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260 Yonge St #15, Toronto, ON
10 reviews
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L'Attitudes, Toronto Reviews (10)

10 reviews
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By staceyboag on Sep 19, 2016
Most expensive and worst haircut I have ever received. The ridiculously overpriced haircut was not even the worst, hands down the worst part of this experience was the horrendous service. I sat down for my appointment and was promptly told by my stylist that my hair was very dry and made me look like I didn’t take care of myself. She began working on me, and then put me aside at the back of the salon and then started working on another women’s hair. Over thirty minutes later she came back to me, ignored what I told her to do, even though I brought photos to be as clear as possible as to what I wanted. I left having been insulted, pushed aside to wait mid-appointment, with crooked bangs, and with a bill of $200. I asked to be refunded and was returned $30.
By Chamoisee Tortoise on Mar 13, 2016
This place isn't as bad as everyone makes it out to bE, the stylists are all fun, loving, knowledgable and cool people. My stylist is amazing, I have never left unhappy and she always makes sure I leave with a smile on my face. I absolutely love this salon and love the energy! Some ppl are just negative and don't want to spend the extra buck
By Cerulean Komodo-dragon on Jan 22, 2016
I made an appointment in the morning for a mani pedi and got an appointment for that afternoon. The staff were very nice. The lady who done my nails was very thorough , attentive and did not rush. She dropped a tool while doing my feet and immediately sterilized it before proceeding. She made me a cup of coffee and made it perfectly the way I like. My nails have never been more beautiful. It was pricy but well worth it. I will definitely go back.
Robin Floyd
By Cordovan Hookworm on Dec 21, 2015
Terrible service.
Extremely rude staff.
Complete lack of knowledge/blatant lies about prices.

I purchased $90 clip in Bellami bangs. This is something I do about once a year, so I have quite a bit of experience in my process: I buy the bangs, I take them to a hairdresser and have them thinned out and styled.

My hairdresser who USED to work at this location would do an excellent job every time. She has since left the company, and I learned the hard way this weekend that she was the only good thing about the place.

I called on the wednesday to say "I have clip in bangs that I need styled. What would the cost be?" she replied that a bang trim is $12. In the past I paid about 15, so it sounded right. I reiterated that they are clip ons.

On the saturday when i called to book the actual appointment, we had the same dialogue.
I booked for 7:30 PM.
I got there at 7:30 and there was no one at the front, I took a seat. During the next 15 minutes, the receptionist walked by numerous times and looked right at me and did not say a word. So I went to the front, at 7:45, and said "pardon me, I had a 7:30 appointment" to which she snapped "YA have a seat."
by 8:07, so 37 minutes after my scheduled appointment, two separate hairdressers had approached me, and having seen the clip on bangs said, i kid you not, verbatim "NO. I don't do that" and just walked away.
No problem solving. No ideas. No apologies for the wasted time.

One hairdresser who was working on another client apologized and said he would take me as soon as he was done.
I sit down on his chair and show him four photos of what I want. he looks at them for 5 seconds. I specifically said "do you wanna see the photos again." and he insisted that he didn't.

He starts cutting and as I look up i see that the bangs have gotten WAY too short, are effing crooked, and he has CUT OFF the longer pieces on the sides. like the bangs come with longer, face framing sides because its an axiom of bang styling that thats how front bangs should go towards the outside, and he effing CUT THEM OFF, which threw off the entire look/shape. When I tried to protest he kept cutting me off and saying "it's about communication. it's all about communication." NO KIDDING. so maybe don't CONSTANTLY cut the client off and talk over them when they are trying to communicate and show you PHOTOS.

Awful. Just awful. I smiled and asked him to please stop, gave him his ten dollars tip, then went to the front and was charged almost 30$ for a service I had been told would cost 12$, after waiting 37 minutes for a horrible job.

Never. Going. Back.
By Lavender Reindeer on Dec 20, 2015
CAUTION! Between my hair appointment and the closing of the salon, I had my brand new jacket (along with my iphone and apple headphones in my jacket pocket) stolen at the L’Attitudes Toronto Eaton Center location. Thankfully I use my iphone 4 as an ipod and had my other iphone on me during the appointment. The following day (Friday) I called the salon asking to speak with the Store Manager who personally hung up my jacket in the costumer closet to see if perhaps he had seen my jacket or if it had been misplaced somewhere. I was told he had left for the day and my name and number were to be passed onto him to call on Saturday. I did not receive a call by Saturday mid-afternoon and called the salon again, and spoke with another staff who indicated the SAME MESSAGE! I respectfully advocated for a response and was told there is nothing they can do except take my name and number again, and pass it onto the manager who should see it first thing Sunday morning. Sunday 12 noon came around and still no call. I called the salon again and inquired whether my name/number was passed onto the manager. I was told that they would normally leave notes at the front desk for the manager to see but no note was found. I insisted that the employee get in contact with the manager directly on his personal number or email (she was very helpful compared the previous two who were impatient and wanted to get me off the phone as soon as possible). She called me back in 30 mins and indicated that the Manager has not seen the jacket since he hung it up in the store closet. I started to think of the possibilities, perhaps it was another customer or perhaps it was a staff member who deliberately took it. I requested that I speak with the manager as soon as possible and was told he would call me Monday.

