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Brampton Hardwood Floors Ltd.

59 Bramalea Rd, Brampton, ON
85 reviews
Business claimed Last updated: Over a year ago
Listed in: Flooring
About Brampton Hardwood Floors Ltd.

At Brampton Hardwood Floors, we take pride in having the widest selection of in stock quality hardwood, engineered, and laminate flooring, making us the largest hardwood flooring retailer in Ontario. Go to full description...

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Brampton Hardwood Floors Ltd. , Brampton Reviews (85)

85 reviews
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By M F on May 14, 2020
Please stay away for this store. Customer service is worse. I have appointment for 45 wish is a excellent store and best customer service and end up at 59 this garbage stores. Any ask for the sale person I had the appointment with told me he wasn't in but they can help me. I showed the lady the qoute and hardwood I wanted and paid $200 down. I got home realize it was the wrong store and the products wasn't hardwood. All a long she knows it was the wrong store and the person I asked for wasn't working their. Anyway went back to change it for the right one they didn't and didn't give me my money back instead she started talking about lawyer and call the police when I raised my voice. Police told them they're not coming for that. So please stay away you don't need the headache.
By Mangal singh on Mar 15, 2020
Had a very positive experience with Brampton Hardwood floors . Huge collection , professional staff and easy accessibility of the stuff due to the perfection of the showroom . Bought laminate for good price . I would highly recommend this store
By Sandeep Kaur on Mar 12, 2020
Brampton Hardwood floors is the best place ever .. Its my first time to visit there . i just checked all the reviews before going but they are doing excellent job so never rely on negative reviews for going to brampton hardwood . They have lots of varieties in floors in affordable price , their dealing with customers is fantastic .
By Lovette on Aug 07, 2018
The worst customer service I have ever experienced was at Brampton Hardwood Floors, located at 59 Bramalea Rd, Brampton. I previously bought 20 boxes of laminated floors however this was not enough to finish my project. I went back to the store 3 weeks after to get two more boxes. I ordered and paid for the two boxes of laminated floors I needed to complete my project. I went to the pick-up area to receive my order; the warehouse worker took my slip to get my order. He came back 10 minutes later and informed me that they are out of stock. I then told the warehouse staff according to his company’s inventory it shows that you have two boxes in stock. He then called the front office and told them the items that I paid for is out of stock. A staff from the office came to the warehouse and asked me if I can come back tomorrow because it’s almost closing time. She also informed me more staff will be in and they would search the warehouse properly. She provided me with a refund and I told her I will be back tomorrow because I can’t get the matching laminated floors at any other store.
I went back to the store the next day and I explained the situation to the clerk (#1) at the desk and before I could finish explaining, another clerk (#2) starts to speak to clerk (#1) in Punjabi. I asked clerk (#2) to speak English since clerk (#1) understand and speaks English. Clerk (#2) states she was at the store yesterday and she is aware of the situation. I then say to her I still want to know what you are saying because it pertains to me. She then turned to me and states that the item that I need is out of stock. I asked her if she can have someone look thoroughly because the worker that was in yesterday told me to come back today due to the fact sometimes items are misplace. She rudely told me to have a seat and she will call the warehouse. 15 minutes later she informed me that the item is out of stock and it can’t be re-order because it’s an end of the line item. I was disappointed knowing my options were limited it’s either use another color to finish the floor or buy new laminated floors. I went to the warehouse department and I asked the warehouse staff to look for the boxes of laminated floors. To my surprise he told me he found one box of the laminated floor that I wanted and he had informed clerk (#2) of his findings via telephone. I went back to the office to pay for the one box that the warehouse staff found. Clerk (#2) got really upset and states the one box the worker found is sold and she can’t sell it to me. I told her unless she can show me a sales receipt I don’t believe her. She called for the warehouse staff to come to the office and took him aside to speak to him in her language (Punjabi). Both of them went to the warehouse and 10 minutes later she came back and informed me it’s the wrong color the warehouse staff showed me. I told her that can’t be correct because I have a picture of the box the warehouse staff found. She then states she doesn’t care and if I continue to disrupt the store she is going to call the police. I told her she can proceed to call the police and clerk (#1) intervened and asked me to check the box again. My contractor was also with me and he too saw the first box that the warehouse staff found. We went to look at the box again and right away we noticed that the box of laminated floor was replaced and it didn’t match the picture on my phone. I asked for clerk (#2)’s and the manger’s name and no one in the store would furnish the information, it appears they are all afraid of her. At this time I felt so appalled and angry I left the store.
Clerk (#2) is unprofessional, disrespectful, intimidating and has bizarre behaviour. Canada is a democratic country and the store is a public store. Therefore, you can’t choose who you want to sell your merchandise to. If you want to operate your business in that way, by all means go private. I will be filing a report with Better Business Bureau and sue for discrimination.
By Neda Prawn on Mar 24, 2018
We purchased 25 boxes of hardwood floor, paid in full and informed Kumar that we will be needing floor in 2 week or so. As he charged our credit card, we asked him about padding and delivery. He answered us "don't worry i will take care of you", since we spend closed to $3000, and he was so pleasant and assured us that everything is "no problem" we assumed that we will trow padding and delivery for us in price, since is only couple intersection from store. But really story starts when we came to info him that we need floor delivered to us. All suddenly story changes delivery charge is $200.00 and padding is $100.00, no garanteed that some boxes will not be damaged . I tried to explained to him that that was not deal but he just ignored us and talked to some women apperenly admin. on what ever language. I tried to make deal with him, but he did not care. After half hour or so of him ignoring my concern and talking with admin. i got pissed and asked for my money back. We end up losing $400.00 since there is 15%b restocking fee but he give us no choice. So if you want to be miss treated, robbed, and trow money away go to Brampton Hardwood floor. They are thefts, no customer service at all if you don't speak their language, robbers and disrespectful. Run away as fast as you can don't get robbed.
By cecili on Jun 16, 2016

