You would think that the money you pay you would receive better care.
Comment by frenchman on Jan 04, 2013
Paying a lot of money does not guarantee good care. In fact these very large for profit residences often pay poorly and have lots of staff turnover. That is how they make money and our experience is that the managers are arrogant but sweet as honey if they are getting your money but can't disagree or challenge them or their arrogance is atrocious.
By Cadet Boston-Terrier on Jun 03, 2009
As a doctor with two parents living at the Briton House I wanted to write to let people know that in my opinion the care is excellent. In particular I like the nursing and ancilliary staff who unfailingly kind and attentive. The rooms are nice, the social profram excellent and the food is wholesome and tasty. Five stars.
By Maroon Spoonbill on Oct 17, 2008
Our 92 aunt came to Briton House 1 1/2 yrs ago and we have been very pleased with her care. My husband and I both go to visit weekly at varying times and observe how the staff treat her as well as the other patients. At no time have we found them to be other than kind and patient. Her private room and bathroom are kept spotless and she is bathed on a regular basis. Her clothes are always clean. We are notified frequently if they have any concerns about her.
Shannon & Tony
By calvin on Mar 09, 2008
Our Mom moved into Briton House a couple of yrs ago. Staff were unpleasant at best (with some exceptions). Rude, unfriendly, and without an ounce of empathy. Comments to my Mom included: "do you think you're better than me because of your skin colour? "
As a daughter coming in with my little girl, I heard a staff member yell at another helpless resident: "you are disgusting!"
I could go on and on. Not worth the top dollar charged that's for sure. Food is also poor.
Comment by jennifer on Mar 10, 2008
oh my goodness!!! that's just awful!
Comment by frenchman on Nov 30, 2012
Not surprised based on our experience. Care is good for those able to speak for themselves, but watch out if you or your loved can't stand up for yourself.
Comment by bobcampb4 on Aug 14, 2017
Don't go there. Food is awful. Monthly bills often include charges for services not requested.
Don't know if it is cheating or poor bookkeeping. Either way resident gets shafted.
Glowing reviews probably submitted by owner.
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At The Briton House we offer a wide variety of services for residents. Our rates include three meals a day, served in our dining room, 24 hour Registered Nursing Staff, medical supervision, fresh linen supplies and weekly housekeeping. Personal laundry service is also available. A varied schedule of activities is planned by our Social Director, including excursions, lively music, entertainment, bridge, bingo and so much more!
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