I did not receive calls from Fabio Monday morning so I called in the afternoon to discuss how to move forward. I requested that he review the security footage from the salon and he stated he would call me by the end of the day. No calls received.

I called him Tuesday to follow up and he said he reviewed only 1 hour of the footage and did not see anything. I asked him to review from the time of my appointment to closing to which he agreed and said he would call me back later in the week.

After a week went by I did not hear a thing so I decided to call to follow up. He indicated he was going to call me today (about 1.5-2 weeks after the jacket went missing) and stated he had reviewed all the footage as requested and he did not see anything. I requested if I can personally review the security footage from the day of my appointment as well as the following day. The manager indicated that he believes new security recordings override older footage after 10 days, thus, it would not be possible for me to review any footage. I had already made a police report but given the circumstances there is not much police can do without video evidence.

I inquired about the salon insurance and if it would be possible to receive some sort of compensation. I was told that the salon explicitly has signs that indicate any missing/stolen items from the store is not the salon’s responsibility. The salon manager provided me with a contact person and their number at head office to inquire about insurance.

I called immediately and received a very unprofessional woman who refuse to acknowledge poor security and refuse to recognize the unprofessional customer service that was provided during the past 2 weeks of dealing with the salon employees and manager. She did not want to listen to my concerns and cut my off several times despite that I spoke in a calm, respectful and professional manner. It was VERY clear to me that they did not want to accept even of hint of responsibility or unprofessionalism in how the situation was dealt with – poor communication from salon employees to manager; causing delay to the investigation process leading to security footage being overwritten/deleted permanently (with no way to retrieving it); and failure to offer any sort of apology.

Such an awful way to treat your customers, I most certainly will not be coming back here and have warned my friends about this salon! Be aware!
By Koshevoy11 on Aug 13, 2015
Worst experience ever!
Went there today and I'm still very angry and upset. I went there to get my pedicure done.
First of all, the place is very dirty as well as the look of some people who work there.
Unfortunately I can't remember the name of Asian lady that did my nails but it was terrible. The nail polish was all over my toenails even though she spent 15 minutes cleaning it up before I could see it. It was just extremely bad.

I went to the front desk to find the manager to say that I am not satisfied with this work. He didn't even apologize!! Hi said that I can't get any refund or even discount and he repeated 3 times "you have to pay" no matter what I was trying to explain to him. He suggested that some one else can redo the application but I could not wait for another 30 minutes to get new application done and to wait util it is dry!

Awful experience, management skills of this guy is as poor as his estheticians.

Please save your time, money and energy. Never go there.
By Monika Deer on Dec 08, 2014
Visited today completely on whim - wanted a quick trim and nothing else was open. Junior stylist not only gave me an amazing cut but also did a beautiful job styling my hair. Thank you!
By Ao Dolphin on Mar 15, 2014
I went to get my hair washed and blow dried with style and I was under the impression it was going to be $45 which the lady at the desk had advised me. In the end it was almost $90. I called the salon spoke with the manager he placed me on hold for a long period of time and once he returned to the line he said there was nothing he could do and that was the price. If his staff would have known there product and service prices in the first place there would not be an issue. After not getting a response to my satisfaction I returned with my fiancé in person and spoke with the manager. He said that there would be something he could do and that he would call me. It has been over a week and a half and still have yet to hear a response. Awful service they are selfish money hungry people that do not deserve business. It's funny because I happen to work in the building at one of the corporate headquarters and I will be sure to spread the word!
By Shyanna1 on Jul 29, 2013
I had asked for a Junior Stylist to wash, cut and blow dry my hair for $45 + tax.

When I went to pay they actually charged me $75 + tax - I tried inquiring why I was charged that much but the receptionist just kept looking at me funny.

So I just paid up and thought to myself - Never ever coming back!!!!

By the way, the my hair dint even look like it was cut .... It just looked blow dried :(

Waste of time, money & energy.
By Megan on Feb 17, 2010
I went to get my haircut as a walk-in client the one day and will never go back.
I approached the front desk and the girl working there was avoiding making eye contact with me. When I spoke and asked if there was anyone available to cut my hair, she was very short with me in saying yes. She then asked who I wanted to cut my hair. This was my first time in that salon, so I explained to her I had never been before and didn't haven't a specific stylist that I wanted to work with. At this point she pointed to a sign that was tucked away in a corner that had the prices listed. What I can only imagine she meant by pointing at that sign after asking what she had asked was whether or not I wanted a Sr. or Jr. stylist to cut my hair. At this point I responded a jr. stylist by which she left the desk. I sat down assuming she went to get someone. A different girl then approached me and asked that I follow her. I did where she washed my hair with freezing cold water! Even after I had asked that she use warmer water. She then brought me over to the chair to cut my hair which was unbelievably tangled -and it usually isn't. She didn't bother to use any product to de-tangle my hair and continued to tug away at it. She knew it was tangled -she commented. She didn't say anything else to me other than that my hair was tangled. She made me very uneasy and I felt nervous to tell her what I wanted cut. When she was done styling my hair, she removed the cape and simply walked away.
I know we all have bad days... but that visit was brutal.
I give this place only half a star, it played decent music while I was in there.
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