From start to finish the guys at Brampton hardwood floors Ltd helped with recommendations as to what materials would be best to achieve the best results. The price was right, the materials were problem free and the buying experience was no stress.We are so happy with the results . The living room is next and there is no question as to where we will go.
By Calli on Jun 16, 2016

We originally went to Brampton hardwood floors Ltd to buy hardwood floor for our kitchen. A friend of ours used them for a huge remodel and was thrilled, so we decided to buy our floor from them. THEN... another friend who lays flooring discouraged us from going to them, and instead gave us another company. We decided to go with the other company because our friend was in the construction business and we thought we should follow his recommendation. What a mistake!!! The other company sold their flooring at much higher rates in comparison to Brampton hardwood floors Ltd.
The guy who helped us was friendly, helpful and cared about what kind of floor we need because we have large dogs in a heavy traffic area. Definitely Brampton hardwood floors Ltd gets my vote!

By Beatric on Jun 16, 2016

I had hardwood floors already on my floor. I didn’t know where my original contractor got them from. Brampton hardwood floors Ltd was the only place that I was able to find that hardwood flooring. I was very happy. It was my first purchase from them. I had a great interaction with their sales rep. Brampton hardwood floors Ltd did a fantastic job of returning the load and tracking down the actual size that was wanted. They went ahead and took care of everything, charging me for it and contacting the other locations to package this stuff and have it ready for me.

By Audie on Jun 16, 2016

We got a distressed bamboo floor from Brampton hardwood floors Ltd . We actually never considered bamboo, but when their sales staff showed us its features and benefits, we went with it. They were really helpful and we liked their offering in the store. We then hired a team for the installation, which went easy. The quality of the flooring was really good. I like the way it looks.

By Ansle on Jun 16, 2016

Wife and I had never tackled flooring before, it's our first chance that we are going to do flooring work. Someone suggested us Brampton hardwood floors Ltd. We were quite confused that which one is better to go with. Manager and staff of Brampton hardwood floors Ltd are very helpful and knowledgeable. They give us right suggestions after listening to our need that what we want.
Results are just marvellous. Brampton hardwood floors Ltd, thanks to you, your manager and your whole staff.

By jenifer on Jun 16, 2016

We were very pleased with our purchase of laminate flooring for 2 rooms. They were installed yesterday and they look beautiful! We originally purchased flooring from a different store and after delivery we were told they couldn't be installed.

After returning the entire order we ended up in your. We were assured there would be no problems . The installers were great too! They found a pair of diamond earrings that we thought were long lost and we were impressed with their honesty and integrity in bringing them to our attention immediately. The earrings were my mother's and meant a great deal to me. Overall, we had a great experience and would not hesitate to recommend your store to my friends and family! Please relay this message to your staff. Thanks.

By julior on Jun 16, 2016

I am a interior designer. I went to the house of one of my client for interior designing. There I got shocked after seeing so good flooring. It's unbelievable.
It's really tough to design interior according to the flooring. I did my job and house is looking like a dream home. I asked him that from where they purchased the flooring. They recommended the Brampton hardwood floors Ltd.
After it I also apply hardwood flooring in my house too. Great feelings.
By boby on Jun 16, 2016
We purchased the laminate flooring from Brampton hardwood floors Ltd . When we were there looking at the wood, they showed us one piece that was very scratch-resistant. I even had to try to scratch it and it didn't make any marks on it.
It's true, even today after completion of one year it looks wonderful. I never recognise Scratches in my flooring.

By cellypal on Jun 16, 2016

The tiles in my home had cracked, so we had to replace them. Brampton hardwood floors Ltd was good, and their team was very helpful. The sales representative was very informative and helped me narrow down my decision. After replacing the cracked tiles with hardwood flooring and got awesome results. We took decision to replace the tile floors in three bathrooms and a laundry room, and which are already good in quality because hardwood flooring is much better.
By biyedare on Jun 16, 2016

Our home was built in the early 1990s and the carpet is at that point where it was time to do something with it. And so we decided to update our floors and we decided to go with some hardwoods. We bought bamboo flooring from Brampton hardwood floors Ltd . We went over to the store three times. First, was to look at the different flooring available. We were looking for a prefinished floor. The sales rep gave us the different options, the pros and cons of each and we landed on the Bamboo flooring . Next, was to pay for the order, and finally, to pick up our order. All the time we don't face any type of inconvenience.
All in all had a great experience with brampton hardwood floors.
By petric on Jun 16, 2016

When I first started checking on flooring I was shocked at the high prices. I kept coming back to Brampton hardwood floors Ltd . The price seemed too good to be true. The wood we got had 4.5 stars with many good reviews and decided to get enough for the whole house.
Now the work of flooring is finished it's looking more beautiful than my expectations. Thanks.

By youko on Jun 16, 2016

We've had a pretty good experience with Brampton hardwood floors Ltd and I really enjoy their product. When we bought the house, the previous owners never did any upgrades and it has old carpet so we planned to change it to solid hardwood bamboo. We did our upstairs floor and we're looking to do the bottom floor by the end of this year. A friend of mine installed it and it wasn't so difficult. So far, I find the quality of their flooring to be good. Finally, the results are awesome.

By shrey on Jun 10, 2016

I ended up getting bamboo flooring from Brampton hardwood floors Ltd . We have a business here and basically have the same flooring that we use from brampton hardwood floors Ltd .. Everything was good when I went to the store. There was a gentleman in there that made sure I got the stuff I needed. I did the stairwell and he was able to find some of the bullnoses and other trim pieces I needed since it was a last clearance thing. In fact, he's going to get a hold of me because the one piece I got was wrong.. He was very helpful, knowledgeable of the dimensions I would need.

My friend and I installed the flooring. It’s pretty much done, things worked out really well and it’s beautiful. Everything was great.

By kimshrey on Jun 10, 2016
We acquired a property that has a rental apartment which hasn’t been serviced in 25 years, so my wife and I were scrambling to get in a liveable condition so we could get it rented. The sales rep from brampton hardwood floors Ltd was pretty good, definitely better than average for a lot of places. I explained what I wanted and that I was looking for wood floor. I asked what product the sales representative recommended based on the fact that it was a rental property and I wanted the hardest floor available. They recommended bamboo which they said was the hardest product that they had. The price point was okay for us for what we’re doing.

I like the quality of the product as far as the feel of it. It didn’t feel like a cheap laminate. I was really surprised at how well it went down. This apartment is built at a barn and it’s on the second deck in the loft area, and the floors are not perfect because the barn is thirty-plus years old and some of the structures have warped over the years. I didn’t want to have to deal with trying to replace all that, so I made a judgement call that by using a click-and-lock system that had a little bit of flex in the boards, that it would probably eat that up okay and it did. I laid the good underlayment down under it, and it went down and looks really good. I was able to carry the flooring through the living room into the bedroom without creating a threshold and just let it flow from one room into the other. It all went together great, so I was very happy.
By jacke on Jun 10, 2016

Brampton hardwood floors Ltd has supplied flooring and supplies to my home on two occasions. The first time around, they also did the installation. I was so pleased that I used them again. The prices were very good, the material was exactly what I wanted, and the people at the store were very helpful and provided me exactly what I needed to do the job the second time. And no attempt to over-sell me either. When considering hardwood floor options; I'll always consider these guys.

By Brabo on Jun 10, 2016

We bought a house two months ago and the previous owners already covered the first floor with prefinished hardwood floor. We're fixing our second floor so we bought more of the hardwood flooring from Brampton hardwood floors Ltd . The store manager was very helpful and nice. Rest of the salesperson are also very knowledgeable.
My husband installed the flooring by himself and it's easy - he's never complained about anything with the flooring. We really like the flooring and if we ever need something else, we will order it from them.

By Griskam on Jun 10, 2016

I had been seeing ads and reading reviews for a couple of years so when we bought a cottage we decided to go to Brampton hardwood floors Ltd for flooring. Staff of their store was very nice and knowledgeable.
We have only installed the laminate flooring in the bedroom as we are still working on the great room. The floor looks beautiful and my husband said that it was easy to install.
By RussiRoy on Jun 10, 2016
We just bought a new house where all the flooring was carpeted and did not match our style of furniture. It was also saturated with urine from the former dog. The first call I did with Brampton hardwood floors Ltd was only for pricing information. They said they had several different products and it would probably be the best for me to come into their store, which I did. When I was at the store, I reviewed with their agent what products they had, told him what I wanted, and they set me up with whatever the potential sales price was on that particular day. . We have a main floor that already has hardwood flooring on it and I was trying to match on the upstairs level.

The cost for quality seems to be pretty right on. I price-shopped with a couple of different places but appropriate quality with marginal rates I only found here.

It was a very good experience and brampton hardwood floors Ltd people were knowledgeable about their product. I spoke with someone about the difficulties of working with hardwood flooring since I've heard from different people that it's a very hard wood to work with - to make sure to season it or leave it in the room long enough. I ran all those questions with the salesperson and was again very happy with the answers he gave me. He was very helpful. I'm very pleased with the product and the sales team, and I would definitely recommend them to other people who are looking to purchase floors.
By Curl on Jun 10, 2016

After researching various options for replacing carpeting in our house and getting feedback from Facebook friends we choose to purchase our bamboo flooring from Brampton hardwood floors Ltd .
We checked prices and purchased the natural click bamboos. When flooring was delivered I realized they were on sale and after contact quickly received a refund. Floors were laid and we are so pleased with the results, and even returning the extra boxes was quick and easy.
By jeely on Jun 10, 2016

I believe the young man , he was the store manager. He exemplified what customer service is about, his professionalism and knowledge of the product was above excellent. These are the type of people that needed today, and should be acknowledged for that reason alone.
We received excellent service and was great with advising us on the easiest way to install the flooring. We will definitely go back when we're ready to do the rest of the house.
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At Brampton Hardwood Floors, we take pride in having the widest selection of in stock quality hardwood, engineered, and laminate flooring, making us the largest hardwood flooring retailer in Ontario. With over 500 flooring products in stock at competitive prices, walking away with hardwood floors couldn’t be easier! Our friendly, knowledgeable & experienced staff can help you choose the perfect floor for your home or office.
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